Bludhaven Hellmouth
by Redwulf

Chapter 1

She sat alone in the large drawing room, her head down as tears ran freely down her cheeks. It was 147 days today, and 148 at midnight, in which case was less than two hours away. Her shoulders convulsed as the tears flowed freely. Today was supposed to be the magic day. It wasn't going to work, however. She really had lost him. Why not? After the way she had treated him, did she deserve more?

The others had been sympathetic to a point, but they couldn't understand. To them he was just Spike, but to her he was her past and future. Xander kept trying to set her up with friends to the point she no longer talked to him. It was sad. He was grieving fo Anya; why couldn't he understand her need to grieve for Spike?

She looked up. Through her tears she saw that she now had only thirty minutes till 148 days. She rubbed her abdomen and realized Spike was going to miss his gift.

The door crashed open as Faith rushed in. "Buffy, we have Hellmouth activity."

Buffy leapt from her chair and made her way to the weapons chest with Faith. "Any ideas as to who is doing it?"

"Not really. We didn't even know there was a Hell mouth in Bludhaven."

Nightwing stood on the low-hanging sides of a Bludhaven church more involved in his inner monologue of the breakup with his girlfriend than on the workings of the night life of his city. The breakup came seemingly out of nowhere and shook him to his core. Now at the time he needed her most, Babs had dumped him. He had been there for her when she'd needed him, but now as he reached rock bottom, she'd deserted him. He was beginning to understand Bruce, the fewer ties you have the less you can be hurt by those ties.

His thoughts were interrupted by the 'lady' in question at just that point.

"Dick, you have major police activity headed towards the Bludhaven Museum," Oracle/Babs voice sounded in his ear. "It sounds like an explosion and possible meta terrorists."

"Received." Nightwing cut off brusquely, ending the conversation quickly as he shot out a line to head back uptown.

"Dick," the voice started again. "Do you need back up? The police seem to be calling in both state and national help."

Dick sighed inwardly as he answered. "It's my city Babs, I'll call you if I need help. Nightwing out." He shut off his radio as he swung into the night.

The Slayers gathered into the magic room of the old mansion, home of the Cleveland slayers. "Why didn't we know of a Bludhaven Hellmouth?" Buffy asked as she paced, preparing to be magically transported to Bludhaven.

"Well," Giles said as he cleaned his glasses, "we knew of it, but it has been inactive for so long that we no longer considered it a threat."

Buffy heard Kennedy snort behind her and for once had to agree with the girl. "A Hellmouth Giles? We need records on all of them. Where is this one?"

Giles looked up at his slayer. "Oddly enough in the city museum, displayed as an unknown artifact."

This time the snort came from Faith. "Have any of you guys been to the Haven?" At their blank looks she added, "Or Gotham? If there is a Hell on Earth, it would be in one of those places, and the Bat would shit if it were in Gotham."

"Quite right, Faith, but the Bat is just a local legend." Giles said in a voice that sounded as if he were talking to a slow seven-year old.

"Oh, yeah?" Faith's smile was evil and malicious. "So are vamps."

"The spell's ready, guys",Willow said, trying to avert a confrontation.

Nightwing swung into the museum area and for once was at a loss for words. There were hundreds, if not more, huge, fanged creatures, tearing up everything in their path humans, property, anything. Their only obstacle was dead in the center of the museum floor cutting them down with what appeared to be a sword. Attacking the monsters and leaving only their dust behind him, the white haired warrior was obviously beserk with fury. The first clear sound Dick got from him sounded strangely like the haunting cry of a hunting cat. The sound, however, conveyed a level of heartbreak that tore at the young hero's very soul. The man's once long duster was torn and shredded, revealing burns and bloody wounds.

Nightwing clearly heard the man's voice.

"Bunch of bloody poofters killed her, you got the slayer, but now you get a big helping of the Big Bad."

He never slowed, yet it was obvious he was gravely injured. The man danced more than common fighters, showing not only his talent but his skill as well. None of the much larger monsters seemed to stand a chance against him!

The voice rang out again. "So, this is bloody hell? I expected better ya know, bloody flames and roasting lawyers.

Dick once again switched on his radio. "Babs, gonna need help here, send in the Outsiders, the Titans and the Justice League! I have a situation here."