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Even if we push our way through the distorted winds

Even if we outdistance the cold sky

Even then, we still continue to wander


Even if the pride you hold over your head is a mistake

Even if the ideal you paint crumbles

Even if everything here turns to lies and wears you down

I'll definitely be here

Tobira no Mukou e by YELLOW generation


Chapter 13 Past and Present



"Sigh. Geez, I still have no idea why you managed to persuade me, Sou-chan," A man wearing a blue headband shrugged his shoulders exasperatedly. He looked out the window, staring nostalgically at the island looming ahead.

Soujirou tried to sit up from the bed, hissing at the pain assaulting his body. The two were in a rather exquisite room, expensive especially on over-sea voyages like this. He croaked hoarsely, "That's not the point, Kamatari-san……where did you get the money to pay for such room anyways?"

Kamatari glanced at the panting man, clutching his shoulders. Kamatari smirked slightly, "Well, I make quite a bit of money working in France, y'know. I do such a good job anyway - even the ones I spied on PAY me! Anyways, Sou-chan, who did this to you? I really want to know. You said the Yaminobu……but this kind of wound… it seemed similar."

Soujirou grunted, "Chou-san did it. I don't blame him. His Hakujin no Tachi ensnared me while I was running, so it would look like he actually captured me. I just didn't anticipate his modified weapon would be this powerful, and let down my guard. Although, with my blood dripping down his sword, the Yaminobu seemed to erase their suspicion on Chou-san; at least that did something to help . What I don't get is the fact Saitou-san sent me all the way to France because of this? Don't they think I'd be able to handle my own against those shinobis?"

Kamatari rolled his eyes, "My, aren't you touchy today. Is it because we are getting closer to Japan? And Sou-chan, you've experienced it yourself, the Yaminobu's modified weapons are dangerous. Tenken or not, Soujirou, You. Can't. Defeat. Them. All by yourself, or course. That's why I tag along, I suppose."

Soujirou's eyes darkened at the mention of Japan. He muttered, "You know the real reason why we both come back, Kamatari-san."

The smirking man's expression faltered. They stared at each other in silence. Kamatari spoke quietly, the humor gone from his voice, "I don't plan to do anything, Sou-chan. For her happiness. I'm concerned……as her friend, or a brother if you would. Aren't you, too, Sou-chan?"

The bandaged man lied down again, determined to ignore the pain. Not the pain from his injuries, but from his heart. "……… Of course, Kamatari-san, I thought we already went over that."

"DO you promise you won't do anything… drastic when you see her again?"

"I promise."

Kamatari searched his companion's face for any hint of falsehood but found none. He leaned against the wall in satisfaction, "Ne, Sou-chan. Where should we go when we arrived at Osaka? We don't where she is…we have to move discreetly, and Kyoto is definitely out of question."

"Tokyo…… I still remember the information Houji-san had on a certain 'Kamiya dojo'. I heard Himura-san lived there…from Saitou-san… I would like to visit Himura-san and perhaps they know something. According to informants, Himura-san had some history with the Yaminobu too."

Kamatari's face scrunched up in a sneer at the wolf cop's name, and he seemed to ignore Kenshin's name.He chortled, "Really, we're going to the tanuki's place? And I suppose the little brat would be there too… alright, all we have to do was to find it. Shouldn't be that hard, eh?"

"Hai. We shall go there. Kamatari-san, I'm getting sleepy………could you wake me up when we arrive at Osaka?"

Kamatari returned to gazing at the distance, wistfully, "Hai hai, no prob."

Both of them knew it was futile to deny it. Even after those years, they still harbored something for the woman who changed their lives. And it was their turn to change hers, to protect her from the Yaminobu.

Misao woke up, for once, feeling content. No, it was more than content; she no longer cares what would happen, as long as she continue to feel like this. She gazed warmly at the man embracing her close, as if at the fear of losing her. The man she thought she lost; but she had finally found him – and he had found her.

Misao blushed lightly as she recalled the event last night. She had wandered around for long, and naturally she had learnt, in details, of what happened at intimate moments between a man and a woman. Of course, it was just a kiss……. but it represented something more…… a chance, a hint to the correct path.

