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"Who's the shyest in the band, then?" Shaun, one of the presenters on 'Sync' a highly popular talk and game show, enquired fiddling with the cards in his hand.

They looked at each other, contemplating in their minds. "I get really nervous around someone I like, and hide it by making them annoyed at me so much they just have to laugh" Kai shrugged.

"I don't like to undress in front of people" Max admitted.

"When someone just randomly asks me to sing, that's embarrassing"

"When we have to do something embarrassing, like say I Love You to the camera. That's mortifying for me" Tyson laughed.

Max nodded then said, "Also when he has to dance. He sucks"

"I do not!"

"No, really, you so totally do." Kai told him calmly "You just kind of stand there and shake your leg."

"Bryan hasn't told us when he's most shy!" The other presenter named Jun sing-songed.

Everyone turned to Bryan expectantly.

"No" He grunted

"Oh come on Bry'!" Tala whined, clinging to the bassist's arm and puppy dog pouting at him. Bryan made sure his nails were clean.

"He gets embarrassed around the person he likes" Kai spoke up for the silent man, dodging Bryan's smack in some sort of magical Kai move.

The presenters immediately picked up on this piece of information; leaning forward with a smile "So, is there anyone you like now?"

"…." Bryan glared at his shoes, cursing that he was actually coming across shy when really; he was trying to restrain himself from killing Kai. Yes. That's all.

"He can't say" Kai helped again.

"You wouldn't even tell us? Blasphemy!"

Koi nodded vehemently "Yeah. I agree. I, like, totally hate you now" He told Bryan, patting his arm. Bryan swore he wouldn't face palm anymore from actually getting a bruise on his forehead because of it before, well, he broke his oath. Hand meet head. Kai just smiled. "I learnt a new word today!" He said brightly, the presenters asked what was it eagerly "Necrophilia!"

An awkward silence followed.

"We have a question from a member of the audience here, who has the worst bad habit?" Jun asked, reading from a card

They stayed quiet, looking at each other. Shaun laughed "Come on, one of you has to have a bad habit"

"We're trying to figure out who has the worst, we're all pretty bad. Except me 'cause I'm shiny and cool like that," Tala explained eloquently. "My personal opinion…would be…Bryan"

"Lies. Slanderous lies!" Bryan exclaimed, hitting Max accidentally as he flailed his arms in disagreement.

"No, Bry', I don't lie!" Tala declared, "I never lie! I am an innocent, angelic human being who has been corrupted by the likes of you!"

Bryan gasped, looking morally offended. He stood up "You lie!"

Tala stood too, just because it was more dramatic that way "Lies make baby Jesus cry!"

"Then he's shrieking into Mary's breasts by now with all your false words! Time to repent, Tal'!"

Max and Kai sat there uninterested with what was going on and chattered animatedly to each other about Something Very Important such as what colour would go best with their belts in the next performance and did this shirt say the English words 'gay fuck' or was he mistranslating it? Tyson was interjecting in Tala and Bryan's heated discussion, to further provoke them. He had already said 'Yeah!' and 'That's right!' in three different types of voices to support both sides.

"I repent nothing except that I ate all the pies at the last meeting cause they were yummy!"

Bryan stumbled backwards, hand covering his mouth. Even Tyson had flinched and gasped loudly. The presenters watched in awe. The audience sniggered at Tala and Bryan's expense. In the silence that followed Max could be heard saying, "No, no, it definitely says 'gay', oh my god, that guys shoes over there are soooo last year" Kai could then be heard agreeing passionately, and that the guys shoes were indeed very ugly.

"You…y-you ate all the pies? ALL OF THEM? Like, every single one?"


"YOU. I. ALL. PIES. WHAT." Tyson wailed, clutching at his chest as he stared in horror at Tala "...death…" He concluded.

Tala looked ashamed and ducked his head "Death" He echoed.

Bryan was still too disgusted to say anything.

Max and Kai looked up, finally noticing that there were other people existing, how dare they exist! Max patted Bryan on the back and looked questionably around. Kai poked Tyson, because everyone knows that poking someone who is sad makes them happy.

Tala's face fell "I'm sorry! But I hadn't had breakfast that day and I hadn't had dinner the night before because I was trying to learn that guitar solo faultlessly and I got hungry so I ate all the pies the next day and they were really nice but I didn't say because you guys wouldn't like me because you also really like pie and yeah" He ranted then looked around for open arms to run into and angst. Finding none he flung himself at the nearest presenter and said words like 'woe' and 'wretchedness' and even 'they don't love me no mo''. Shaun said it was ok and that they all actually loved him a lot. Tala looked at him, figured he was speaking the truth and smiled sliding back to his band members and initiated a group hug.

"How many pies did you eat anyway?" Jun wondered aloud.

Bryan shook his head, still in disbelief "Two"

"…." The presenters gawped. Just two pies?

"Yeah I know" Bryan sighed, "He's so greedy"

Tala, upon hearing this, announced that he was horrible and should be shot. Kai, after hearing this, said it would be better for all of them because it would stop a worldwide shortage of pie. Jun and Shaun discreetly moved that bit more further from their guests and turned to smile at the amused audience.

"You guys shouldn't laugh" Shaun spoke in an unserious manner "I think they actually have something wrong with them"

"Shut up. That happens to be my case" Tyson sobbed.

"Yeah Ty' it's called retardness"

Tyson glared and Max tried his best to look innocent. "Next question!"

"They haven't answered the last one yet!" Shaun turned to his partner. Jun raised his eyebrows.

"That ship has sailed Shaun let it be"

Shaun pouted.

"Ahh!" Jun cried, eyes widening as he turned to the audience accusingly "Who wrote this, 'I want to know if you're all virgins' Eh? EH?"

"You did" Shaun said.

"Shut up!" Jun smacked him across the head, getting one on the arm back, he kicked the other in return "Anyway, are you guys virgins?"

Every single member burst out laughing.

"If you believe we are then sticking your head in a fire will ensure healthy hair" Kai said with a puerile expression. He looked so raw in naivety that others were considering alighting their hair there and then to achieve that full-bodied bounce to their tresses therefore being able to fling it over one shoulder and say 'Because I'm worth it'.


"Right, Mr. Kon, if you would like to follow me" The same woman as before asked with her friendly smile.

Rei's nerves were still shot from the interview but somehow he managed to compose himself, or at least made a decent effort to and walked, some would call it wobbled, after her. He had left his portfolio with Aoki-sama so he had to resist twisting the bottom of his shirt with his fidgeting hands. He tried distracting his mind by inspecting the paintings on the walls; he was sure he saw a Sesshu piece in Aoki-sama's office but didn't ask. Above the sharp taps of the woman's high heels falling onto the polished floor, Rei could hear the excited buzz of people ahead.

