Part 1: Laughs A Black Ego

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BBxRae. First instalment of Chicken Soup for the Titan Lover's Soul. Beast Boy is training with Raven and she's winning this round... but the Changeling has a few tricks up his sleeve.




"Good one," Cyborg commented. Robin winced and coughed.

"Er, yeah… good one, Raven." The Boy Wonder ground out. "But are you sure this is the best form of training for Beast Boy?" he asked carefully. Even as the great leader of the titans… he was not one to arguer with the petite empath standing before him, one pale hand propped on a shapely hip. The Changeling sat up upon hearing his name and lethargically blinked one eye at a time.

"Damn, Rae. I'm praying I never actually have to fight you," he chortled. Raven smirked.

"Mhm. Well, you still need to learn to stop running. Jeez, you act like you've never fought a battle before," she mused airily. Beast Boy scowled.

"Dude, I usually don't fight short chicks that blow things up when they've got PMS," he retorted. Raven sneered.

"Who are you calling short?" she spat irritably. Beast Boy chuckled at that and pulled to his feet, rubbing his head again. That last wall of telekinetic power had been rather strong. He walked to her so he posed his lanky frame a mere three inches from her. Raven's stoic eyes widened ever so slightly. He was a good inch taller than her. And they were nearly nose to nose.


"Akk!" Beast Boy hissed as he was uppercut by a blade of black energy. He stumbled backwards. "Gawd! Touchy, touchy!" he whined. "I can't help it if I'm tall, dark, and handsome," he winked then. Raven stared at him with nothing less than a completely irritated death glare.

"You're not tall. Perhaps taller than me, but you're not tall. Hell, you're shorter than Robin," she quipped. Robin sputtered.

"Hey! You say that like it's surprising!" he protested. Raven blinked in his direction.

"It is."

"… Dawgs, I got all of y'all beat," Cyborg grinned. Robin rolled his eyes behind his mask. The others didn't see it, but Raven provided the visual aid necessary with her own roll of indigo optics. Cyborg grinned and then laughed, clapping both Beast Boy and Robin on the shoulders. Beast Boy cringed.

"Dude, gentle." He reminded. Cyborg simpered. Robin looked in the direction of the fifth occupant of the hallway, who was the epitome of a floating bundle of violet joy. The Tamaranian had been silently observing the happenings with curious emerald eyes.

"Hey, is Star taller than you?" he asked, tilting his head to the side and sizing up both the alien girl and her cybernetic teammate. Cyborg shook his head.

"Naw, she's just got the whole platform shoe thing going on. Besides, she's always floating and what not. So it doesn't really count," Cyborg said nonchalantly. Robin lifted a brow behind his eye-mask.

"Truly, I do believe friend Cyborg to be correct. My height may be of closer comparison but I am quite sure that he has the… what is it that you terrans say? The higher limb?"

"Upper hand, Star," Robin corrected patiently. The red-head blushed.

"Yes. That." She giggled. Meanwhile, tension was building. Green into violet, laughing into smoldering irritation. The three titans stopped their conversing and allowed their eyes to drift to empath and changeling, both competing in a test of will. Neither moved, they simply stared into one another's eyes. Beast Boy had a smug grin plastered across his childish face, while Raven combated him with her patented glare.

"What's wrong, Rae? Got your ego bruised?" Beast Boy chortled, his smirk growing wider and even more impish with every word. Raven narrowed her eyes until they were nothing more than slender winks of amethyst.

"No. I'm just wondering why you're so proud of yourself," she snapped. Beast Boy was undeterred, in fact he seemed thoroughly entertained with the prospect of further flustering the dark girl.

"Hehe, Shorty!" BB crowed gleefully.


"Sh-sh-sh-shorty!" he began to wriggle about in some odd form of dance, mocking her the best he could.


"Gimme' an S! Gimme' an H! Gimme' an O! Gimme' an R! Gimme' a T…?"


"Wha--- AHHH!" Beast Boy was sent hurtling down the length of the hall, propelled by a comet of obsidian energy, and was plowed soundly into the door to the Gym. Beast Boy slumped to the ground and moaned, looking up dizzily.

"Don't mock me when we're training. Actually… just. Don't. Mock. Me." Raven growled. And with that final statement she turned on dainty heel and stalked gracefully off to her room, cloak tails fluttering with her firm gait. "Robin, I'll finish training tonight. With a different partner." Raven called over her shoulder. Robin lifted a finger to reply, but let it drop with a wince as her door banged shut.

Beast Boy slithered to his feet. "Ho ho! Little thang packs a punch!" he declared with a wiggle of his eyebrows. Cyborg rolled his one human eye with a heavy sigh.

"Dawg, you swim in dangerous waters…"

"Hey, danger's my middle name! No, wait… it's my first name!" the little changeling pumped his fists in a manner that somehow supplied greatly to his image of an awkwardly stringy adolescent.

"But I had conceived the notion that the first name originally bestowed upon you by your ancestors was that of Garfield… is this not also a similar dubbence to the obese feline in the paper of news?" Starfire trilled. Beast Boy's rapturous expression faltered and then failed. Robin coughed, holding back a snicker.

"Er, yeah… um… I'll, I dunno, go apologize to Rae or something?" he offered. Cyborg let loose with a bellow of loud guffaws and Beast Boy cringed. At least Robin was politely attempting to maintain his composure…

"Is this… entertaining? I had considered Garfield to be a delightful name!" Starfire protested earnestly. Whatever composure the Boy Wonder had been attempting to maintain, he lost then and there. Between gasps of breath he replied.

