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Three hours later Jimmy, Cindy, Libby, and Sheen were safely inside the hover car. Cindy took off and set the hover car on auto-pilot for Retroville. She walked over to Jimmy, who was sitting in the back with Sheen in silence.

"You ok, Jimmy?" she asked, a little concerned. She didn't like monkeys either.

"It just kept clawing, Cindy. It wouldn't stop that screeching. It just wouldn't let go," Jimmy silently muttered as he rocked a little. She patted his knee and went back to piloting the hover car.

Two hours later the gang was back in Retroville. Jimmy landed the hover car in the middle of the park. He helped Cindy step off the hover car. Sheen grabbed Libby's hand and led her off. The four friends stood there for a moment, wondering what to do next.

"You know, we're going to be in a lot of trouble when we get home," Jimmy thought out loud. The other three nodded their heads in agreement. None of them moved.

"Well, we have to go home sometime," Libby said.

"Want to at least grab a milkshake before we get grounded?" Cindy asked.

"Yeah, that sounds good," Jimmy said as Cindy grabbed his hand and started walking towards the Candy Bar. Libby and Sheen stared at each other, a little confused by that action. They shrugged it off and headed towards their favorite restaurant.

They soon reached their destination. They were surprised to see a party going on inside. The four friends looked at each other in confusion, but kept on walking. Nick was standing at the door.

"Cindy, Libby," he said with a smile. He then turned towards the boys. "Neutron, Shine," he said with disinterest.

"It's Sheen!" Sheen reminded him again.

"What's going on, Nick?" Libby asked.

"That's right; you four have been gone a few days. I rented out the Candy Bar for the night and threw a party," he said coolly. "You guys coming in?" he asked as he went back inside.

"Wow, I can't believe he actually let us in," Jimmy commented to Sheen.

After they had entered the party Sheen and Libby went off in one direction. Cindy and Jimmy walked off in another. Our favorite couple sat down at a booth and had a drink.

"Well, looks like we saved the day again, ay Vortex?" Jimmy asked as he took a sip from his milkshake.

"Yep. And for once it wasn't your fault," Cindy playfully reminded him.

Jimmy looked at the dance floor and then glanced back at Cindy. Oh come on, just do it. "You want to dance?" Jimmy asked.

A wide grin crept across Cindy's face. "I'd love to," she told him as he grabbed her hand and led her out to the dance floor. As they started dancing, Nick took this opportunity to play a slow song. The couples around them started to dance. Jimmy looked at Cindy with a nervous look, but she just smiled. He offered his hand, which she took. They began to sway to the music.

About halfway through the song, Cindy stared down a little at the boy genius. "You know, tomorrow we're just going to be," she started.

Jimmy nodded his head a little. "I know, enemies again," he said. He couldn't help but show a little sadness in his voice.

Cindy was about to respond, but she thought about it for a second. "No. Friends," she said sweetly as they continued to dance.