"Ok, this is to test your dancing ability, you will be tested on different areas of entertainment so Mr. Aoki can decipher who is the best suited. Once you step through the doors please go to the desk and get your number"

Rei nodded, brushing his hair behind his ear quickly afterwards. She bowed her head and paused as she walked past him.

"And relax"

Rei nodded more, figuring she was a wise woman, reaching a hand out to push the door open; the woman was already walking away. Once he had successfully managed to push the door open and walk through it (it had only taken him three tries), his eyes darted about for a desk, not noticing it was right beside him. Nibbling his bottom lip again, he heard a cough next to him. Turning to see what the noise was a pair of sky blue eyes greeted him "Whoa!" He screeched, leaping backwards.


Rei's ears were ringing for some reason, it could've been the fact that someone just bellowed into his eardrums, then again maybe not "Sorry, what?"


"I'M REI!" The neko-jin blinked, why was he shouting? Damn, he could practically hear those hearts. "Hi Mystel"

"COOL! CAN I CALL YOU MR. REINBOW?" His face looked like an emoticon, Rei had never seen someone actually look like one before, it was like this; 8D "THIS PLACE IS SO GREAT! I'M SO PUMPED! I'M READY TO DO ANYTHING!"

"Even fly" Rei muttered to himself.



Mystel went flying off, flapping his arms and jumping about like it was nobody's business. Rei gawped after him, resisting the urge to go 'holy duck fluff', backing away until he collided with a firm body that was suspiciously squidgy in the chest area. Oh shit, that meant two things, either that the person he just bumped into was a girl or a man with man boobs also known as moobs.

"Ow, watch it!"

"I'm sorry!" He whirled around, bowing. "I wasn't watching where I was going and-" A shadow painted itself on the ground in front of him.

"Oh, it's just a kid" The same voice said with a sigh. Rei stared at the person's feet, it was obviously a girl and thankfully not a man with moobs who was looking to have a piece of him, and eventually his sight landed on her face only to have him flail backwards wildly.

"You're…. Ah!" He yelled informatively.

"Yes, I am Mariam, the lead vocalist of Seraphic Divine!" She smiled dazzlingly, flashing him a peace sign "And yes, I do own your ass"


"Mariam, stop scaring the might-be-juniors" A man with red and black hair yawned from where he sat on a plastic chair. "Besides, I'm sure he was about to say 'You're…ah…too ugly for words'"

"Oh, Ozuma, you made a funny, you're getting castrated tonight" She said pleasantly, sending shivers down every male's spine at the looming threat. "You" She barked, turning back to Rei "Your name?"

"Rei Kon"

"Rei Kon, you are appealing, you shall go far" She nodded and walked off to join the rest of her band at the table to the side. Rei didn't know whether to blush or run back out to safety, seriously, was he the only sane person left in the world? A helper kindly pulled him away from the madness to the actual registration desk.

Mariam rested her arms on the table in front of her, watching as Kane tuned his guitar, he was sitting on the table with his legs crossed beneath him. The Alternative music band, Seraphic Divine consisted of five members. Mariam was the lead vocalist, Kane was another vocalist and second guitarist, Ozuma was the drummer, Gabriel was the bassist and Ariel was the lead guitarist. The last two were twins and were nicknamed King and Queen respectively. Why? No one except the band knew. "How much longer do we have to be here?"

"We just got to watch over the choreographer's for Aoki-sama, and pitch in when we want." Kane explained, shifting his blue hair from his eyes, tongue flickering over his lower lip "Does anyone else have a craving for cheese right now?"

"Kane, you've been having cravings for the past couple of days, are you sure you're not pregnant?" Mariam smirked, receiving a smack over the head with a magazine, she laughed at Kane's annoyed face "You are so pregnant! Oh make sure to tell King he's a daddy now"

"I can't get pregnant, wench" He hissed, with an arrogant tilt to his head, he smiled "You can though, and you have put on weight lately, Ozuma you're a daddy now" He sang mockingly.

"3…2…1" Ozuma sighed, he did that a lot around his band, right on cue, Kane leap up with a girly shriek and sprinted off with the bluenette female hot on his heels. "So predictable"

"OhMyGodIAmSoNervousIsAnyoneElseNervousIReallyAm!" Someone babbled behind the neko-jin as he placed his hands over his ears "DoesThisSockMakeMyAnkleLookFat?"

"Jesus Christ, if I don't get out of here soon, I'm going to be jailed for genocide" Rei heard a choreographer mutter. That really didn't help settle his nerves, mind you.

The ebony haired teen padded to the changing rooms, informed the tired looking man there of his size, waited a few moments then had a shirt and jogging bottoms shoved into his arms. Pointed to a vacant dressing cubicle, Rei sat down, back to the mirror. He rested his head back onto it and closed his eyes 'Damn it Kai, why didn't you tell me everyone would be on drugs?' He ran his hands over the soft material of the jogging bottoms and t-shirt, they were black with 'Aoki's creations' printed onto it in silver with a popular sporting company's logo beside it. An announcement sounded through the room, informing everyone that the next stage of the interviewing process would be acted in precisely fifteen minutes.

"FIFTEEN MINUTES! WHHEEEE! SO COOL!" He heard soon afterwards, he didn't need two guesses as to who that was.

Whimpering, Rei wished with all his might for everyone to calm the hell down as he changed into his, for lack of a better word, uniform.


"5, 6, 7, 8" The dance instructor counted the eager occupants, some more than others, into the small dance routine after they had stretched and warmed up. This was how every dance interview went, start slow to give them confidence, then steadily make them think their backs are breaking. "Forward, spin. 1, 2, 3, 4. Turn, 5, 6, 7, 8"

Rei was fighting hard not to let his brain abandon him, damn this was easy. So, already having memorised the dance steps, he allowed his eyes to wander whilst his body continued valiantly on. He saw the spiky haired drug addict, uh, he meant blonde from earlier, surprised to see the boy dancing with ease, almost as though he was the wind itself. The loud background music was by C & M, the j-pop unit with the song called 'Back; Stop', Rei could see people mouthing along to the catchy, genki song out of the corners of his eyes.

A woman with black hair sauntered into the room, followed by a man with ridiculously spiked hair that fell over one of his eyes. The woman pushed her sunglasses up to rest atop of her silky locks as she made her way over to the littered table where the rest of her band were. She tapped Mariam with her water bottle, rolling her eyes when the bluenette gave a small snore, her twin ruffled Kane's hair, throwing himself into a vacant chair carelessly, propping his feet up onto the table.

"Seen any good ones so far?" King asked leisurely, his expression clearly informing everyone he thought the answer would be a 'no, they all suck'.

Queen rested against the table, running her eyes over the mass of dancers, immediately picking out the hopeless from the possibilities. "There's some," Ozuma smiled at the disbelief on the white haired man's face "Just watch if you don't believe me"

With a pout, King padded over to the front of the studio, hands wedged in his pockets as he viewed the talent (or lack of it in his mind) with a bored curiosity. Queen began braiding Mariam's hair, flicking her own ponytail over her shoulder as it got in her way to feel it brush her mid-back. "Yo, Gabby!"

