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You Never Forgot Me

"Welcome home girls!" came the joyous voice of Albus Dumbledore, "I trust you had an eventful 3 years?"

Lily Evans and Christina Greer put their bags down onto the lush grass of the Scottish land. They both looked over the familiar scene that was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, still the same. Hagrid's little hut still stood, his enormous boots sitting on the step. Green house number 3 still had that crack, in which Lily had accidentally thrown a pot through. The Quidditch field still held its three large hoops on either side of the field, as the colors of the houses still shown brightly, as the gentle breeze blew the flags lightly. The girls smiled as their eyes fell on the large castle, still as old and beautiful as it was 3 years before.

"Happy to be home?" asked Dumbledore. The girls looked at each other and smiled, soon, both of their arms were tightly wrapped around him, laughing.

"I will take that as a yes." He said merrily, patting the girls on the back.

"Thank you!" they said in unison.

"Yes, now," Albus turned a light pink as the two took in the scene.

"Merlin, it is good to be back!" exclaimed Christina.

"Seriously, I haven't been this happy in years." Laughed Lily, as Hagrid came to take their bags.

"Welcome back Ms. Lily, Christina." He greeted, as they gave him a wide grin.

"Yes girls, lets go in and have some lunch, and you can tell me all about the things you didn't bother to mention in your letters." He said to them, a twinkle in his eye. The girls followed happily back into the Hogwarts halls.

"Uh, Professor." Came Lily as they kept walking.

"Come now Lily, there is no need for title any more, its Albus." He retorted, she blushed.

"Ok, Albus. . . I just wanted to know if you have . . . that is. . . if you know anything about Severus?" Dumbledore sighed,

"He is alright, if that is what you really want to know."

"Basically." Lily sighed, "and James."

"He is just fine too, haven't seen to much of him, but, he is doing well." Lily nodded, "and if what you really want to know if he is involved or anything, not that I am aware of." Lily blushed crimson, as she shrugged.

"Just asking." She told them. Dumbledore smiled to himself as Christina began to tell him of how much she missed the Hogwarts halls.

"Still smells the same too." She joked.

The 3 walked into Dumbledore's office, which hadn't changed since the day they, left. He told the girls to sit down, as a tray was brought up by a small house elf. After a nice lunch, Dumbledore drank the last of his tea and cleared his throat.

"So, tell me, what does the word "life" mean to you now?"

Chapter 1

A few years later...

Lily Evans was suddenly awoken by the sound of that damned alarm clock again. Opening her heavy eyes, she looked into the sun that shown through her window and right into her face. She grumbled as she hid her head under her red and blue comforter. After a few moments and it still didn't stop that annoying ringing, she took out her head from under it to look at it, it was 7:30 am.

"Bloody hell." She grumbled, as she knocked the blasted thing down to the ground, causing the circuits to break. She smirked, and returned to the comfort of sleep. In what seemed like a winks time, Lily was shaken awake again.

"Lily." some one hissed loudly. "You git, get up, we are going to be late."

"For what?" she replied, sticking out her head from under her covers.

"For the party, that's what!"

"Chris, you sod, it doesn't start till 3, its only 7: 30!" she snapped, and resumed sleeping. Christina, with a frustrated sigh, pulled the covers off her and snapped.

"IT'S 1 O CLOCK COUSIN DEAREST!" Lily shot up with a start.


"That's right, I was going to wake you up sooner, but I figured you'd be out soon enough. But when I came out of the shower, you were still sound asleep." Lily hurriedly got out of bed, pushing Christina out of her way, and leaving her room. She quickly walked down the hall to the bathroom, her cousin shadowing behind her.

"I will be out in a few ticks." She told her shutting the door.

"Well hurry up, we at least need to be there by 2. Merlin knows you would be late for your own engagement party!" she yelled thorough the door.

"Sod off." Lily yelled in reply, as she turned on the tap, letting the warm water washed over her body.

It was 5 years later that we now find the two 22 year old, Lily Evans and Christina Greer in their smallish flat not far from Diagon Alley. Which they had bought it a month after returning from their journey around the world for Dumbledore. It was just big enough for the both of them and all the keepsakes from their time away. Both were working for the ministry in the Department of International Magical cooperation. A rather dull job than what they had before, but with the friends they had made, it was easier for the two of them to get influences in. Life as they knew it had calmed down in credibly, even after all they had done.

The 3 years they had been gone had been the best they had ever had. It was filled with adventures, knowledge, hardships, danger, tears, loves, losses, and friendships. From New York, United states, to Cape York, Australia. Yes the girls had done and seen everything many don't do in a lifetime. There are stories that they love to share with family and friends, and stories they refuse to tell a soul. So many things had happened; the girls grew closer through it all. So, with the hopes of a comfortable life a head of them, the girls moved into the flat, to settle down, and start the hardest thing of their lives, starting a family. As Lily turned off the water, and wrapped a towel firmly around her, she rushed out of the bathroom. Passing by Christina's room, she heard.

