You Never Forgot Me

Chapter 4

The next morning, the two girls, along with Seth and Darcy, were waking down the street not too far from their flat, heading to the Leaky Cauldron to start their long day ahead. Darcy stretched a bit, as he wrapped his arm around Lily and gave her a soft kiss.

"How do you ever sleep with out me?" he joked a bit as the sun shinned brightly on both their faces. Lily rolled her eyes and sighed,

"Much better considering you snore like a Dragon," she joked,

"Lullaby to many." He told her knowingly. Christina snorted as she watched,

"No, its true, you are very loud when you snore, keeps me and Seth up some nights."

"Like we get around to sleeping any way." joked Seth crudely, Christina shot him a glare as Lily pretended to gag.

"Please, my breakfast." The 4 shared a laugh as they entered the dark pub. It had been cleaned and emptied since the night before. Everything was back to musky and dark.

"Tom." Said Darcy as he walked toward the bar keep. He smiled happily as he gave a small bow.

"Mr. Andrews." He came politely, Darcy smiled,

"We will be taking the gifts now, I assume that you did get everything in order?" Tom shook his head fervently.

"Of course sir, everything is done. It is up stairs, I will have some one take it for you."

"No." came Darcy, "that won't be necessary, we will take it ourselves." Tom rushed off to get the gifts as Darcy turned to the group. "Seth, help me here?" he asked. Seth nodded in reply.

"Well, what do we do?" asked Lily as she stood next to her cousin. Darcy stopped and thought for a moment,

"You know, I was supposed to get Sirius, but I guess you could do that while we get the gifts." He told her with a nodded. Lily looked at Christina questioningly.

"Well, why don't we get them later?" asked Christina uncertainly, Darcy shook his head.

"Waste time my friend, go on, here is the address, just get the blokes ready to go." And with giving Lily the small piece of paper, he and Seth took to the stairs.

"Do you think we should?" asked Lily as she stared at the paper.

"No." came Christina uncertainly.

"I mean, we will just be popping by and then leaving right away."


"It's not that big a deal." Replied Lily, Christina looked at her knowingly,

"I am not stupid, I remember what you were saying last night."

Lily sighed heavily as she clasped her robe on tighter.

"That... just a spur of the moment thing." She told her lazily. "It was the initial shock of seeing them." Christina cocked an eyebrow. "It is. Honesty, I got to thinking last night that even though I feel horrible that James isn't seeing any one, but I am, and I am thinking all these things when I have Darcy by my side always." She smiled dreamily. "And we will be getting married in two months!"

"Thank you." came Christina with a sigh. "I thought you were going to say that you were leaving Darcy for James." Lily grinned.

"Hardly." And with that left said, the girls apparated to the boys flat, not too far from Diagon alley.

"Sirius." Came a soft voice. He stirred a bit, as he sprawled him self haphazardly on his bed. Sighing, he found a comfortable spot and soon was drifting off to sleep again. "Sirius." It said again. "Please honey, get up." We woke in a daze as pressure from the other side of the bed told him some one else was on it. They tapped his face for a moment, and soon enough, his eyes opened slightly. He looked up to see two beautiful sparkling brown eyes staring at him adoringly. Opening his eyes a bit more, he found the beautiful face of Christina staring down at him.

"Good morning." She told him softly, as her perfect lips formed a small smile. And with out hesitation, Sirius sat up and gave her a tender kiss. He smiled as he felt Christina brushed his face with the back of her hand, giggling softly against him. Pulling away, and opening his eyes, he found much to his discomfort that it wasn't Christina he had been kissing.

"Ziriuz." Came Amiele as she smiled warmly. "You are so zweet!" and with another kiss she jumped up. Sirius looked around the room, under the cover and under the bed, and to no avail did he find Christina.

"Oh, thank you love." He said guiltily as she walked around the room in one of his shirts. She smiled as she picked up some of their clothes and folded them, putting them into one of his drawers.

"I made breakfast." She told him sweetly as she pulled the covers off of him. "Ezt on the table." He smiled weakly as he got up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

When Sirius exited his room to head to the kitchen for breakfast, he saw James, Adrian and Amiele all sitting down talking happily.

"Good." Said Amiele as she put down her tea and napkin. "My turn to get dressed." And with a small smile and a kiss to Sirius, she was out of the room. The moment he doors closed, James and Adrian put down their forks and pushed away their plates.

"What's wrong?" asked Sirius taking her spot with a scrunched up nose, Adrian replied.