King whirled around with a scowl; hardly anyone called him by his real name, why would they start now. Seeing Queen waving at him, he glared, ah so that was why he was called by his name "Yes, Ar-"

"Shut. It" She growled, sectioning another part of the sleeping girl's hair. She hated her real name; she had sworn her parents were drunk when they named her. King's wasn't so bad, infact, she thought it suited him, what with the white hair "Gabby, don't scare any of them"

He gave her an 'I can't believe you'd accuse me of such a thing' look and got a raised eyebrow and a 'I know you too well to believe that, idiot' look in return "Fine, fine…. spoil sport" He grumbled under his breath, smoothing out his t-shirt "Are they ready for real dancing now?"

"Just about" One of the numerous dance instructors's said, "Why, do you want to show them up?"


"Be our guest"

"Gladly!" He strutted forward, waving to someone off to the side to turn the music down, with his hand up in the air, he signalled for everyone to stop. Some of the candidates tripped over themselves in an effort to stop, eyes full of awe with whisperings of 'wow, it's him!'. "Ok, I hope you all enjoyed the warm up, because that was child's play. These sops have gone too easy on you, so get ready for a real work out. There's a simple dance routine I'm going to show you, we'll go through it step-by-step then you're on your own"

A series of nods and mumblings of agreement rumbled through the studio as King hand picked the next song, which was deliberately faster and darker sounding. Rei shifted so he could see the bassist clearer, fingers twitching to the music. He had to get this one right; he knew this one would be the real test. King quickly slipped into the air of a professional, his body twisting and turning in fast, delirious yet graceful movement. Rei smirked to himself. Dancing was the one thing he knew he could really do.

"He is such a show off" Kane commented loftily with detached affection, before jumping up, running to the front and striking his guitar along with the music.

"Look who's talking" Ozuma laughed. Mariam was still sleeping even though half of her hair was now in thin braids. Queen had her tongue between her teeth in concentration looking at the magazine opened on the desk every now and then.

King paced back and forth with Kane following, nodding now and then and pausing to correct some people's dace moves. Then he caught sight of Rei, and placed his hands on his hips, that kid was impressive. Squinting he mentally registered Rei's number '57' "He's good, eh?" He said to a choreographer near by.

"Yes, we've had our eye on him as well. Let's hope he exceeds in the other tasks"

King nodded, distracted, as he crossed the room. Kane bounced after him, crashing into the older man when he suddenly stopped "That hurt!" He exclaimed, rubbing his stomach. King slung his arm around the guitarist's shoulders as an apology and pulled him along.

After the dancing was over, Rei fell onto the bench in his dressing cubicle, breathing deeply as he wiped the sweat off his face. His head was still ringing from when Mystel had pounced onto him after they were allowed to stop dancing and screeched, "LET'S DO IIITTTT!" Only it was pronounced more like 'LET'S DO EEETTT!' Rei was sure the boy meant 'let's do our best' and decided that there were no sexual implications within the exclamation at all.

He had mixed feelings on today so far, the interview with Aoki Takao was plain nerve-racking, the dancing was great, but the people were strange. Not only did he had a blonde thing loving up on him, but also he received hateful glares because he could dance so well, and don't forget when that same fat-ankle person said "OhMyGodYouAreSoSkinnyBiatch!" Then had a pair of fingers clicked in front of his face by said person. It was all, rather scary.

Groaning at the prospect of having to face such individuals again, he slid out of his sweaty clothes and back into his suit. He pinned his number to his jacket and frowned at his mussed hair. Thankfully, he had brought a small bottle of perfume (manly perfume, really) with him. When satisfied with his scent and overall appearance, he cautiously unlocked the door, pulling the light door back then stepping out, handing his used uniform to a helper nearby.

"Would all applicants make their way to room 489 B on the fifth floor. I repeat would all applicants make their way to room 489 B on the fifth floor for the vocal analysis process. Thank you"


"Hell no!" Rei cursed, quickly and stealthily slipping away before breaking into a full sprint. Anything to get away from that thing. He needed a familiar voice, badly. Jumping to the side and ducking behind a water dispenser, Rei pulled out a cell phone Kai had borrowed him, with demands to ring him as soon as the interview was over. He stared at it dumbfounded. Then he scrambled in his pocket for the instructions on how to call someone…green button with a phone symbol…. he smiled victoriously when he found it and punched in a familiar number.

"Moshi mosh, this is The Analogue Cup. Kenj-"

"Kenji! Help! S.O.S!"

The waiter started, hearing his friend's frantic voice "Eh? What's wrong?"

"I'm being…raped!" He blurted out, shut up, it wouldn't be fair if he had both amazing looks and amazing brains now would it?

"…." There was a long pause, then "Rei, babe, if you're enjoying it, it's not rape. Ok?"

"What makes you think I'm enjoying it?"

"Because one, you're not in tears or hysterically screaming. Two, you're on the phone to me, therefore not being raped. Three, I'd be the last person you'd phone if you were being raped because you know I'd end up more hysterical than you. Plus you're pretty breathless"

"Kenji, there's a mad…blonde…thing, jumping on me and calling me Mr. Reinbow!"

Kenji giggled "M-mr….R-reinbow?"

"Yeah" Rei frowned "Kenji stop laughing…. Ken-kenji!…S-st…" He sighed, waiting for his friend's giggles to die down "I hate you" He declared before hanging up with a huff or at least he tried to. With a bitter murmur to himself he raised the phone back to his ear "Shut up. Help me, how do I hang up dramatically on you?" After doing so, he summoned his courage and ran to the fifth floor.


Now on their way to a magazine photo shoot after the interview on 'Sync' the band members were littered around the small mini-bus that was transporting them back and fore. They were having a rather exciting game of I-spy, that so far went as such; 'I spy with my little eye, something that starts with…. w!' 'Window' 'Ah, fuck'

"Um…. s…. s…sky?" Tyson guessed.

"Nope" Kai slumped down in his seat, head supported by his hand "That's already been said…what, five times?"

"Uh…shoes?" Max asked. Kai responded with a shake of his head.

"Damn it Kai, why must you always have the hardest ones" Tala fumed, leaning forward in his seat, arms folded on the one before him "S-Mr.Black?"

"S-moron" Kai answered. "Don't make up new words so they start with an S, just give up"


"Fine," Bryan said, despite Tala's previous cry of 'never!' and the fact the redhead was now flailing, offended at this "What is it?"

"Sweat stains" Kai replied pointing to the armpit of their driver.

"KAI! EW!" They flailed backwards, arms making a 'X' shape of distaste whilst Kai smirked proudly. The driver didn't hear, there was a window between him and the passengers.

