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Woes and Blues: Chapter Three

In a little room at the far-right end of the Hyuuga mansion, Hinata woke up feeling a lot lousier than the previous day. Massaging her aching muscles and rubbing her throbbing temples, the Kunoichi sat on her bed and gave a frustrated sigh.

Just yesterday, she had been so enthusiastic about training and had done work-outs that could rival even Lee. But today, she was sore all over and wanted to nothing more than to lie in bed all day. She didn't have this privilege, though, since she had to meet up with her team at about two hours later for their regular training.

Deciding that a soak in the Hyuuga's private hot springs would do her some good, the Byakugan-user put on a fluffy bathrobe and trudged out of her room.

Hinata was crossing the training compound when she heard a commotion near the main gate. Curiosity got the better of her and she walked towards the gate while straining her neck to get a better view.

"What do you want?" came a male voice that sounded like Neji's. Hinata narrowed her eyes at the thought of that name, thinking back to yesterday's encounter with said Shinobi.

What a great gate-watcher he is, she thought sarcastically, feeling a bit better having made fun of him.

As she neared the gate, the Hinata spotted a head of fire-red hair, and her eyes widened in recognition.

The owner of that head seemed to notice another presence, and, upon seeing who it was, side-stepped Neji—completely ignoring his dark glare—and stood in front of the raven-haired Kunoichi.

"You," he started, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Yes?" Hinata answered as politely as she could, crossing her arms over her chest and resting on one leg.

"Hyuuga Hinata?" Gaara asked, feeling annoyed that she had once again shown no fear towards him, and was being outrageously nonchalant about talking to him. Even the gate-watcher—whom he recognised to be the strong Shinobi who had beaten Hinata in the Chunnin exams—had been a little intimidated, or perhaps put-off by those eerie dark rings around his eyes.

Speaking of the Hyuuga gate-watcher, Gaara grew even more irritated at having sense a huge amount of chakra and an almost-impressive killing intent coming from him. The Sand-nin broke his eye-contact with Hinata momentarily and turned his head to face Neji, who had weird veins around his eyes that weren't there a moment ago.

Hinata had also sensed the waves of distaste for each other rolling off the two male Shinobi, and watched the scene in front of her unfold amusingly.

But Neji deactivated his Byakugan suddenly, and his frown deepen,

"Show yourself, Uchiha Sasuke! What are you doing, sneaking around the Hyuuga estate?" he boomed.

Hinata couldn't help but let out a snort. And we so own the whole god-damned world! She screamed mentally as a response to Neji's demand.

Uchiha Sasuke appeared in a flash and gave Neji a tight smile,

"I was just passing by," he arched an eyebrow at the gate-watcher, as if daring him to kick his ass and make him leave, "Hey, nice dress you have on there, Hinata," he whistled in appreciation at having spotted the Hyuuga.

Ever since he had met Hinata yesterday, Sasuke couldn't stop thinking about her; how different she was from the other shrieking girls. His hormones had than kicked in, making him have pleasant dreams about the white-eyed girl. Now, seeing Hinata in nothing but a bathrobe, Sasuke was practically drooling and his pants seemed a little too tight.

"Watch your language, Uchiha," the one now known as the gate-watcher snarled, wanting nothing at the moment but to 'Kaiten' Sasuke into Mars.

At this, Hinata let out another snort—a louder one this time, and more distinct; not easy to confuse with her having a flu—not at all pleased at Neji 'defending' her. She could very well do it herself, thank-you-very-much.

"Neji," she drawled, rolling her eyes at the mention of his name, "would it kill you to stop being so arrogant for just one second? I'd thought you were pms-ing," she finished, letting out another 'cheh' and looked at Neji with disgust.

The Branch-house member looked like he had just been slapped, and, for once, was at a loss of words, stuttering incoherently. Sasuke, on the other hand, let out a laugh that would put Gai's to shame, wrapping his arms around his stomach to stop the ache.

Our favourite red-head, who had been silent all this while, took the opportunity—where Neji wasn't droning about fate and destiny and how mighty the Hyuuga was—to speak up,

"Pms? Is that a Hyuuga move?"

Hinata let out a giggle, resisting the urge to pat Gaara, who was having such a serious face on that it was a bit hard to recognise him. Sasuke and Neji stared at him incredulously.

"Pre-Menstrual-Syndrome," she answered kindly, knowing that Gaara never had anyone to explain such things to him. "It's something to do with women and producing babies," she continued, a blush slowly creeping to her cheeks as the shy Hinata in her resurfaced for a moment; slightly embarrassed that she had to explain such things to him, "I'll give you a book to read on it next time," she finished with a nod.

Gaara took in all Hinata had just said slowly, and answered after some time, some amount of amazement in his voice,

"The gate-watcher can produce babies? What is he, no, it?"

Another round of laughter ensued, with Sasuke and Hinata laughing so hard they almost cried, and with Neji shocked beyond words. His face was alien-red, whether it is from anger or embarrassment, nobody knew.

"Well, he seems feminine enough," Hinata shrugged, turning around without another word, and proceeded to the hot springs.

End of Woes and Blues: Chapter Three

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