Misao remembered, that, some of the geishas she and Soujirou had saved from time to time had 'kindly' gave them 'advices', thinking they were a couple. Misao closed her eyes sadly. Had Sou-chan found anyone yet? Sou-chan…… he needs someone who would make him feel the way Aoshi made her. Such peace and happiness……only if one experiences it would one understand the complexity of such emotion.

Aoshi……she had called him Aoshi-sama all her life but last night, he said that he is no longer her superior……and never was.She still respects him but she is longer a child and she wants to express that verbally. And since Aoshi had requested that himself, who was she to deny it?

She knew there would probably be an awkward distance between them later on. After all, in some aspects, they had just met yesterday. But she didn't regret it; it was something she longed for. He had told her, when he had held her against his chest, that he loves her. No, there was nothing she could ask for more; her wish had come true. No matter what kind of love he meant...

His warm gaze tickled her bare skin and she stifled her giggles. But being Aoshi, he woke up to the sound, elated at such lilting voice. Flashbacks instantly flooded into his mind, and he fought the urge to feel her lips again. No, it wasn't time. He said noting when Misao pulled out of his arms and went to clear the remains of the firewood quietly. She stayed where she was, not at all perturbed by his abrupt action. She understood; it was all a rush for her, too. She would continue to wait for him, as she always did, but this time, she knows he is here. Misao shuddered and she suddenly felt tired again. Though this time………I might not have the time to wait for him anymore……

Misao's shiver brought his attention again, and he wrapped his trench coat around her wordlessly. Misao blushed and whispered, "Thank you……Aoshi."

The way she said his name brought shivers down his spine, her sultry, low tone ……Aoshi shook his head inwardly. They had a lot to do today.

He remembered briefly that the Battousai lived in a Kamiya dojo, which would probably be the best place to go to right now. However, first thing first.

"Misao," the name seemed to be foreign to address this stranger before him. No matter how much his heart told hik that it was her, Aoshi couldn't assimilate the images of a small girl with a whishing braid and this respectable woman. "……tell me…… tell me what had happened…since my absence…"

Misao leaned her head against his shoulder, and sighed in bliss. He grinned inwardly.

"I'll tell you when you told me about yours first."

Aoshi felt his lips quirking into a smile, "I recall asking you first…Misao. You shall answer or else…."

Misao smiled back. Was Aoshi trying to taunt her? Deciding to be mischievous, she sat up seductively, making sure her face was the right distance from his. Aoshi raised an eyebrow. Misao whispered and Aoshi trembled lightly at her playful tone, "Care to elaborate? I'm afraid I don't quite understand……Aoshi."

His lips brushed against hers in a feathery touch, teasing her. As Misao was about to respond, a rustle above interrupted the moment, and the two got up stealthily. Aoshi peered through the hole warily, trying to sense any ki. Misao was somehow glad at this momentary interruption...she ondered how she had gotten so straight forward.

She crept forward and she spotted a shadow circling the sky in arcs. The hawk noticed her and dove down. Misao held out a hand and Takamaru landed gracefully. Its beak nudged at its mistress affectionately, carefully not to scratch her. Misao tickled the bird.

"Misao…you have been through a lot, haven't you?" Aoshi's eyes roamed through her body, taking in her light but nevertheless visible scars, calloused knuckles and fingers. Misao caught his eyes, "Aoshi……where have you been….? Please…I would like to know about you first……tell me everything……."

It was past midday when Aoshi finished his account not just on when he had amnesia, but also the time he left the Aoiya with Hannya-tachi. Misao chuckled while wiping her eyes (where are the tears when you need them? Screw those meditations she had all these years ago to 'stop' herself from crying).

"Yogatta…I thought… I thought you really didn't want to see me anymore……and Aoshi…could you take me to their graves?"

After a careful pause, Aoshi decided that it was time to face his nightmares.

"Aa. We are family after all."

