What I Did For Love

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Summary: Edward Elric is a half-vampire with no memory of his past. He is given a mission to complete, and that mission is to kidnap the automail genius, Winry Rockbell.

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"Owwie, what happened?" Winry squeaked as she looked around slowly at her surroundings. It was daylight, which delighted her; but the next thing she noticed was that she was lying on top of a half naked teenage boy with blonde plaited hair – she soon recognised as the boy who broke into her room the night before, Edward Elric – with nothing but her nightdress on! She gasped and then also realised that he had his arms around her waist, like he was holding her to him and preventing harm from coming to her. Winry blushed and then squirmed.

Ed, unknown to Winry, opened one eye and looked at the blushing female while she was trying to calm herself. He had to bite his tongue down to stop himself from laughing at the look on her face. Instead, he tried to take a more seductive approach. "So, do you like what you see, then?" he asked, teasingly.

"Well, yeah–" she replied, but then became eerily silent as she remembered that voice. That deep, dripping, tempting voice…, Winry thought with a mental smile, but then cursed herself for thinking that way, and for admitting that she liked his body in the first place. She blushed more and blinked. "I mean…"

Ed snickered and then cuddled the girl briefly, causing her to redden even more. Winry squealed quietly and mumbled something about hormones. Ed chuckled and brushed a stray of hair out of her face with his non-robotic hand. Winry blinked and blushed lightly, then sighed gently as she let the boy touch her.

Smirking, Ed traced his lips against her cheeks, lips, forehead, chin and neck. Winry whimpered and moaned in response. Here she was; lying in only her nightdress on top of a hot half naked half-vampire boy – she didn't know he was half-vampire yet, though – and he was busy teasing her by caressing her now heated skin with his soft lips. Edward grinned at her and stopped.

"Don't want to get you too excited." He joked as he continued to play with her hair. Why didn't she tell him to fuck off like she did to the other perverts? Even she didn't know that, and she was as confused as a lemon was yellow right now.

She felt like she was being hypnotised subconsciously by the teenage, part automail, male. His eyes were alluring… did girls usually fall for this boy? Did he have a girlfriend, and he was busy playing with her? She blinked slowly and backed away from Ed before he could do more than play with her hair.

"Aww, what's wrong? You don't like playing?" he asked with a pout. Winry blushed more and didn't answer. Ed smiled in an understanding way.

"Curious about where you are, right?" he questioned, reading her exact thoughts. Winry slowly nodded and looked around once more. Ed chuckled and patted the girl's head softly; in a reassuring or tantalizing way is what Winry didn't know.

However, Ed soon realised that he went a little too far, because once he tried to touch her again, he got a reunion with his new beloved friend, Mr. Wrench. Ed scowled about 'moody females' while Winry laughed at the new bump that was sticking out like a sore thumb on his head. The door clicked, and Mustang walked in, rubbing his eye and muttering something unpleasant under his breath.

"Will you two keep it down? We don't need to hear your little sexual rituals." Mustang yawned, not paying attention to the furiously crimson Winry and the snickering Ed, who then realised what Mustang was talking about. He smirked.

"Jealous, then, Mustang? You like the younger kind now?" he asked, stretching his arms and leaning against the cosy hammock which held the two. Winry turned even redder – if that was humanly possible. Mustang glared at Ed and frowned.

"No, Full Metal. You know I love Riza more than anything in the world," Mustang replied.

"She's the love of my useless fucking life," Ed said sarcastically, trying to imitate Mustang's voice as much as possible. Then, he chuckled. "You're on first name basis, then? Pretty slow century you two have been living in." He laughed.

Mustang smirked and looked from Winry to Ed. "Well, I can tell you two are perfectly suited. Your head reaches to her breasts, Full Metal." He chuckled, while Ed began to fume and throw a huge tantrum.

"Am I so short that I can only reach to a female's breasts so that makes me perfect for her!" he screamed at the older male and leaped out of the hammock, aiming to drop kick the perverted and stupid bastard.

Mustang chuckled again, expecting the younger half-vampire's moves. He quickly dodged all of his blows and then grabbed the seventeen year old by the throat. Ed gasped and choked, trying his best to kick Mustang and get of out of the hold.

Winry shrieked and then threw her wrench – she must have packed at least ten of these – at Roy Mustang's head. Since Mustang was too busy trying to choke the life out of Edward, he didn't notice the wrench flying in his direction.

