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I hope you like this drabble about Lunamaria. I am sorry about the ending, I think it's kinda of dumb.I couldn't think of anything else.

Wedding Jitters

By EzrathenNehemiah

" I'm going to throw up."

" You can't, so hold it in."

" I'm serious Meyrin, I am going to hurl."

" And I'm serious Lunamaria, you are already in your wedding gown. You can't throw up."

Lunamaria Hawke gave her sister Meyrin an annoyed look in the mirror. Meyrin was currently preoccupied with fixing her sister's tiara and veil so it would sit right on her head and thus was happily oblivious to any murderous looks that were being thrown her way.

" You know Meyrin, I don't think you are being very sympathetic."

Meyrin ceased in her struggles against the bobby pins of death, at least that was what Lunamaria had started calling them when the first one had been shoved in to her head. And looked into her sister's nervous blue eyes.

" You are right Lunamaria. I am not sympathetic. You are marrying a wonderful man who you love with all your heart and who loves you in return. What reason do I have to be sympathetic?"

At this comment Lunamaria sheepishly looked down at her hands the diamond engagement ring on her left hand winking up at her.

As she studied it the real cause of her worry came tumbling out of her lips. " Do you think I can make him happy Meyrin?"

Meyrin smiled down at her sister a sweet smile full of understanding and resting her hands on Lunamaria's shoulders gave them a squeeze and then titled her head down and whispered in her ear, " I know you make him happy, Lunamaria. I know this because whenever he looks at you his smile could light up an entire city."

Reaching her hands up to grasp her sister's Lunamaria gave them a soft squeeze in return and thanked her quietly.

Picking the bobbie pins up again, Meyrin finished up with the veil,just in time too. Just seconds later their mother stuck her head in the room and told them that everyone was ready.

Lunamaria gracefully stood up her long white dress trailing behind her. Turning to look at Meyrin they shared a secret smile, Lunamaria then turned back to face her mother and with a happy smile replied, " Thank you, Mother, I'm ready too."

As she stood before the minister her hand tightly grasped in Shinn's, Lunamaria realized just how true that statement was as she looked into his eyes and saw in them a smile that could light up a city.