She grinned warmly at his reply. They slowly made out of their hiding place. Aoshi had told her that they have to make it quick, in case any of the Yaminobu was around. And now it was Misao's turn to tell her story. She described her journeys honestly. She didn't leave out anything; her doubts, when she was on the brink of despair, Kamatari, Soujirou, Kayko and her alias – Arashi no Aoi. Aoshi was around the southern parts, therefore he did not know of 'Arashi'. Such a name would not be needed anymore…… Aoshi…is back, Misao thought, allowing a slow smile on her face. Although, Misao didn't elaborate much on details…like the appearances and her sickness. She knew she was being selfish, but she was scared he might leave her again if he knew……

Aoshi was taking all this information in carefully. He felt guilty, that was a given, but he felt somehow jealous at Soujirou's feelings and close they were about to get together. Misao….. it was her faith in him, to believe that he still lived…otherwise she and that Tenken would've been married by now. Probably. It was no use to think about that. Misao had chosen you, not Tenken. Protect her, you fool. Do not let her go ever again, not when she forgives for everything you've done. Make her happy, Aoshi told himself firmly. Something nagged at the back of his mind though. How had Misao mastered kenjutsu so fast, regardless whatever the Ryuu it was? Aoshi had trained with kodachis ever since Kouri's death… and it wasn't until after Battousai's first fight had he fully mastered the Kodachi Nitou Ryuu. It wasn't that he doubted Misao's ability, but it seemed a little outlandish for him. No, yesterday her battle with the Yaminobu was good enough prove of her skills, but Aoshi was stumped. 'How's and 'Why's spun in his head.

Aoshi became even quieter, and Misao wondered if he felt guilty again. She wanted to shake him and shout him senseless – it's not your fault; I chose this path myself! But Misao let it be. Aoshi must come through by himself. She felt fine the way it is now.

When they reached in front of the four stones, Misao felt her eyes burn from unshed tears. She hadn't cry for so long that I had become a rather difficult feat for her. The tears just won't drop. She caressed each stone softly, murmuring many things. Hannya-kun, Beshimi, Hyottoko, Shikijo……I finallysee you guys again. Thank you for saving Aoshi…thank you for returning him……thank you for telling me not to give up, Hannya-kun……arigatou……

Aoshi kept his distance from the grave. He didn't dare...he didn't want to face them. Afraid that they would reprimand him for causing their Misao-chan so much pain.

She took out four kunais, adorning each grave. She turned to Aoshi, who stared calmly at her movements, "The kunai…… a mark…that bounds all of us together…"

Misao felt weak and her legs gave out beneath her. Aoshi caught her just in time, and he looked down in concern. Misao was hiding her mouth behind her hands, "Nandemo nai…… daijoubu, ore wa tsukareta……"

Aoshi knew she was lying. Yes, it made sense that she was tired, but……his keen nose picked up a sickly sweet scent. He gasped as he pried away her hands gently, "Misao…"

Misao wiped the annoying blood away in frustration, "Are you……repulsed by me…? I'm sorry I didn't tell you…."

She felt even more fatigued, to put up a strong facade all these times; she had to be strong for Kayko before, she had to be strong for herself because she was along after Sou-chan and her parted ways. Misao exhaled deeply, quivering in his arms. Perhaps it is selfish of me but...I want to be dependent on someone, even for just awhile...Throughout my life I'd always shout at Ji-ya for not giving me much freedom...but freedom came with a price too.

She had been scared ever since she had started coughing up blood, not long before she met Kayko. She did not know for surewhat it was, and it got worse after every special technique she did, whether the Futae no Kiwami or six steps short of shukuchi. And even more so whenever she uses kenjutsu. Now, Aoshi knows, and so did Himura-tachi.

Aoshi was speechless, but he let Misao piggyback ride him. I could think about all this later. Misao is my top priority. He mumbled comfortingly, "I'm not, Misao. I understand why you did not tell me……just rest for now……"

His reply was a slow and steady breathing that indicated she was already asleep. This was rather familiar – Aoshi had given Misao many piggyback rides when she was a child, after she fell asleep from playing or training; though no longer was she a child, Misao seemed so frail, someone he wants to shield from anything vile. Aoshi sighed in relief; yes, she is, without a doubt, Misao. matter what you do you cannot erase the past...but no matter what she had waited for you ...perhaps even now she is still waiting for haven't really let her find you yet, Okashira...please take care of Misao-sama...we shall continue to watch you, Okashira... The four Oniwabanshuu's voices seemed to echo around the clearing, and Aoshi's head snapped up, staring at the four graves. He felt his face soften and was glad no one was here to witness his momentary weakness. He dipped his head in respect and gratitude for his comrades, friends and brothers.

