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Severus walked back to their rooms half an hour later, and found Voldemort holding a cauldron in one hand, his wand in the other, with his hood pulled right up over his face. "There you are," Voldemort snapped. "I was about to summon you."

Severus raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing, Voldemort?"

The Dark Lord tutted impatiently, he hadn't missed Severus calling him that during the war. "We're going out for a while. You need to apparate to the Graveyard I had my rebirth at, are you capable?"

"No need to be rude," Severus replied, following his husband out of the room. He didn't speak as they continued down the stairs, the Death Eaters that were there for whatever reason were jumping out of the couples way now. As they reached the grassy lawn, they disapparated together.

The Graveyard was misty and dark, there were a few speckles of rain and the wind was freezing. Voldemort put down the cauldron and tapped it with his wand, and it filled with a silvery liquid, it looked like melted metal to Severus. Then, Voldemort tapped the gravestone they'd appeared next to, which Severus now read to be Tom Marvolo Riddle's. "Your father?"


Severus frowned, wondering what was going on, as a thin white dust appeared in the air, and dropped into the silver liquid, which then turned dark green. "Come here and kiss me." With one eyebrow raised at his lovers command, Severus stepped forwards and did as he was told. He kissed Voldemort hard with his tongue flicking lightly against his lovers, eyes closing as it became more passionate. He heard a noise behind him, and as he turned he noticed that the potion was now bright white. Voldemort kissed Severus briefly on the lips, before he walked towards the potion, and stepped into the cauldron. Severus's frown returned as Voldemort went out of sight, and the mist around them thickened. There was a loud bang, and Severus rapidly grew concerned. He couldn't see a thing.

A moment later there was a flash of fire, and suddenly Severus could make out the shadow of Voldemort standing up, his back to Severus, his hood still remaining over. The mist around them in the Graveyard was thinning, though not by much.

"Are you alright?" Severus asked, his voice echoing around the tombstones. Suddenly he could see clearly again as the mist vanished upwards, as if it had been forced to.

Voldemort stretched out his arms, one hand extending towards Severus more than the other one. Severus took it. The hand felt warmer, softer, and altogether more human. As Voldemort continued to turn towards him, his hood fell down. Severus gasped in complete shock. The potion had turned Voldemort back to his younger self, he looked about thirty five. Severus had only first met him when his hair was grey, when he was in his late fifties. Even then he was very good looking, but now he was at least a hundred times better. Severus's stomach lurched, worse then it had ever before.

"Are you?" The tone was warmer and certainly amused, his voice was warm as it had always been before the first transformation, but Severus knew how it could turn to ice within a moment. The new eyes stared into his, the new lips curled into an amused smile, the new eyebrows arched.

"Y... Yes..." Severus replied. Voldemort's hair was black, jet black, forming into an ordered mess of curls, his eyes were now glowing blue orbs, almost violet in colour, with sooty eyelashes resting on his creamy white predominant cheekbones as he blinked. The lips were red and firm, and looked thoroughly kissable to Severus. He certainly wasted no time finding out. As Severus and Voldemort kissed, Severus realised it did feel completely different, it was warmer, and it felt like a much more loving kiss. "Nearly human now," Severus teased.

"Not quite," Voldemort replied, as he surveyed his hands and fingers, still long and thin, his arms, the only thing different the texture and colour of the skin. Severus couldn't wait to explore this new body, but he knew he would have to because of the ball that would come in between this moment and bed time. He smiled at Severus, his grin almost mischievous. "Do you like?"

"Oh yes," Severus replied, a little too hastily, and Voldemort's smile widened once more. "It's never mattered to me, what you look like, but now... Well, I don't mind so much, now you're the most gorgeous man on this earth.."

Voldemort smiled, and Severus noticed a pink blush reach his cheeks, momentarily. "You're blushing!" Severus commented loudly, completely shocked at this.

"Shut up," Voldemort mumbled, looking at the cauldron in front of them. He tapped it with his wand, causing it to disappear. "I only care because it's you. No one else matters to me."

Severus smiled, and took Voldemort's hand in his own. "We should get back, we need to get ready."

"I want a kiss." Severus turned around when he heard that comment, and smiled. He pressed his lips hard against his husbands, and their lips were still locked together as they disapparated back to the Manor.


