(A/N:Sorry it took me so long. I was gonna add this chapter sooner, but my disk had to be reformatted, so I had to redo it. Hope you enjoy it.)


In a NeoTokyo subway train, a man, Ghost, was running through it. Ghost was wearing black pants that ended just below his knees & a dark gray vest. He also wore black sandals & black fingerless gloves. He also had a small skull pendant on a necklace around his neck. He also had an arm warmer around each forearm. He also had a long pasty face that made him look more Belgian or Swedish than Japanese. He also had a small amount of white hair on top of his head. Behind him was a woman wearing white panty hoes, boots, fingerless gloves, & a white tube top. She also had grey bracelets & a grey belt. She was wearing a red skirt with a white line near the bottom & a black bandanna over her blonde hair. She also had a pierced lip & a brown sack slung over he shoulder with something in the back. She pulled it out & it turned out to be a machete. She threw it at Ghost, who quickly turned around & caught the machete as it was inches from his face. He turned around again & threw it at the glass at the door of the other side of the car. It smashed through the glass & he grabbed the handle on the other side, opening up the door. The door slid open as Ghost brought back his hand. He opened up the other door to the other car. He ran in, but saw 2 more people in front of him. On the left was a woman wearing a grey sleeveless shirt with a yellow neck, arm holes, & bottom rim, a black head mask with eyeholes. She also wears a brown hat that looks like a round pyramid. She also has black fingerless gloves with long sharp claws protruding from the wrists. She also wore dark brown pants that ended halfway down her shins, with a black kneepad on the right knee. The kneepad had a yellow rim. She also had black pants with white toes. She also had black boxes on her upper-legs, with black & white straps holding them on. On the right was a woman in a red shirt & black pants. Her shoes were the same s the other woman's, she also had similar claws. Plus, she also wore a helmet that covered up her eyes & hair. Both of them got into battle-ready positions, so did Ghost. The mask woman charged at Ghost, who did the same. The masked woman lunged at Ghost with a claw ready to strike, but Ghost kicked up a nearby black umbrella & caught it. He then used it to block the masked woman's claw. The masked woman continued to swipe at Ghost with both claws, while Ghost continued to block all the masked woman's swipes with the black umbrella. Ghost then flung the umbrella at the masked woman, who dodged it. It flew further back & hit the woman with the helmet, knocking it off. Ghost & the woman looked over at the helmeted woman, who regained her balance & showed her face. Much to Ghost's surprise, her face was scarred around the eye area, & made her right eye invisible. The woman then charged at Ghost & jumped at him. She tried kicking him in mid-air, but he put up his hands & blocked all of her kicks. She landed back on the ground & dodged a roundhouse kick from Ghost. She swung another punch at Ghost, who dodged it easily. She threw punch after punch at Ghost, who dodged every single blow easily. He dodged another kick, but failed to block a punch directed at his face. The woman hit him dead on, sending him spiralling to the ground, where he lost consciousness. The woman walked back over to her helmet & picked it up. She put it back on her head & went over to where Ghost lay.

"Pheh, fool." She said. She spat on Ghost. "I spit on you." The woman who was chasing Ghost walked through the door Ghost burst through earlier.

"I saw it all." She said. The other 2 women looked over at her.

"Krayola." She said. "You're here. Good. I have a job for you."

"What, exactly?" Krayola asked. The helmeted woman pointed at Ghost.

"I want you to dump Ghost outside the train & meet us back at the base." She said. "Once outside the train, eliminate him."

"Got it." Krayola said. The train then begun slowing down.

"Here comes your stop." The helmeted woman said. "Good luck." Krayola nodded & looked down at Ghost's body.