OK: read this until I can update Kassie. I will explain it all in the later chapters, but this is a Warriors fic. It's set about 6 years after Bluestar's death.

Firestar's body sat on the ground, his ninth life fading from his pelt. It had been the fiercest battle that he had ever been in. Firestar had given his last life to save his clan. Now, after the death of many of his friends, in his last moments he had named his friend Brackenfur, Cinderpelt's brother, his successor. They were all gone. Sandstorm, his loving mate, killed protecting the Queens of the Nursery, Cloudtail, killed stopping the evil cats of Fire Clan from hurting his mother, Graystripe, his oldest, closest friend and a wonderful clan deputy, killed protecting the life of the new River Clan leader, Mistystar appointed after the death of her leader, Leopardstar, Cinderpelt, the clan medicine cat who, even though a medicine cat had been called back into service for this battle, Brightheart, who, though badly scarred, saved the life of her own kit, now a warrior, Whiteclaw, who had been wounded, and Mousefur and Longtail, united for the last time. And his clan hadn't been the only one hurt. In river clan, Graystripe's kit, Stormfur, was killed protecting his sister through her kitting, Mudfur, the River Clan medicine cat, killed while treating another's wounds, Blackclaw and Heavystep, killed holding off the elite warriors of Fire Clan from their camp on an island. And Wind Clan. Poor Windclan. Tallstar, Crowface, Onewhisker, Firestar's friend, and Webfoot. All killed protecting their camp in the highlands. Even Shadow Clan was hurt. Cedearpelt, Oakfur, Smokepelt, Rowanclaw, and Blackstar. Now Tawnypelt (Tawnystar) was their leader.

Before he went to join Star Clan for the rest of his death, Firestar thought back on the last minutes of his life…

Sandstorm! The cry ripped out of his throat as he saw his mate fall to the ground, bleeding freely. As he turned around, he saw Graystripe protecting Mistystar, seeing as they were sheltering all clans in their camp. He was jumped on from behind, and fell, rolling to the ground. The warrior dispatched him quickly and coldly. Firestar cried. He turned toward the warriors den. He saw a body flung out. His mind was in turmoil. Graystripe, dead. Then to his surprise, a sleek tabby sprang into camp shouting one thing, ready for revenge. Cloudtail! My Cloudtail! You killed him! She was chasing a young cat from Fire Clan. She jumped on top of him, and killed him in one hit. Princess! Firstar called, and his sister came to meet him. Suddenly, a cat launched himself at her, and Firestar realized who it was. Flameheart, the leader of Fire Clan. He jumped and blocked. Flameheart swerved in midair, and fell a few feet away. You! He growled through clenched teeth. Firestar flung himself at his opponent. He felt a long pair of claws rake along his stomach and bled. He didn't no, he couldn't stop to lick his wounds. It suddenly seemed like every cat in the hollow stopped to watch them. He jumped at his opponent again. This time he scored a hit. It hurt the cat so badly, he fell to the ground. Both of Flameheart's hind legs were ripped badly. Somehow, he stood up and charged. Firestar tried to dodge, but he felt the entire bit of his stomach ripped out. He on the other hand, had ripped Flameheart's neck. They both began to fade. Firestar called out over the silence: Brackenfur! I name you the clan deputy! Brackenfur ran over to his dying leader. Firestar! This can't be your last life! I'm s-s-s-orry… Was all Firestar could say.

Firestar had come to where he was now. It all reeled. He was dropped into blackness. He woke up in a large field and saw the others waiting for him. This was going to be okay after all…

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