Wanting to surprise Voldemort with his costume, Severus had announced that they would be changing separately for the ball. Assembling everything that he needed, he made his was into the bathroom, and locked the door. He carefully rubbed a white paste into his already pale skin, darkening around his eyes and adding blood red colour to his lips. He pulled on black robes, very expensively tailored for the occasion, tight fitting a the top and light and flowing to the hem from the waist. He had a heavy red velvet cloak with a high collar. To finish, he charmed his canine teeth to grow downwards lengthening them both to vampyric length, and charming his hair to grow temporarily to his waist. His mask was plain black, covering only his eyes.

There was a tap on the door. "Severus, are you nearly ready?" Voldemort's voice called.

Severus took a deep, nervous breath, and opened the door. His stomach lurched as he saw Voldemort, his heart nearly stopped beating. "Wow..."

His husband was dressed completely in red, slashed red trousers, revealing silver material beneath them, a doublet of the same material, also slashed open to reveal the silver with black laces up the front of it. The sleeves were puffy, striped with silver and black. He was wearing a long, heavy, bright blood red velvet cloak lined with silver, draped over each arm, and a huge hat, turned up at the front in a large, red arch, the edges trimmed with silver thread. From the top were multiple feathers, giving the Dark Lord the illusion of being even taller then he actually was. His mask was a skull, the only part missing the jaw, in it's place were his lips, painted red against the white he had turned his skin below.

"I suppose this makes you Master Death, hmm?" Severus asked, once he had taken the whole sight in.

"Indeed it does... Count Dracula the Sublime..." Voldemort chuckled. "Am I going to get my neck bitten?"

"Only if you upset me," Severus responded, as they made their way into the sitting room. Someone knocked on the door. Changing his path, Severus opened the door to reveal a woman dressed in a black, cobweb like dress, and mask and what appeared to be an elf.

"The Dark Lord invited us," said the woman, her deep sexy voice even quieter then she liked to keep it.

"Come in," Severus said, bowing slightly to the pair, his buckled shoes shining in the light of the candles surrounding them. Bellatrix swept past him, her long lace dress following her across the floor, the long, cobweb lace material cloak which was attached to her dress, and to a finger on each hand, following her. A black and silver sequinned mask glittered on her face, and a black, pointed tiara was set in her beautiful ringlets.

Lucius followed. He was dressed magnificently in his usual Slytherin green, though tonight it was different. He wore a white, loose shirt under it, and a tailored, green velvet jacket came to his waist, where it loosened, and dropped into a long green robe, which turned into a long train as he walked. He wore a small, leafy, green, sequinned mask which surrounded his eyes only, his long hair down, small plaits running through it. His ears had extended, and now pointed up, through his hair, reaching the top of the mask.

Severus closed the door, and stood next to his lover, smirking. "I am Master Death," said Voldemort, and he too was also smiling. Bellatrix laughed a little.

"Very true," she said softly, bringing smiles up from everyone.

"Count Dracula," said Severus, smirking.

"I thought so," Lucius chided softly. "I'm an elf, in case you didn't know... And Bellatrix here, is the Dark Lady of the Masquerade Ball." Bellatrix nodded, smiling around her. She seemed very happy.

"And she looks fantastic," Voldemort said, stepping forwards and kissing her hand. "Every man should be infatuated with you tonight, my Lady. Will your husband be accompanying you?"

Bellatrix smiled, and nodded. "He will be. We have matching costumes."

"I am pleased to hear it," Voldemort continued. "Have all the guests arrived?"

"They are in the process of doing so, perhaps we should go down now so we can enter and blend in?" Lucius said. "I am itching to see how my wife has turned out..."

"Oh, what has Narcissa decided to come as?" Voldemort asked, and began walking with Lucius as their conversation continued. Bellatrix made to follow, but Severus stopped her.

"We have no reason to be enemies," Severus said softly to her, and to his surprise Bellatrix nodded in agreement.

"We fight for the same side. I know that now, Severus," Bellatrix replied. "And I hope you will forgive me for my lack of good judgement before."

"Of course," Severus replied, and smiled at her. "You look stunning."

"You look rather handsome yourself, Count," Bellatrix said in response, a flirty smile on her lips. "I hope you are going to be happy with our Master," she continued as the walked towards the door to catch up with the others.

"Thank you, my Lady," said Severus, seeing Voldemort and Lucius waiting for them at the top of the stairs. "I shall see to it that this is as much your night as my own. You deserve it, Bella."

Nodding to her, Severus walked towards Voldemort, and tucked his hand into the crook of his arm. Bellatrix caught up with Lucius, and they walked down the stairs to the ball together, in front of Severus and Voldemort.

