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It seemed like an ordinary night at the Xavier Institute. No giant robots to fight, mobs of violent people to quell, young mutants to rescue, or villians to thwart. Peter Rasputin had finally decided it was time he and Kitty set things straight, something that was sorely needed between the two of them ever since his return from Ord's clutches. He found her in her room, intensely occupied in an old video game.

"Katya, what are you doing?"


"But you're just play-"


"-ing a video game."

The game paused and she gave him a look. THE look. He'd seen it before. He knew what it meant. No one, not even Apocalypse, the Shadow King, or even the Dark Phoenix would mess with Kitty after getting 'the look.'

Peter left her alone after that, deviding that maybe a look at some of those steel sculptures done by that Kevin Ford boy would be a good idea right about now. Maybe he'd even like a tutor.

Several nights later. Wade Wilson is on a rooftop. Another job well done for the merc with a mouth. That mob boss had never known what hit him. But then, the only protetion he'd hired had been a few a extra goons and Batroc the Leaper and his goof squad. When you hire a guy who'd once been whupped by Squirrel Girl and an army of tree rodents, that rumor about Dr. Doom be danged, well, you weren't the sharpest tool in the shed.

"Let's see those uppity Agency X guys top that."

He continues walking, happy and merry, whistling a happy tune, wondering if Siryn would be up for a game of nekkid twister. She could even invite that blonde friend of hers. What washer name again, Shaboom-Kaboom?

Then he sees her.

"Pryde? What're you doing here? And what's with the weird karate outfit and headband look? I know you've made some weird fashion choices before, but still..."

"Wade. It's payback time."




"My gentleman parts!"


The inspiration for this little bit of craziness came to me when I saw a page from Joe Kelly's Deadpool (issure number twenty-seven I think), where Wade shoryuken's Kitty (yes, the Dragon Punch uppercut), in an effort to pick a fight with Wolverine for therapy reasons, and the image of her playing Street Fighter constantly afterwards for payback came to me. Although she's using a move from Cammy and wearing Ryu's outfit. Oh well.

Kevin Ford is one of the many current students at the Xavier Istitute, and one of the nicer members of Emma Frost's Hellions Squad. Like Peter, he's an artist, specializing more in industrial arts, using steel and other metals to create things. Siryn has been one of Wade's on/off love inerests for most of his comics life, "Shaboom-Kaboom" is Wade's mangling of her X-Force teammate Tabitha Smith's first codename. Batroc te Leaper is an F-list villian, who's not very impressive. He has over the top french accent, and is a bit of an acrobat. His most recent appearence was in the very funny Great Lakes Avengers mini-series, where yes, he got beat down by Squirrel Girl, a girl with Squirrel-esque mutant powers (and newest member of the GLA) who yes, once did soundly defeat Doctor Doom.

The "gentleman part's" line is shamelessly lifted from the great Gail Simone's excellent Agent X series. It was too great a line not to use.

Thanks for reading, I hope it was enjoyable! C&C is always appreciated.