"Late on a day like this Lil!"

"I KNOW!" she yelled back as she slammed her door shut and began to gather her clothes she had picked out for her day. Lily couldn't believe it, she was getting married, and for certain this time. She sighed as she slipped on her deep green dress and heels and sat down in front of her vanity mirror.

"I never thought I would marry any one but him." she said as she brushed her hair, a few moments later, Christina burst through the room, wearing an adorable baby blue dress.

"How do I look?" she asked, as cocky as ever.

"Disturbing." Lily answered, not looking at her. Christina sighed as she sat down on lily's bed.

"Well, at least I am ready, which is more than I can say for you. Honestly."

"I know I know, for my own Engagement party." She grumbled, as she took her wand and did a quick drying spell to her hair.

"Merlin." Came Christina gain. "It seems like only yesterday you guys got engaged."

"YESTERDAY!" exclaimed Lily. "It was 2 years ago! That is not yesterday!"

"I remember when you two fell in love, it was so sweet the way he followed you like a lost puppy!" Christina sighed. "Lucky! Do you still have those letters he sent you?"

"Of course, they are in my Hogwarts trunk." She replied as she curled her ruby red hair, making sure each was as bouncy and perfect as the next. She heard her cousin as she opened her aged and battered trunk, and began rummaging through it.

"HEY!" came Christina, Lily turned around to look at her. "Look at this." She told her, standing and walking toward her, holding a golden locket in her hand.

"Good Merlin." Came Lily taking a hold of it. "I still have this?" she replied, looking at it intently. She ran her finger over it, and turned to the other side to read, "Forever yours, James." Lily smiled and blushed.

"Oh, the illusive James Potter I see." Came Christina, taking out a pile of old letters.

"Merlin, now THAT was ages ago!" Lily smiled. "I wonder what happened to him."

"My guess he went into Auror training, I knew Sirius Black wanted to... then again... he also wanted to marry me." Christina rolled her eyes.

"Like I could ever commit."

"Ha, you say that now; but I distinctly remember those 5 years ago you were going to..."

"PLEASE!" exclaimed Christina, "How do you think Seth would feel if you told him I was once engaged! He would flip, thinking I am ready to settle down!" Lily gave a side ways glance to her cousin, Lily knew all to well how much Christina was looking forward to settling down.

"You don't think it would be too terrible if I just put it on for a while?" she asked meekly, her cousin shook her head.

"No, I don't think so! I mean, its not like you are going to see the bloke any time soon." She told her shrugging, so Lily slipped the golden locket onto her neck admiring its beauty. She couldn't believe it, James had been the biggest thing in her life 5 years ago, now, and he was just a distant memory. Even though, no matter what, he would always be her first true love.

"Ah!" came Christina, shaking lily from her thoughts. "Here is a sweet one!" and opening the letter she began.

"Dear Vanessa." she stopped, "Vanessa?" she asked Lily, she shrugged as she applied her foundation.

"He loves my middle name." She told her, Christina nodded and went on.

"I am so sorry that I can't be there for more of the planning. But the new mission has taken me away again! I miss you so much, love. All I can think about is you, my mates have taken to throwing things every time I start talking about you. How can i help it when I've got the best woman alive. Merlin, in less than 6 months, we will be married! I love you, and I hope to see you soon.

Forever devoted,
Darcy Andrews."

Lily smiled as Christina reread the letter again. "He really loves Me." she told Christina dreamily, she smiled.

"Well of course he does! Darcy is the best man I have ever know, handsome, kind, wealthy, and one of the top Auror's." she exclaimed, she looked over herself in Lily's mirror. "Who did he say he was brining with him?"

"Uh, he said his friends from work, I think it was Jim, and his best friend Simon, I don't remember, he was in a rush when he wrote it." She responded shrugging.

"Well, lets go, he is probably already there, you don't want to be late for your own engagement party." She told her cousin, picking her up from the vanity table."Ok, I am sorry." And with her own last look, lily and Christina apparated to the leaky cauldron, with lily still wearing the necklace that read, "Forever yours, James."

James Potter was finally, for the first time in months, getting a good night's rest. Being a man who juggles work, friends, girlfriends, and money, the least of his worries was trying to get some sleep. However, this time, his boss, Darcy Andrews, had decided to give him and his best friend Sirius Black some time to relax. Only under the agreement that they would come to his engagement party, and bring their lovely girlfriends. So, with Mr. Potter, now 22, resting peacefully in his bed, he needn't worry about the troubles of the world.

