What I Did For Love

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Summary: Read the prologue and you'll find out.

Since when were the creatures of the night ever allowed to care for the creatures of the day? When did vampires ever stand out from the shadows and challenge the ones who lived within the light? If you get too close to the sun, you'll only get burnt, and in this case, if you ever love one who walks in the sunlight; you'll set aflame. The sun is your enemy, and the moon is your only ally

Edward Elric was blooded a vampire at the age of fifteen, four years after he attempted to revive his deceased mother with human transmutation. Within that process, he lost his left leg and his brother, Alphonse, lost his body. To bring him back, Ed exchanged his right arm to bring Al's soul into a suit of armour. Not really the type of body someone would want to inhabit, but that was all there was.

Ed and Al had promised each other that they'd return each other's bodies to normal and rid themselves of their curse. However, on the way of their journey, Ed became blooded by Envy, hoping to form him into a Sin. But that backfired, and Ed, trying to reverse the process, had only achieved into sucking himself into a parallel universe, leaving Al behind, and everyone else who had cared about him.

Only months later, Edward had returned from this universe, and Envy and the other Sins had all ready taken over. There were now many races of 'human,' instead of just having one race of human species; they had divided into half-breeds, full-breeds and species that weren't human at all. Many of these were werewolves, zombies, possessed people – also known as invertogus – and even the mythical creatures of the night: vampires. The Sins had died out, or so rumours have spread out.

No one really knows what happened to the human race; some still survive, while others have morphed into creatures with immortal life and have the powers to prevent their own death, and the deaths of their 'siblings.' Only a few were actually related to each other, but in the eyes of the leaders, they were family, and the leader was their Lord, or sometimes termed as their 'Father.'

Even though it was mostly male vampires, werewolves, zombies, wizards and invertogus who became the Lords and 'Fathers' of their clan, if there was a female related to the current Lord, and that leader had deceased and there were no more males in relation, that female will automatically be the 'Mistress' or also known 'Mother' of the clan. However, it was quite rare that there were just female relatives.

Edward Elric got involved in this, by daring to challenge the Lord, and ended up becoming a half-vampire, being blooded by the Flame Alchemist, Colonel Roy Mustang, and soon rejoining the military. All though, Edward was not aware that he was once again joining a team he had joined before, he lost all of his memories after he was released from the parallel universe he had become absorbed in months before. He had not seen his brother, Alphonse, ever since, and he was now seventeen. Al had never been absorbed into that universe, so he was able to experience everything that had happened.

Slowly, however, over the months that Edward had been away, his friends and family had slowly forgotten he had ever lived. Envy and the other Sins had altered everyone's memory to how they wanted them to remember. In Alphonse's memory, the day Edward had disappeared was actually the day of his 'death.' He remembers going to his brother's funeral, and standing in front to his grave, which was next to his deceased mother's.

Perhaps it was best that Alphonse, and Edward's other friends and family thought that he had died, instead of knowing the harsh truth. Edward was now a teenage vampire, a member of the undead who lived in the shadows. He was a creature of the night.

Edward didn't remember ever having friends or family. In his mind, he had always been an orphan vampire and didn't have a purpose other than to serve the now vampire military. He never took days off, and only ate things that had animal blood in them. He didn't usually eat a lot of meat, but now he ate raw steak and drained the blood of the innocent humans, who were unaware of when the next vampire attack will be, and who they will attack. The only thing that never changed about Edward Elric was his attitude and his appearance, and of course he still despised milk as much as he ever did before.

Saddening to Edward, there was always a void and emptiness in his heart. He didn't know what it was, and he probably never will. He didn't remember anyone who had once been in his life, and he never remembered anyone who made him feel so alive. He didn't even remember the one person who made him feel so special, and that person was long time childhood friend and crush, Winry Rockbell.

"Why do I have to look after the brat?" Ed hissed at Roy Mustang who was grinning broadly at him. Edward hated being the 'babysitter' of their captives, and recently during the wars; they had captured a lot of human captives. Ed didn't see the point in capturing the pathetic little humans; they served no purpose to him or anyone else he knew.

"Because, Full Metal, we know you simply adore looking after the little human kids!" Roy teased, making Edward become more annoyed by the minute. Ed never actually understood Roy Mustang; he was either making a fool out of Ed as each day went by, or just decided to be the cocky little shit he always was. In Ed's opinion, Roy was being the latter even when he was making a fool out of him, the Full Metal Alchemist. However, no matter how much he annoyed Edward, he always made a big dickhead out of himself.

"Yeah, we all know you're too busy fucking Hawkeye to ever have time to baby-sit the little brats." Edward muttered under his breath, though making it loud and clear enough for Mustang to hear every sarcastic and distasteful word that escaped his lips. Mustang raised an eyebrow and smirked sadistically at his little 'victim.'

