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Chapter seventeen

Ginny waited patiently until everyone was at their place again to finish her question: "So, why should Luna be the real villain behind everything?"

The Dark Lord looked around as if he was terribly afraid of anything and then answered in a whisper: "All the things she was always talking about… they do exist… and they told her that she could take over the world with their help… so that's what she's up to! And she makes it look as if I was the EVIL one here… I'm really nice!"

Everyone frowned but before something more could happen the Snape-fan-girls screamed: "We're done!"

Everyone else looked towards them and there was a moment of total silence… then everyone started laughing manically.

The fans whistled innocently and stepped away a bit from Severus who didn't know why everyone was laughing.

So he cast a simple accio spell at some mirror near them and nearly fainted seeing himself.

"Maybe… too much soap… too aggressive soap…" one of the fan-girls squealed.

"Or too much bleaching powder…" the other added silently and then shouted so everyone could hear it: "But I still love you with white hair! It looks sexy! Look at Lupin, his is greying too and everyone likes him!"

Lupin's fans shouted: "We even love him!"

Remus rolled his eyes but nodded: "How true… maybe I should dye it… we can go to the hairdresser's together, Severus!"

Snape however looked peacefully as he stood up and spoke in a calm voice: "Never mind, Remus, my friend, looks are not important… I found inner peace! From now on you can call me Severus the white!"

Everyone frowned once again and someone shouted: "Not another thing which is taken from Lord of the Rings!"

A second later Severus shook his head and then ran against a wall head forward.

When he stood up again he looked just as sour as he had always before and announced: "Detention for every student in this room, no more autographs for the fan-girls and my eternal hate for Lupin! Heck, I feel like I wasn't myself for a moment!"

Interestingly enough the fan-girls were totally happy with this and jumped up to hug him. For a moment they had feared to have lost their favourite character.

Only after this was done however people turned back to Voldemort.

"But, if you're not the evil one here… then what shall we do with you?" Harry asked what everyone thought.

"My inner eye tells me that something terrible will happen to him anyway, you don't need to bother thinking about a punishment!" Trelawney stated as casually as if she was talking about the weather.

Voldemort looked at Sybil and whispered: "That woman is creepy!"

"You're telling me?" Harry asked disbelieving and not knowing that You-Know-Who had meant his comment a little different to what everyone thought.

"Maybe Trelawney will scare Voldemort to death!" Ron suggested.

At this Professor Riddle started giggling in a really un-evil way: "Well, she could scare me every time she wanted!"

Hermione giggled too at this: "First comes love, then comes marriage…"

Everyone looked at her as if she was crazy until Voldemort spoke again: "How true, I think I love you Sybil! There can't be any woman as negative as you in the world you surely are unique!"

Harry frowned: "I surely hope there are no others like her!"

"I foresee some detention for Mister Potter!" Trelawney declared and then looked at Voldemort: "Well, we could discuss this somewhere else, maybe with a nice cup of tea!"

You-Know-Who nodded quickly and so they went off together and left everyone else wondering.

There was silence for a few minutes before Snape asked: "So, that's it? They bleached my hair for nothing?"

Harry shrugged.

Everyone thought about the question for a while.

"Severus made a good question though!" Remus admitted: "Is this the end of the story? Well, there's no villain around anymore… the day is saved…!"

Slowly but steadily the scene started to fade out when Harry shouted: "STOP! There's one more thing to do!"

The scene went to full screen again immediately and everyone was wondering what he was up to.

Harry went to his knees in front of Ginny and asked: "Do you want to marry me, Ginny?" then he turned to the audience for a moment and winked: "What's the end of a story when it's not a little cheesy at least?"

Ginny smiled from one ear to the other, some tears filled her eyes when she whispered softly: "You dream, Potter! No, thank you!"

Everyone was petrified for a moment and half the audience fainted before Ginny laughed and said: "Gotcha! Sure I will!"

The only problem was that Harry had been one of the first people who had fainted and so he hadn't heard the latter. So Ginny had to wake him up and explain the situation to him before he was happy finally.

Hermione sighed and said: "This is so romantic! Maybe I should have pleased the Harry/Hermione shippers rather than the Ron/Hermione shippers!"

Ron growled: "Buddy, you're always getting all of us into trouble… Well, ok, Mione, do you want to marry me too?"

"You always have to copy Harry, don't you?" Hermione asked back.

"You wanted this!" Ron argued.

"As sensitive as a brick!" Hermione claimed then she turned to the audience and winked too: "What's a story without any arguments?"

Someone asked finally: "So, is this the end?"

Everyone shrugged but Ginny seemed to know the answer, as she interestingly had always seemed to throughout this story.

"No, because this story will never end! There will always be people thinking of sequels for the strangest reasons!"

"But, honey," Harry began "Will there be any more chapters to this story?"

"No, because the author has to go back to school by Monday and so doesn't want to begin anything anymore before she knows if she has the time to write on with it!" Ginny explained.

Everyone nodded satisfied, and most of the original characters couldn't deny that they were secretly really glad that this was over.

Everyone who dared to say it aloud was hit by a brick, by the way, Snape managed to get the record with 9 bricks in a row!

So the scene ends with a picture of Hogwarts castle, saved one more time by Harry Potter, fading in the distance.

Final Author's note: So, yes, this is the end for now... I don't know if I'll have any time or inspiration for any writing as soon as my Uni starts again! Anyway, thanks to all my readers, and specially to all my reviewers!
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