TDJ: well, hello! I be back, again to torture you all to within an inch of your lives!


TDJ: Today I am here to announce that I have a new fic coming soon, called "That was a major plothole…" It basically will cover star wars, harry potter, LOTR, Warriors, ToS, other VVideo games, and a bunch of random stuff. Basically I just cause trouble. And there are these big plotholes. Its basically a LOTR/Star wars/warriors/ToS fic, sometimes with a minor HP character, and some insane Ruroken and furube characters.

Firetsar:You mean that someone else will have to talk to you?


Firestar: Whoo hoo! -disappears into a plothole-

TDJ: have fun! -follows-

Chapter 3: TDJ: ahem. Just so you know, I didn't really feel like writing this chapter. Soooo…We're having a…Warriors version of FF9!

Firestar: What the crap!

Warriors FF9

Tawnypelt: UUUUUM, Heloooo? I said I was on strike here!

-a voice comes out mysteriously from the sky- I commanded you too with my authoress powers!

Tawnypelt: Noo! I won't do a warriors FF9! That game suks! -is smitten-

TDJ -poofs outta nowhere- Fine, fine… we'll do a parody of FMA.

Tawnypelt: YAAAAAAY! Ed is so hot…

TDJ: HEEEEY! -pulls out crowbar-

Tawnypelt: crap…-gets chased off by the writer-

Narrator -starts to speak-: Okay, so there was this cat who did all this dumb stuff…-Ed from FMA pops outta nowhere-

Ed: F you! -gives the narrator the finger.-

The narrator starts to cry. WHAT was that for? She shouts.

Ed: I felt like it.

TDJ: this really isn't working… so, I command the beginning! (it starts)


Narrator: ed is played by greystripe, al is firestar, And tawnypelt is winry. Envy is played by darkstripe, and leopardstar is Lust. Tigerstar is greed.

Firestar: how come--TDJ duck tapes his mouth- and al is a mute. -we hear grunting noises from firestar-Now firestar, be a good quiet boy.-poofs outta there-

TDJ: okay, that was a bad start, but the story will have a few chappies, and then I'll probly get back to the original plot. Most likely. And todays guest was gonna be tomoe from Ruroken, but she called in sick. So todays guest will be fighter instead!

fighter -appears into the room-.Fighter:where am i?

TDJ: your at a cookie contest.

Fighter: cookies…

TDJ: all you have to do is read this name and the words, okay?

Fighter: okay.

Epobbp: It came. Tell me which character youy are in love with from anything, and you will get a muffin shaped like them!

Fighter: done!

TDJ: do the Kitty kat fact. Its at the bottom of the page.

Fighter: Cats have dandruff!can i have cookies?

TDJ: sure, sure...-gives him cookies-

Fighter: cookies!

TDJ: uh… bye. -sends him back to wherever he came from- R&R now! Reviews feed a author. And any flames will be used to roast marshmallows! -pulls out bag of marsh mallows- Bye!

Firestar: The end. -disappers with TDJ's shirt and TDJ in her shirt in his paw.-