"The deli down the street ran out of the food we wanted." She told him, looking to James.

"So Amiele decided to make breakfast" Sirius brow furrowed as he looked over exactly what was at the breakfast table. Burnt bacon, cold ham, over cooked eggs, burnt toast, and something that should have been potatoes. He looked up at his friends who were laughing at his expression.

"Is it... that terrible?" he asked hopefully. It was his girlfriend; he didn't want to insult her in any way, the two nodded fervently.

"I took a bite, trying to make sure she knew we enjoyed it." Adrian told him, picking up her fork with some of the potatoes on it. "It tasted like card board." Sirius sputtered a laugh and sighed heavily.

"At least she tried." He told them shrugging, as James finished off his tea.

"At least she can make a decent cup of tea. Can your pour me another cup?" he asked, holding the cup to Adrian, she smiled sweetly, and took the cup and headed over to the kitchen. As soon as the swinging doors of the entrance closed, he turned to Sirius.

"I had a dream." He told him in a whisper. Sirius nodded slowly.

"Good for you mate. You know... dreams are a subconscious..."

"Shut up you git." He hissed at him, looking toward the kitchen again. "I had one about Lily." Sirius stopped picking at his food and gave his full attention to James.


"We were walking in some. neighbor hood." He started. "We weren't doing anything except walking. But then suddenly, I wasn't standing next to her, we were far apart. She was standing aways off. I kept running and running towards her, but she kept getting farther and farther, until, she was gone. I was left alone." James shook his head. "It was really weird."

"I guess." shrugged Sirius. "But it wasn't as bad as mine." He told him James looked at him quickly.

"You had a dream about Lily too?" he questioned him. Sirius shook his head and threw his napkin at his best friend.

"No you dolt, I had. I guess you could call a dream about Christina." James nodded.

"Do I have to repeat you?" asked James, referring to have him start. Sirius sighed.

"Well, this morning, when I woke up I thought it was Chris trying to wake me up, so I kissed her, thinking it was Christina, it turned out instead to be Amiele." The man with glasses shrugged at him.

"So?" he questioned him.

"So?" came Sirius in disbelief. "I thought I was kissing Christina, not Amiele, if it really was Christina, I would have been cheating on her."

"But you didn't." came James. "I mean, you were probably half asleep, but if she came right now, would you really kiss her?" Sirius said nothing, instead, began to drink his tea.

About an hour after breakfast, the four were all lounging in their living room, trying not to start another day.

"I am going to have to get to the office soon." Said Adrian as she snuggled closer to James. He shrugged as he put an arm over her.

"C'mon, I have a whole week off, and you want to work?" he asked, she sighed.

"The hospital is busy this time of year, you know while allergies, and what ever people get."

She sighed.

"I have to be in an hour. We can meet up for dinner, ok?" James sighed unhappily.


James looked over at Sirius and Amiele who were talking and laughing quietly to themselves. He smiled as he rested his head atop of Adrian's soft brown hair, he sighed. Taking a deep breath of air, the scent of strawberries caught his senses and his heart fell a bit, Lily always wore strawberry scent. Another few minutes rolled by, and the four were in conversations about the night's plans.

"Well, I think we should take in a Muggle move." Requested Adrian. "They are so fun, and we never do things in the Muggle world."

"Sure we do." Said Sirius knowingly. "We walk down their streets everyday." Amiele laughed a bit.

"Yez, Muggle London iz very boring, why don' we go to Paris, itz de perfect time of year for it." The four friends looked at each other and nodded in approval.

"That sounds like fun." Came Adrian with a smile. In the next second the doorbell rang and the four looked at each other.

"Were we expecting?" asked Sirius, James shrugged.

"I don't think so. Can you get it Adrian?"

"Sure." And she got up and headed down the hall towards the door.

"This is it." Came Lily as she stood outside the boy's flat. It was deeper into Muggle London than they had thought. It was a nice neighborhood, and a very expensive looking building. They had thought of apparating right in, but thought better of it. Too many...accidents could occur. So, now standing in front of room G77, on the 4th floor, they shrugged.

"Guess we should knock then." Christina told her as they just stood there. Lily nodded slightly.

"I guess." and as quickly as she rang the doorbell.

"You should have knocked." Replied Christina. The red head shrugged.

"I like pressing the door bell." Lily told Christina playfully as the door opened.