Within seconds, Mustang was lying on the floor face first. Ed rubbed his sore throat and looked to Winry with a sheepish grin. "Thanks, I guess." He said half-heartedly. His ego was bruised that a human female had to save him from the wrath of the miserable shit Mustang, but he was also glad she did.

Winry smiled in reply and then slowly got herself out of the hammock. "So, where am I, again, exactly? And what is my purpose of being here?" she asked, brushing herself off. Ed looked to the unconscious Mustang and then to Winry.

"Since you've basically earned my trust, I guess you have the right to know." Ed said honestly to the still smiling girl. "But first, I have to explain the whole story."

– ± –

"You mean vampires do exist and there's a war between the creatures of the night?" Winry asked uncertainly, not sure of what else to say about this boy's strange surroundings and lifestyle. Edward nodded slowly and looked at her.

"Haven't you noticed that we sleep during the daytime, whilst the humans sleep during the night time? That is what makes us different from the humans and their ways… other than the fact we drink blood." Ed pointed out matter-of-factly.

"… You're a vampire? You look nothing like that man!" she said in a surprised tone, as she pointed to the still unconscious man which Ed had moved in front of the door. If anyone wanted to come in, they'd have to do Mustang some damage before they were able to enter the room. That way, no one could sneak up from behind them, unless of course Ed opened the window.

Ed snickered. "Yes, I am a vampire. But I'm a half-vampire. I can stay up at daytime like a human, and during the night like a vampire. It's pretty fun, actually, until I really need to sleep." He stated to Winry, who giggled.

"So, you have problems sleeping, then?" she asked concernedly, Ed shrugged.

"Sleeping is boring. I prefer to play throw and catch with my decapitated weapons." Ed said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Winry grinned.

"You decapitate your weapons?" she questioned with a giggle. Ed raised an eyebrow at her, wondering why she'd be so interested in weapons with no heads. Technically, though, they never had heads in the first place; just an upper part which was deadly to the wielder's foes and enemies.

"Well, yeah. They were rubbish, anyway. What use is a mace when you can use your teeth, fists and legs? Besides, I have my own weapons in my automail arm. It changes shape, you know. But it's gotten a little shitty lately." He said, yawning and shrugging his shoulders limply. Winry blinked and smiled.

"Can I take another look, please?" she asked. Ed had put a shirt on since Winry knocked Mustang out with Mr. Wrench; and now Ed was starting to take a liking to the metal tool. He still hated it with a passion though, because its preferred and most experienced target was him. Ed felt like a guinea pig that way.

"What? You want to look at my body again?" Ed asked, smirking. Winry blushed slightly and shook her head, smiling once more.

"I meant your automail. I can try to fix whatever's wrong with it." She said with a broad grin. Ed blinked and stared at the girl: was her whole life based on automail and machinery, or something? She looked at him pleadingly and he sighed with a smirk soon spreading on his face.

"All right, but don't try anything." He warned with a laugh, and Winry blushed once again – probably for the tenth time that morning.

– ± –

"Wow, this looks like one of my models." Winry commented as she screwed in some loose nuts and bolts. Ed laughed and looked to her.

"How would you know if it was one of yours?" he asked her. She smiled.

"An artist always recognises his or her paintings." She said obviously.

"But… you're not an artist, and this isn't a painting." Ed answered, blinking in confusion. He didn't understand the use of 'metaphors' or 'similes' or whatever these silly humans preferred to call them. Winry laughed.

"How would you know if I'm an artist or not? You don't know me." She snickered.

Ed smiled and closed his eyes. "So, what exactly made you recognise this piece of automail as your own?" he asked. Winry just beamed at him.

"It has a certain mark on it. I used to make automail for my childhood friend, Alphonse Elric, and he asked if I can put the Alchemist symbol on it. He was very into things like Alchemy; he even tried to revive his deceased mother through it!"

Ed laughed, "He sounds like one crazy kid." He said with a smirk. Winry's features then saddened as her once cheery smile turned into a frown. Ed looked at her questioningly. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" he asked her. Winry nodded slowly, a bit surprised that he would ask her if she was all right.

"It's just that I haven't seen him since two years ago… next month, it'll be the third year anniversary for the day he never came back." She said sadly.

"Did he run away or something?" Ed asked, becoming interested.

"He died…" she said quietly, swallowing the lump that crawled up her throat. "No one knows how it happened or when, but he was found dead with no harm done to his body. What could have killed him? Poison? Fear? Heartache?" she sighed.

