Kanako's Birthday: A Second Chance

By: Daimyo Shi

This style of Fan-fiction seems to have been developed by Mr. Talon. Simply this is what happens when I try to fight writers' block.

I don't own Love Hina. I still can't understand why Keitaro would pick Naru over Mutsumi.


Other languages other than Japanese

----------------- Change of place

Keitaro come out of his room and meets Daimyo Shi just in front of the stairs.

"Hey, Daimyo Shi, come here."

"What has got you so excited?" Says Daimyo Shi.

"Come I show you." says Keitaro

"Ok, I am coming!"

Keitaro leads Daimyo Shi to his room. Keitaro then shows him the package.

"Nice, who ever wrapped did a very good. For Kanako I assume?" says Daimyo Shi.

"Yes, but it is very special, watch!" says Keitaro as he grabs a bottle of water. Keitaro puts the package on his table and pours the entire bottle on the package. It touches the paper of the package and disappears. Keitaro looks at Daimyo Shi and sees he completely unimpressed.


"What? It is clearly magic. What bothering you?" says Daimyo Shi with an arched eyebrow.

Keitaro blinks twice "Uh, yeah exactly, I just though you be more impressed."

"I find surprise and shock happens a lot less often here than else where, short of the Kami walking the halls, I find anything is possible. I also familiar with western magic somewhat."

"What are you a wizard too?" asks Keitaro with a clear look of shock.

"No, I have know a couple witches in my time however. I have at least heard some description of spell effects. I have a interest in such things, However, I also consider magic to be a easy way out so I never developed any abilities in that area. Now that aside, what in the box?" asks Daimyo Shi.

"A cloak, it is black and shines almost like it made of obsidian. It so perfect!" replies Keitaro.

"Oh? Well we really going to make her look like the best dressed Goth in Japan."says Daimyo Shi.

"She not a goth, well not a classic goth, she doesn't always dress in black." says Keitaro.

"Well I guess you have a point there, still she fond of the look. I sure this will fit her needs. Now since we are on the subject of Kanako, I managed to get Shinobu to help with the cooking."

"Well I guess that wasn't and easy sell but I was sure in the end she would help you."

"Well she is very caring and she doesn't have the reasons to hate Kanako like Motoko, Kitsune, and Naru. Oh speaking of Naru, you invite her." says Daimyo Shi.

"What? Why me?" asks Keitaro.

"She is your sometimes girlfriend, and besides she has a bad habit of rubbing me the wrong way. She is a bully, and I am at least a little afraid that she might get mad enough at me that she might take a swing at me, and I just not going to take that shit from her."

"You know you really shouldn't let her get to you that much she is harmless." says Keitaro.

"How many trips to near Earth orbit has she caused you to take?"

"Well . . ." says Keitaro as he scratches the back of his head "A few I guess but she really means well."

"Look Keitaro, I be strength with you, I have a bad temper, I might even have a temper that matches Naru's. Look you owe me, I already got Motoko to come, and I nice enough to ask Kitsune for you." says Daimyo Shi.

"Kitsune is easy say there going to be sake there and you are done." counters Keitaro.

"Keitaro!" snarls Daimyo Shi.

"Ok, I ask Naru." Says Keitaro. "Happy!"

"Yes!" smirks Daimyo Shi.

"I ask her after dinner." says Keitaro.

"Ok, you do realize that dinner is like in five minutes." remarks Daimyo Shi.

"Yes, of course, I guess we might as well going.

Daimyo Shi and Keitaro head out of Keitaro's room and towards the dining room.


Naru has returned to her room and is studying one of her humanities books when there is a knock on her door.

(It must be Keitaro, he always bothing me when I study.) Thinks Naru. "What is it, Keitaro."

Keitaro slides the door open.

"Uh, I have something to ask you." says Keitaro.

Naru raise one eyebrow as he face takes a rather suspicious look. "What is it?"

"Ah, right, you see, well . . . Daimyo Shi is having a Birthday party for my sister and he, will we want you to come."

Naru give Keitaro dirty look for a couple moments.

Keitaro gulps hard.

"Ok, when is it?" says Naru Flatly.

"Huh? . . . Uh, the day after tomorrow." says Keitaro rather taken back that things are going so well.

"Ok, then I come." replies Naru. "Now will you let me study in peace?"

"Of course, Naru." says Keitaro as he shuts the door.

