Chapter Eleven---Erase Me

The next year was not pretty for anyone at the orphanage. Dante proved to be getting more and more like his father in the worst ways. Only Cale and Stone knew the boys moods and buttons well enough to be around him for more then a few minutes without upsetting him into an impossible rage. However, true to his word, Dante remaind good friends with Aden-- returning letters, sending presents and ludicrious schemes. Thought despite his good nature with Aden, everyone else was changing and leaving yet again.

"Cale..." Cale perked up at the sound of Sade's somewhat soft voice. He didn't like it when she used her soft voice. Sade wasn't soft. She was strong and generally of an angry disposition.

"...Yes?" Sade smiled sadly at him and he knew something very wrong was going to be taking place. Without him.

"..I...I have to go away for a while..." Cale stepped back from his raven haired friend, a look of disbelief on his face.

"..Cale, please!" Cale shook his head.

"Just...just go Sade. Go." Cale felt both their hearts break with each step he took, distancing himself from his only other friend. A dazed look overtook Sade as she watched him leave and he was long gone before she spoke.

" son."

Dante paced his room in anxiousness. Cale watched him from his spot on the edge of the bed while Eden re-braided his hair, trying as hard as humanly possible to blend in with the sheets. Had Dante not turned a vicious emerald glare her way not moments before, Eden would have sworn she was doing a marvelous job.

"...Dante. Stop. What's wrong?" Dante smiled at his little brother and hugged him tightly. The same suffocating sense of utter wrongness enveloped Cale as it had when Sade had told him goodbye.

"Stone and I...Stone and I are going away for a while, Cale." Cale rolled his eyes and felt Eden very carefully get off the bed, back out of the room and escape to the other end of the house where it was obviously safe.

"Cale listen, there's a man there who wants to train us. Just like dad. Don't you want me to be like dad?" Cale thought this was an extremely stupid question of his brother to ask. Cale had never known their parents.

"Listen! It's only a couple of years before you'll be there too!" Cale sighed, stood up and hugged his brother tightly.

"...It's too late Dante. You'll forget me." Dante looked at his brother so helplessly it almost brought tears to the youngers' eyes.

"Save the world Dante." And then, Dante was all alone, sword in hand and waiting for a man who would to teach him to save the world...or destroy it.

Like father, like son.

To Be Continued


Duality: Us and Them

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