Ed frowned. Usually the thought of deaths by unknown causes made him interested and happy to discuss, but Winry seemed so sad and so hurt. She was definitely damaged emotionally and psychologically. They had to bring her into this, when she was all ready suffering from the loss of a friend and having worries of her own. "Hey, at least he's in a better place now…" he said comfortingly.

Winry sniffed. "You mean Heaven? Auntie said he was up there watching over me, and so were my parents. That they would never let harm come my way and would protect me at all costs. My Guardian Angels, she called them." She said quietly, expecting Ed to agree that Al's soul was resting in the kingdom in the sky.

"Well… I wouldn't exactly say Heaven, because I'm not a very religious person." Ed said, blinking hard and wishing he hadn't said that, because at that moment, Winry had burst into tears. Ed sighed and patted her back, trying to calm her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you upset… I've just never believed in God because I can't even remember my past… all I know was that I have one arm, one leg and two pieces of machinery to fill the missing limbs' places." He said quietly, frowning at his memory – or lack of it.

Winry hiccoughed and looked to Ed, "I'm so sorry… I didn't know. Forgive me; the people I live with are quite religious." (Okay, so Winry might not be that religious in the Anime, but she is in this story to make matters interesting.) She whispered quietly to the half-vampire teenage male. Ed smiled and hugged her.

"You're all ready forgiven, Win." He said quietly into her hair while she cried.

– ± –

Over the past few days, Winry and Ed started to get along well. Ed would be training with Mustang or fighting off some creature who was trying to attack the Vampire Clan, and then he'd come back to have Winry fixing his damaged metal limbs. His flesh limbs didn't matter that much, vampires healed much faster than humans did when they were injured.

However, when you get along with someone; there's always a downside to living with them. They either get over-worried, they nag, or they have serious mood swings and sometimes throw objects at you. All of these things were true with Winry, especially the throwing of objects. She had taken a liking to throwing her wrench at Ed every time he damaged his automail or did something wrong.

"Damn it, Win; why can't you stop being such a bitch!" Ed yelled at Winry for possibly the twentieth time that evening, and he received a lovely bonk to the head given by Mr. Wrench, whom Ed had become great friends with.

"Being such a bitch!" Winry screamed back at him. "If you weren't being an ignorant, arrogant, scheming little bastard, I wouldn't have to be such a bitch!"

Ed glared at her, "I made a mistake by accepting that mission." He said coldly to the screaming blonde human female. Winry hissed at him, and threw another wrench, which hit him in the arm this time. "Ow!"

"I made a mistake by not stabbing your fucking excuse of a heart out with a stake when I had the chance!" Winry shrieked at him, throwing yet another wrench in his direction, this time hitting him square in the head. Ed winced.

"You think that low of me, don't you?" he growled and then walked out of the room, leaving the stressed female to sort her issues out. She had been moody all week to him, and he was – he hated to admit – becoming quite upset by it. She used to be such great company, but now she just annoyed him.

Ed heard whimpering. It was his she-wolf, Bloody Mary. He whistled quietly, hoping to lure the she-wolf in his direction. After a few seconds, she wandered towards him quietly and nuzzled his hand with her nose while licking his fingers.

Ed laughed. "Hey, that tickles!" he stopped laughing after a few minutes when Bloody Mary got bored of tickling his fingers with her tongue. "So, my beauty, have you got any news for me?" he asked the she-wolf, stroking her fur. The she-wolf nodded slightly and then motioned towards the door which held Winry in it.

Ed groaned, "But she's in a bad mood with me. Do I have to go there?" he questioned. Bloody Mary nodded again and Ed sighed quietly, walking in the direction of his room's closed door. He was about to touch the knob when–

"Full Metal, I have another mission to give you." Hawkeye said in a monotone voice from behind Ed. He shivered: he hated it when she did that. You would think you were safe from her, but she'd appear right behind you and make sure she wasn't done with her future plans where you're somehow involved. "I need you to find a certain Jewel Shard, it's in the Invertogus Swamp but it does not belong to them. You will need an assistant to help you in his journey, and I suggest you take Miss Rockbell with you." She informed him. Ed pouted.

"Do I have to take her with me?" he asked. Hawkeye nodded.

"We all know about your little episodes with your automail and how easily you manage to trash it up like a toddler; so we need Miss Rockbell to be there for when you do damage it so she can fix it." She spoke. Ed sighed quietly.

"All right; I'll start the mission tomorrow. It's nearly sunrise." Edward said with an uninterested tone in his voice. Hawkeye nodded slowly and then walked off in the direction of the Clan Hall. She looked back to him.

