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"….." speech

'….' thoughts

Normal writing in song …..Kai singing

Italic writing in song……..Tala singing

XPXPXPXP new scene, time or location

The music was about to begin. The lights lowered to a dramatic effect. He could practically smell the crowd's excitement as they anticipated the next song. Closing his eyes he shifted forward. His silhouette was just made out on the vast stage. The introduction began, smirking slightly he raised the microphone to his lips. He could sense his band member's adrenaline.

He sang the first line, his voice was lighter and melodic then Tala's who soon joined him.

You started all my pain

I cried it rained

My guardian angel deserted me

My faith disappeared, a memory

My life's a mess...

And it's all because of you

He could hear the music, the audience becoming part of it as the famous song was sang. The guitars, beats, drums and bass becoming louder and angrier as the chorus was screamed out.

I wish you were dead

You fill me with dread

Your heartless, you're old

Your blind you're cold

This feeling inside of me

Is tearing me apart

(Only beats and bass play)

Your days are numbered

I'm not taking this anymore…

His voice returned to normal and the lights pulsed, music returning to the steady beat. He smirked into the microphone, his long black coat whipped around him and his crimson eyes never wavered.

My mind you played, you got saved

I was innocent so pure

The stars had forsaken me, left alone

But I had a plan you see

When I was free, I'd come to kill

My life was ruined

The last word was held longer, ready to sing the chorus once again. He moved around the stage to the audience.

I wish you were dead

You fill me with dread

Your heartless, you're old

Your blind you're cold

This feeling inside of me

Is tearing me apart

Your days are numbered

I'm not taking this anymore…

The enigma sang on, Tala never far behind, the guitars they played working under vast skill and passion. Tala stepped forward ready for his quick solo, blue eyes acknowledging his partner stepping back and striking into the guitar, making the music faster and darker

My soul black

My eyes empty

My strength more

My weakness less

My life one big mess

I wish you were dead

You fill me with dread

Your heartless, you're old

Your blind you're cold

This feeling inside of me

Is tearing me apart

Your days are numbered

I'm not taking this anymore…

They smirked at once, making fan girls and boys alike practically faint at the display of hotness in front of them. But who could blame them, the sheer passion in their voices was enough.

I wish you were dead

You fill me with dread

Your heartless, you're old

Your blind you're cold

This feeling inside of me

Is tearing me apart

Your days are numbered

I'm taking this anymore…

I wish you were dead

You fill me with dread

Your heartless, you're old

Your blind you're cold

This feeling inside of me

Is tearing me apart

Your days are numbered

I'm not taking this anymore.

(Backing vocals)



No more…

The music played on to a dramatic and conclusive finish, in a couple of notes from the bluenette's guitar the song finished. The audience erupted into a frenzied cheers and screams. Tala took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd watching with amusement as people scrabbled over it and glared at the victor. Crimson eyes closed and walked off the stage, grabbing a bottle of water and nodding his thanks to the person who handed it to him.

Kai leaned back on the cold metal, they had just played in a major stadium and he couldn't help but smile, even though they had done that before. The music was still alive in him, still fresh, even though it was comfortable like an old shoe it was always exhilarating being on stage.

"Whooohooo!" Came a victorious voice "Man that was great!"

"Sure was Tyson!" A blonde agreed, cerulean eyes smiling.

Bryan and Tala completed the band as they set off for their dressing rooms shadowed by security guards. Kai rolled his eyes, the two youngest of the band, Max and Tyson, were always high after a performance, making them annoyingly happy. But they were talented and had a rare passion for music, Kai smirked, he had to admit he was damn good at choosing band members.

"Jesus! Why do I always give away my shirt? I'm freezing my gorgeous ass off here!"

"If you say so yourself, Tala"

"Watch it Bryan! Jealousy is a sin"

Kai rolled his eyes "Hn! You look at each others asses enough as it is you don't have to talk about them either"

Both boys blushed and glared at Kai who merely smirked in reply, he flung himself onto the chair and gulped down the rest of his drink. Sighing he rested his head on the pillow as he took in the cool liquid and rested his body after the extreme course of adrenaline that had ran through his body.

