Hey guys,

Long time no see huh?

Sorry for everyone who thought this was a real update, but I wanted to post this to let you know that I've been working on rewriting Electrical Storm and I should have some new chapters in the next few weeks. There'll be some other changes too, mostly to the character of Eris (who's now going by the name Eden – I really love the name Eris, but I also created the character a while back and have realized the name, like the character is a bit more over the top than I planned for) but also to the plot (I really want to make it more linear and less jumpy – guess that's what happens when you spend several years writing a fic and sometimes will go more than six months between updates).

So thanks to everyone who has hung on with me and my sporadic writing (I blame university life) and thanks to everyone who has kept reviewing and adding alerts and such. I can't promise the updates will come quickly (at least not until April), but I do promise that the edits and the new chapters will be well-written and better thought out than they have been in the past.