Author's note: Here is now the Epilouge of How Could you! Thank you to all my loyal reviewers! I LOVEEE YOU ALLLL!

Title: How could you

Chapter: Epilogue

"IM WHAT!" Inuyasha screamed.

"You're moving in with Sesshoumaru" Kagome smiled.

"I rather eat dog food" Inuyasha protested.

"Oh alright then, you can live in this hut and we ALL can live in Sesshoumaru's nice comfy castle, and don't come back to us when you finally learn that I'm right and your' wrong" Kagome said.

"Feh, fine whatever" Inuyasha continued. "So when are we moving?"

"Now" Sango said out of nowhere.

"Inuyasha can you give me a hand" Miroku said as he held five luggage's in his hands.

"And those are all Sango's?" Inuyasha cocked an eye.

"Hehe yea" Sango nodded.

"Alright Inuyasha here's my stuff" Kagome said as she dumped 3 packages of stuff on him.


"Come on" Sango said as she linked arms with Kagome and started heading out.


"Kagome-chan!" Rin shouted as she ran to Kagome and gave her a big hug.

"Hiya" Kagome smiled sweetly.

"Sango-chan!" Rin shouted as she hugged Sango.

Sango smiled and gave Rin a hug too.

"Where do we put this stuff?" Inuyasha's voice muffled through the suitcases.

Rin looked confused.

"Why are Inuyasha and Miroku carrying your stuffies?"

"Maybe because they won't carry it themselves!" Inuyasha screamed. From all the suitcases he was carrying you can barley see his face.

"Sesshoumaru-sama was about to sent his servants to pick them up" Rin giggled.

"Really" Sango asked.

"Yupp" Rin smiled.

"Ohh…hehe sorry Inuyasha" Kagome laughed.

"Gomen" Sango laughed as she too apologized to Miroku.

"Come on lets go inside" Rin said. "Sesshoumaru-sama has picked out your rooms"

"How about these suitcases?" Miroku asked. He was about to look at Inuyasha but he has already dumped all of Kagome's stuff on the floor and the servants had already come to pick them up.

"We will take it from here" One of the servants said.

Miroku nodded and headed inside.


"This is your room" Sesshoumaru said as he pointed to a normal room with a king sized bed, chandelier, desks, lamps, draws, a closet, and there's a balcony outside the six feet glass sliding doors.

"Wow arigato" Kagome said as she gave Sesshoumaru a small peck on the cheek.

"Aren't you guys suppose to be sharing a room?" Sango asked.

"Ehh…I think I'll stay here for a while" Kagome said.

"Yea I think she's fine in here" Sesshoumaru said.

"Alright my room next!" Sango laughed.

They all headed down the hall which was covered with lights. On the floor there was a white carpet and of course it was clean. There were no stains on it nor marks. They finally stopped in front of a room with a sign that says Sango's Sanctuary.

"Cool I have my name on the door!" Sango squealed.

"You like it?" Kagome asked.


"Guess who picked it out?" Kagome asked.

Sango smiled and gave Kagome a big hug.

"Heres your room" Sesshoumaru said as he opened a door which embarked a king size bed as well, there are pictures of Kagome and Sango on the walls, there were pictures of Kilala and the gang as well.

"We have a surprise for you" Kagome smiled.

Sango looked at Kagome. "What is it?"

Suddenly one of the walls slid opened and revealed a somewhat teenage boy about ten to eleven years old.

"KOHAKU!" Sango exclaimed.

"Nee-chan" Kohaku smiled.

Kohaku gave Sango a big hug and tears were streaming down her face.

"Alright enough shmushy stuff can I see my room now?" Inuyasha said impatiently.

"Alright little brother" Sesshoumaru said as he lead the group outside of the castle.

"How far do we have to walk?" Sango complained.

"It's a life of luxury, you can get your food fresh" Sesshoumaru smirked.

-----Twenty minuets later-----

"Here we are" Sesshoumaru said.

There stood a barn. Inside there were hay, horses, pigs, chickens, and flies all over the place. Inuyasha's mouth dropped open.

"I-I-IMA LIVING IN THERE?" Inuyasha shouted as the chickens squawked.

"You can get fresh food and the hay is comfterble after you remove the cow dung from it" Sesshoumaru smirked.

"Feh" Inuyasha raised his head up high.

"We were just kidding Inuyasha you aren't sleeping here" Kagome giggled.

Inuyasha sweat dropped.


