Chapter 1

"HARRY!" cried a loud voice, awakening Harry from his comfortable sleep. He shifted, reluctantly opening his eyes to see his red head friend leaning over the bed. "Harry, wake UP," Ron said again, reaching a hand out to shove Harry roughly.

"Augh, what time is it?" Harry mumbled, reaching to the bedside table for his glasses.

Ron rolled his eyes, "Time to go, and guess what?" Ron paused with a grin on his face. Harry looked up, blinking the sleep out of his eyes. Ron didn't wait for an answer before telling him, "Dad's letting me drive the muggle car to the station!" With the grin still on his silly face, he turned around and made his way towards the door, picking up Harry's trunk by the handle. "Merlin, what do you have in this piece of shit anyway?" he grunted as he dragged it out of the room. Harry sighed as he absent mindedly pushed the hair out of his eyes, not that it ever stayed that way.

It was the first day of school after a fantastic summer with the Weasley's. The Dursley's had finally given up trying to get him to come back to Privet Drive for his summer's as they finally figured out that they didn't want him there anyway. Harry was excited for his 7th year at Hogwarts, and had changed a lot over the summer. He had pretty much stayed the same from the age of 13-16, but over the course of the summer, he'd grown to be even taller than Fred and George, who had always towered over him. His hair was as unruly as ever, but it added to his rugged good-looking ness, as many of the girls in Hogwarts were discovering. Harry quickly changed into his normal clothes, a jeans and T-shirt, got ready, and paced down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Draco stood at the station, just outside the entrance to the platform. He was early, and only a few other Hogwarts students were scattered about the station; Mostly first years with their parents, trying to figure out what the bloody hell they were doing. Draco leaned against a wall, the wind ruffling his white-blonde hair. He had stopped slicking it back like his father did. In fact, he had stopped doing a lot of things that his father did. He hadn't talked to his father all summer, much to the dismay of his mother, Narcissa. He and his father had a rather large fall out during the beginning of the summer, and he hadn't spoken to him since. He too had changed a lot during the summer. Perhaps the new situations in his life had made him even more spiteful and angry, but it had also added an element of sadness and sensitivity that he tried so hard to hide. Suddenly a loud noise directed his cold blue eyes around the pillar.

"Draco!" a female voice squealed, followed by high heeled foot steps jogging up to the platform. Draco sighed.

"Oh hell," he thought as Pansy Parkinson wrapped her little arms around him. He put on a smile. "Hi Pansy," he said without any sign of emotion.

"Oh Draco, I've missed you. Didn't you get any of my owls?"

"Owls?" Draco thought to himself of the mound of letters he'd received from the girl. "Not a one."

She frowned, but quickly forgot what she was talking about as she saw a few of her stupid girly friends walking towards her. She squealed and ran away, her voice causing Draco to cringe. He and Pansy had been sort of "dating" for the past year. He didn't know why the hell she wanted him, he was as mean as shit to her, and slept around as much as he pleased. She knew it too, but didn't seem to acknowledge it. He didn't care too much though, as long as he could get a shag whenever he wanted. And he could too, Pansy or no Pansy.

Harry nervously clutched the side handle to the car as Ron started the ignition. "We're going to die," Ginny said flatly from the back seat, looking absent mindedly out of the window. Harry nodded.

"Yes, most likely," he responded.

"Oh shut up, both of you. I can do this," Ron frowned at them, putting the car in gear. Ron had been bragging about being able to drive all summer, and glowed at this opportunity to show his friends. Not many Wizarding children bothered driving muggle cars, but being the sun of a muggle fanatic, Ron was gifted with his fake drivers license, a gift from his father. It looked pretty real too, Harry was impressed.

Harry buckled his seat belt and heard Ginny do the same. "Please take care of my plant when I die," Ginny mumbled as Ron pulled out of the driveway.

