Clark was standing in a church adjusting his tie. He was really nervous and he didn't know why. Just then his mother walked in and smiled. Her little boy had grown up; he was no longer a child. Now he was going to be a married man. She watched him nervously adjust and readjust his tie. She cleared her throat and he turned to look at her. He smiled brightly and shrugged.

"I never got the hang of these," he said quietly. He didn't have cold feet at all. Even though he was 22 years old, as far as he knew, he knew he loved Leslie more than anything else in the world.

"Don't worry your dad didn't either. Here let me help you," she said stepping up to help him with his tie.

"How's dad?" Clark asked looking at his mother.

She just sighed but replied, "Don't worry about your father he'll come around. Your father still thinks you're a little boy."

"I know I'm young but I know this is what I want. I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her. She knows me up and down, she's been with me through thick and thin," Clark told his mother. He knew it was the right thing. Plus he was getting ready to go and do his Kryptonian training; she had no problems with it. He smiled at what she said, "Good it means I get the remote while you're gone." Then he asked, "What are you trying to say that I'm a remote hog?" She just laughed and nodded. That night was the first time the two made love. He was glad he waited.

"Your father will come around ok. Just give him some time," Martha replied. "Where's Lex and Chloe?"

"Chloe is with Leslie as her bridesmaid and Lex is out making sure everything is alright," Clark replied. Just then there was a knock at the door and then Lex came through.

"Hey everything is ready to go. So let's go on out there," Lex said.

"Ok Lex we'll be out in a second," Martha replied and Lex exited the room. Just then there was another knock at the door. Martha called for the person to come in and to their astonishment it was Jonathan.

"Hey son, I'm sorry it took so long for me to come. This is what you want then I'll back you. If you want I am willing to stand with you," Jonathon said shaking his son's hands. Clark nodded and shook back.

"Thanks dad. Let's go. I don't want to keep her waiting," Clark replied. The trio made their way out to the chapel. He saw Lex waiting in front so Jonathon followed suit standing next to Lex. Clark went up and stood on the other side of Lex. He stood there waiting nervously for his bride. Just then music started and the flower girl started. The young child was a friend of Leslie's that flew in from Ohio. Clark wished some of her biological family would show up but they refused. It was their loss, he thought to himself. Just then Chloe walked out in a beautiful blue dress. She walked up and stood next to Martha. Just then the bridal music started and Leslie walked out. Clark gasped. She was so beautiful! She was wearing a white gown but it was a Renaissance cut style dress. Just out of the 16th century.

Clark started to mist because this is the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. She was on the arm of her father and Leslie could only stare at him. She smiled very deeply. Clark looked so handsome.

Leslie remembered when he proposed: it was their third anniversary. She mentioned she would like to go to England for a week in the summer. However, Clark pretended he wasn't listening. Several days later he told her they were going on a trip.

"Where are we going Clark? Why can't I take anything with me?" Leslie asked several times. Clark had been very secretive for the last couple of days.

"It's a surprise. Let's go!" Clark exclaimed.

She started out the door but he directed her to the balcony. "We are going out on the balcony for a reason?" She asked looking at her boyfriend weird. Clark never said anything. So finally Leslie just shut up and let Clark take the lead. They made it to the balcony and Clark locked the door behind them.

"Just watch," he said. He grabbed ahold of her and they lifted off the ground. Leslie just gasped and held tightly onto Clark.

"Clark that is so cool! When did you finally learn to do this?" Leslie asked smiling. Great another excuse to hold him tightly, meanwhile they were flying and she paid no attention.

"I've been trying for quite some time but I wanted it to be a surprise for you," Clark replied smiling. He was glad she liked it.

"This is a great surprise. Have you gone anywhere?" she asked not even noticing they were going over water.

"I haven't gone anywhere…yet," he replied.

"Where would you like to go?" she asked.

"England," he replied smiling.

"Wait, what?" she asked staring at him. "That's where I want to go."

"I know that's where we're going. Surprise!" he exclaimed.

"Oh Clark that's so sweet!" she exclaimed grinning from ear to ear.

About 10 minutes later they landed in a field. Leslie wasn't sure where exactly in England they were but she took a good look around. She noticed on the horizon they were outside a city, probably London. "Are we in London?" Leslie asked looking at Clark. This was the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for her.

"No we're just outside of London. That," he pointed to the city, "Is London. Lex has a car picking us up right…about…now," Clark said as a black car pulled up.

"You had this planned out for a while haven't you?" Leslie asked kissing Clark. He smiled widely and nodded. The two have been dating for quite some time and he was sure Leslie was the one he was going to spend the rest of his life with. He already talked to his parents weren't happy about it. Jonathan put his foot down but Clark didn't budge. Clark reminded Jonathan he married young and Jonathan walked out. Eventually Martha came around seeing Clark was determined but also remembered her and Jonathan young. Clark's father would come around.

Then Clark got the call to go start his Kryptonian training; he knew then it was time to propose to Leslie. Then he went to her father who finally forgave him and gave Clark his blessing. So Clark set up to take Leslie to England for a week to propose to her there. So there they were sitting in a black car going to a quaint bed and breakfast.

They enjoyed their trip there; they went to the major British sites: the British Library, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Trafalgar Square and last but not least Baker Street. Leslie loved Sherlock Holmes. Meanwhile Clark just didn't know when to do it. He just got so nervous whenever he decided to bring out the ring. Finally it was the last night there and he still hadn't asked her yet. She was getting dressed to go have a romantic dinner. He stood behind her watching her put her earrings when he blurted out, "Will you marry me?" She just stood there staring at him in the mirror.

"What Clark? What did you just say?" she asked dumbfounded.

"Will you marry me?" he asked again.

"Really Clark you're not playing me now are you?" she asked turning to stare at him.

"No I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he replied very sincerely. He went to get the ring out of his jacket pocket. It wasn't a very big ring. He got some loose coal and made a diamond out of it; then got it set in a band. It wasn't big or gaudy but it was nice anyway. He walked over to her and asked again, "Will you marry me?" She stared at him and started to cry. She couldn't even speak but nodded. He smiled and put the ring on her finger. He went in for the kiss and the two remained in the Bed and Breakfast for the evening.


Leslie and Alistair made it to the end of the aisle where he gave Clark Leslie's hand. The two were married with all their friends and family watching. Their honeymoon was brilliant because Clark took her to several cities in Western Europe. Several months later Lex and Chloe married much to the happiness of everybody. The tabloids had a field day of course eventually the two got boring so why bother printing anything. Nobody heard from Lana for quite some time.

Lana travelled for quite a while holding out hope Clark would come to his senses and want her back. Of course that never happened. She found a Daily Planet paper; found out Leslie and Clark in fact got married. Her heart sank in realization at what she had lost. She made it back to watch him get married and when she saw the two together there was no way Clark would ever leave Leslie. She left Smallville for New York and stayed. Clark and Leslie found an apartment near Lex and Chloe. Several weeks later Clark went for his training and when he came back he saved Chloe where he was dubbed, "Superman." Leslie was content.