He turned to his left side, as dreams of a Hogwarts bed danced in his head. A light snore escaping his lips, he heard the faint sound of muffled cries. He stirred a bit, but his sleep wasn't too disturbed, he heard it again, but he flipped to his other side. A few moments passed, and nothing could be heard, but when a huge amount of pressure was applied to his stomach, his eyes fluttered open, and to his surprise he found...

"SIRIUS!" he yelled.

"Yes?" he asked as he drank from his cup. His best friend, 22 also, was sitting haphazardly on his stomach.

"GET OFF ME!" he sputtered. "I CAN'T BREATHE!"

"Well, that's your own fault now innit."


"Well, if you would have woken up the time I told you too, I wouldn't have to be sitting on you, trying to wake you up. Now, next time you stay out till 4 am with Adrian, don't look at me when Darcy strangles you for not being at his party." Sirius then slipped off of him, and stood, still drinking his tea with a smirk on his face.

"How did you know I was out until 4 am?" James asked Sirius as he slipped out of his bed, decorated in a dark blue. Sirius shrugged,

"Because I got in 30 minutes before you did, mate." He replied, James grumbled, and set off toward his bathroom.

"What time is it any ways?" he asked him as he grabbed his toothbrush.

"2 PM." James sputtered again.


"2 p.m. James, I think you need to get your hearing checked." James quickly began to brush his teeth. Afterward, he closed the door in his friend's face, and jumped into the shower.

"Oh, and I took all the hot water this morning," said Sirius through the door, as James began to wash up, in cold water. "That's what you get
for not getting up.""Wanker." He called, as he rinsed his hair.

"I heard that," replied his best friend.

James Potter and Sirius Black now share a flat, just outside of Muggle London. It was a nice place, not to far from the Magical community of Diagon Alley, and not to far from the office as well. They were both Aurors, and were fine ones at that. Life after Hogwarts had been good to them. They are both successful, both have wonderful girlfriends, James and Adrian (a girl he had met back in Hogwarts) had been dating for a steady 8 months. And Sirius had met a sweet French girl named, Amélie, and had been with her for little over a year. The two had grown up, and taken into account that the time to settle down was coming close.

James jumped out of the shower, and hurried over to his room, where Sirius- always a step ahead of him- had thrown out some of his clothes. A gray sweater and some black slacks were his attire of the night. After pulling those things on, he set to work on his hair,"Adrian is right, you really are vain." Said his best friend as he stepped through the room in a dark blue button-down shirt and gray slacks."Yes well, how can I not be, look at this face." He said admiring himself; Sirius only reply was to roll his eyes."Any way, can you believe it, Darcy is getting married." He sighed. "And to that Vanessa girl.""Well, at least now we don't have to hear, 'I love Vanessa,' 'she is so sweet' 'so many guys are after her, what should I do?', 'I love her so much.' blah blah blah," came James, imitating him, Sirius laughed."Well, at least he is sure about her. I wonder how she looks." Asked Sirius, rummaging through James' closet for his shoes.

"He said something about, and I quote, "gorgeous red hair, and lushes green eyes. And a body to DIE for!"

"Profile reminds me of some one I know" he replied, holding out a small velvet box in front of him. James looked at it, and smiled as his mind began to wander to a pair of green eyes that still haunt his heart.

"Lily." he said quietly, as he took the box from him. "I wonder what she is doing?" he asked no one in particular. Sirius laughed.

"Probably the one marrying Darcy."

"I HIGHLY doubt that." Came James looking at him knowingly.

"Oh, and why would that be?"

"What are the odds? I mean, there have to be... I don't know... hundreds of green eyed, red heads in the world." Sirius shrugged.

"I guess, but think about it."

"No, her name is Vanessa." James told him sternly, he shrugged.

"Like it would matter. I mean, you have Adrian." James smiled slightly as the thought of Adrian ran through his head. She was a very lovely girl, with her chest nut-brown hair, and eyes you can get lost in. She and James had grown to care for each other deeply, but many thoughts of James spending a life with her were doubtful.

"And you have Amélie" Sirius smiled a fake dreamy look.

"Yes." He breathed sarcastically. When in actuality, Sirius did find some one he cared for more than anything. James asked him once, if his love for her was deeper than what he had for a Ms. Christina Greer. Sirius looked at him quickly and replied a solemn Never. That was the last time they had decided to compare the two in all aspects.

"What time is his engagement party?" he asked, as he put the ring away in a drawer.


"What time is it now?"

"3:30" Sirius said. James sighed.

"Darcy is going to kill us."

"You got that right. Why did we have to agree to go to this?"

"Because he gave us the week off from work." Replied the man with blue eyes.

"Damn that righteous man."

"Amen, now C'mon, I told Adrian we would meet her there."And with one last look at their handsome selves, the two apparated to the
Leaky Cauldron; James's ring still sitting in his drawer.


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