Bludhaven Hellmouth

by Redwulf

Chapter Two

Barbara Gordon was on the verge of panic. Three months of nightmares… three months of nightmares that had caused her to distance herself from Dick, and here it was Dick that was facing them. Oh, she knew the bleach blonde beside him; it was William the Bloody, Slayer of Slayers, The Big Bad, Champion and World saver. She had never met him, but she feared him. She worried about him, and she needed him, and she knew that whoever this Buffy was, that she desperately loved him.

Babs opened her comm to the nearest help to Nightwing. "Tim, are you and Roy still on the way to the Haven to see Dick?"

"Yeah Babs, gonna do the poor buddy thing maybe take him to a strip club." Roy answered for him.

"Uhhhmmmm, no strip club, underage here. We are just gonna help him beat up on people." Robin answered trying to be the diplomat.

"Yeah, cause since Dick's heartless ex dumped him, he needs violence therapy." Roy yelled again.

Babs broke in before Roy could make her kill him. "Dick needs help now, Robin. He has thousands of vamps cornered in the Bludhaven Museum." She was about to cut the line but instead added, "And I didn't dump him, we are on a break."

As she cut the line she heard Tim's muttered. "So were Ross and Rachel, and we saw how that worked out." Who the hell were Ross and Rachel?

"Nightwing." She yelled out over his line, "Those are prehistoric Vampires. You have to kill them. Here's how: behead them, put a wood stake through their heart, sunlight or set them on fire."

She didn't even hesitate as she switched the line again. "Boss, we have Hellmouth activity in the Haven."

"Under the museum?" The Bat asked.


"Understood, out."

Babs opened a line this time to Zatanna. She knew Zatanna's lover, John Constantine, had just returned from a lengthy battle in another dimension. However, now none of them had the luxury to allow time for the two mages to have post apocalypse sex; they were needed to close a hellmouth.

Dick Greyson moved into action even as he closed his comm, his mind working quickly as he landed between the injured warrior and the onrushing monsters. He had never seen anything like them, but they reminded him of vamps in game face. So he popped out a few flash bombs and began throwing them at the oncoming hordes. Luckily the flames quickly burned the monsters to dust; unluckily though he only had thirty.

"Nightwing." She yelled out over his line. "Those are prehistoric Vampires. You have to kill them. Here's how: behead them, put a wood stake through their heart, sunlight or set them on fire."

"Figured that out already," Dick answered, but he realized the line was dead and once again and Babs wasn't listening.

"Be right back," he yelled at the Billy Idol look alike. He shot off a line quickly as he saw his ally move forward to head off the attack.

"Alas, my love, you do me wrong, to cast me off discourteously." Spike sang as he staggered forward, again swinging the halberd in an arc using the sword end to behead an enemy then reversing it to use the wooden point on the other end to skewer another one through the heart. "For I have loved you well and long, delighting in your company."

Dick landed back beside him with a Katana in either hand. One good thing about a museum, lots of nice edged weapons. He looked at his 'dance' partner/Damn, I always get the crazies/

"Go through the windows man," Roy yelled at Tim. "He needs us now."

Tim didn't argue as he drove the Redbird though the windows sliding it sideways, slamming the things Dick was fighting and knocking them away from the car so he and Arsenal could get out. Tim pulled his decell using it like a rod and reel, bouncing the hook off the wall behind a Chinese broadsword and watching as it entwined the handle. He hit the button and reeled in his prize.

Roy wasn't idle either. His longbow dealing wooden shafts like a Mississippi river boat gambler, every shaft landing true - straight through the heart, which sent the opposition into poofs of dust. His hands a blur as he nocked and fired. His shaggy long red hair framed a face full of determination and a glint of amusement. The Red Archer would never admit it, but he lived for moments like this - he and his closest friends fighting against the worst scum the earth could find to throw against them.

The two fell in beside Dick and Spike listening to the bleach blonde singing, "Greensleeves was all my joy, Greensleeves was my delight."

"Is he insane?" Tim asked Dick

"Slightly saner than Roy." His older brother answered with a smirk.

At that moment there was a momentary lull in the battle and the four heroes looked directly into the mouth of hell. Millions of Turok Hans were climbing the sides to get out.

"Bloody Hell."

"Oh shit dude, I am gonna need more arrows." Roy said as he stood shoulder to shoulder with Dick slightly ahead of the young Robin and the critically injured Spike.

"Damn," Dick spoke as his eyes grew wide and a smirk stretched over his face. "I think we got them outnumbered."

"I don't get paid enough for this." Tim said from behind them.