Close to the Dark Lord, Severus stepped down the last step of the grand staircase, and walked into the ball room with his lover. No one would know who they had been speaking to until the end of the night, where all masks would be removed. Severus was thankful that he could be with his lover, and not be known until the evening was over. Somewhere in front, Bellatrix's cobweb costume was shining, her sequinned mask glinting in the light, her long hair hanging in ringlets down her back. She was a stunning woman, even Severus couldn't deny that. She turned, and looked directly at Severus, her blue eyes shining beneath her blackened, glittery make up that she wore under the mask. She smiled, and for the first time, Severus smiled back. They could be at peace now. Perhaps he would allow her just one dance with his husband, after all. Voldemort's hand was around his waist, guiding him forwards. "Love," he whispered. "I saw that smile at our dear Dark Lady over there."

"You saw nothing," Severus scoffed, pulling Voldemort into his body. "You saw nothing, you know nothing."

"Come on, what were you speaking to her about?" The curiosity in Voldemort's voice was almost funny.

"I made peace," Severus said simply. "I made peace with the most beautiful woman in this place." Voldemort's eyes seemed to be trying to tell him something. Searching, Severus looked up at him. "What?"

"Severus," he said quietly. "She's beautiful... But... She'll never be as beautiful to me as you are." Severus smiled, and began to speak but Voldemort silenced him. "I wanted her as a lover in the past, but my feelings for her are... Simply that of friendship, if that's what it is... I believe it is your right to know that."

"Thank you," Severus replied quietly. "I love you."

Voldemort took Severus's hand in his own, and led him into the middle of the packed room. Surrounding them were masks, sequins, expensive dresses and cloaks and robes, laughter and enjoyment. The Death Eaters had never done anything like this before, and Severus hoped that every year, on the anniversary of their success, they would hold one. The anniversary of Severus Snape's reward.

As the lights in the room lowered, and the candles were all magically lit and soft, classical music began to play around them, a young woman with long, straight red hair approached them. She was dressed from head to toe in deep, regal purple, decorated with gold thread. Her dress was satin, a purple corset and full skirt, pulled up slightly at the left side revealing black net underneath. Her mask was purple, around the face, trimmed with silver, and along the top it was adorned in purple and black feathers. At her throat was a black velvet chocker with a purple stone in the middle. She swept them a deep curtsey, a smile on her lips. "Master Death," she greeted Voldemort. "Count," she continued, inclining her head to Severus.

"My Lady," said Voldemort, leaning forwards and kissing her hand. "You look ravishing." She smiled cheekily, bobbing another curtsey to him.

"I hope to find you both well," Ginny said, a look of girlish excitement on her face. "I hope that tonight is the beginning of a new life for us all."

Severus nodded in agreement, and slipped his arm around his new husband. "It is to be a wonderful new age," he said.

Out of nowhere, a small, pale blonde appeared, dressed in a purple frock coat with a black suit underneath, a purple cloak around his shoulders. His mask was simple like Severus's, the only different the colour, the blonde's was purple, matching the rest of his outfit.

"Mistress!" he called breathlessly, dropping onto his knees before the redhead. "I crave a dance with you!" Ginny's laugh was tinkling, she took Draco's hand and led him forwards, to the dancefloor.

"Does Draco know who that is?" Severus asked incredulously.

"They are the perfect match," Voldemort replied. "She's just as pureblooded as the Malfoy's, if not more."

"We did well out of Ginny," Severus commented as they watched the pair dance.

"She would have come to us eventually, I think... Perhaps it was already on her mind. She seems very happy." Voldemort waved as Ginny smiled at him, a smile on his own face. "That child is amazing," he murmured.

"You seem very taken with her," Severus replied, tilting his head and kissing slowly down Voldemort's neck. The Dark Lord looked down at his lover, and smiled.

"She's a special, talented girl," Voldemort said with a nod.

"She can never be a marked Death Eater, husband," Severus remarked quietly.

"Husband..." Voldemort repeated, and his eyes were now fixed firmly on Severus. "It's difficult to get used to."

"It was only a few hours ago," Severus replied, nodding. "No one is going to recognise you when you remove your mask tonight. They will all think that the Dark Lord didn't come to his own ball."

Voldemort laughed, his eyes still following the young couple as they twirled around the dance floor. "I trust you like the new, old me better?"

"As long as you're just Voldemort, I do not care," Severus murmured. "But yes, I do like it."

"Good." Severus felt a hand softly caress his side, and he couldn't help himself. He turned his head, and kissed his lover full on the lips, his tongue lightly slipping into Voldemort's mouth. When they pulled apart, Severus felt very aware of eyes on them. He turned, and saw Ginny and Draco watching them, and noticed Draco's arm around Ginny.

