Excuse Me
Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction
Seto x Anzu

Disclaimer: If I owned Yu-Gi-Oh but I would make Seto Kaiba real, and hide him in a closet for my own needs. So judging by the fact that I don't have a Seto Kaiba in my closet, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! Ha!

Joey Wheeler / Jounouchi Katsuya
Yugi Muto / Mutou Yuugi
Téa Gardner / Mazaki Anzu
Tristan Taylor / Hiroto Honda
Mokuba Kaiba / Kaiba Mokuba
Seto Kaiba / Kaiba Seto

Summary: Kaiba Seto is still CEO and President of Kaiba Corp. while Yuugi and his gang are going on with their lives, in college or wherever else they had gone. We are currently in Kaiba Seto's office when a knock sounds on the door and wakes Seto from his tired state.


"Excuse me, sir?"

A secretary, around her mid-late thirties, poked her head through the door to the office of her boss and the CEO of the most prestigious company the world has ever known. Her short red curly hair tied up in a small bun, and her brown eyes dull from staring at a computer screen for days on end. Deciding that she wasn't interrupting anything, she walked in all the way, and waited at his desk until he acknowledged her.

Kaiba Seto grunted at the interruption. After spending nearly all of last night trying to fix the one last problem in his system, he was cranky and for once –tired. He really needed coffee and a nap. He looked up with bagged eyes at his secretary's face and tried to give his best scowl under his terrible conditions.

Noticing that her boss –that pretty much looked like hell- was now paying attention, she placed a manila folder on his desk and turned to walk away.

Seto turned his tired eyes to the cream colored packet that sat in front of him and opened it with a flick of his hand. There sitting in front of him was his secretary's resignation papers in front of his widening eyes.


All heads turned abruptly to the roar that came from their boss' office and started to work more ferociously when he came marching out of his office. He slammed the same folder that was causing more problems for him on top of his secretary's desk, scaring the life out of her.

"What is the meaning of this!"

"Sir, t-though it is hard for me to do, I have to resign due to p-personal problems," she squeaked.

"Stop stuttering. What could possibly cause you to quit?" he said curtly and crossed his arms firmly over his chest.

"Family problems, sir," she hung her head.

"You do know that this means I have to go searching for another incompetent moron to do your work?"

"Yes sir, and I gave it a lot of thought b-before I quit, and it shouldn't be too hard," she paused and decided to look him in the eye. "With the lack of jobs nowadays."

He grunted at her and turned his head to look at all the people in the room that were staring at the quarrel. Quickly narrowing his eyes at the slackers, he shouted loudly so they all could hear.

"Get back to work you fools! I'm not paying you to slack on the job!"

At once, everyone's heads were looking down and you could hear tapping keys, shuffling papers, ticking clocks, and steps echo through the room. A few people had the guts to walk quickly –nearly sprint- by their boss to get to the copier room.

Letting out an exasperated sigh and holding the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger he turned on his heel to get back to his office. But before he opened the door, he threw one last word over his shoulder at his soon-unemployed secretary.

"I don't care what you do, just make sure I have a new secretary before you leave"

With that he shut the door with such force, that a few things at the woman's desk jumped and fell back on their sides. She let out a small sigh while shaking her head and placing her things back up, she decided to get to work on producing fliers for the next secretary to go through this type of hell everyday.

It had been nearly 2 years since Mutou Yuugi and friends had graduated high school. Spending most of their time at college –or cram school in Jounouchi and Honda's case- the group had drifted apart in where they went in life, but definitely not in their friendship.

Currently, Yuugi was taking care of the Kame Game Stop happily chatting with his childhood friend, Anzu Mazaki, while his grandpa had gone out shopping. It was a great surprise when she decided to show up and visit her old friends in Domino when she spent most of her time at Julliard University in New York where she was studying to become a great dancer, her lifelong dream since she was a young girl.

With the same bright blue eyes Yuugi had always known, the only thing different about the adult Anzu was her longer brunette locks that reached her shoulder blades. Her eyes twinkled in delight as they reminisced about the good memories of Duelist Kingdom and Battle City. Though most of the time it was spent conquering some forms of evil that threatened the world, the gang always found time to have fun in the hardest of times.

"Hey Yuug'! Anzu?"

Anzu and Yuugi both turned their heads and beamed at the lanky blonde that stood at the entrance to the Kame Game Stop. His blonde hair in the same tousled cut it was in high school was glinting in the bright sun, as it nearly looked golden under its rays. The only difference about Jounouchi was his grammar and Brooklyn accent that was steadily improving.


Anzu came running up to Jou and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging the life out of him. Jou gave a hardy laugh before he too returned the hug.

