There used to be an epilogue here, but seeing as how the epilogue turns out to also be the prologue for the sequel. I thought that thescene fit more in with that story than this and so that would be why I took down the Epilogue that was here. Okay?

The "sequel" I've decided to dofor Never 'I do,' Never die is called It Should've Been Me

You can find it as a seperate story.

It's written as a separate story because it was written to a nagging curiosity of mine of where the story could go if it didn't end.

Now, I absolutely love the ending of Never/Never, and that's why it's going to be separate. It isn't really a continuance, per say, it's just something that COULD have happened.

Let me warn you—there is a 'bittersweet' end most people will end up hating me for, I guess I could say . . . And that's why it IS NOT a sequel for Never/Never

It is an OPTIONAL 'Part Three' for people to read.

Don't hate me!

As I've said above, the Prologue for that story is teh Epilogue that used to be here. Get it?

Read on if you so care.