He checked that his kodachis were in range if an enemy was to attack, and he looked at the one-eyed hawk, who glared back defiantly. Aoshi spoke commandingly, "I will never hurt your mistress…at least, not anymore. You can compromise……you can scout the air for me. You'd do that, wouldn't you?"

The glaring continued, and Aoshi's ice blue eyes flared a little. Takamaru clacked its beak in reluctant agreement, and soared into the sky. Aoshi knew that Misao would rather not go back, but in her state, it was the only choice. And Aoshi admitted Battousai would be a good ally. Aoshi respected Misao's wish to not involve Battousai-tachi, but by avoiding them they would probably get worrier. And scums like the Yaminobu would definitely target Battousai-tachi anyways, so it was better to face them in groups.

He secured his arms around Misao's legs and walked towards the direction of the dojo.


Kaoru wiped her forehead, her shoulders hunching wit exhaustion; her husband slumped down, likewise, besides her. Yahiko yawned and there were bags under his eyes.

After Misao had left so suddenly, Kayko was proving to be quite a difficulty for them to restrain. Yahiko was amazed by the girl's energy. She managed to keep them all awake from dusk to dawn, and they had just gotten her to sleep not awhile ago.

"Alright, now what?" Yahiko growled wearily, "Just when I thought she matured, that Weasel had to go prove me wrong."

"Yahiko…… Misao-dono had rough years, and it wasn't surprising that she wants to keep us out of this. We've all done that some time in our lives at some point," Kenshin reprimanded him quietly, glancing at the gate when somebody knocked.

Kaoru went to open the door, only to stumble back in shock. Hearing the commotion, the Kenshingumi rushed to the gate and……they all rubbed their eyes, even Kenshin.

There stood a man believed to be dead for half a decade. On his back was a sleeping Misao, whose uniform was slightly smeared in blood. The sight was unearthly, as if the man had come to announce the girl's death and take her to the other world with him.

As usual, Kenshin was the first to break the silence, "Shinomori…Aoshi?"

The said man nodded curtly, typical Aoshi response, "Battousai."

The next few hours included lengthy explanations of his appearance. Aoshi had to repeatedly explain why he wasn't dead, and even as a calm man, Aoshi pinched his nose a few times in exasperation. Although, he wasn't surprised that it would take awhile for them adjust. Aoshi himself was trying to cope with this new Misao already.

Sano shook his head, still in disbelief, "Woah, what's this world coming to? Yesterday we just found out about Weasel and now the former Okashira came back too?"

Aoshi glanced a calm Kenshin; the omitsu was perlexed by the former hitokiri's ki. It was weak that it couldn't even be compared to half of the strength of 'rurouni Kenshin', or even 'Battousai'.

"TOU-SAN KAA-SAN!" Kayko's horrified scream halted their conversation. The girl ran out the shoji, eyes slightly glazed and looked around frantically. Kaoru sat up, "oh no…is she reliving her family's deaths?"

To Aoshi's surprise, the girl dove towards him and snuggled between his chest and Misao, who was in his arms. He dared not to move, but he was slightly puzzled by the warm content slowly consuming his being. A child resting between himself and his Misao…… wait, his Misao? He shook his head in denial, deciding it too early to think about Misao this way. But still… does he want a child?

Misao's eyes fluttered open, looking around in confusion. She signed in satisfaction when she found Aoshi-sama's arms still around her with Kayko in the middle. It was as if they are a family…… Misao held back unshed tears. These past few days….ever since her arrival in Tokyo, she felt her life change. Either for the better or for the worse Misao couldn't decide but, as she lay in his arms, surrounded by friends, she smiled faintly, declaring that nothing could've been better. So what if her body health is quickly declining? Kami had been kind enough to give Aoshi-sama back.

"Ah, Shinomori, back at last I see," Saitou puffed on his cigarette, wolf eyes narrowing in amusement as the icy man scowled lightly.

Something clicked in her brain at his nochalant voice, and Misao growled, "You knew all along he was alive? You knew? And what the heck are you doing here anyways?"

Saitou smirked, "Aw, what a pity. Weasel girl again because ickle icicle there returned? I knew it; once a hitokiri, always a hitokiri; once a Shinsengumi, always a Shinsengumi; once a weasel, always a weasel."

Surprisingly the Yaminobu didn't make any moves on Misao for two long weeks. It kept all of them on constant alert alright, but for Misao it somehow dug out her old spirit. Everyone are so glad to see the Misao's old, um, weasel-ness, showing some evidence that at least Misao is Misao, not 'Arashi'.