After an extremely jerky and swervy ride to the station, Harry practically leaped out of the car. "Jesus Ron," he muttered, straightening his glasses. Ginny looked equally ruffled as she stepped off the car.

"What? It wasn't that bad. I'm better than half the drivers out there," Ron retorted, getting out of the drivers seat.

"That's definitely a lie," Ginny smirked, pulling her trunk out of the back seat.

"And just for future reference, should you happen to decide you ever want to die and drive again," Harry started, receiving a glare from Ron, "the horn is not a method of communication between cars." Ron had quite rambunctiously honked his horn at any opportunity he had.

Draco pushed Pansy off of him as they sat in a compartment on the train, waiting for their friends. She frowned. "What's wrong shnooky?"

"If you call me that again, I swear I will-"

"What, fuck me? Please do," Pansy purred.

Draco rolled his eyes, giving up as Pansy crawled back up onto his lap. She tried to kiss him but he turned his head away, so she began nibbling at whatever skin was available to her. He closed his eyes, trying to imagine it was someone else, anyone else. He didn't much get turned on by her anymore. She moved her hands down to his pants and began to undo them, reaching inside.

"You're not hard," she pouted, pulling out his limp dick. He almost laughed at how she thought he should be aroused by her. She wasn't bad looking; In fact most of Hogwarts wanted to nail her, and most of the boys had, which made her even LESS attractive to him. Breasts. Breasts are good, even hers I suppose. He thought.

"Tits," he mumbled as she tried to kiss him.

"Here? What if someone comes?" she said. Draco shrugged, not really caring. She obeyed, pulling off her blouse, which left her in her stupid slutty mini-skirt and nothing else. He began to play with her breasts, tugging at her nipples. She had quite nice ones; Nice and round. His dick began to get hard, growing bigger. Pansy grinned.

"Hurry up, we only have a few minutes before other's will come," Draco grumbled, pulling her towards him. Pansy willingly placed his dick at her entrance, rubbing it up and down a few times before pushing it inside of her. She moaned theatrically. That was the one thing he hated about fucking her, other than the fact that she was Pansy. He hated how fake she was. He could make her come, not that he cared, but she was so fake about it, moaning like a porn star. She put all of it inside of her in one movement and began to ride up and down his cock, moaning the entire time.

"Shut the fuck up," he grunted as he rubbed one of her breasts. She frowned slightly, biting her lip. He didn't respond to her being upset. "God, I'll never cum this way," he thought, roughly pushing her off of him.

"What are you doing?" she asked. He grabbed her arm and turned her around, shoving her against the seat. "God, be fucking gentle," she cried.

Draco had given up being gentle with her, he didn't care enough. He positioned himself behind her, pushing his hard rod inside of her once more. She moaned into the seat. "Shut up," he said again, through gritted teeth. He then began thrusting into her roughly. She groaned in pleasure. He began to thrust faster and harder, determined to come before people arrived.

"Ouch Draco, not so hard," she moaned softly. He grunted, sneering at her bare back. He began to thrust even harder, slamming her against the seat. He felt his orgasm rising, closing his eyes as he continued to piston in and out of her. He opened his eyes again, watching her wince in pain. It made him happy to see her wincing as he fucked her. He enjoyed watching her ass as he slammed his hips against them repeatedly. It was round and tan, no tan lines. "Slut, she must tan naked," he thought. Thinking of her tanning naked for some reason made him pissed off and pressed her body hard into the seat with his arms. He shifted slightly, changing the angle to one that he knew would stretch her even farther. She cried out as he did so. He groaned loudly as he came closer to coming. Just as he was about to he pulled out, spraying his come all over her back.

"DRACO!" Pansy yelled angrily. "Why did you do that? You know you can come inside me," she turned around, disgusted with the cum that formed droplets in her hair.

"Get out," he muttered, gazing down at his swollen dick, glistening with cum and her juices.


