Chapter 5

The training and battles with Uber vamp's had gone on in full swing for three weeks following Willow's dip back into dark magic. She had several conversations with Kennedy and even lunch but not another kiss was shared. She did feel an obligation to at least commiserate with Kennedy somewhat after seeing the hurt in the young potential's eyes upon figuring out she may have had a part in Willow's backset. Willow didn't want her to blame herself, as it was no one's fault but her own for allowing the first to jab at her with Tara. So Willow did have a few talks with her, all the while letting it be known there would be nothing more than friendship between them.

"Hey Red," Faith says sitting down beside Willow in the back yard. It is just turning dark out so still somewhat safe. "What's up?"

"Just thinking," Willow looks at the dark slayer who had indeed changed for the better. Willow could now say that she was glad to have Faith around both to help in the fight and for Xander. She and Xander seemed chummy of late and Willow was glad for her friend. She wanted him to have a little happiness in this crazy life they were so enthralled in and if it couldn't be with Anya, she was glad it was Faith.

"Look Red I've never been one to beat around the bush but," Faith lights a cigarette as she scans the night both for evil being and nosey lurkers. "Ken-doll isn't the one for you and we all can see it. I think you have a crush on a certain demon but are afraid to let it be known."

Willow looks at Faith strangely. "Spike? Hello, gay now!"

"No, now me, I would have picked a better person for ya such as myself," Faith blinks her big brown eyes at the redhead. "You always got to pick them odd ones huh Red." Faith laughs, as an Uber vamp darts out at them. "Damn it all to hell!" Faith growls. "Can't a girl have a little fun?" She kicks the vamp in the gut before he can grab Willow but he gives her a good left hook sending her to the ground. Xander comes throwing himself at the vamp, who is about to lean in towards Faith's neck.

"Xander!" Willow shouts as the vamp lifts him up in the air but Faith drives the stake home and Xander drops to the ground. "I think you need to tend to your own love life Faithie." Willow snickers and walks off.

"What's that all about?" Xander asks as Faith helps him stand.

"I think Red likes Anya but is afraid of what you might think." Faith blurts out as the two stand looking at the moonlight, both wondering how many more times they will be able to enjoy doing such miniscule things as that.

"Well," Xander ponders the idea for a minute. "An deserves to be happy too. It would be awkward I have to admit but I know Will would look after her and hopefully not botch things up as bad as I did."

"Do you regret what happened with the wedding and all?" Faith questions, knowing she does like Xander but is unwilling to let it be known until she is certain she's neither rebound nor second-fiddle girl.

"Yeah," he says thoughtfully. "I regret hurting her and a part of me will always love her just like part of Willow will always love Tara but," he looks at the ground as if it could give him encouragement. "Well, I wouldn't have got to know you and I kinda am liking getting to know you. I wish you would have let me do that a long time ago Faith."

"Yeah me too Xan," she smiles at him then gives him a kiss.

"Woohooo!" Dawn and a couple other potentials shout from the house. "One down, one to go!"


Everyone is sleeping in various places, most at Buffy's and others at Xander's apartment. Willow knocks at Anya's door hoping the demon is at home and awake. "Willow, is something wrong?" Anya asks letting the redhead in.

"No actually it hasn't been too bad of a day considering Xander almost got himself killed by playing hero for Faith."

"I'm glad he's doing well again," she says sitting down on the couch and turning off the TV. "He did hurt me badly and I became a demon to not get hurt like that again. Now I hurt because of vengeance spells. Now we're up against an evil that may kill us all. How ironic it is that I now understand death and want no part of it."

Willow looks into Anya's eyes and realizes that maybe part of the snarky attitude of the woman was to hide herself from hurt and pain. She had to understand hurt and pain to be able to properly inflict it upon others after all. "An, we've all been through so much and I never thought anyone could scare me like Glory did. I'm terrified that we won't win this time and it's worse because this time, I'm all alone. I mean Tara's mind was all sucked and all with Glory but I wasn't alone."

The brave front that Willow put up for a few months began to crumble and the tears flowed fast. "You're not alone Willow," Anya says and instinctively pulls the woman into a hug. "I've felt alone myself and since we're both alone, why can't we help each other." Anya offers more as a statement then question.

"I'm afraid to let anyone help me, to get close. I'm afraid they will die An and I don't know if I could go through that again. Plus, I don't know what others would think if I said how I feel." Willow says as she relaxes in the demon's embrace.

"Who cares how they react," Anya beams and points at the mirror. "Take a look." Willow's eyes grow large as she gets quick flashes of Spike and Buffy getting on with the smoochies and comforting, as are Faith and Xander. "Before you ask, no I do not sit and watch others have orgasms but I wanted to show you. Everybody needs somebody and hell if we're all going to die tomorrow why not go out happy?"

Willow smiles brightly at Anya. Her logic was often overlooked by the Scoobies but all too often made sense. "You're right, so," Willow looks at the floor. "Could I kiss you Anya?"

"Not looking at the floor you can't." Anya says, as Willow shakes her head. She knows that Anya will probably always have a little bit of that attitude but doesn't care.

She kisses Anya then looks around as if waiting for something evil to happen. When it doesn't, she kisses her again. "I can't believe I'm sitting here kissing you of all people. Ohmygoddess I didn't mean it that way. I mean, well look how we used to be and," Anya returns the kiss stopping her in mid-babble.

"I know Willow but live or die tomorrow, you can say you had great fun with someone who cares and that's all that matters. Now let's get on with the smoochies so I can find out if you're ready for some orgasms." Anya says with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Anya!" Willow says, looks at her smiling face and then starts laughing. "If we live through this, would you consider being my girlfriend?" Willow asks hopefully. For some strange reason, a feeling of hope was overcoming her. She was beginning to believe all would be fine in the end and was hoping that Anya would be there with her to start a new life.

"Let's see how you are in the orgasm department first," Anya jokingly says. "Oh that's right; you have to be at least decent because we've all heard you and Tara before." This brings a blush to Willow's face, as the demon begins kissing her aggressively.

"An, I think you've done this before." Willow says between breaths, as Anya kisses her way down Willow's body.

"I'm a vengeance demon Willow. We don't sleep with those we perform vengeance on." Anya says quirking an eyebrow and then continuing her path down towards Willow's needy area.


The battle with the first was fought and won. Lives were lost indeed but, in the aftermath, those who lived moved on to pick up the pieces. Buffy, Andrew and Giles moved to Cleveland; who would have thought Andrew and Buffy would hit it off so well after Dawn and Spike's valiant sacrifices. Faith and Xander traveled the world looking for potentials to bring back to the headquarters set up in Cleveland; they got married Christmas day following the big battle.

As for Willow and Anya, they moved to New York where Willow was a mainstay within the watchers council and Anya her secretary. Their primary objective was doing spells to locate slayers, seeking out watchers and raising money to keep the good fight afloat. Those remaining Scoobies were making good progress with having a little happiness amidst all the evil in the world brought forth by demons and humans. Willow was optimistic for her and her new love that they would live to grow old together as Anya's demon powers were stripped in the middle of the big battle by D in hopes of causing her to lose her life. Anya hoped for the same thing, she had no doubts of Willow's love and knew she would never leave her. She also had high hopes that their orgasm trips would continue long into their golden years because it's just not Anya if she doesn't think of her orgasms.