"Dance with me," Voldemort whispered into Severus's ear, spinning him around slightly in his arms.

"No!" Severus replied, but he was laughing.

Voldemort pulled him towards the dance floor. "You have to obey me, remember," Voldemort said, laughing too. They walked past Ginny and Draco who went back to their dancing. Severus nodded to Draco, who looked back, and for a moment Severus could see only Lucius in the boy's eyes and face. The moment passed, and Severus had to remind himself that Draco Malfoy was not his father.

"I remember," Severus replied in a low voice. Voldemort placed his hand on Severus's waist, and Severus put his own hand onto Voldemort's shoulder. They danced together, surrounded by other lovers and friends, new and old, laughing. The Dark Order wasn't always what Dumbledore supporters thought it would be. It wasn't even what Severus thought it would be.

"We're not the Dark Order anymore, Severus," said Voldemort quietly, understanding what Severus was thinking. "We're the control, the redemption. Soon everything that has happened in the past will be forgotten, and you and I shall be loved by all."

"You make it sound so romantic," said Severus, smiling, holding his lover tight.

"Well, maybe that's just tonight," Voldemort replied, kissing Severus briefly. Bellatrix and Rodolphus danced over to them, and a short while later Lucius and Narcissa were there. Narcissa was dressed in dark red silk, dangerously low cut and tight. Her mask was plain red velvet, and she wore a ruby crown in her long, blonde hair.

Severus didn't care about their presence. Slowly, he moved in towards Voldemort and kissed him ferociously on the lips, his body clasped into his lovers. The world seemed to slow down around them, to Severus this was a few moments of bliss filled pleasure on the night after their ceremony of everlasting love. Voldemort's hands were tightly around his waist, and it felt like he was never going to let go. Severus didn't want him to. Next to him, Severus could feel something changing. He pulled back from Voldemort, and Rodolphus and Bellatrix were also kissing passionately.

"I think this is how we can let it be from now on," Voldemort spoke into Severus's mind. "We've won. That's all there is to it."

Severus smiled, and put his arms tightly around Voldemort's neck, never wanting to let go.


When midnight came, the clock struck twelve times. On the last stroke, every single mask in the room came off. Everyone was staring around the room. Severus could feel eyes on him as Voldemort put his arms around him once more, and then gasps of shock.

"Thank you for a magnificent evening, my friends," said Voldemort, his voice deliciously warm.

Bellatrix's eyes widened as she saw Voldemort, and for a moment Severus wondered if she was going to become infatuated with him once more, and whether their peace would last even the night. Rodolphus placed a hand on her shoulder, and instantly she smiled, and melted back into his arms. Around the room, every woman was staring.

Lord Voldemort was gorgeous.

Severus felt a sense of pride. No one else mattered to the Dark Lord apart from him.

As the guests began to leave, Voldemort turned Severus around so they were facing each other. "Severus," Voldemort began, taking both his hands in his own. "After the bond, you said that you would find a way to become immortal with me... Is that still your wish?"

"Of course it is," Severus responded quickly, squeezing Voldemort's hands hard.

"Then we shall begin. We have a lot of work to be doing for the Wizarding World, for the politicians and for the people, our people, but I think that this is equally important... For we have started our new life together."

Severus laughed happily, and for the first time in years he felt like a complete man. Voldemort was such a complimentary part of him, it felt as if they could never be separated. And now they were bonded, they couldn't be. "Do you know something, love?" Severus asked, and he knew this would certainly change the mood that Voldemort had just set.

"What?" Voldemort asked, his left eyebrow arched as he questioned.

Severus stepped forward, and ran his hands slowly down Voldemort's chest, leaning forwards to place a chaste kiss onto Voldemort's cheek. "I cannot wait to explore this new body of yours," he whispered into his new husband's ear.

Voldemort laughed softly, but it carried around the room, echoing of the mirrored walls and marbled floors and high ceilings. Severus basked in pleasure, the pleasure of his love being close to him, being happy.

"Keep your hair like that, Severus," Voldemort said softly, fingering his lovers newly grown hair, his eyes glowing. "You look bewitching."

Severus chuckled, his arms now fixed tightly around Voldemort's neck. "Thank you," he murmured, placing light kisses down his husbands neck. The room was their own, to do whatever they pleased in. The music continued to play, and the lights were still dimmed down. "Does this mean you love me?" Severus asked softly, his voice flirty and seductive.

Voldemort nodded, and kissed his husband lovingly on the top of his head. "I promise to never stop."

And that was always going to be good enough for Severus.



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