Kayko and Aoshi got along pretty well, and Misao felt a strange surge of pride whenever Aoshi complimented the girl's skills (indirectly). For Aoshi, it hard not to be attached to the little girl. She reminded all too much of Aoshi's memory of Misao.

Surehe spent time with her but they don't talk, just silently enjoying each other's warmth. The problem was that Aoshi doesn't know what to talk about, nor does he know what t do anymore. He had spent the last few years trying to find her and now he did, he was at lost what was the right thing to do.

Misao remembered him as a silent man and knew he wouldn't change, but that trait was part of the man she loves……yes, she loves. No more timid blushes, well, at least just a faint hue not all beet red like she used to.

And there they were, originally napping and was rudely awaken by the arrival of a very much univited (again) guest.

"Tsk, tsk, I never said he was dead did I? Now don't you give me that look tanuki-girl it wasn't like I knew he was alive until some time ago……" Saitou backed away mockingly from a fuming Kaoru. Misao's anger was promptly ignored.

"Oi Saitou, what're we gonna do eh? It ain't like ole Dan-na would hold off fer long. It's ben two weeks already," Chou commented dryly, folding his arms but eyeing Misao's katana, as if mesmerized. He ignored a certain chicken-head's remarks about 'brooms'.

"Dan-na?" Aoshi blinked slowly, still wearing his blank expression.

"Exactly what we came to talk to you about. The leader of the Yaminobu is…….rather surprisingly, named Kai, promptly promoted Dan-na……"drawled Saitou, his back facing Misao. She willed herself to calm down; thanks to all her training or else she wouldn've pummel that psycho cop to the ground already.

Aoshi blinked again, "I see……but I knew of no one with that name and I sure don't recall……"

"Wrong. Kai……well, otherwise known as Dan-na, he has quite a bit of connections between this man whom I'm sure you know quite a bit about – Takeda Kanryuu."

While the Kenshingumi looked grim, Misao gaped in horror and hatred. Aoshi's eyes were frozen, but a trembling rage could be felt underneath those glaciers. Saitou threw the cigarette onto the ground and stamped on it, the soft thud being the only sound in the whole courtyard.

As Aoshi stayed silent, Misao spoke up, eyes blazing, trying to keep her voice steady, "Well, what does he want this time? I've never met him, but that name……one who…one who…"

Chou closed his eyes and put his gloved fingers on his long chin, "Eh, nah, itachi…… Takeda Kanryuu was found dead more than five years ago."

"I killed him," Aoshi spoke up quietly and unexpectedly. Misao looked up at him sharply. Aoshi continued in a monotony tone, "At that time my memory is not yet gained, besides my own name. But then I got this urge to just rip him……my blood called out to me. And I remembered that my fighting stles are kenpo and Nitou Kodachi Ryuu……"

Saitou sighed irritably, "Exactly my point, Shinomori. Forgotten or not, you killed him, an important client of the Yaminobu and now he's trying to track you down. Of course, as Chou reported, he doesn't know you yet………but he seemed to have quite a bit of problems with you, Weasel."

Misao held back her surprise, ignoring Saitou pointedly, "What does he want with me….do you know, Chou?"

Chou opened one of his eyes, "Eh, you are the last of the Makimachi line………apparently there is some kind of old grudge between yore grandfather and him, something about him making Kai falling down a cliff or something……"

Aoshi's head snapped up; others gasped at the visible fury burning in his slitted pupils, "Okashira Makimachi….. he said the same thing. He said Kouri's killer fell down the cliff………is that him? He killed my sister?"

Misao clenched her teeth in realization, "And he swore revenge on us, the Makimachi……… and he killed Grandfather, Mother and Father…..that was what he did, isn't it, Saitou!" Her family, and the legendary Kouri that her mother talked about, her best friend. Aoshi's sister……her death gave him his cold demeanor.

Saitou tossed the cigarette, not bothering to stamp on it this time. He spoke dryly, "So the weasel actually has a brain? Yes, this is what we've gathered so far. We'll take our leave now won't we? You can be sure they will come to us, since the deadline for Chou's assignment is today."

Their departure was ignored completely since, besides Kenshin, they were all in deep shock.