The redhead got up and plopped himself beside his best friend, he smiled sweetly "Your solo was really good"

"I know," He teased, leaning back into the softness of the chair.

"You looked really good too, and I loved your guitar solo. And singing, I always love your singing. Do you need anything, foot rub, massage, spare liver, first born child?"

Ok, that was just odd. Kai stared at him for a couple of minutes, that guiltless smile never leaving the guitarists face, then his own face brightened with realisation "I'm not talking to you"

Tala pouted at the cold shoulder he received "Oh come on, it wasn't just me who stole Rei!"

"No. Go away" Since when had he become this childish?

"But I love you!" He whined in all earnest.

"No" Kai said, turning away and crossing his arms to glare out of the window.

"But…I only wanted to make sure he was good for you, I was caring about you!" Tala said confused, he had good intentions at heart, dammit, good intentions!

"No. I don't like you anymore" Kai uttered simply.

"…" Tala done a marvellous impression of a bewildered frog as he looked at the back of the singer's head helplessly. He then stomped his foot and waved his arms "Well, I don't like you either!"






"…well…nyah!" Tala turned his nose up into the air, unable to think of any more synonyms "Move then!"

"I was sitting here before you!" Kai hissed, turning around to face the redhead.

Bryan, Max and Tyson groaned before moving away and into their own conversations. The argument was nothing to worry about; they were just being immature, as always.

"So? I happen to like this seat!"

"So do I!" Kai stated irksomely "I was here first!"

"…. Fine! I'm going!" Tala shot up, banged his head on the low ceiling and stumbled away with as much dignity as he could. Kai jerked his head away back to the window dramatically, pulling a face.

"…Lead guitarist?" Kai said stiffly.

"Yes, lead vocalist?" Tala replied just as harsh, turning to face Kai.

"Did you really go through all that trouble just for me?"

"Tch…no" Tala scratched the back of his head "Yes. Maybe. Wait. What? Sweat stains" He nodded confidently.

"Honest?" Kai sat up, arm resting on top of his seat as his body twisted so he could see the redhead better.

Somewhere between shifting his weight from one foot to the other and muttering about global warming, Tala nodded. Kai smiled.

"Do you want to sit, by me, maybe?"

Tala shrugged before bounding over and settling beside Kai, grabbing his hands and chattering excitedly about this gorgeous new outfit he saw yesterday. A lot of nods, smiles and awed sounds passed between them for the rest of the journey. Bryan declared suicide, Max openly thought about transferring to another band and Tyson repeatedly hit his head against a window.

"We're here!" Tala squealed, pulling Kai after him as they raced to the building, leaving the saner trio in the mini-bus.

"Ah, there you all are" Edisu beamed over the cup of coffee he had in his hands, the band stared at it wantonly.

"Coffee?" Max enquired, reaching out for it. "Let's kill him for it"

"Yes, let's"

"Heh, come on guys, get to work" Edisu chuckled, but took a step back nonetheless "Guys?"

"You heard the man! Now!" Momiji ordered in his patiently scary way, glaring them away. "You owe me your life, Ed'" The blonde grinned at the manager and tugged him along; although a head shorter Momiji was very daunting. Sitting in the band's room, Momiji flicked through a personal, leather bound planner and flipped forward a few pages "Don't forget, shooting of the new music video is in three weeks. Please be prepared"

A mumbling of answers rang through out the room "Don't forget the radio interview later either please, it starts at 8: 30 and ends by 9." Edisu added. Momij smiled and left the room to talk with the shoot people, Edisu soon following to discuss the terms of agreement. "Be there early"

As soon as the door closed, Kai let out a big sigh "Damn, I was hoping to pick up Rei"

"His interview should be ending soon, if you're lucky he'll phone you while we're on our way to the radio station" Tala gave a strangled cry as his necklace got caught in his jacket buttons. Max, ducking below the widely waving arms, quickly freed the redhead "Thanks Barbie"

Max glowered "Don't. Call. Me. That" Tyson immediately moved far from the blonde since it was he who started the nickname.

Kai stretched momentarily, grabbing his first set of clothes and changing into them, singing to himself. "Who's the photographer this time?"

"Ah, that short dude with glasses"

Kai wrinkled his nose "Him? He likes fan service way too much. So I apologise in advance to whoever I have to molest"

"There's just something about you that people hanker after, ha, remember that one person, Wyatt? Damn Kai, he adored you"

Kai, declaring that he was finished, walked out of the room. Tala glanced at the others and shrugged, grinning, "He must still be touchy about that. You know Kai, resident diva"

"No, that's you"


Rei clenched his eyes tight, letting go of a shaky breath knowing that impatient looks where probably being thrown at him right now. 'Imagine no one, no one, just Driger' Was his sacred mantra at the moment, licking his dry lips he began to sing quietly, trembling lightly. He mentally squirmed, his voice wasn't strong enough, and he had to stop being so nervous. He thought back to words Kai had told him, but it only made him feel guilty for not living up to his partner's expectations.

Rei detached his thoughts from his singing, thinking of something else, anything else. He thought of that particular time he only had red light bulbs and refused to turn his lights on until he could buy new bulbs because his flat looked scary. He thought about Kenji telling him about that college student with a dreamy expression and he thought about being able to collapse into Kai's arms as soon as he was able to after all of this.

An interviewer opened his mouth to allow Rei to stop singing but Mr. Aoki quickly stopped him with a stern look. The neko-jin was singing with his eyes shut tight and his hands fisted by his sides, nerves. Aoki frowned, nerves were a killer in his type of business, but the ebony haired male in front of him could capture many fans hearts with his innocent aura.

"Ok, that's enough" He barked, finally putting Rei out of his misery "Thank you Mr. Kon" Rei bowed, replied a thank you in return and hurried out, only to be pulled aside by some workers and shoved in front of a camera. He smiled.

The photographer peered around the camera to stare at him.

"…What?" Rei asked nervously, fussing with the bottom of his jacket.

"Yo, kid. This isn't a passport photo, give me some sex"

Rei coloured "Eh?"

"You know sex, like this guy" He pulled out a magazine that had Kai's face in the centrefold, looking intensely moody. He pointed to the picture "Sex"

"…" Rei agreed it was indeed sex. Nice sex. He shook his head, nice sex? What the -? It was better than nice! Noticing the photographer had put the magazine back onto the table and pushing thoughts of lunging at him shouting 'gimme the sex', Rei posed. Tilting his head at an angle, trying not to blink.

"Better. Much better" After taking a photo, the unnamed man said, "Well done, you may go. And remember!" He shouted after the neko-jin "Let the sex be with you"

Nodding with a pained smile, Rei moved as quickly as he could off the set. Seeing the helpful woman ahead, he sighed in relief. "Hello" He sighed politely "Thank--WAHSTA!"

"MR REINBOW!" Mystel sat up after flinging himself at the dark haired teen and brushing away happy tears "I THOUGHT I'D LOST YOU!"