(I can't believe they are giving a party for that bitch, after all she done to us. I don't even know why we let Keitaro let her stay her. Of course Daimyo Shi would behind it, that bastardy is probably doing it just to piss me off. Hey, I wonder what Motoko thinks. She has a poor opinion of Kanako. Yeah, right she seems to be putty in Daimyo Shi's hands. I guess it has something to do with Daimyo Shi professing his love to her. Last time we were in the Bath she was telling us all about how romantic Daimyo Shi was. I fail to see what so special about that scrawl he tries to pass off as Kanji. I guess I could have let Keitaro have it. I could have torn a strip of him and claimed how insulting it was he even ask me. I guess I just didn't feel like it. By the Kami I going to have to buy her a gift! What was I thinking?) Naru lets out a loud sigh. (Well I get something cheap then.)

Naru begins to read again.


Daimyo Shi is sitting in front of his computer typing away on his fan fiction when there is a knock on the door.

"Come in." says Daimyo Shi.

Kitsune slides open the door, "Hey, I wanted to return you Hellsing DVD back to you."

"Oh, did you like it?" asks Daimyo Shi.

"Yeah, it is pretty good. Alucard, is pretty cool." remarks Kitsune.

"There something I wanted to ask you." says Daimyo Shi as he takes the DVD from Kitsune.

"Really? What?" responds Kitsune.

"Keitaro and I are having a party for Kanako, it is her birthday. We like you to come."

"Really? For Kanako? Why? She is kind of a bitch." says Kitsune.

"Well, the idea is to promote and more healthy interaction between Kanako and the rest of the girls. She is after all near friendless, if she lives here and can't interact with anyone, she has every reason to be a bitch. As far as I can tell she never really had anyone other then Keitaro. That is why she so protective about him. He the only person who cares about her." says Daimyo Shi.

"Other, that you Mister Softheart. Sure I can't really turn a party down. Just keep her on good behaviour, or she destroy all the good will you are trying to foster for her." says Kitsune.

"Of course, I will, I hope all the girls do the same." replies Daimyo Shi.

"I will. Who have you got coming?" asks Kitsune.

"Well I managed to get Mutsumi, Shinobu, Suu, you and Motoko to come."

"Really? You got Motoko to come? Well I guess it not hard for you." remarks Kitsune.

"Well maybe, it was not as easy as it would seem you think it was." replies Daimyo Shi.

"Maybe, anyway, I see you later." says Kitsune as she leaves and almost bumps into Keitaro.

"Sorry Kitsune, I didn't see you." says Keitaro.

"No problem Keitaro, make sure there is sake at Kanako's party." says Kitsune as she leaves.

"So have you asked Naru?" asks Daimyo Shi.

"Yes, she said she would come." says Keitaro with a big smile on his face.

Daimyo Shi blinks twice. "Really? I can't believe it. I figured she would say no and send you to near earth orbit again. That is really something." remarks Daimyo Shi.

"Yeah, so what else will we need for this party?" asks Keitaro.

"Well what kind of cake should we get for Kanako?" ask Daimyo Shi.

"That is easy Chocolate." says Keitaro with a big smile.

"Well I guess we arrange it tomorrow then." says Daimyo Shi.

"Ok sounds good." says Keitaro as he turns and leave Daimyo Shi room.

"Well Tomorrow will be interesting. By the Kami and Buddha where am I going to get everything for a party in one day?" says Daimyo Shi shaking his head.

Japanese Terms

Kuso: something long the slang use for Shit

nani: What

Aku Soku Zan: According to Rurounin Kenshin it was the Shinsengumi's motto it means Evil Slay swiftly

Ki: Also known by Chinese term Chi, one's energy or fighting spirit, also a certain amount of mythical energy the flows through everything. In Yin Yang theory comes in two types positive and negative.

Hai yes

Fuku A Female student's Uniform, the classic Sailor suit.

Onii-chan: Big brother

-chan, honorific means small or little often used between parents and children, sometime between friends can be use between lovers too.

-kun, Sort of a male version of Chan but more masculine often used between friends Shi and older people to boys that they know. Kei-kun is a favourite of Mutsumi for Keitaro.

San is Mister or Miss, a polite way to address an inferior or an equal. Note that both this and sama are used with a family name which in Japan comes first

Senpei: senior student

Sensei: Teacher or Professionals, often doctors are called Sensei too.