"Well, that and because you're just his height, so you'll have a lot in common!" he exclaimed with a laugh, seeing the look on Edward's now enraged face. It was true, though, the child was only twelve years of age, and Ed was exactly the same height. Mustang was always amused by Ed's little height obsessions and couldn't help but set him off when he felt it was necessary. Edward hated to be known as 'short.'

"Am I so short that you need to compare my height to a kid to see me!" he shrieked as he began throwing punches at the taller male. Mustang chuckled as he grabbed the younger vampire's hands and prevented him from trying any more attacks. Mustang was, however, mistaken of what Edward could do when he was annoyed; and he soon learnt that lesson because after a few minutes, he was on the floor clutching onto his genitals.

"You've gotten better at your aim… ugh… Full Metal. And you've now learnt a better use for your automail leg instead of using it to show off to the ladies." He comments, wincing and clutching tightly onto his injured limb. Edward just chuckled and then kicked Mustang in the knees, causing the Flame Alchemist to wince more.

"Remember, Mustang, that I have no interest for the opposite sex." Ed answered after laughing at the injured man in front of him. Mustang smirked secretly, finding another comment to make at the Full Metal Alchemist; but not before getting up properly and preparing for the next 'attack.' He chuckled and then slowly got to his feet.

"So you're a homosexual, then?" he asked, laughing. As you can imagine, Edward got very annoyed and made more comments about comparing his height to his sexuality. But how being short is the same as being gay is what we'll probably never know.

"Am I so short that you think I must obviously be gay because I can only reach above your waist!" yelled Ed as he continued to chase Mustang around the building once more, but this time with a butcher knife clutched tightly in his non-robotic hand.

– ± –

"Well, Mustang, I think it's safe to come out. Full Metal isn't around." Riza Hawkeye said uninterestedly to her ally who was now currently hiding from the rabid vampire alchemist. "I don't see why you're so afraid of him… he's partly automail, only a half-vampire, comes up to here," she gestures her hand halfway between her chest area and her hips, the area where her abdominal muscles roughly were.

"Yes, when he's calm he's no threat… but have you ever seen him pissed off! He tried to slaughter me with that butcher knife!" he exclaimed dramatically, as though surprised that someone would ever want to kill him. Hawkeye rolled her eyes.

"He's like that all the time to everyone. He's facing puberty while becoming a vampire. What do you expect? He skips around in a pink tutu and gives you a bouquet of red roses?" she sneered at the cowardly man who was now slowly coming out of his hiding spot: the laundry room. Hawkeye snickered at the 'grown man.'

"Well, actually, yes." Mustang said confidently. "I expected him to bring me a bouquet of roses and for him to confess his undying love for me." Hawkeye rolled her eyes again at her 'lover.' They had been together for two years, but to Hawkeye it seemed like two centuries. It really felt that long to her, time goes slowly for vampires. "Anyway, he shouldn't be that grumpy; puberty or not." He muttered.

"You know that boys have problems with growing up anyway," Hawkeye barked, "and grown vampires have problems with their emotions too, like going through puberty and hormones all over again." Mustang took her pause as a chance to interfere, but Hawkeye just glared at him and continued. "For all we know, he could be having frustrations, which most boys get; but it's worse for a half-vampire because their feelings are all over the place anyway with severe mood swings."

Mustang sighed. "Yes, dear, I know." He said with an irritated tone. "I just wish he'd lighten up once in a while, you know. Actually try to get along with me, or at least with the other members of the military." He comments. Hawkeye mumbled.

"How can he get along with you? You're always teasing him about his height." She muttered. Mustang seemed to giggle, and then straightened up again once he saw Ed passing by, turning a corner. "He might as well hate you." Hawkeye said.

"How can he? You can barely keep your hands off me." Mustang joked with a perverted smirk. Hawkeye glared at him and then, seeing Ed, grinned.

"Oh, Full Metal? Mustang here wants to discuss something with you." She called the teenager and smirked – seeing his vengeful features, looking like he was imagining every torture plot to use on the poor Roy Mustang – then, after looking at Mustang's pleading face, she pulls him out of his hiding place and locks the door.

"What! Riza! What are you doing!" Mustang questioned, becoming very panicky and frantic. Hawkeye just smirked evilly at her lover.

"Teaching you a lesson. Yes, over here, Full Metal! Bye now." She said sweetly as she then walked through the only open door and locked it behind her. Mustang, now noticing the smirking teenager advantaging on him, squeaked.

"Mommy!" he yelped.

– ± –

"Full Metal, we've decided to give you a mission." Hawkeye said with a serious tone. Ed nodded slowly, showing that he was giving her his full attention. "We are going to have you kidnap a human girl; she has devices and skills which we may find useful around here. She's the best automail repairer around and we could use her machinery talents to update our fortress." She said blankly. Edward nodded again.

"So, who's the lucky bitch?" he asked with a yawn. Hawkeye gave him a photograph of a pretty girl his age with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Ed thought that she was quite attractive, but he got that thought out of his system just as fast as it came in.

"Her name is Winry Rockbell."