"Can you…uh…stop shouting? Talk normally?" Rei groaned, putting a hand to his head as he sat up, Mystel didn't move off of him.

"Yes of course my good man, what was I thinking? How was one's interview, mine was flabbergasting, as one should know. Ahahaha. I still love you, you shall marry me one day and our children shall run free, like Yorkshire terrier's over the wild, snowy mountains of Egypt"

"On second thought. Shout" Rei pleaded, wondering if there were such things as wild mountains in Egypt. He knew there was no snow for sure.


Rei collapsed back onto the floor, sobbing into his own arms.

Mystel paused, poking Rei's cheek and gasping "OH MY GOD! I'VE KILLED HIM! HOW CAN I LIVE WITH MYSELF? BABY, DON'T LEAVE ME!" He pulled Rei up and cradled the bewildered thing in his arms "MR. REEEEINBOW!" He cried tilting his face upwards theatrically as though his entire world had just been destroyed "TAKE ME INSTEAD! I NEVER EVEN KNEW HIS NAME!"

The Chinese boy rolled his eyes, muttering "Yes you do"

Mystel gasped, chocked on the sudden intake of air, spluttered then cried "BABY! YOU CAME BACK! LET US SEX EACH OTHER IN JOY! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH"

"Please let go of me" Rei deadpanned.

"I WAS SO COLD WITHOUT YOU" The blonde shrieked, pulling Rei's top in anguish, tears streaking his face before he buried his face into Rei's chest. The neko-jin looked around, smiling awkwardly as people stopped and stared.

"Um, there, there" He patted Mystel on the back "Um, hey look on the bright side, at least …uh…" He chewed the inside of his cheek as the blonde continued to cry uncontrollably "Hey…at least you have, uh, nice shoes"

Mystel sat up and looked at his shoes "They are aren't they? I wasn't sure whether to go for the black or the red, but yo, what's life without colour?" Catching sight of Rei's stunned face, Mystel giggled "Oops"


"Heheh, so…. like my acting skills?"

"…. You…. y-you were just acting all along…a-all along?"

"Well…yes" Mystel stood up, brushed his clothes down and turned back to face Rei "Should I run now or stand here and let your glare kill me?"

"You!" Rei jumped up, hands fisted by his sides "You embarrassed me and stalked me just because you were acting? You pretended to love me and call me Mr. Reinbow?"

Mystel nodded.

Rei growled.

"Would you prefer it was all real?" The half Egyptian asked calmly, smiling sympathetically "I'm sorry, I just don't feel that way about you. Try not to be too upset"

A vein in Rei's forehead twitched. His jaw was set rigidly and he couldn't even talk from anger. He just stood there. Unblinking. Twitching. Generally being angry.

Mystel sighed, taking hold of Rei's upper arm and leading him away from the people who were still staring to the very woman Rei was about to thank earlier on "Oh my, my rejection of his love has traumatized the poor thing. Look after him" He told her, slapping the tanned male on the back once then walking off.

"Sir? Are you ok, sir?" She asked worriedly, Rei muttered something and she leaned closer to hear him "What was that?"

"Get an ambulance"

"Are you hurt, sir?"

"It's not for me!" Rei hissed, spinning around and chasing after Mystel, who screamed and ran as soon as he saw him.

The poor woman searched her pockets and pulled a cigarette out "Just a week more until I leave. Just a week more until I leave"


Max, Kai and Tyson laughed on the sidelines as they secretly watched Tala and Bryan's paired photo shoot. Bryan had already been shouted at five times for looking at his fingernails and Tala was asked constantly if he had a fever.

"Oh this is good, I was hoping he'd make them do fan service"

"That photographer really is a pervert" Max said dryly, raising an amused eyebrow as Tala leant against the bassist. Kai wolf whistled loudly, causing the photographer to squawk as Tala moved at the last minute, face flushed and furious as he retorted.

"Shut up! Come on, where are you hiding? You buggers, wait until I-"

"Tala" Momiji warned, with a stony face.

The redhead made his way back to Bryan, still grumbling. Momiji clicked his tongue in annoyance as another wolf whistle made Tala react again. Slamming his papers down, the blonde walked to where the dividing wall was to peer around. Tyson saw him coming and quickly pushed the other two to run away, giggling under their breaths.

"Ah, it's so fun to wind them up" Tyson gasped out as they snuck around the studio to stand innocently a few feet behind the photographer. Momiji glared when he saw them, they waved back like good little children.

After the shoot, the band was waiting outside for the bus to arrive, wrapped up against the cold night air. Bryan looked warily up at the sky and pulled the hood of his coat up, sticking his hands into the deep pockets. Tala glanced at him and asked in a confused tone "Are your ears cold?"


"Oh, ok" The redhead crossed his arms against his chest and cuddled himself for warmth; maybe Bryan was trying to make a fashion point. Kai grumbled to himself, standing dramatically against the wall as he tried to get over the trauma of the fan service he just had to endure. His track of thought at the moment went along the lines of something like this 'Death, death, death, oh woe, alas and Yorick' Shakespeare came in use for something it seemed. Now, fans were going to be pairing him up with another band member having wars with other fans of a different pairing over Which Couple Is Oh My God So Canon! He slipped down the wall, nails digging into the brick as he slid down it, handsomely of course. Oh the endless abyss of dark doom that was his life.

The others didn't seem to notice this however, so, for good measure, he rolled over and flung an arm over his eyes. Still nothing.

"Kai, there's an arthropod on you"

"Say insect like everyone else, plebian" Kai hissed. "Wait. What?"

"Insect. You. On. Leg" Max explained in a way Kai's tired brain would understand "Bakatari"

Kai jumped up and hopped on one leg whilst shaking the other in an attempt to get what ever it was off him "Hey, get off the leg, bug! Do you know who I am?" He asked glaring at his kneecap. The bug, which turned out to be a fly, flew away in fear. Or so Kai thought. "Yeah, and don't touch me again! Rapist!"

"Kai, it didn't have sex with you"

"Well…. it's a molester then!" He glared up at the sky where he had last seen the fly.

Max moved that little bit further from him.

Kai then slumped back to the floor with a face akin to an infant who had just been told his bed had been sold to charity and wasn't it nice that he could help others? Tala patted the bluenette's head, because it would help. He waved at the assistants and other Very Important People's when they shook their heads exasperated, this band would be the demise of them. "It's here! It's here, it's here, it's here!" Tyson cried, jumping up and down on the spot. Happy to get from the cold, he rushed up to the door and hurried in straight away, cuddling up to a corner with his thin legs tucked underneath him. Max slid in after him, unbothered by the weather. Kai had found a stray dog and was busy talking to it about his depressing life.

