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The church was decorated in pink and white. Pink and white roses lined the aisles and the carpet leading down to the altar was a light blush pink.

All over the building people were running about getting everything ready for the wedding of Flay Allster and Kira Yamato.

And in a small room just in the opening of the building the bride herself was putting some finishing touches to her gown and face.

"Isn't wonderful, Mir?" Flay asked her voice filled with glee as she turned to her friend.

Looking away from the floor length mirror that she had been into to make sure her light pink bridesmaid gown was straight Miriallia turned to her friend and asked, "Isn't what wonderful, Flay?"

Blinking slightly, Flay's pretty face drew downwards in a frown as she replied, "Why, the fact that Kira and I are about to get married of course. Really, Miriallia were is your head today?"

Leaning downwards as if to check her hem Mirialla hide her amused smile from the other girl as she answered, "I thought you were speaking of something else that is wonderful Flay. Please excuse my stupidity."

Turning back to look in the floor length mirror at her beautiful white silk and lace wedding gown Flay shrugged and said, "Oh, all right."

Seeing that her friend was no longer looking at her Miriallia straighten up once again and proceed to finish her inspection of her dress.

Long moments passed before Flay once again spoke, "I can still hardly believe that he truly loves me."

Hearing the almost lonely tone in her friend's voice Miriallia walked up behind her and giving her a warm hug said, "But he does love you and today you are going to make him the happiest man alive."

Straightening up Flay tossed her head her normal confident look returning to her face. "Of course I will, after all no else loves him as much as I do."

Stepping away now that it was obvious that her friend's spirits had returned Mirialla laughed softly and said "Exactly."

Just as Miriallia was about to sit down and Flay was straightening her veil for the thousandth time a knock sounded at the door.

Turning to the door both young women called out, "Who is it?"

"It's me, Mwu. Just here to let you know that we are ready for you young ladies if you are ready for us."

Walking to the door Miriallia pulled it open and smiling cheerful at Mwu she said, "Yep, we're all ready.Right Flay?"

Pulling her veil over her head Flay nodded and walking forward slipped out the door ahead of Miriallia and laced her arm through Mwu La Flagga's who was going to be walking her down the aisle.

Stepping out of the room next to them Miriallia pulled to door shut and hearing the music beginning stepped forward and lacing her arm through Athrun's who had been waiting for her began the walk down the aisle before Flay.

Mwu La Flagga shot the young woman next to him a curious glance but seeing that she was not even looking at him but seemed to be trying to catch a glimpse of Kira at the end of the aisle.

Stepping onto the aisle Flay was finally able to see her groom his deep purple eyes meeting her lovingly.

As she finally reached him, her hand slipping into his she quickly became lost in those eyes.

After the vows had been said and they had shared a gentle kiss, Flay looked at Kira and love for him glowing in her eyes said, "Kira, I..."

"Archangel has been spotted! All hands to battle stations!"

Lunging upwards on the hard military bed Flay, looked around the room that served as her prison on the Zaft ship. Rubbing her eyes the sweet dream she had been having slowly drifting from her mind she stumbled to her feet and walking over to the portal in her room, placed her hand on the thick window and gazing up at the stars whispered, her eyes filled with tears, "Kira, I love you."


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