The girls looked into to see another girl standing in the doorway. She had long brown hair and was tanned. Wearing a dark blue cloak, with a black skirt, and white top, she smiled wearily at them.

"Can we... OH LILY!" she came, taking her into a hug. Christina looked at her, as Lily looked to her for help. Looking over the place and at the door, she wondered if they came to the right place.

"Uh...hello?" came Lily with confusion as the girl let go.

"Oh Lily, you have horrible memory, its me. Adrian." That realization came flooding back to Lily, as did the dislike for the girl with too much sugar in her system.

"Right... Er... hello Adrian."

"Excuse me," came Christina with confusion. "Uh...are we at G77?"

"Do I know you?" asked Adrian with a stare to Christina; she looked toward Lily that shrugged.

"I don't know. I know a lot of people." She told her with a small sneer. The girl gave her a quizzical look.

"You went to Hogwarts with Lily didn't you?" she asked her, Christina smiled sweetly.

"Of course."

"Hmmm.. Drawing a blank now." she told her with a shrug. Christina rolled her eyes so that the girl didn't notice.

"We are looking for James and Sirius' flat. you know..." questioned the red head. Adrian's face lit up as she opened the door to them.

"You found it alright. Please, come on in, we are in the living room." The two girls looked ate each other as they walked wont the hall after Adrian.

"I thought you said James was single?" she asked quietly.

"That's what he told me last night." She replied back.

"James." Came Adrian, as the girls walked not to far behind them. "Look who came by." As Christina and Lily walked into the living room a double take was needed. As soon as Adrian sat down, she put a loving arm over James. Christina looked over at Sirius and Amiele, in which the lovely girl was sitting comfortably on his lap. The two girls looked at each other for a moment,

"Lying Wankers." Christina heard Lily say under her breath. Christina looked at James who looked as if some one hit him with a bludger, as Sirius was squirming uneasily.

"'ello." Came the girl sitting on Sirius' lap. "Can we 'elp you?"

"Uh...yes...actually." Came Lily, as she was sure that Christina wouldn't talk to her. "Uh... we are here to get Sirius and...him." she told her, with a sweet smile.

"What for?" asked Adrian with a furrowed brow. Christina took this one.

"Oh, you see, Sirius is in LILY"S WEDDING." Pronouncing each word with extra clarity. "as the best man. And James in coming along for the ride."

"Oh! You are de fiancée of dat wonderful man I met last night, oui?" asked the French girl standing up, Lily smiled happily, thanking her self for listening to Christina for once.

"I am thank you, you are?"

"I am Amiele De Mussis." They shook hands politely.

"You must be Sirius girlfriend then." Lily said with an air of sarcasm, the girl smiled.

"Oui, a year." A small glare was sent to Sirius, order of Christina.

"How wonderful." Her cousin came, "then you must be James' girlfriend."

"Oh, yes," said Adrian. " And you are."

"Christina Greer, I am Lily's cousin." Adrian stiffened, and a small sneer was brought onto

her features.

"Oh." She said as she sat back down. Christina looked at Lily who shrugged.

"You will sit down?" asked Amiele, and with a flick of her wand, summoned two chairs. The girls thanked her and sat down, wanting to remember this moment.

"How long have you and James been dating?" asked Christina politely, wanting to make Lily suffer for her thinking like she was the night before. The girl sighed.

"Little over 8 months." Christina looked at Lily who seemed to be scanning over the flat.

"How lovely."

"And you, I saw you with that man yesterday, how long?"

"Oh, little over a year and 6 months actually." She said with a happy tone.

"Would you like some tea?" asked Amiele, getting up, the girls nodded fervently.

"Oh yes please." Came Lily.

"How do you take it?" she asked, walking toward the kitchen, James looked up at her,

"Lemon, and some honey." He told her with out thinking. Lily looked at him quickly, he smiled a bit, but it wasn't returned.

"Iz dat right?" she questioned, Lily nodded. "And you Christina?"

"Oh, actually, I wouldn't like any thank you." she replied, she smiled a bit, and walked out of the living room.

"So, Adrian, what kind of work do you do now?" Adrian smiled as she laid her head on James shoulder; Lily sat up a bit to this.

"Oh, I am a resident at St. Mungos hospital." Lily nodded.

"That must be fun"

"It is, always a worry that I catch what ever comes in or out of the office, but it comes with the job. And you, what do you do?"

"Oh, Christina and I work in the Department of International Magical cooperation." She replied with a smile. But Adrian looked at her with pity.