"They don't understand. No one. I am alone. All alone. Only you beside me. Oh …what is your name again?" The dog tilted its head "That doesn't really help" Tala walked away. His friend was cute, but it was freezing, therefore he had to leave him to fend for himself. The redhead looked back at the youngest Russian and said goodbye for what could be the last time, poor Kai, he was so young. Max pulled Tala into a chair, rolling his eyes at his band mate's idiotic personality as the guitarist stared mournfully out of the window.

"He was such a good person," He told the youngest two desolately "So talented"

"Tala, seriously now, have you been slipping something into your food?" Tyson smiled at Max and Tala's conversation and curled up more, sweet warmth.

Tala tried to appear above suspicion "No?"

Bryan put one foot into the bus only to notice Kai still saying goodbye with a tender smile on his face, Bryan scoffed and pulled the defiant boy in front and pushed him into the bus. Kai squawked and flattened himself against the window to watch his new found friend disappear around the corner with a wag of his tail.

That, in itself, was quite a heartbreaking scene.


The door had only just opened when Rei flung himself into Kai's arms, fingers curling into the material of his undoubtedly expensive shirt. Kai automatically held the younger close as a reflex, shuffling forward and nudging the door shut with his hip. "Hey, what's wrong?" He questioned, cupping Rei's face and bring it up to see his eyes. Rei whined and tried to go back to hiding in Kai's arms but Kai held steady.

Rei didn't know what to say first, he felt so dizzy and surreal. The whole situation he was in was suddenly realised, he just had a once in a lifetime interview and might have screwed it up, he was dating the most popular idol in Japan and because of his dancing skills a few more people in the world now hated his guts. It felt laughable. But, what should he say to Kai? 'Oh I'm fine, nothing is wrong I just missed you' or 'I screwed up and let you down big time'? In the end there was only one thing he could say. "I want ice cream"

Kai sighed and pulled Rei into a comforting hug "You think you did that bad, huh?"

Rei nodded slightly, head resting on Kai's strong shoulder, feeling the bluenette's hands wound around his waist and brushing the small of his back soothingly. After moving to sit, the elder placed soft kisses on the side of the neko-jin's neck and murmured some more relaxing words. "First, my interview was just so bad, he asked me questions I couldn't answer and when it came to the 'do you have any experience?' question, I kind of just pulled my hair out! The dancing wasn't bad but I could hear people talking about me and also I think these two guys from Seraphic Divine were turned on by each other so that was distracting and then – oh wait, I had this blonde guy calling me Mr. Reinbow and loving up on me and he wouldn't bugger off—and then Kenji said I was enjoying being raped and a guy told me to be sex and scary red lights of my apartment and then-"

Kai gazed at the boy in some weird mix of awe, love and dumfounded blinking. Knowing Rei would soon either make himself pass out from not breathing or hit his face with his wildly moving hands, Kai slid forward and pressed his lips determinedly against Rei's. Taking his opportunity to make it deeper and intense and just as Rei began to melt into the kiss, he pulled away. Rei pouted up at him, taking hold of his jacket and jerking him forward so their lips would meet again. Kai's eyes went wide at the sudden movement, then he smirked, curling an arm around Rei's waist.

"I'll tell you when you can pull back!" Rei growled quietly, moving closer and hoping to sink in the warmth. Kai's hand fell from Rei's waist to a hip where he massaged the clothed skin.

"How demanding of you" Kai remarked, keeping his eyes locked on the youngest as Rei climbed onto his lap. The neko-jin flashed him a smile, hooking his arms around the bluenette's neck, leaning forward and taking hold of Kai's bottom lip in-between his teeth, tongue flickering out to apologise to the reddened skin afterwards. Kai's smirk wouldn't disappear off his face and for some reason it was endearing to the raven-haired boy. The eldest tenderly placed small kisses on the red full lips, barely touching each other even though they both felt the want of the other through the short-lived actions. Kai moved one of Rei's arms from around his neck and grasped his hand, intertwining them. "They'd be stupid to not want you"

Rei paused, fleetingly gazing at Kai before setting his gaze off to the side, looking down slightly. He felt Kai's free hand brushing through his ebony locks and smiled gently "If they are stupid, at least eat ice cream with me?"

Kai laughed "Fool" And drew the shorter in, kissing his forehead and resting his cheek on top of Reis head "Of course I will."

"No matter how much?"

Kai scrunched up his face "I can't eat too much, I can't afford to get fat," He added, jabbing Rei's side. The tanned male squawked, brushing his partner's hand away only to have it return and start tickling him. He swung away laughing and smacked Kai across the head softly "What? What did you just do? Prepare to die!"

Rei grinned, sticking his tongue out when Kai lunged at him, immediately squealing with laughter and bouncing off the sofa straight after. Kai turned his head as his eyes followed Rei hiding behind the curtain. Kai shook his head and dragged a hand down his face, trying hard to resist a smile when a giggle emitted from behind the drapery.

"Oh no, where has Rei gone?" Kai deadpanned, pushing himself up and stretching slightly before crossing his arms and staring at the lump hidden within the curtain "I have no idea and after I wanted to give him a present too, I'm so disappointed"

Rei's head emerged from the cream drapery "Present?" He smiled hopefully, the rest of his body slowly coming into view.

Kai raised his eyebrows "Yes. Present" He opened his arms signalling for the neko-jin to come closer. He did so gladly and buried his face into Kai's chest, circling his arms around the singer's waist. Kai kissed the top of Rei's locks and placed his arms around the boy protectively "There you go"

"This is my present?" Rei looked up at the expressive scarlet eyes.

"What, you're disappointed?" Kai looked thoughtful for a few minutes. Rei satisfied himself with just inhaling Kai's scent and enveloping himself in the warmth whilst the bluenette was busy thinking. "Ah, I know" Kai moved back slightly and slipped a silver ring off his pinkie finger and picked Rei's right hand up "There"

Rei glanced up at Kai before lowering his sight back to his hand, his baby finger now the proud owner of the silver ring that was shaped like the infinity sign. "Kai, you don't have to -"

"Yeah, I know that. But I said I had a present for you didn't I?" Still seeing Rei hesitate over the obviously dear ring, Kai muttered "Besides, it was too small for me, so you can have it with your girly hands"

"I do not have girly hands," Rei laughed, playfully pushing Kai away "You are just jealous that my hands are prettier than yours!" As if to prove his point, Rei flailed them crazily in the air.

Kai caught one of the waving hands by the wrist and examined it "Not if you keep on biting your nails"

Rei pouted upon hearing this and mumbled about how he was trying to quit but it was so hard, then he lost focus as Kai dropped kisses onto the inside of his wrist. Rei discreetly bit his lip, his wrist was one of his weak points and he found it a raw show of intimacy, moist lips moving over his pulse. He bit his lips harder when Kai's tongue fluttered out of his mouth and ran along one of the veins.

