First Kiss

Chapter 1

Sasuke's Point Of View

A/N: This happened to me during my first kiss. I thought it was cute for Naruto and Sasuke.


When Naruto and I got together, it wasn't with a dramatic kiss or anything. I ended up standing next to him and asked him if he wanted to, go out with me.

He says my face was red.

I say he was lying. I was totally calm and cool.

He smiled and said yes then. Then after a few moments he turned to me and asked what we were. I looked at him with a perked eyebrow and a grin, " Well, duh, we're boyfriends." I said proudly.

He looked at me and laughed. " Boyfriend and boyfriend?"

" Well, unless you want to be the girlfriend." I said in a serious tone. He thought for a second and shook his head. " That's what I thought."

We were never really affectionate out in public. It was weird like that. But at my house we'd cuddle and hold hands like the boys and girls did.

But we had never kissed. We never really thought about it. Holding hands was like sex to us, in a weird...childish way. But one day, while out in training, Naruto asked, " Sasuke, why don't we kiss?"

I looked at him and shrugged, " I don't know."

" Have you ever kissed somebody?"

" No." I said quietly.

" Maybe we should try it." He said, sitting me and him down on a tree stump.

" Now?" I asked.

" Yeah." He said, putting his arms around my neck loosely. " We just press our lips together, right?"

" Yeah, but slowly, like romantic." I noted as we closed our eyes and leaned closer. He could feel his breath on my lips and Naruto started to laugh a little, " Shut up." I whispered, pushing my lips against his. It was quick and chaste. Naruto blinked and frowned.

" Well that was boring." He said, his cheeks a little pink.

" Lick your lips, they were dry before. And when I lick yours, open your mouth for me."

" Eww, why would I do that?"

I sighed and rubbed my temples, " I don't know, I saw it in a movie once or something."

" Oh, well okay then."

I leaned in first, my hand on his cheek, and our lips met, it was a lot softer this time. I gently licked his lips and he opened his mouth like I said. I darted my tongue into his mouth, touching his and he gasped. We pulled apart quickly, noting the other's red face.

" See? There, we kissed." I growled. " H-How was it?"

" Tasted like bubble gum." He said. I blinked. " Can we do it more often?" Naruto smiled.

" If you want to." I shrugged. I looked away for a second and he tackled me, kissing me down my neck.

We should have stuck with holding hands...


A/N: Eww, crap. Oh well.