"Really? I am sorry." Christina looked at her with a cocked eyebrow.

"Actually." She started with some attitude. "We know so many wizards and muggles all over the world, it would be a waste not to use our relations. I mean, after three years of world traveling, it is nice to be in a relaxing setting." Adrian looked taken back a bit. "And our jobs were offered to us, special request from Dumbledore himself." She smiled viciously again.

"We already had the skills that some many wish to posses." Lily coughed nervously, as Christina silently challenged her, she said nothing.

"I think I will help Amiele with the tea." And she stepped out of the room.

After she was gone, there were a few moments of silence before Lily spoke up.

"Honestly Christina, there was no need for that." She scolded as she glared out the window, she only looked scandalized.

"I don't care Lily, no one insults me, whether big or small." She spat arms crossed.

"You need to learn to control your temper, you always did have it for that girl." She growled at her.

"Did I?" came Christina with a furrowed brow.

"Yes, you know Adrian, Hurst, the girl you hated in Hogwarts!" Christina looked at her quizzically before an astonished look came over her face.


"Yes!" came Lily looking towards the kitchen. "And keep you voice down, she may hear you."

"Well, I didn't like her in Hogwarts, and I don't like her now."

"Excuse Me." came James, both girls looked at him with venom.

"Don't you start with us." Growled Christina, while Lily looked away. "I am not even going to begin with you." and James slouched back into his chair.

"Are you angry?" asked Sirius quietly. Lily looked at him.

"Why should we be angry?" she asked harshly. "So what, you lied and simply neglected to tell us you had girlfriends, but that's alright. I won't take it to heart, I mean. I am getting married." She grinned at them, as she held up her ring; the conversation was put on hold as Amiele came out with the tea.

"So, where are you guys off to today?" Adrian asked Lily as she finished her tea. She smiled sweetly, however fake it may have felt, and responded,

"Oh, well, we have some fittings to do for the guys, and then other odds and ends, it won't take that long."

"Well, I hope not, we all wanted to apparate to Paris for dinner." Christina rolled her eyes grudgingly.

"Well, we had hoped that you could go out with us for dinner, but, you do have your plans."

"Uh . . . Adrian, we can go to Paris any other time." James said with a smile, "and Darcy will be leaving on Monday, so maybe we should."

"James . . ." she whined softly.

"No, I would like to go to dinner wit dem, Darcy iz zuch a nice man." Came Amiele, taking Lily's empty cup away. "And Jamez is right, we can go to Paris anoder night, oui?" Adrian visibly sighed in defeat.

"If you all really want us to . . ."

"I wouldn't" came Christina under her breath loud enough for Lily to hear, she shot her a dirty look before returning to the rest.

"Thank you, I am sure Darcy and Seth will be thrilled" Lily looked at her watched, and thanked the gods that they had been here long enough to go back. Being here . . .with . . .them . . .just made things that much harder. She felt stifled as Adrian pawed at James, and let her head rest on his shoulder. Yet, realizing that she had her own man to be with, the person that she loved enough to marry was waiting for her. Shaking off the feeling, she smiled again.

"Well, we must be off soon, if you all are ready?"

"We were just leaving as well." Came Adrian, as Amiele stood up as well.

"Yez, I left the shop with Jacques, and de man can 'ardly keep 'iz own 'ead on." She laughed a bit, "so, we will zee you tonight?"

"Oh, yes." Came Christina a bit too excitedly. "It was so terribly nice meeting you."

"It was indeed." And with a small kiss and a hug to Sirius, Amiele walked out the door, and with a pop, apparated to where she needed to be.

"Suppose I will be off too." Came Adrian standing up, brushing off her robe. She looked up and smiled at Lily and Lily only. "I will be seeing you then." And turned to James.

"Owl me with the plans love." She told him, bending down to kiss him. Lily began to look around the room as this happened, and James felt squeamish.

"Uh . . .yea." he responded awkwardly, and kissed her on the forehead. Adrian stood up and gave him a confused look.

"If you like." And walked towards the door. "Now, I can trust you two to keep off them while we are gone?" she asked playful, but with something else behind it. Christina looked her eye again and Lily smirked.

"I am the one getting married." She retorted, showing her the ring, Christina shrugged.

"Sure." Was her response as she flopped back down onto her chair. Adrian's nostrils flared and she looked back a Lily.

"See you later." And she closed the door with a bang.