"Leave, I'm done," Draco replied. She glared at him for a moment, just standing there with the cum dripping out of her hair. She turned around, searching for her clothes. "And stop fucking around, you're getting loose," Draco said nonchalantly as he watched her gather her shit together. She gasped and stared at him in fury before storming out of the carriage. He knew that she'd be back. Draco smoothed his hair, sighing at his messy dick. He waved it around a few times, attempting to dry it, then thought of how stupid he must have looked, waving his limp dick around. Suddenly he heard a giggle and turned around to see a few unknown Slytherin girls looking at him. He smiled, waving his dick at them as a greeting, and put it into his pants. They all gasped in shock and returned to giggling, running off. Draco sat back, gazing out the window, musing over the looks on the girls faces.

Harry dragged his pushed his trunk on the trolley towards platform 9 ¾. On the way the boys ran into Hermione, who had definitely been changing a lot over the summer as well. She was cute, but Harry never found himself attracted to her, regardless of how attracted she was to him. Ron had developed strong feelings for Hermione, which created an awkward love triangle. The only missing link was for Harry to fall madly for Ron, which wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Harry watched as Hermione flounced towards them, her brown hair bouncing behind her, as well as some bouncing in the chest region as well. Ron smiled. "Hermione!" he called out to her. She grinned back at them, throwing her arms around Harry first, to Ron's dismay. Harry felt her hold him close, mashing her breasts against his chest. He pulled back a little, seeing a small look of dismay in her face.

"Oh I've missed you so. Both of you," Hermione said as she turned to Ron,hugging him too, though not as tightly, Harry noticed. Harry smiled. They chatted their way to the platform and onto 9 ¾. Harry helped Hermione load of her trunk onto the train. As he did so, she couldn't help but notice the muscles in his arms that had been so puny just a few months ago, but were now…well, not so puny at all. She looked away quickly, almost stumbling up the steps onto the train. She walked down the narrow walkway, searching for an empty cabin. "Oh I've forgotten, Ron and I have to go to the-"

"Yeah I know, go on," Harry cut her off. They were off to do their Head boy/girl business. He didn't like them having to leave him alone, as that's when the first year girls loved to come and pester him. He found an empty compartment and sat down by himself, looking out at the platform. He watched Ginny talking with her friends, still on the platform. She was cute now, much cuter than before. Small breasts though. He turned his head, looking into the cabin across the way, and saw none other than the blonde headed wanker he hated so much. Draco sat just across the isle, staring off into space. Harry frowned, thinking of moving cabins, but was too lazy to get his trunk down again. He leaned back, as to stay out of Draco's sight. He didn't much feel like dealing with him right away. Suddenly he heard a few boys cry out and a thud. He stood up, throwing open the door to see what had happened. He whipped out his wand, ready for anything. He looked up to see that Draco had done the same. His eyes focused on the two boys who had fallen onto the ground, seemingly reaching for something they couldn't see that was coming onto the train.

"'Alo!" said a familiar voice. A beautiful blonde girl stepped up onto the Train, her hair trailing behind her in a silver sheet. The boys looked up at her dreamily as she walked over them and into the isle. It was Fleur. "'Arry!" she cried out, walking towards him happily. She was wearing a light, flowing summer dress that showed off how beautiful her body was. Fleur wrapped her arms around a stunned Harry, giving him a brief kiss on each cheek. "Guess what?" she said, smiling a gorgeous smile. Harry smiled back, but before he could say anything she responded. "I am coming to 'ogwarts!"

"Really?" Harry asked, having found his voice again. He was suddenly aware that she had not released him from their hug yet, and that one of her hands was in his hair, ruffling it lightly from the nape of his neck.

"Yes! I decided I wanted to try something new! Au revoir Beauxbatons! Bonjour 'ogwarts!" Fleur laughed, then added a little more quietly, "And Bonjour 'arry." Harry felt a chill run up his spine as gave him a sexy smile and turned around, the tips of her hair brushing against his hand, still holding his wand at the ready. "I want a seat! Where do I sit?" he heard her say before a few first year boys scrambled around finding her a seat and lugging her many trunks up the isle.

