Part I

-New to Town-

She remembered the first time she saw Clark Kent. It was her first day at Metropolis University. She first moved to Kansas one month before while her parents had moved about three months prior to her arrival. They needed to dot the lines on the deed of the house and she needed to stay behind so she could pack up what little they had and drive out to Kansas from Ohio. It was a long drive.

Once she got to Kansas and arrived to the town aptly named Smallville, she loved it. It reminded her of home. However, while Ohio had for the most part rolling lands Kansas had flat land. That would take getting used to.

Nevertheless, her father, rather step father had set her up with an interview with Metropolis University because his daughter will get her Master's whether she liked it or not. Meanwhile she could earn her Bachelor's in any subject her little heart desired. For some reason she chose Journalism. A week after her arrival she drove to Metropolis University and was immediately accepted to the University. Not because she was wonderful and super intelligent but a legacy. By any means necessary, she thought to herself as she drove home. Now she will be getting her Master's in History and Bachelor's in Journalism. Twice as much work. Any life she might have had was now gone. The rest of the drive was dull with lots of views of corn and windmills. "Didn't these build anything else?" she asked herself looking at yet another windmill.

Three hours later she was driving down Hickory Lane past...what did the sign say? The Kent Farm. "Wonder if they're nice people?" She asked herself. She didn't see anybody outside. Five minutes later she pulled into her driveway. Got out of her car and walked into her house.

"Well did you get in?" her father (stepfather) asked.

"Hi Dad. I had a good drive home but you know I hate driving for three hours. Thanks for asking," Leslie replied.

"You're a funny girl. I'm glad that your back. So's your mother. Did you get in?" was his reply.

"Michael let her sit down," Leslie heard her mother say from the kitchen as Leslie sat down in the chair.

"Yes Da I got in," Leslie replied smiling. He wanted her to be great in the world. She still felt a bit uncomfortable. She didn't know how to act around him. She's never had a father before.

"Of course you did. I had no doubt in my mind," Michael replied sitting down opposite her. Then he asked, "When do you start?"

"I start at the end of August," Leslie replied yawning.

"Well go rest and then we have to work on the farm," Michael replied watching his daughter doze off.

Within minutes she was asleep.

Part II

For the next two months Leslie helped on the farm not going into town. Her parents did all the shopping while she explored the land around her. She did not like to associate with anyone. Of course 20/20 hindsight had she hung around town she may have gotten to know the locals a little more and then maybe seeing Clark for the first time including the drama that was Clark Kent wouldn't have been such a surprise.

So when she finally arrived to Metropolis she was pleasantly surprised to see the city was close in comparison to the Ohio cities. She smiled. She and her parents entered Metropolis University and for the next 3 hours registered for her classes (two Journalism and one History Class). Leslie was then lucky enough to gain a spot on the tour for which she remembered as hell.

Part III

-Metropolis University-

The first day of class was always hectic. Of course Leslie made sure her classes would be within 5 minutes of each other because frankly she was that lazy. The graduate history class would be interesting: the History of the Church. Always her favorite subject. The two Journalism classes would be odd as she never had anything to do with Journalism her whole life: the History of Journalism and Magazine editing.

Her first class was Magazine editing at 8 o'clock in the morning, then her History Class at 9 o'clock in the morning and then a big gap from 10 until 1. She decided to go and get some coffee at the Horses Hat. She walked in and found the seat farthest in the back. Leslie sat down as the waitress walked up to her.

"What would you like?" the woman asked in Gaelic.

"Aine, English," someone yelled in English to Aine the waitress.

"No it's ok I speak Gaelic. I want an Irish Coffee please," Leslie replied in Gaelic.

"Thanks. I forget that I am not in Ireland anymore," Aine replied sheepishly.

"What part of Ireland are you from?" Leslie asked. Actually she was happy having to learn the language and now able to use it.

"Galway," Aine replied. "I will get your coffee."

"Thanks," Leslie replied.

Aine walked off.

Part IV

Aine returned with her coffee and Leslie enjoyed it leisurely for the next two and half hours. At 12:30, Leslie paid for the coffee and gave Aine a tip and Leslie headed out of the Horses Hat. Leslie took her time back to campus as it was not too far. About 10 minutes later she walked into her Journalism of History class to see that she could pick pretty much any seat she wanted. She walked up the right aisle and picked the aisle seat toward the middle. She put her bag down and shuffled through it to get a pad and pen. Then she watched people filtering in for the next 20 minutes. She was absolutely bored. Then it happened.

Part V

-Clark Kent-

In walked the most handsome man she's ever seen in her life. He was, at least, 6'4, blue eyes and midnight black hair. He was looking for a place to sit as now most of the class had arrived. Then he looked at her. Why was he looking at her? She wondered. Then she noticed a seat next to her and her mouth went dry.

"Hey Clark here are two seats. Let's sit here," a young blond woman told the young man.

"Probably his girlfriend", Leslie thought to herself.

"Ok Chloe," Clark replied.

"Hi, is anyone sitting there?" Chloe asked looking at Leslie.

"Um, no. You can sit there if you like," Leslie replied standing up to let them past.

"Thanks," Clark replied waiting for Chloe to figure which seat she wanted to sit in. She finally decided sit farthest away from Leslie. Clark then sat down next Leslie

"Great", Leslie thought to herself. She started to put her right arm on the rest at the same as Clark. They both smiled at each other.

"You can have it," Clark told her moving his arm.

"Thanks," Leslie replied softly. She was acting like a 14 year old.

Just then the Professor walked in.