"So how did we do Kai?" The youthful blond asked

"We did good" The rest smiled, knowing that was probably as good as it gets from him


An ebony haired male bent down behind some large crates, his eyes narrowed and breathing hitched a little. Golden orbs watched as the security guard took a quick look around the area and stationed himself back at his post. The small hidden figure let out an inaudible sigh 'I just have to get in there, just this guy left and I'm there, someone HAS to hear my songs' Running a tanned hand through his bangs he gazed around, a smile came to his lips.

With speed only a neko-jin could muster he ran over to a crate and kicked it loudly and forcefully, and dodged around the guard that came to investigate. Keeping his eyes on him the whole time, he opened the door so he could slid in and close it behind him.

'I made it, oh god I made it!' Stopping himself from jumping around he grabbed a pass from a small table near by, seeing that the person who normally handed them out was on a lunch break, according to the small sign. Walking down the corridor, he went into the restroom and washed his face and made himself look more presentable. Smoothing out his bangs, making sure the long hair wrap was tight and that he was dust free. Smiling nervously at his appearance he clutched at his demo tape.

"Not bad Rei Kon, not bad" He muttered to himself, walking back out. He could almost hear the crowd from the stage as he delved deeper, quickly hiding now and then to avoid guards. So far Rei hadn't met anyone; all the doors with people he wanted to hand his demo over to had guards surrounding their doors.

"Shit" He sighed "Now what? I can't do anything now. I need a drink anyway" He muttered and doubled back to wear he saw a vending machine.


"I'll be right back"

"Where you going?"

"For a drink Tala, is that ok with you?"

The red head smirked "No, its not but I won't smother you off you go"

Crimson eyes rolled in exasperation, stepping out of their private room he was immediately surrounded by bouncers "I'M FINE!"

"Mr. Hiwatari you must have protection…"

"I'm getting a drink; there are guards everywhere so I am CAPABLE!" He stormed off without another word, leaving the tall bulky men behind, seething angrily 'Jesus, can't even get a drink. I love being on stage but being a celebrity can really suck'

He shoved his hands in his pockets. Staring at the floor, he knew how many sacrifices he made to get where he was today and he wasn't going back on promises. Knowing the place already he turned, closing his eyes and walked up to the vending machine. Happy that, for once, he was allowed to do something on his own.

He banged into something and felt something wet tip all down his front, a cold liquid making its way further down his torso.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry!" A voice cried up to him, opening his eyes Kai saw someone getting up off the floor and grab a clean handkerchief from his pocket where he proceeded to clean Kai.

"Hn" That someone wiped his chest, blush spread across his cheeks as Kai stood there and closed his eyes again

The figure looked up to him with wide apologetic golden eyes. The man was about 19; a year younger then himself with long black hair tied back in a wrap and tanned skin.

"I'm Rei Kon" He mumbled looking at the floor. In awe of the person before him 'He's so attractive, great Kon you just successfully spilt water over a god. Jesus look at his arms, and his legs.'


'He's got a cute accent too' "I'm sorry, I didn't…"

The blunette snapped his powerful red eyes open, glaring down "Whatever" He turned to the vending machine and ordered a drink, a faint smile on his lips at the simple yet independant task.

Rei stood in a stupor. Kai's eyes took his breath and made him speechless. Choosing just to stand there and look at the floor his head bowed. Suddenly a drink was pushed into his arms, grabbing it he looked back up into the crimson orbs.

"My fault you spilt you're last one, so why are you here?"

Rei panicked, what could he say "I…um….well…" He blushed at his stupidity

"You're a groupie" Kai said raising a slender eyebrow, mistaking the neko-jins confused glance he explained "Someone who sleeps with the band"

"I know what a groupie is! And I am NOT one I'll have you know!"

The blunette smirked leaning against the wall "Sure about that?"