"Whoa, wait, the runt gets paid? Why don't I get paid?" Roy jokingly asked as he retrieved a few of his arrows from the floor.

"Bloody hell! For Christmas and Puppies!" Spike said as he moved even with the two former Titans.

"Dude, for Playmates and Porn Queens." Roy answered with a lopsided grin.

And then the enemy hordes were on them again.


Buffy Summers stepped through the portal ahead of nearly three hundred half trained slayers, Faith, the Slayers from Sunnydale and Willow and her coven. Behind them came Andrew and his vid cam, supposedly to bear witness to their fights, but Buffy was pretty sure Giles was trying to get rid of him. Sad but true she was beginning to get it.

Then she saw it… looked almost like a pile up, with the Turok Hans charging mindlessly at one spot. Two men, one in a yellow cape and the other in two-tone blue suit, were flipping over the creature's heads. She recognized those two from Faith's fan girl descriptions, Robin and Nightwing. In Buffy's own fan girl mind the two had to be bouncing and twisting above Wonder Woman and Superman, since those were the only two superheroes she could think of that could dust that many Hans so quickly. Buffy felt a thrill go through her. She, Buffy Summers, about to rub elbows with actual Justice League members.

She shared a smile with Faith, then led her army into battle as Willow went to try to close the Hellmouth.

Babs had finally gotten through to Zatanna and Constantine. She had only gotten Kory at the tower, but the 'princess' was going to pick up Donna on the way. The Justice League were in Atlantis on a mission. Unfortunately, the Justice Society weren't answering the phones either and no one else could get there in time. She just prayed those she was able to contact were enough.

Batman came in through the skylight like an avenging angel. These THINGS had his sons trapped. He took one look around and knew in an instant that these things were Turok Hans, that the women were Slayers, and that the white headed warrior with his boys was Spike, a souled vampire and a champion. He knew all this because he was BATMAN. He was Batman, and these monsters had picked the wrong town to enter.

He fell in between Roy and Spike quickly, the broad sword he had secured earlier seemed to sing in his hands as he helped the quartet tear through the hordes of hell with a vengeance. It wasn't often that the Bat clan could release all restraints and truly use everything they had against an enemy; few enemies were strong enough or tough enough to live through a true Bat clan onslaught. And these boys were his; even Roy was like the annoying nephew you hoped your kids would outgrow. As for the vamp… although the vamp barely stood on his own power, he seemed to be punch-drunk and refusing to go down. He was a fighter and Batman respected that.

Buffy Summers was in awe. Although she continued to fight, she couldn't help but be in a little shock - Giles was soo gonna be pissed - there was a Batman. HE was fighting among the group at the front, the group that was packed so tightly together but that was damned near killing as many Turok Hans as the Slayer army.

Quickly the beginning of the end came for their enemies as the Hellmouth began to close quickly leaving only a few hundred enemies waiting to be slaughtered by the superheroes and the slayer army. Another skylight shattered and two women came flying down. One was the super model hero Kory andersomething and the other was Troia, the Amazon. Buffy felt their appearance was completely bogus. She was just getting started kicking Turok Han ass, but then Kory had to start disintegrating them too quickly for comfort.

Then her attention returned to the where he stood - across the room. Spike and some redheaded guy battled side by side right where she had thought she would see Superman and Wonder Woman, but Buffy didn't care that her assumption was wrong. Her feet began moving before she thought.

"Spike!" the tortured scream left her lips.

Spike turned towards her and his eyes filled with fear. Just as Buffy approached him an apparition of her appeared in front of him talking.

"Spike, lover, I need you again. I am pregnant, and I have no idea who the daddy is, but I know you'll love me." First Buffy said.

Buffy, the real Buffy, froze for a moment before running through the apparition, trying to show Spike it wasn't real. However, Spike fell onto his back and began crawling backwards to escape her all the while muttering, "Nononono."

Arsenal and Batman stepped shoulder to shoulder between the downed Spike and the approaching slayer. Buffy pulled up short at the sight, her heart in her throat. /What did they think they needed to protect Spike from her/

"Troia, Starfire," the man in two-toned blue beckoned, as he stood over Spike checking his vitals. "His pulse is weak and his breathing is fading. He needs a hospital fast."

Troia slipped her arms under the downed warrior. "Starlabs?" she asked.

At Nightwing's nod she took off as Buffy's eyes followed her. When she looked back toward the superheroes, they had vanished. The only evidence that remained that they had even been there was a crushed red car. Buffy looked over at Faith. "Hey don't look at me, I was watching the two women fly off." And that seemed to be the consensus.