"Sorry" mumbled Christina when the door was slammed. Lily sighed heavily, ignoring the staring men, and sat down next to her.

"Just . . .calm down, who cares."

"I know."

"We . . ." started James suddenly as he watched them. The two looked up with uninterested eyes. "Sorry we . . . didn't tell you."

"Go get dressed James." Christina said quietly, not wanting to talk about it . . .ever. It just would make things that much harder. Thing would be said, things they would never be able to take back. So keeping them bottled inside would be the safest place, for all of them. James looked to Sirius and nodded as they walked to down the hall, to their respective rooms, both thinking how stupid they must have been to have lied to them.

"How stupid are they to lie to us." Growled Lily as soon as their doors were closed. Christina turned to her,

"I hate to say I told you so."

"I know, I just . . .hoped . . .I don't know . . . just something that's all."

"Just old feelings that were unclosed just bugging us, that's all." Christina told her cousin with a comforting shoulder.

"Maybe, I was hoping that James would really be the one I would marry. That I was meant for him. But, I guess, things just never turn out the way they should."

"Never, because, it would have happened a long time ago." Started Christina with a sigh.

"Dumbledore would have never offered us that spot, you would have said yes to James, I would have stayed with Sirius. They would have looked for us when we got back from traveling, and things would be so much sweeter."

"But they aren't, and things weren't meant to be." Lily wiped her face a bit, trying to feel her reality.

"It would have been nice if they were single however." Came Christina, sitting on the couch instead of the hard dining room chair. "Maybe, something would have happened."

"Do you think it ever could?" asked Lily, sitting next to her. She sighed.


"I was stupid to think that things would have changed, that they would have...been a certain way that would make me give up everything, you know what I mean?" questioned the red head. Christina sighed heavily and slumped into the plush black couch.

"I know exactly what you mean."

"Do you think, something should be said?" asked Lily, a bit too hopefully. Christina looked at Lily, and turning to her, took her hands.

"Listen to Me." she said softly but sternly. "You are marrying one of the best men I have ever met. He is handsome, sweet, intelligent, wealthy, and most of all, he is in love with you. With you, Lily. Darcy isn't the kind to fall for a girl easily. I know, he was meant to be with you. You are getting married Lily, in two months, to the best man I could have ever hoped for you." looking dead into Lily's green orbs, she sighed. "Please, don't give it up for a lost dream, because that's what they are, just lost dreams Lil. I know it seems mean, and harsh, and it sounds like I don't feel anything either. But I have told myself this, so many times, and it is the only thing keeping me from doing or saying something stupid. Just know, in two months, James will be just a memory."

"You're right," Lily said after thinking to herself for a few moments. "You are absolutely right. Here we are, worrying ourselves over them, when they haven't even given us a second thought since last night." She shook her head in disbelief. "They even forgot we were coming."

"See." Christina came in reply.

"And to think, I was worrying over it last night! What of James! I have Darcy, and I am going to marry him!" She told her smiling.

"And Seth? I have him! We are happy, they are happy! We have the ones we want! And last night was just getting over the shock."

"Too right!" Lily said triumphantly.

"Things have changed, we grew apart, right now, they probably feel stupid for forgetting to tell us last night," she nodded. "They are probably more worried about what their girl friends would think then they are about us."

"That did not go well." came James as he ran over to Sirius's room across the hall. Sirius sat on his bed, in a hunched over position. "I mean, we completely made fools out of ourselves." James sighed as he leaned against the door.

"You think they are angry?" asked Sirius, looking up from his hands.

"Of course, we lied to them, and then that whole scene . . .I mean . . .how would you be?"

"Heart broken," he told him softly. James brow furrowed as he watched Sirius. He was twirling something, over and over in his hands, and was wearing a solemn expression. His hair fell over his face, as his eyes stared off into nothing. James looked at him queerly,

"You ok mate?" He didn't reply. "You look . . ."

"I think I made a huge mistake." Sirius said looking up from his original place. His eyes looked hopeful as he stared at James.

"About what?"
"About everything." He told him, getting up and going to his desk. There, he threw what ever was in his hands in, and shut it tightly, sealing it with his wand. "This whole time, I have been with Amiele, when I shouldn't have been."

"What are you talking about?" came James in confusion.

"Me and Amiele; it isn't right."

"Amiele is a great girl," replied James, "why wouldn't it be right?"

"Is she as good as Christina?"

"I thought we weren't going to go into that again."