Golden eyes clouded over in rage "YES! I am sure!" He hissed

"Keep your voice down, unless you want the guards to come!" They heard loud footsteps running down the corridor soon after "Too late"

"Shit!" Rei spun on his heel and speed off, leaving a bemused Kai behind

"Mr. Hiwatari! Sir! Are you alright?"

Kai rolled his eyes, when something caught his attention. Looking at the ground he bent down and picked up a tape with "Rei Kon" written neatly on a label. The bluenette pocketed it

"Sir, sir do you need medical attention?"

Kai pushed himself off the wall threw his drink into the bin over his shoulder and walked off, already irritated by the idiots "Yes I do, because I am breathing tidy, walking straight and not in pain at all, please get me an ambulance!" The singer snapped and stormed back to his dressing room.

"Dude what took you so long?"

"You look pissed off"

"I am that's why!"

"Ok don't snap at me Kai!"

The Russian sighed "Sorry, just them again"

"We know Kai, but fuck 'em!"

The blunette smirked and pulled out the tape again, thinking about the neko-jin he just encountered, remembering those captivating golden eyes and soft black hair "Hey red?"

"Yeah" Tala yawned

"I need you to do a search on someone called Rei Kon"


Rei collapsed as soon as he opened his apartment door, having just run from the guards at break neck speed. Sitting on the old but comfortable couch he picked up today's mail

"Junk, junk, junk, bill, junk, bill, bill" He closed his eyes and leant back "Great, just what I wanted"

Dragging his sorry self up he walked into the bathroom, turning the shower on and stripping off, letting the warm water massage his aching joints and muscles. Today was less then great for him; he supposed the only high point really was seeing Kai who remained a mystery to him. Blushing slightly he remembered that accented voice and those soulful eyes, recalling the firmness of that chest as he wiped it down in his accident. He moaned softly "Probably thinks I'm an idiot. I didn't even catch his full name but he looked familiar for some reason."

Stepping out after an hour long shower he felt much better, yawning as he changed into baggy's and a loose top. He turned the television on in the lounge and laid back, relaxing and preparing to fall asleep as his eyes watered.

"The concert of rock which was sold out sold more then 55, 000 seats today as the world's biggest groups and singers performed. Of course the highlight of the day for many was the band 'Ineluctable Lies' who…"

Rei rubbed his eyes yawning again; he hadn't even shown anyone his demo tape. He felt so stupid for letting the opportunity pass him like that, after everything he did to get in to that place he just let it escape his grasp.

"The lead singer Kai Hiwatari along with Tala…"

Rei shot up "Kai?" He moved closer to the screen, it couldn't be the Kai he met, could it? Kai wasn't a common name, it was unique. Just like the enigma himself. The only other Kai Rei had heard of was King Kai off Dragonball Z. With bated breath he waited, staring at the screen as though it was holding the secret of life.

A film clip showed up, a song blaring as two blue and red headed men stalked around the stage.

Yeah. There was no mistaking him. That was his Kai. '-My- Kai, where did that come from?'

But there was no other person who walked with such hidden seduction, their walk more floating but powerful at the same time, hips swaying slightly from side to side. The red crimson depths holding a storm of emotions and the two toned blue hair shining. Reality suddenly hit Rei and he collapsed back

"Oh my god, I spilt water all over a celebrity called Kai Hiwatari aka a complete god" A hand ran over his face slowly "Could my day get any better, what's worse is that I didn't give me demo over to him either and...And…" He sighed "He thought I was a damn groupie. Thank you lord for blessing me with such good luck" Sarcasm seeped out of his voice as he picked up his coat and looked for the tape.

"Where is it……no…..not here either…?" He back tracked his steps out of the lounge, still finding nothing "Great" He muttered "Just great"

The neko-jin banged his head against the wall wondering why he had even bothered getting up today. Slowly crawling to bed early because of his early work shift tomorrow morning and add his exhilarating day and you have one tired cat.

"Please, whoever gives a shit about me up there let my day be better tomorrow"

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