"So……tell us more about the um…" Sano scratched his gravity-defying hair, not sure how to word his question. Misao knew what he wanted to say but…… no she had never discussed this with anyone, save Aoshi. Aoshi's eyes reverted back to their icy color, but Misao could still see fury glinting beneath that cover.

"Perhaps later, Sano……"

"THAT CHOU SHALL BE STRIPPED OF FLESH AND BOILED!" Dan-na roared in rage, his subordinates glancing worriedly at their furious leader.

He sunk back into his chair, his mechanical arm shattering the armrests when he gripped them too hard.

"Leel...has the reinforcements arrived yet?"

A dark clad man came forward slightly and bowed in submission, "Hai, Dan-na. He should stay undercover around the target area."

Dan-na smiled cruelly, "Ah, yes, none of them shall escape my wrath... oh yes, even that Takani clinic shall be destroyed. After all, she's the main cause of downfallfor Kanryuu. Hher brother was such a gullible idiot...telling me where that opium woman is."

The news Saitou had brought yesterday was still unnerving, as Kenshin himself was quite worried about the Yaminobu, thus making the rest of the gang equally anxious. On top of that, Kenshin seemed to be hiding something as did Misao, making it difficult for Aoshi to contain his composure.

The whole spell of secrecy was broken when Kenshin somehow dropped the laundry basket, spilling the contents all over the place. At this, Aoshi calmly stated, "You are burdened with illness, Battousai."

Kaoru suddenly broke into tears and hugged her husband tight. Sano and Yahiko only stared blankly into space, though their fistswere clenched hard. Kenshin patted her back consolingly, but he looked even wearier than her.

Kenshin confirmed Aoshi's suspicion, "Indeed I am, Aoshi…… all these years of using the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu had already taken its toll on me…… I can barely wield a shinai as I am now. Apparently, my health is going to decline to its minimum……… Misao-dono, I trust you know what I am talking about, that you are?"

Misao felt eyes on her. There was no accusation in Himura's tone but merely concern. She glanced at Aoshi who was gazing at her intently. Misao took a deep breath, "Yes, Himura. After all, how could I manage to master all these techniques? I never realized ...until last year, that each time I use Futae no Kiwami or near shukuchi speed, the more frequent I cough up blood. It was only a theory that my ki was consumed too much, much more than my body could sustain but……you've confirmed it for me. Striving myself to master it all, I must have unconsciously put too much strain on my body, channelling too much ki………" she trailed off when she felt Kayko hugging her. Misao bit her lips and embraced the little girl back.

Everyone but Kenshin looked even more distressed. Aoshi's expression was unreadable. Kenshin calmly spoke, "Misao-dono…… I must say I'm impressed that your will had pulled you through all these years but…I must say you shouldn't use any of those attacks again. At first, I thought you'd gotten the tuberculosis, as it seemed to be the same symptom. But now, thinking back on how Futae no Kiwami could backfire, you are probably suffering from internal injuries with lack of ki for inner defense……."

"Why…" Aoshi whispered unexpectedly, but before Misao could answer, Sano roared furiously at the stoic man, "Why you asked? Do you have any idea how much weasel girl suffered because of you huh? Heck we don't even know what she went through all these years and you dare ask why? It was all because of you bastard that all this happened!"

Misao yelled, "Sano! Don't blame him! It wasn't his fault that he lost his memory! He didn't make me leave Kyoto…I decided that myself! He didn't force me to wander around either……. Please don't blame everything on him!" Again she felt unshed tears but she already knew not a single drop of them would drop. She sighed in frustration.

An awkward silence descended upon the dojo, Aoshi pointedly looking away from her. Misao felt another tingling of pain in her heart, but it had nothing to do with her health. Aoshi ……was he blaming himself again? Was he… disappointed in her?

The sound of the dojo door opening brought their attentions. Kaoru wiped her tears hastily and was about to greet their guests, Misao beat her to it, "I'll go, Kaoru-san."

She bit her lips in anticipation; she really was in no mood of Saitou's remarks again. However, when she reached the front door, she felt that as if fate wanted to play another trick and further complicate things.

Misao stood in shock as she took in the appearances of her former mentors, friends and, unknown to her, those who still love her.

"Sou……Sou-chan, Kama-san……"



End of Chapter 13



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