"N-no, Star… it's a delightful name… you're right… it's just….HAHAHA!" Robin's laughter chased the disillusioned changeling down the hall as he slunk off towards Raven's room. Though it had been something of a bluff, he really did intend on apologizing to Raven. He'd been particularly irritating this morning and he understood fully that the dark girl could not afford to have any form of aggravation elicited from her without the threat of melting the tower down to a wasted heap of twisted steel.

His fist hesitated a few inches from her door, wary to knock but reluctant to leave without some form of repentance. With a rueful sigh he let his fist connect with her door. A hollow, ringing, tap responded. He knocked three times and then waited, elf ears drooping. Oh, if only Raven could be swayed by the kitty face…

A moment or two later, the door slid a few miniscule inches open and an indigo eyes peered out at him. "What do you want now…? I'm trying to meditate." Raven ground out. Beast Boy simpered.

"Er, well… I… came to apologize…?" he offered. Raven blinked. She slid the door open the rest of the way.

"Apologize for what?" Raven asked blankly, her voice flat and uninterested. Beast Boy stared at her, moving his jaw sluggishly in an attempt to say something.

"For… for… mocking you earlier!" he practically gasped. Raven rolled her eyes.

"Beast Boy, that's really nothing new. You've constantly made it your highest occupation to find every way possible to irritate me. On that same note, you should understand quite well that on those rare occasions that you do succeed in agitating me I am forced to meditate for quite some time before I can leave my room knowing I will not cause you to spontaneously combust due to my slightly… dangerous emotions," she breathed the speech as if it had been said many times before, and perhaps it had been. Beast Boy figured at some point or another most of the other Titans had found themselves in this predicament.

"Um… right…" he grinned sheepishly, shoulders slouching slightly. "But I still wanted to say sorry. Ya know… just to… say it…" he shrugged. Raven regarded him for a few moments.

"Then… thank you for being considerate for once," Raven replied. Beast Boy beamed, having one the favor of the dark maiden… at least for the moment. "Maybe you did learn something in training today," she smirked a very tiny, unusually friendly smirk. Beast Boy started to protest but then stopped himself, realizing that Raven was actually standing there, acting cordially towards him. It made him happy.

"Hehe, so it's the gentlemanly type that impresses you?" he winked. Raven sighed.

"Beast Boy, for once be a little mature. But if you must know, yes. I do hold more respect for gentlemen." Raven droned. Beast Boy tilted his head to the side.

"I guess I should try to be more of gentleman then?"

"Beast Boy, don't even try to win my respect. Between chugging soy milk and spewing it out of your nose and performing armpit-fart serenades on movie night… the task of earning my respect is most impossible for you," she blinked. Beast Boy flushed.

"W-well… at least I've been doing my best!" he retorted. It was Raven's turn to offer a tilt of the head.

"Best to do what?" she asked. Beast Boy dropped his gaze to the floor.

"To impress you, Rae," he mumbled. "That's all it's ever been," Raven stared at him. A minute ticked by and then another.

"Why on earth would you ever want to impress me?" Raven asked, and Beast Boy was surprised to detect the slightest bit of awe at this confession. It was as if Raven had never considered herself worthy of receiving another's affections.

"Because… you may not respect me, but I respect you." He looked up, laughing eyes suddenly very, very serious. "I really do mean that." Beast Boy said earnestly. Raven hugged herself, sinking into her cloak a little, thanking her hood for hiding the impending blush that was pressing against her cheeks.

"Um, thanks…" Raven mumbled. Beast Boy lost his solemn disposition and a goofy grin slapped onto his features.

"Hey, I'm getting pretty good at this!" he exclaimed, puffing out his chest. Raven scowled.

"Good at what?"

"Flirting. I mean, really, when you think about it… if I'd tried to talk to you last year you would've lobbed my head off by now," he stated with a wave of his hand. Raven glowered.

"You can never be mature, can you! My God, Beast Boy…" she growled, preparing to retreat back into her room.

"Akk! Rae! Hang on!" Beast Boy grabbed onto her shoulder. Raven grimaced and glanced back at him.

"What?" she muttered. Beast Boy sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Alright, so I ruined a moment. Whatever. At least let me finish the good part," he whined. Raven lifted a single brow.

"Good part….? Mf!" Raven was cut short as Beast Boy pressed a devilish kiss to her lips. "Beast Boy!" Raven hissed as she threw him off of her a few seconds later. Beast Boy toppled to the ground. Raven's hair was fluttering with black energy. "What the hell?" she growled, scurrying into her room and whirling to face him, fuming. "Don't you ever do that again," she snapped. Beast Boy glared up at her.

"Hey, you know you liked it." He retorted. Raven opened and closed her mouth a few times and then finally heaved a deep breath, closing her eyes and calming herself before locking her gaze with the green teen once more.

"Beast Boy, if there was ever the slightest chance of me respecting you, you have TOTALLY obliterated it,"

"Raven, what the heck is your problem? It was just a kiss… jeez!" Beast Boy protested, suddenly regretting his moment of blind courageousness.

"It was n-not just a kiss… it was… a very, very bad kiss. N-next time, you have to g-give me some warning!" Raven chastised, her voice faltering as a very humiliating scarlet stained her cheeks. She brought her pale hands to her cheeks and winced, shuffling the rest of the way into her room. She faced him one last time. "You're… such an idiot," Raven grumbled, attempting to revive her cold demeanor and failing miserably. The usually graceful and unfazed Raven moved somewhat jerkily to the panel on her inner wall and let the door slam shut.

Beast Boy remained plopped on the floor, both eyebrows lifted and eyes wide. Slowly, an immensely pleased grin slithered across his face. "Next time, eh? … Beast Boy, you're good man… you're reeeaaal good," he nodded to himself and then dragged back to his feet for what felt like the umpteenth time that day. He paused and then chuckled, gleeful. Training with Raven… was not so bad after all.

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