Starting Over: Sorceress of the Cards

Chapter 2

Written by Senshi of Valis

Ranma ½ created by Rumiko Takahashi

Card Captor Sakura created by Clamp

Slayers created by ?

YuGiOh created by ?

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SeCtIoN bReAk

It felt great to be back in Nerima after being gone for two weeks. Growing up she would never have really cared when she left a place because it didn't matter, nothing really mattered to her a whole lot then. Now though, she had a real family who loved her and more friends than she ever dreamed possible. She had a place worth returning to, a lace that made her happy.

As she walked down the street her mouth watered at a familiar smell…okynomiyaki. And not just any okynomiyaki but Ukyo's, the best in the world. She hurried the rest of the way to the restaurant, a little miffed still about Xellos's disappearing act since he still hasn't shown back up yet.

As soon as she entered the restaurant she froze, Bakura was leaning over a table kissing Meilin. Ranko's heart felt like it shattered as she let out a startled sob, turned and then ran from the restaurant paying no attention from the calls that followed her. Bakura…he betrayed her, lied to her.

She didn't really care where she ran too, she just wanted to get away from what she just witnessed. How could he do this to her, he said he loved her…and she even came to love him. But now…now she knew the truth. He never loved her, he just pitied her.

Another thought came to her mind though, Ukyo was letting it happen. And Ranko was sure that she seen Nabiki and Akane in there too. They all was letting it happen!

Something solid stopped her as she fell back to look up at a strange boy who fell back the other way. He had strangest looking hair that she had ever seen with all of its spikes of blonde, red and black.

"Are you okay?" A brunette girl asked Ranko.

"What do you care?" Ranko sobbed.

"It's okay, we just want to help." The boy said as he got up and offered Ranko his hand. He had a strange inverted pyramid with a familiar looking eye design on it.

After a few moments hesitation Ranko took the boys hand and let him help her up.

"I'm Yugi and this is Tea." The boy said.

"I-I'm Ranko." Ranko said trying to wipe away the tears from her eyes but it was useless as fresh tears just took there place.

"What happened?" Tea asked, "Did someone try to hurt you?"

"He…He was kissing Mailin…" Ranko sniffed, then realized that they didn't even know her and wouldn't even know what she was talking about.

"Your boyfriend cheated on you?" Tea asked sympathetically, hugging Ranko.

"Bakura…he said he loved me…" Ranko cried, "I seen him…he was kissing another girl…"

Ranko was startled as she seen the boys pyramid grow brightly for a second like Bakura's usually did when Ranko came around him. It seemed so familiar, just like his ring.

"Are you sure it was Bakura?" Yugi asked, but his voice was much deeper than before. "We…aren't exactly friends…But I hate for a misunderstanding to cause you pain."

"What are you talking about?" Ranko asked, pulling away from Tea.

"Bakura is like me…" Yugi said, "A spirit trapped inside of a millinium item."

"What!" Ranko asked, shocked. Normally she would think that this was too crazy, even for her but…After having to catch a deck of magical cards, meeting a goddess, then a mazuko and then training for two weeks in ancient sorcery not to mention Jusenkyo…this was actually sounding a little normal to her…and that scared her.

"My name is Yami." Yami said, "It is complicated…but we share the body of our hosts. It is beneficial to both of us and we have a strong bond."

"I know this sounds crazy." Tea said, "But its true. Still…Bakura, if it is him he can be dangerous…please be careful."

"I'd never harm my Kitten you little fools." Bakura growled walking from the shadows of the alley near them.

"Was it you kissing Meilin?" Ranko asked, her voice faltering.

"No, Ranko." Bakura sighed, "I should have told you about this sooner…Ryou is the true spirit of this body. He…likes Meilin. I love you though, and only you. Bast says that she will try and create a body of my own if you are willing to help her. I wanted to talk to you about it when you got back."

"Can I talk to Ryou?" Ranko asked.

"Sure." Bakura said, the ring glowing for a moment.

"Hi." Bakura…Ryou said, his voice much softer that Bakura's.

"R-Ryou?" Ranko asked nervously.

"I'm sorry for hurting you, Ranko." Ryou said, "We both are, I know Bakura loves you very much."

"I…I don't know what to say." Ranko said softly.

"Please forgive him, Ranko." Ryou said, "You are the only good thing that has happened to him in a long time. Everytime he sees you hurt it tears him apart on the inside."

"I want to speak to him." Ranko sighed as the ring glowed again.

"Bakura?" Ranko asked and he nodded. Ranko grabbed him by his collar and pulled him over so they were face to face. "If you ever…and I do mean EVER scare me like that again…I will turn you into a pretzel."

"Got it." Bakura said nervously, his voice back to the voice of the man she loved.

"Good." Ranko said leaning in and kissing him. After getting over the surprise Bakura wrapped his arms around