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Woes and Blues: Chapter one

The warm summer sunlight streamed in through the windows, heating up the place. Hinata turned and sank her head into the pillow, trying to shield her eyes from the glaring light.

But just as she was about to drift off to sleep again, the alarm clock by her bedside rang with an irritating and awfully high frequency.

Hinata groaned and buried her head deeper into her pillow in an attempt to block out the sound, but to no avail. Left with absolutely no choice, she got up reluctantly from the comfort of her soft and warm mattress and grabbed the alarm clock.

Being a civilised and well-groomed lady, she first checked to see where the switch for turning off the alarm was. She found many buttons on the clock, big and small, and pressed all of them to see if they could work.

One button stopped the ringing, and Hinata went back to sleep again... for one minute. The clock rang again, with a much louder and higher pitch then ever before. Frustrated and unable to think of other alternatives, Hinata took out a kunai from under her pillow (1) and threw it at the clock.

The kunai flew right through the clock with a neat 'clack' and the ringing died. Pieces of broken glass flew out from the impact and Hinata sighed upon seeing this.

What a great way to start the day. (note the sarcasm.)

"Hinata. Sit straight and stop poking your food with your fork," Hiashi told her sternly, with an equally stern face.


She did as she was told, but bent her head down to roll her eyes before sitting straight.

Hinata didn't know why, but she was feeling rather... rebellious today, and she would be pissed off by any little thing that happened to displease her. Normally, she wouldn't feel like this, but today, she felt like screaming at anything that frustrated her to no end.

She glared at Hanabi out of the corner of her eye. She was the one who had placed that unstoppable alarm clock in her room, when she knew that Hinata didn't have any training sessions with her team today. So much for having a stuck-up sister who looks down on you and utterly detests you.

Hanabi stuck out her tongue at Hinata when she thought that no one was watching. Hinata glared some more. If looks could kill, her glare would have turned Hanabi into a smelly pile of green slime now.

Neji watched the exchange from opposite them and frowned.

Hinata had put on her sandals and walked a few steps out of the Hyuuga compound when Neji called her.

She spun around on her heel and faced him. He was wearing his icy-cold expression, and Hinata was pissed.

What had she done to often Neji, now? She didn't know why he was still so cold to her now even after knowing the truth about his father's death. Hinata had tried to patch things up and please him, but his face was ever-so-cold.

And today, unlike normal days, Hinata tilted her head slightly and stared at Neji, instead of her normal head-bowed-and-twiddling-fingers pose.

She was actually quite shocked and puzzled by her own actions, but something inside of her urged her to carry on. And she did, though she really wanted to run away and hide.

Neji cocked an eyebrow at Hinata's actions, but deepened his frown a second later.

"What happened between you and Hanabi?" His voice was firm, demanding an answer.

Neji wanted to know. He couldn't stand to see Hinata getting into trouble again. They all knew what would happen if her father got angry again if Hanabi complained to him, even if the complaints were lies.

But Hinata took his words the wrong way.

Hanabi got him on her side, huh? What could be worse then this? Here was Neji lecturing her on Hanabi's behalf! Hinata let out a snort.

No matter what Hinata did to make Neji happy and forgive her, he always ignored her. Well, you know what? She was absolutely sick and tired of it now. And taking advantage of the exceptional bravery that she felt today, she turned around and proceeded to the training grounds after throwing Neji a sentence,

"It's none of your business."

Neji was left standing rooted to the ground, mouth agape and staring at Hinata's retreating back. He could not believe his ears. Was that really Hinata?

Hinata had been training her Taijutsu for some time now, hitting stumps, kicking logs, and running around the training ground. She had this burst of energy inside her that she had never felt before, and she released it during her training.

She was supposed to be feeling tired now, and stopping to take a rest. But she didn't. Not one bit. She continued training, and pushing herself to her limits. Is it wrong to feel so... hyperactive?

Pieces of wood flew in all directions as Hinata placed heavy blows to the stump, stripping it and causing it to become thinner with each blow. Taking a step back and breathing in a deep breath, she jumped into the air, spun, and hit the stump with her right ankle.

It split into two horizontally and the top part rolled off after landing a few metres away. Hinata bent down to examine her handiwork and see how evenly she had broken the stump, when a kunai whizzed past her head and embedded itself into the tree trunk behind her.

Hinata looked up to see a pair of onyx eyes boring into hers.

"Stupid." Uchiha Sasuke announced.

He was pretty impressed by Hinata's move just now, and decided to test her out, only to find out that she could not dodge his attack. He walked past her to retrieve his kunai, slipped it into his pouch, before walking off.

Stupid? Stupid? What the hell was he trying to do? A few strands of hair had even been cut off by that attack!

Hinata was seething with anger now, her face flushed red and fists balled. How dare he! She wouldn't care if he had three heads, four arms or five legs now. She would make sure he would not leave so easily after placing an attack on her.

Normally, Hinata would have trembled and left without a word. But as you now know, Hinata was not that normal today. And so Sasuke got a taste of what an abnormal Hinata would be like.

"Stop right there!" She bellowed and Sasuke halted in his movements.

Hinata marched up to him after seeing him turn around.

"What right did you have for attacking me like that? "

Sasuke had an amused expression on his face. Wasn't Hinata supposed to be quiet? He had not met her alone before, but had heard and seen that she was a timid, shy and quiet girl. But what was displayed before him now definitely did not fit the bill.

"I was just testing you," he answered in a monotone.

"Testing? I could have been killed!"

Sasuke winced at the high pitch of her voice, but replied.

"You're supposed to be a shinobi."

"And? Don't tell me you haven't been hurt before! Don't give me that crap! Or do you really believe you are Mr. Oh-so-perfect-I-have-every-girl-at-my-feet-waiting-for-my-command?"

Sasuke gave a low whistle in spite of himself. She was louder then Ino and Sakura combined, and she wasn't even flirting with him like all girls would! This was something new and interesting.

Hinata was glaring at him with veins around her eyes; her Byakugan was unconsciously activated. Her hands were placed at her hips, her nostrils were flared, and her breathing was heavy.


Hinata glared at Sasuke one last time before walking off, flipping her hair for good measure. Sasuke's eyes followed her every move, and slowly, a smirk formed.

End of Woes and Blues: Chapter one

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