"Goodnight; and I wish you and Miss Rockbell good luck on your journey." She said briefly, and then turned on her heel, walking in the direction of the Clan Hall once again. Ed sighed and yawned quietly, looking back to his room door.

He looked back to where Bloody Mary was, but she wasn't there anymore. With a sigh, Ed turned his back on the door and walked around the fortress. No one seemed to be roaming around to get in their rooms yet, interestingly enough; they were more interested in going to the Clan Hall. Ed blinked.

"Wonder what's going on there…" he wondered as he followed after the vampire in front of him, Oliver Shaddocks. Oliver came to the military just a month before Ed did, and didn't know much more about it than Ed. Oliver was blooded at a very young age, however, since his parents were vampires, too. He was only fifteen years old, and one of the youngest to have ever joined the military. All though, his destiny to joining the clan wasn't exactly an option: he had to become a member since his parents were proud leaders of the clan. He would have put shame onto his family tree if he didn't join.

Ed was glad that he never knew his parents. He wouldn't have had any pressure from them since he wouldn't have them around. For all he knew, they could have been humans who were once Vampire Slayers. He shuddered at that thought: his parents were determined to terminate the race of beings which he was now going to be a part of. He hoped that if they were Vampire Slayers that they were long dead by now. He knew it was cruel to think that way of his own parents; but he couldn't risk having living relatives who wanted to slaughter him.

He then thought back to Winry. She didn't have her parents, either, and she hadn't known them for long before they died. He remembered one of their conversations that they had a few days before. He sighed as he tried to cancel it out of his thoughts – he didn't need to think of her while there was Clan business going on – but he just couldn't erase it from his memory, no matter what he did.

– ± –

"Hey, Ed? Do you remember what your parents were like?" Winry asked as she tightened the screw on the shoulder of Ed's automail arm. Ed didn't respond for a few minutes, trying to remember at least one moment where he saw either his mother or father. Failing, he sighed and then shook his head.

"No, no I don't." He answered, hoping she would drop it from there, but his hopes had burst like a little bubble. Winry was almost finished with his arm when she decided to ask another question, the one that Ed despised to remember the most.

"Do you miss them?" she asked, polishing the dirty, rusted part of the automail. Ed narrowed his eyes, thinking back to the times that he had felt pain when he was fifteen years old. He had cried out to his mother and father, hoping that they would return to him, and he could finally know their identity. However, they could not hear him from where he was. They could have been long dead, and their souls could have flown to the other side. What if they were the ones who caused him to have an automail arm and leg? What had happened to him, for him to not have a regular arm and leg, and he had to settle for metal?

"No." He replied, coldly. Winry blinked and narrowed her eyes at him.

"What do you mean, 'no?' They're your parents, Ed! Why wouldn't you miss them? They're the reason you exist and are living instead of being in a world where you don't exist and haven't the ability to feel, talk, listen, smell, taste, or touch!" she said to him with a slightly harsh tone. Ed glared at her and growled.

"Maybe I didn't want to exist! Maybe I didn't want to feel, talk, listen, smell, taste or touch! Did that thought ever occur to you? Of course not, you're too busy thinking about how great life is and that there's a silver lining everywhere!" he yelled at her, causing her to back away from him. At this point, her eyes watered.

"At least your parents didn't die during a war!" Winry defended.

"At least you knew your parents, Win. At least you know if they're dead or alive; I don't. I have to sit and wonder where they are and who they are. I don't know if my parents were even human, for all I know they could be invertogus who managed to breed by some weird fucked up ritual." He scowled.

Winry shot him an apologetic look; "Ed, I'm so sorry…" she started.

"Whatever. You're always sorry, Win." He growled and Winry whimpered.

"That's because I really am sorry…" she whispered.

"Well maybe 'sorry' isn't fucking good enough!" Ed barked as he got up and stormed out of the room, leaving Winry to cry in the room, alone.

– ± –

He didn't mean to be so cruel to her, but she just hit a nerve where it hurt a lot. He envied her in a way; her parents had died, but at least she remembered them and knew who they were. At least she knew that they were dead; she didn't have to guess or to research names to be sure about it.

Ed had looked through all the Vampire Clan member files for another person by the name of 'Elric.' Sadly, though, he ceased to find one and he was now more miserable about his search than he was in the first place. He knew that he wasn't originally a half-vampire; he had been blooded by Mustang the day he had rejoined the military. He knew that he was a human if he wasn't blooded.