"Well James, certain circumstances make things change." He replied, pacing the room.

"Just like it did when we were 16! As soon as those girls came into our lives, everything changed! We went from sluts to devoted boyfriends. There is nothing stopping us from doing it again!"

"You're crazy! This is all just shock, it will wear off."

"This is all too weird, like . . .some sort of sign. "

"Coincidence." James replied as Sirius gave him a knowing look.

"Right, it was just a coincidence that this whole time, Darcy's fiancée has been Lily. It is just a coincidence that we were only a link away from them for 3 years? I highly doubt it James."

"The universe is a funny place."

"No." Sirius replied shaking his head. "This is fate or something. And to think, it was just the other day I was thinking of asking Amiele to marry me." James looked up with shock.

"You were? Well, why don't you?"

"You think I am going to do it now? Now that Christina is back in my life, you think I am just going to throw her away again?"

"But you are willing to do it to Amiele?"

"James, you knew that my mind was set when I asked her the first time."

"Yes, and then she left! How do you know she even wants you back?" James reasoned with him, but Sirius was long gone.

"I have to try, if it is the last thing I do, I am going to try." He told him determined. His best friend shook his head in response.

"And what about her and Seth, huh? She has been dating him for a year and 6 months, how do you know she will throw him away like you are about to do to Amiele? Its not logical!"

"Forget logic!" came Sirius with a dopey grin. "When its love, James, the mind has no control whatsoever! Things may be bad in the beginning but that means the end will only get sweeter! Don't you understand? Don't you wish that it is you marrying Lily and not Darce?"

"Well of course I do," he responded. "But that doesn't mean it is the same for her." Sirius shook his head.

"Well, then you stay with your second best." He told him shaking his head, a grin across his face. "I am going after my first." And he walked out his door, as James looked after him with a sigh.

When the two men walked back out into the living room to meet the girls, they smiled. Immediately did Lily and Christina get up. They looked at each other for a few moments, yet, when Sirius opened his mouth to say something, Lily started.

"Listen, we are sorry about how we acted this morning." She told them with a small smile on her face.

"Yea, James, I didn't meant to be hard on your girlfriend, I just...didn't like her in school, I guess old hate is hard to break."

"Its alright, Adrian will get over it." He responded happily, as he looked over at Sirius, who was turning a nice shade of pink.

"Well, we just wanted to say that it was petty of us, and we were upset that you had completely forgotten that we were coming," Lily told them. "So, can we just forget that this morning happened?"

"I don't . . .I . . ." stuttered Sirius.

"No, can we? I mean, I know it was a bit awkward, but things have changed, and we should just leave the past as it is; the past." Christina looked at Lily. "We all just want to be friends. Nothing more." Sirius nodded slowly, a he began to look around the room, trying to shake off his feeling of hurt. James nodded, not quiet knowing what to think. Did they really not care at all?

"I guess." replied Sirius, as the wheels in his head started turning. "I mean, friends, I like that." James looked at him queerly.

"Good." Sighed Lily. "We just want to make it clear that we are happy were we are in life now, as I can see you guys are. And friendship would be the best thing. I am getting married, and you all have such lovely girlfriends, who are we to not think highly of them?"

"Exactly, us four always made a good pair, as friends, we could get even closer." She replied, a happy expression written on her features. James again looked toward Sirius who was nodding his head in acceptance. What did he just say in there? And if he was serious about going after Christina, then why would he settle for friends? Asked James in his head. He shrugged his shoulders as he looked back at the girls.

"We were always good friends." Replied James, uncertainty in his answer.

"And that is the way things will stay." Lily replied with a nodded. They all grinned at each other, with so much deceit hidden in their new promise.

"Well, don't we all feel better now that the air is cleared?" asked Lily with a cheeky smile.

"Actually, it makes our time together a lot more enjoyable." Smiled Sirius. "It is, no more awkwardness, just a bunch of friends, hanging out."


"Oh," came Lily. "And could we keep the out of the picture." She requested. "Darcy has no idea. . . ."

"And neither does Seth." Came Christina. "I and don't know how he would handle it."

"If that is what you want," Shrugged James, Sirius said nothing.

"Thanks." Replied Christina.

"No problem."

"Well, we better be off. We said we would meet them back at the Leaky Cauldron; can we apparate from here?" asked Lily, Sirius nodded.

"Of course. Let's get out of here, my dears." He came with his charming smile, the girls grinned back, and all four were soon gone with a pop.

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