Kai peeked up at Rei through his bangs with a come-hither smirk that made hundreds upon hundreds of knees go weak everyday His lips shifted past the neko-jin's flesh and his tongue swept along the inside before he suddenly dropped the hand and pulled Rei flush against his body. He breathed against the ebony haired youth's lips, caressing the base of the boy's neck as he watched Rei's eyes slowly close. He furthered inwards, shortening the miniscule distance and brushing his lips against Rei's, his eyes tracing the beautiful person in front of him.

Rei groaned, opening his eyes slightly to peer at the elder. Kai smiled at the silent pleading and pressed his lips heatedly against Rei's, scraping and moving and full of passion. It was times like these that Rei thought 'I love you' in-between breaths wouldn't sound corny or false, it was intense and real and every moment made his heart stop and start again. Any coherent thoughts went flying out of his mind however, when Kai pulled him further into a demanding kiss. He responded hungrily, his hands moving to fist into Kai's hair. The dual hair's tongue came into action again, talented and sensual as it danced around Rei's.

When parted for air, they still kept insanely close, grips tight and possessive and with that under lying of never leave me and don't stop. Kai cupped Rei's face, caressing a cheek with his thumb, staring into the light eyes darkening with a mixture of feelings. To actually say 'I love you' was such a massive and colossal thing that many over looked. I love you is everything and nothing in one tear and smile, it's a curse and a dream, it could be a man's undoing or the beginning of his life. To say those three words was to speak of danger. How many have walked this path and found themselves alone and with no directions at the end of the road? Kai quickly returned to his activities, making Rei gasp and moan those pure sounds for his ears only. Rei's eyes were like poison; he couldn't look at them for to long because Kai knew that Rei was waiting for those three words. Those three words he couldn't give him. Why? Because he didn't believe them. 'I love you', doesn't mean 'I'm in love with you'.

Rei shuddered when Kai's hand slipped underneath the back of his shirt, cold meeting with warm to create a bold connection. The younger focused on the sweet spot above Kai's Adam's apple, his lips latching onto skin and nibbling. His tongue flitted down his pale throat and worked on the hollow at the base, dropping kisses here and there. He smiled sweetly when Kai's hands explored further, his skin smooth and silky against Rei's.

Then the phone rang.

Rei tripped over himself in shock, becoming pale when he realised the sound and debated on running away screaming at the top of his lungs when he realised who could be calling them. Kai blinked at the empty space Rei was occupying just a few seconds ago only to find the neko-jin was walking quickly out of the living room.

"Rei, your phone is ringing"

"Yes. I know" He walked quicker.

"Aren't you going to answer it?"


"Ok, I will then"

"Kai-" Rei ran back into the room to see Kai picking up the phone.

"Hello? …What? …You rang me and ask who I am, that's rude don't you think? If anything, I should demand to know who you are. Jerk"

Rei gawped at his boyfriend and waved his arms frantically in an attempt to steal the phone away. Kai lifted one of his legs and used it to keep Rei away from him as he continued chatting to whoever was on the line "Kaaaaaai!"

"Yes that was Rei… Eh? You still don't know my name after he just moaned it? …Yes, moaned…. you have a sick mind"

The neko-jin sighed, "That's Kenji then"

"You're Kenji? Who's Kenji, Rei?" Kai questioned, "You're Rei's friend? Oh, hi, I'm Rei's …person"

Rei gave up and sat down on the floor, leaning his head back onto the sofa "He knows about us Kai. He is my best friend after all"

"Oh. Rei just said you know we're dating"

Rei could hear the silence on the line when Kenji figured he was talking to Kai Hiwatari, and then came the fan girl screams. Kai quickly passed the phone to Rei after that, not knowing whether to stare at the phone or smile as 'WARGH AKAKAKA. KAI. LOVE. YOU. I. MUAH. OH MY GOD!' bellowed from it. Rei flushed, embarrassed at his friend as he snatched the phone and bared his teeth in an attempt to not slam the phone onto the floor and jump on it.

"Kenji!" He whispered, it was a scary whisper, "Next time I'll see you, I'll be carrying a knife"

Kai looked around quickly and sighed, relieved, seeing no knives any where near him. The next thing he knew, Rei collapsed backwards onto the floor, kicking it and flailing his legs. Kai smiled, patting Rei's head.

Rei smiled at him before returning to threatening Kenji about ruining 'A Moment' whilst Kenji was asking what Kai was wearing over and over. Kai relaxed back into the sofa, resting his head on a hand and fiddling with the sleeve of his black jacket. Then he heard Rei's friend screaming something or another and Rei turned slowly to him with a sombre expression. Kai wondered what on earth was going on now. "He wants you to sing," He said dryly, lifting the phone up "Please do, he won't shut up otherwise"

Kai blinked. Confusion made eyes dry you see. Rei crawled closer and leapt up onto the sofa next to the bluenette, kneeling and glaring at the phone. Kai blinked again.

Then he started to sing, it was hardly heard at first but got louder. Rei sniffed silently, listening to his lover's voice, singing a slow song. He was always awed by Kai's voice, the way he controlled the notes and how he was able to switch from high to low. It seemed like whatever he sang was something he knew about, something important and secret so the listener always felt as though he was confessing the darkest and most precious moments and thoughts of his life. Rei figured that it was the special thing that set Kai's voice apart from other great singers, that it was something that a person felt was being shared between themselves and Kai even in a concert fully packed. His voice made the song come alive, and Rei was always shocked by it. It looked so natural for Kai to be singing as well, he put no effort into it and was actually nosing through a magazine.

When Kai finished, he cleared his throat a little then did his 'Bakatari' smile that made Rei stuff his fist into his mouth to stop himself becoming a fangirl. Kenji didn't take Rei's unspoken advice and squealed long and hard then shouted about 'wow' and 'sexy' and 'please to become my toy for the night?' Rei promptly hanged up declaring loudly that only he was allowed to have Kai as a toy for the night, thank you very much!

Kai looked out of the window pretending to be offended at being called a 'toy', then turned to gaze at Rei sharply, a grin unfurling onto his face. "Wait, wouldn't you be my toy? Being the…" He pondered for a nice way to say submissive one "Girl of the relationship and all"

Rei gawped for a few seconds then pouted and head butted the elder. Kai gasped, clutching his head. "Serves you right"

"My head. My beautiful head. I will eat your soul"

Rei immediately ran away, giggling and throwing dangerous things behind him like cushions. "No, wah, away, away from me you scurvy cur'!"

Kai beamed, reaching out for Rei's arm "No, you know you want me to catch you!"

"And why would I want that?" Rei questioned, walking backwards, his hands held up like some sort of defence.

"Because then, I will hug you and kiss you and say nice things and make you laugh" Kai nodded "And you will submit to all of that because I am God, and you are unable to resist me"

"Maybe I'm an atheist," Rei said cheekily.