More and more students piled onto the train, and before long Harry was sitting with a group of his friends. Seamus and Neville were the first, then Luna came on the train, looking as dazed as usual. Soon enough, Ron and Hermione returned, glad to see their friends too. "So how was your summer?" Hermione asked Seamus while popping a chocolate frog into her mouth. Just before she took the first chew, it let out a last croak, sending the cabin into laughter.

"Haha, it was good Hermione. If you don't mind me saying…" Seamus looked around, grinning a devilish grin before leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed behind his head. "You are now looking at an official non-virgin!"

His friends burst into laughter while Hermione and Luna exchanged looks of disgust. "Really? Who was it?" Neville asked, then blushing as he saw Hermione's look of disdain at his interest in the matter.

"Probably his cousin," Ron laughed.

"Or sister," Hermione sneered.

"Or not a girl at all," added Luna. Seamus laughed along with the rest of his friends as the train flew past the countryside.

"No! No it was a girl I know, from when I went to muggle school."

"You went to muggle school?" asked Ron, then he paused. "She was a muggle?" he said, surprised, half a pumpkin pasty chewed up in his mouth.

"Yeah, she was a muggle," Seamus grinned.

"I wonder if muggle sex is different from wizard sex," Ron pondered aloud.

"Perhaps you should be more concerned with your lack of ANY sex than that, Ronald," Hermione laughed. Ron scowled, turning back to Seamus.

"I can't believe you lost it before me. You bastard," Ron slumped back in his chair, pouting.

"It was great, she had nice big ones," Seamus said while holding his hands up to simulate her breast size. Hermione gawked at him and smacked him in the arm while the rest of the cabin (minus Luna) burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, in Draco's cabin, he was sulking to himself while his friends made quite a commotion around him. Pansy had found her way back into the cabin and was all over Blaise in order to attempt to make Draco jealous.

"How many chicks did you fuck this summer Draco? Come on, tell us," Goyle shoved Draco playfully. Blaise laughed.

"I don't think there is a number that high," Blaise snorted as Pansy straddled his lap, rubbing her hips seductively on his crotch. Blaise too had become rather tired with Pansy, and didn't react to her.

Draco rolled his eyes, "I didn't fuck any chicks. Only stupid sluts. Only one stupid slut." Pansy's jaw dropped.

"I hate you Draco Malfoy, do you hear me? I hate you!" she screamed.

Everyone across the isle in Harry's cabin heard this and laughed before shouting "AMEN" across the way. Draco scowled.

"Shut up you, look what you've done," Draco grunted in her direction. Pansy scowled again and sat down stiffly.

"Did you really not fuck anyone else?" she whispered.

"No, I lied," Draco said, leaning his head against the window.

"Augh, I HATE YOU," she said, a little more quietly than last time.

Crabbe and Goyle laughed while stuffing their face with the treats they had bought from the snack cart.

Finally, the arrived at Hogwarts and they all watched the sorting. Harry watched as at least thirteen of the new arrival girls waved to him while sitting on the sorting stool. He blushed and buried his head. "What am I, their sex icon?" he grumbled.

"Pretty much, you lucky ass," Ron sighed. Hermione snorted.

"Why ARE you a virgin? You could do ANY of them," Ron said, counting them with his finger.

"Shut up," Harry responded through clenched teeth. "They're like, 12."

"Right," Ron said, not caring in the least.

"Ron that's disgusting," Hermione cringed.

"It's also illegal," said Neville.