"Here this is your room" Kagome smiled.

Inside it was just like Sango's room except for the girly features.

"This is more like it" Inuyasha said as he flopped on the bed and looked around his room.

"Alright how about my room?" Miroku asked.

"Your going to be sharing with him" Sesshoumaru smirked.

Inuyasha sweat dropped "You're kidding me right?"

Kagome giggled. "Just kidding here your room is right next to Inuyasha's"

"Alright dinner's at 7 I expect everyone to be finish taking a shower and be down by 6:45" Sesshoumaru said solemnly.


"KAGOME-CHANNNNN!" A small voice squeaked from outside.

"Huh?" Kagome said turning around.

"What's the matter Kagome?" Sango asked as she helped Kagome put her stuff away.

"I think I hear someone call my name"

"Want to go see who it is?"

Kagome nodded and followed Sango outside.

"Shippo!" Kagome smiled.

"Kagome-chan!" Shippo sighed.

"What happened to you pipsqueak?" Inuyasha lifted an eyebrow.

"I didn't know that you were living here" Shippo sobbed.

"We'll we are now" Inuyasha smirked.

"Can I live here?" Shippo smiled.

"Of course" Kagome smiled and lead Shippo inside.

"Shippo-chan!" Rin said as she hugged Shippo.

"Hiya ne" Shippo smiled.

"Where do I sleep?"

"On the floor" Inuyasha said pointing to the carpet.

"Gak!" Shippo sobbed. "Is that true Kagome-chan?"

Kagome giggled. "No it isn't, come on I'll show you to your room."


----At Dinner----

"Kagome-chan can we go play outside in the gardens after we're done?" Rin asked.

"Yea of course" Kagome smiled.

"Now its time for dessert!" Sango cheered.

"Shippo you midget can you bring the dessert out?" Inuyasha asked.

"Isn't there servants" Shippo said.

"Their out for dinner" Inuyasha lied.

"Fine then" Shippo glared at Inuyasha with his arms crossed and went inside the kitchen.

As soon as Shippo went through the glass doors that lead into the kitchen Inuyasha smeared some butter on the entrance then skiped back to his seat.

"You know that your cleaning it up" Sesshoumaru cocked an eye.

"Yea whatever" Inuyasha snorted.

"I'M BACK WITH THE PUD-" Shippo slipped on the butter and the big jar of pudding flew pass Kagome and landed on top of Sesshoumaru's head. Everyone gasped and looked at Shippo.

"Oh your getting it now" Inuyasha snickered. But instead Sesshoumaru laughed and took some pudding and platted it on Inuyasha's face.

"What the!" Inuyasha shouted and took some chocolate on the table and threw them on Kagome.

"Hey!" Kagome giggled as she took some salad and flicked it on Sango's hair.

"That isn't fair!" Sango laughed as she threw a whole bowl of fruit punch on Kagome.

"SANGOOOO!" Kagome screamed and threw a whole plate of fruit salad on Sango.

"FOOOODD FIIIGHTTT!" Inuyasha shouted.

Soon everyone was covered with appetizers, food, deserts and basically the whole dinner that they had. Everyone laughed.

"I'm taking a shower" Kagome giggled.

"There's a shower in all of your rooms" Sesshoumaru stated.

"Really? Cool" Shippo said as he whipped the cucumbers that was on his eyes.

"Wow Shippo you look like the abominable snowman" Rin laughed. Shippo had rice pudding all over him. And carrots on his nose and raisins on his body.

When they all headed upstairs to take a shower Kagome and Sesshoumaru was left walking up to their rooms.


"Yea" Sesshoumaru replied.

"You should smiled more" Kagome smiled.

Sesshoumaru gave no face expression to Kagome. The truth is, he barley smiled. When he was little he never smiled.

"I can always make you smile you know"

"How?" Sesshoumaru cocked an eye.

"Like this" Kagome smiled. She then put two fingers on the side Sesshoumaru's lips and trusted it up making him smile.

"Now stay like this" Kagome laughed. Sesshoumaru did look goofy.

"Blah." Sesshoumaru frowned again. Suddenly a smile spreaded on his lips.

"There you smiled" Kagome said as she gave Sesshoumaru a kiss on the lips.


"Yupp?" Kagome answered.

"When you smiled you make me want to smile" Sesshoumaru said.

Kagome smiled back and held Sesshoumaru's hand. She has a feeling that for the rest of the time she was going to live there it would be great.