"Maybe I'm just so hot you'll do it anyway. Ok, drop out the maybe"

"Egotistical, aren't we?" Rei cocked a brow but felt warm and fuzzy from the playful banter and deliberately slowed down so Kai would catch him and do the things he just promised he would. "You're not all that, you know"

Kai stopped and stood straight "What? Are you blind? If possible, I would have sex with me" He made a face, reconsidering those words "Wait, no, that's not right. I meant to say I'm so all that, no-" He frowned.

Rei raised his eyebrows, waiting.

"Oh stuff it, I think the main point here is that I am God and you are my Jesus"

Rei laughed, "That means I'm your son"

"No, then you're…Gabriel? Hah, yes! No! Wait, um…ok, ok I got it. I'm God and you are a sheep-no a lamb"

"Why?" Rei was pretty sure his boyfriend had no logic, he was also sure that he really loved that about him.

"He always asks for lambs--actually we should stop talking about God before someone gets insulted and what not. I am Kai and you are Rei"

The neko-jin was engulfed by squiggly feelings in his stomach and silly happy things when Kai finally pulled him into his embrace and did all the things he had promised to. Rei sighed blissfully, "I think I can handle that. Being Kai and Rei is the best thing to be"

Kai agreed wholeheartedly with a kiss.


Oliver's friendly face was the first thing Enrique saw when he woke up in his apartment. The green haired man must have let himself in again with his spare set of keys; he sat up and yawned, staring blearily at his lover "Sorning saybe"

"Want to say that again?" Oliver asked, pushing Enrique's bangs from his eyes.

"Morning baby" He repeated, drawing his arms around the petite singer and rocking slightly back and forth until his eyes found strength to stay open.

"Morning, Johnny said he has something important to tell us at band practice today. So you better get up" He smiled as Enrique placed soft kisses on his face, eyes closing when lips found another soft pair.

"Don't want to go to practice, let's ditch it"

"No, we've already done that before, and Robert blew his top"

"I bet Johnny didn't mind seeing Robert blowing"

Oliver was rendered speechless between amusement and plain mortification. "I…just…I don't know what to say to that"

Enrique immediately saw that as a victory and grinned into the green hair, taking in its fresh scent "Ah, Johnny never has anything important to say anyway, as long as it's not about Ineluctable Lies that is" He added sarcastically.

Oliver frowned "I know good rivalry makes improvement but the rivalry between the two bands is just too much"

"Between the bands? Heh, more like between Johnny and Kai"

"I really miss it"

Enrique opened his eyes at the soft, sadly spoken words and cupped his lover's face "Miss what, Ollie?"

"Being good friends with them, with everyone. When we were all juniors it was just fun, but as soon as we debuted, it's all about 'who can stay on top longest' and 'who will be the first to fall'. In this business, fun is watching your rivals fall"

Enrique bit his bottom lip, staring into those blue-violet eyes that shone with clarity "I know, but it doesn't have to mean that for all of us. To me, fun means you, and you equals us and us equals bed and you know what bed equals. See where I'm going with this?"

"Idiot" Oliver reddened and threw his arms around his boyfriend before pulling back "Get up, I just realised we're wasting time. Come on, I'll make you some breakfast while you get ready" He kissed his cheek and padded out of the room.

Only being five minutes late, but having to listen to Johnny's grumbling for another ten, Oliver and Enrique sat down to hear this 'important' news. "So, as you know, there's a competition coming up soon in Aoki-sama's company?"

"Is this about Kai? Dude I swear, you like, love him"

Johnny stopped in his pacing, turning to glare at his band mate "What?"

"Unrequited love" Enrique explained cleanly, one arm around Oliver as he slouched in his seat "We know you and Kai used to be great friends as juniors, so why-"

"Shut up!" Johnny hissed, grabbing the blonde by the collar, his face snarling "Don't you ever talk about Hiwatari and those days again!"

Enrique flinched but stared determinedly back "I'll talk about what I want!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Say that louder, you bastard!"

"Fine, I fucking will! I'll talk about what I want! Hear that, you Scottish asshole!" Enrique pushed the guitarist away, springing up and grabbing his collar, both pushing and sneering at each other.

"You fucking fag'!"

"Dumb bastard!"

"Oh go break a nail!"

"Go screw Robert!"

"Stop it!" Oliver shouted, watching in frustrated horror as the elder men started fighting and screaming obscenities at each other "What has gotten into you two?" He asked angrily, looking between them, "I hate it when we fight, we're supposed to be a team, and all you two can do is shout at each other and say awful words! No wonder Ineluctable Lies are better in the charts, they actually work together!" He chocked out "For God's sake I'm sick of it. Johnny, we know you have a temper but don't take it out on us! We're the people you are supposed to come to for comfort not fights, I understand that the past must hurt you but don't kill us for it!"

Johnny let go of Enrique roughly, taking one step back.

"And you!" Oliver rounded on his partner "You should know better! Weren't you just agreeing that you don't want it this way? Or were you lying to me? Because that is what it certainly seems like!"

"I wasn't lying to you" Enrique said quietly, looking down at the floor.

Robert walked in, flicking through some lyric sheets when he looked up, evaluated the situation and placed a hand on the shortest man's shoulder "Calm down, French fry" Oliver scowled at the nickname but went and sat down, crossing his leg over the other and huffing. "Enrique, Johnny. As your manager, I don't expect this sort of behaviour or bitch fights. However, as your friend I see it coming. Pull yourselves together and apologise. Now" He barked after a few moments waiting.

"Yeah, sorry about, you know saying that crap"

"And, I guess, I'm sort of sorry for …yeah, I wouldn't have said it if I meant it. I'm fine with you and Ollie" They smiled at each other before rushing forward and hugging. Oliver tried not to smile, really he did, but he couldn't help it and ended up leaping onto the both of them, resulting in the three of them crashing onto the floor in an array of limbs.

"Robby?" Enrique cooed, as three sets of eyes turned to look at the band manager and also their bassist. Robert shook his head and stepped back as they held out their arms, or the arms that they could get free in a gesture for him to join the hug.


"Pleassssseeee?" Oliver whined.

The couple looked to Johnny who sighed but grinned and said "Come here you old sod!" Robert found his feet dragging him forwards whilst his brain shrieked unwillingly. Soon they were a mass of four men, being not very manly, and giggling.

"Kyyyaaaaaa! This is so nice!" Oliver sighed happily "I feel much better after a good hug!"

Enrique stared at his lover before bounding on top of him exclaiming 'CUTE' at the top of his voice. Remembering they actually all came here to talk about something important, they got up off the floor and sat in chairs, naturally since that is what chairs are for.

Johnny rearranged his bandana and turned to face all of his band members and shrugged lightly, running one hand through the back of his hair, inspecting his shoes then the ceiling. The rest fidgeted nervously, having a feeling that whatever Johnny was about to say wasn't very good. Looking back at them, the redhead tried to smile.

"Anyway, It is about Kai, but what I meant to say is--We have to duet with Ineluctable Lies for a performance in the competition"

Oh snap.

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