Several new students, other than Fleur were put into 7th year, which was quite unusual. Most of the new students only came during 1st year. There was Fleur and one other girl who were put into Ravenclaw, and another girl who was put into Slytherin. The girl who was put into Slytherin's name was Shani Anhur, a girl of Egyptian decent. She was the first of the new 7th years to be sorted, and it was immediately recognized that she was amazingly gorgeous. Her long dark hair hung straight by her head and down her back like a dark shimmering sheet that flowed behind her. Her eyes were bright green as she stared out into the long tables. Harry was quite taken with her immediately. Hermione noticed his interest and shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"She's from Egypt? A few summers ago-" Ron began.

"You went to Egypt. You think we haven't heard?" Hermione snapped. Ron frowned at her.

"I was going to say, my dad says their Wizarding school is amazing. I wonder why she transferred here," Ron muttered. No one could answer as they watched her being sorted. After a few moments of silence, the hat bellowed out his decision.


The Slytherin table burst into roaring cheers.

"A sexy little thing like that in Slytherin? Ha ha! Finally!" Blaise laughed, clapping his hands as she took a seat at their table. She was by far the best looking of all the girls in Slytherin (which one might add contained the most unfortunate looking girls in Hogwarts)

Fleur, to every boy who wasn't in Ravenclaw's disgust, was put into Ravenclaw. She looked a bit odd dressed in the Hogwarts robes. They seemed much to heavy for her light and flowy frame.

Later on, in the Slytherin house, Draco was lying in his bed, gazing up at the wood of the posts, having drawn his curtains already. He heard someone pad barefoot into the room, and saw the drapes thrown open. Pansy, again. She was wearing nearly nothing, dressed in tiny see-thru dress.

"I thought you hated me," Draco muttered, turning away from her. She closed the curtains behind her as she crawled up his body.

"I could never hate you my love," she smiled. She proceeded to remove her clothes and unbutton his pants, though he wouldn't let her kiss him. She rubbed his creamy skin seductively as he closed his eyes, allowing her to do what she wanted. She released his hard cock, holding it in her hand. She began to lick the bottom of it with zest, sucking on it here and there. If there was one good thing about her, it was that she could give head very…very well. She sucked the tip into her mouth, taking him all the way to the base. As soon as she had him inside her mouth all the way, Draco grabbed her head, holding it there. He loved watching her choke on his big dick. She jerked her head back in vain as he held her in place. Finally, after watching her squirm for a while, he let her go. She scowled at him, wiping her mouth.

"Stop DOING that!" she complained as she started to move up his body, pouting. Draco rolled over, his back toward Pansy. "What are you doing? What's wrong?"

"Sod off," was his response.


"Go bother Blaise," he repeated. He was sick of looking at her pug face and decided it was enough for one day. She looked at him, reaching over her hand to rub his shoulder to try to coax him into letting her stay, but he grabbed her wrist. "I said…" he began.

"Sod off, I know," Pansy sighed. Sometimes Draco felt a bit bad for the way he treated her, but not very often, and it was never enough for him to change his ways. He watched her huff off and listened to her leave the room. In the dark he heard someone laughing.

"Fuck off, Blaise," Draco swore.

"Oh come on, it's funny!" Blaise continued laughing, sitting up in his bed.

"What's funny?"

"You're so mean to her, it's…amusing."

"You aren't much nicer to her," Draco said, closing his curtains again.

"Yeah but she's not head over heels with me," Blaise responded, also drawing his curtains. Draco nestled back into his smooth green sheets, letting his mind wander. He found his mind settling on his father, which didn't happen often. He wondered where he was right at the moment. "Hopefully Azkaban," he thought, though he knew it was impossible. If someone as well heard of as his father had been put away, he would have heard news of it by now. Not that his father didn't deserve it, he definitely did. That had somewhat been part of the fight that they had. Draco was finally seeing his father for the weak man that he was, following orders and carrying out his little duties for the "master". Draco wanted none of it, and though he didn't like Potter's cause much better, he would rather stay out of it entirely. Draco slowly drifted into sleep as he thought about this and the new Slytherin girl.

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