He continued to follow Oliver Shaddocks to the Clan Hall until he reached the place. It was heavily guarded by powerful full-breed vampires who had looked super strong, especially for vampires – who in general were pretty strong. Ed bit hard on his bottom lip as he stared around the Hall with awe. He had never been in the Clan Hall before; he was always out doing missions for Mustang and Hawkeye. The Hall was a black, wide arena place with blood red carpets and curtains that covered the large windows. There were paintings of the most famous vampires that lived – they couldn't take pictures, because vampires didn't show in photographs or mirrored reflections – over the past few centuries.

Being careful to blend in, Ed wandered around the Hall and tried to listen in on what was being said. Mustang and Hawkeye seemed to be making announcements to the Clan for warnings on future attacks or if they had captured a hostage good enough for enemy blackmail. Edward wasn't really a person who liked blackmail, but sometimes you had to threaten people to get what you want.

"… And so, we have decided that Edward Elric will be the one who gets us the Philosophers Stone for us, and then we have a great advantage against the Slayers." Hawkeye said into a microphone. The crowd had roared with cheer – or the majority of it did; some of the muscular vampires were complaining about why Hawkeye would choose such a 'pipsqueak.' Ed made sure to slaughter those members once he returned from his new mission – and a mass of clapping echoed throughout the Hall. Oliver seemed the most pleased with Hawkeye's decision, and was one of the loudest of the clappers.

"Yes, Hawkeye was right to choose a man like Edward Elric! His emotionless nature is exactly what this mission needs! Perhaps I'll be like him some day!" Oliver exclaimed excitedly as he whistled, using his fingers. Ed blinked and then found it slightly creepy that someone would adore his work that much.

"We wish good luck to our half-vampire warrior, Edward Elric and celebrate a toast for his safe journey and that he brings us back the Philosophers Stone." Hawkeye announced as she held up a glass of blood. "To Edward Elric; the Full Metal Alchemist." She toasted, and the rest of the vampires repeated after her.

"And to that sexy human, Winry Rockbell! Man, would I like to create some half-vampires with her!" a perverted vampire – Edward's rival, Ryes Lei; who had always tried to out-best Ed ever since they joined the military – announced among his group of allies. They all snickered and Ed listened intently to what was being said. "I'm surprised that Elric hasn't fucked her yet, I know I would. And she's a virgin! How sweet is that!" he chuckled. "Virgins are always the sweeter-tasting ones! Delicious when they're so naïve and forgiving!" he howled.

Ed clenched his teeth together. No one should talk about Winry like that…, he growled to himself, a fire in his chest suddenly setting aflame and burning dangerously. "Her screams would be so wonderful, too… I can imagine in now, her screams of having a real man who knows what her assets are!" he smirked. "Then Elric would be hounding to have her back, but she'll be mine, all mi–!" he sneered, but then got a kick to the face by an unknown being.

Ryes growled, "All right, who did that!" he demanded, looking around.

"I did." The calm voice of Edward Elric echoed from behind Ryes. Ryes turned around to come face to face with the man himself. "And I didn't like the shit you were saying about my friend, Win." He growled softly. Ryes smirked.

"Friend, eh? Aren't you supposed to be lovers?" Ryes hissed. Ed growled.

"To want someone in such a way is a disgrace to vampirekind, scum." He scowled. Ryes laughed and looked to the muscular vampires that came marching their way. He had a sudden gleam in his eyes, a sneaky one.

"What's going on here?" one of the vampires spoke. Ryes looked to Ed and to the guard. He smirked. He had his hand on his cheek to cover the mark, but if he displayed it to the guard: Ed was as good as minced meat.

"Elric assaulted me." Ryes said, showing the foot mark on his face. The guard looked to Edward and then grabbed him by the collar.

"Come on, then, we're taking you to your room." He said as he carried the young half-vampire and walked out of the Clan Hall, Ryes laughing as they went.

– ± –

"There you go," the guard said as he threw Ed into his room, where he landed on the floor with a soft echoing thud, "now don't cause any more trouble." He warned as he left the room and closed the door. Edward looked around to see Winry sleeping on the floor, and next to her, Bloody Mary was lying on her stomach and looking at Ed questioningly. Ed smiled as he patted the she-wolf's head.

"Well, my beauty, it looks like we have another mission to take," he explained to the she-wolf with a fanged grin on his face and a crafty sparkle in his golden eyes, "and we're taking Win with us."