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Title: How Could You?

Chapter 1: Betrayed

"Inuyasha." Whisper Kagome

Tears started to pour down her face. Each tear started to dropped slowly to the cold ground. Her heart was breaking yet again. But this time is more deeply. She felt awfully betrayed by the person she loved.

"Why?" said Kagome

The only answer she gets was the cold wind blowing at her face. Her body begins to shivers as the wind hit against her skin. She was in her school uniform only. She started to remember what happened earlier.


"Inuyasha?" said Kagome

Kagome frowns as she pulls herself out of the well. She thought she was late. But Inuyasha was later than herself. She looked around to found no one near her. She sigh's heavily.

"Where is he?" thought Kagome

Inuyasha was never this late unless he had something to do. Something was tugging at Kagome heart when she notice a soul stealer caught her eye. She started to follows it. She was walking until she heard voices. She started to stop and hide behind the bushes.

"Inuyasha?" thought Kagome

She found Inuyasha against the sacred tree. But he wasn't alone. Another figure was with him. Kikyo…

"Inuyasha do you love my reincarnation more than me?" said Kikyo

"No. She's only a shard detector to me. The only one I love is you Kikyo. I love you with all my heart." Said Inuyasha

"Inuyasha." Whispers Kagome

Tears were pouring down her face. Her heart was breaking. She couldn't stand it anymore. She started to run away from them. She ran and ran until she was out of their sight.

End of Flashback

"That baka." Cursed Kagome

She whipped her tears away. She's not crying anymore. Inuyasha doesn't deserve her tears. He hurt her so many times. Yet he's doing it over and over again. She started to realize she was alone in the middle of the woods.

It started to scare her as she looked around. She could only hear the winds as it was brushing against her body. She shivers again as she started to walk. She was carrying her over size back bag. But she didn't care.

She sighs heavily as she started walking. She suddenly stopped as she saw a body figure laying few inches away. Her eyes widen and she gasps.

"Sesshoumaru." Said Kagome

Kagome started to run to Sesshoumaru side. He was badly injured. His chest was bleeding. She winced as she saw the deep cut. She started to search for her first aid kit in her bag. Later she found it and took it out.

"I hope he doesn't kill me for this." Thought Kagome

Kagome knows Sesshoumaru hated humans. He was the lord of western lands. He wouldn't let a human touch him.

"Oh for kami sakes." Said Kagome aloud

Kagome didn't care if she get killed by Sesshoumaru if he founds out she touched him. She wanted to heal him. She knows everyone deserve to live and be happy. She started to take off his armor. She gaped as she realizes it was heavy to take it off.

15 minutes later Kagome cleaned out the blood. She started to bandage the wound. It took her few minutes just to finish. A smile crept upon her lips as she finishes. She started to dress him back up. Kagome looked at his lost arm where it been cut off by Inuyasha.

She touched the part slowly. She felt bad for Sesshoumaru. She didn't know why she did. But she just did. Knowing without an arm was hard for him. She thanks kami that he was asleep. If he wasn't he wouldn't she would be dead by now.

All she could feel was tired and cold. She leaned a few inches away from Sesshoumaru's body. Few minutes later Kagome started to feel tired. Her eyes begin to close. To her unknown a pink light had engulfed around them.

"Inuyasha where's Kagome?" said Shippo

"Feh!Shut up you midget." said Inuyasha

"Inuyasha it's getting really late. Kagome still didn't return yet." Said a Sango worried.

"Inuyasha what did you do?" said Miroku

This times everyone in the hurt stares at Inuyasha. When ever Kagome didn't return or leave. It was always his fault.

"I did nothing baka." Said Inuyasha

"Don't worry my dear. Kagome maybe still in her time to take care of things." Said Kaede

"Thank you Kaede -baba." Said Sango with a small smile.

Inuyasha snorted then left the hut. He sat on his favorite tree and thinking. He was hoping that Kagome didn't see him and Kikyo. To his unknown he didn't know Kagome saw the fact that he was with Kikyo. He had betrayed her this time deeply.

End of Chapter 1

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