"Anzu! What are you doin' here? I thought you were studyin' in New York with dancin'!"

"I am! But I decided to come and visit everyone before I go on my huge tour with the rest of the class! I don't leave for another six months"

A radiant smile flashed across her face as she remembered the reason she had to visit everyone before she went on the huge tour all over the world. Her school chose a very select few people to accompany on the biggest trip the school had to offer, to watch ballets and musicals all over the world. And she was chosen in that very small group for that wonderful chance.

"That's great Anzu! Hey Yuug'? Is Honda here yet? I told him to meet me here…" Jou started to fade off as he remembered what he told his long time friend.

"No, sorry Jou. Honda hasn't been by at all"

Yuugi stepped down from the ladder that led up to the higher shelves of the store and looked at Jou with an apologetic smile. Even after 2 years after graduation, Yuugi –as short as he was- had hardly grown in that time. With only a couple of inches to add to his height, he was now just as tall as Anzu without her heels. His multi-colored hair, still in the same gravity-defying fashion it always had been.

All of their attention was directed to the ladder while Jou and Anzu walked over to help Yuugi put the ladder away and didn't notice a mysterious shadow. A familiar tall figure stood at the doorway with a leather briefcase in his hands and a brunette head. He leaned against the frame of the door as he watched the three put the ladder away with a few difficulties because of Jou and his clumsiness, and almost caused the newcomer to nearly snort in amusement at him.

"Someone call my name?"

All three heads snapped up to see Honda (A/N: You thought it was Seto huh! Buahahaha!) standing with his leather case over his shoulder and a goofy grin on his face. There wasn't anything different about the young adult, as he stood rather awkwardly in the middle of the door. His brown hair at that crazy pencil point as it always was, and his hazel eyes glinting mysteriously.

Nothing had really changed during those two years for any of them.

"Anzu? Is that you?" Honda asked incredulously.

"Hey Honda!" she gave him a tight hug that he returned whole heartily and –deciding that it was too affectionate- added a quick noogie to his old friend. She gave him a small glare but smiled nonetheless at his good nature.

"Well, now that we're all here, we can finally go t' the arcade!"

"Jou," Anzu started with sighing, "don't you think we're a little old for the arcade?"

"What? Heck no!" he waved his hand dismissively at her. "Come on Anzu! We're neva too old for the arcade!"

Anzu let out another sigh of defeat but smiled when Yuugi and Honda agreed with Jou, and they made their way down the street to the arcade they would always go to during high school after spending most of there day studying.

'Let the good times roll' Anzu thought and shook her head as she watched Jou and Honda bicker lightly and noticed Yuugi watching them while scratching his cheek in embarrassment.


This time, Kaiba Mokuba's head poked through the door of his older brother's office. His raven hair only a little shorter than it was a year ago was held back in a ponytail, and his violet-gray eyes danced merrily in childish glee. The steady tapping of the laptop and whirring of the air conditioner a reassuring sound that had always been in there, from as long as he could remember, was music to his ears as he waited for his brother to look up at him.

The typing stopped and Seto looked up at his younger brother after quickly saving his progress. He watched as his brother shuffled across the floor and sat at the leather chair in front of his desk. Seto took in a deep breath and let it out in time, to get the last surges of work out of his system.

"Yes, Mokuba?"

"I know you're probably going to say no but I'll ask anyway," taking a deep breath, his next sentence was almost slurred together as he spoke, "do you know how Yuugi is always having those parties on holidays?" Seto groaned in annoyance but nodded his head in confirmation that he knew.

Oh lord, did he know. He could still remember that disastrous party they had at the last day of their year at Domino High School. Yuugi had put it on, along with his geek squad, and their whole class was invited. It was held in the school gym with decoration and plenty of food for the dog and his lackey. Mokuba had convinced him to go –no surprise there; the kid had a knack for getting what he wanted out of his older brother. He said that he needed some time for social activity to help Seto learn how to hang out with people his age. Like I need it. But Mokuba's expression showed that he had forgotten that small detail, as he stared at him with slightly wide eyes and his mouth parted.

"Oh," he looked rather surprised at his brother. "Well he invited me, that is to say us, to his New Year's party," he paused but quickly added in, "but it's only a few people, like Anzu, Honda, and Jounouchi," he finished mumbling the last part.

He knew Seto didn't like Jou, and it was affirmed when he narrowed his eyes with each mentioning of the name. Mokuba could tolerate, and usually got along with most people. And as most everyone knew, he made friends much more easily than Seto. He was always trying to find some way or another for Seto to get out of the office and act more like a 20 year-old young adult and not a 40 year-old grump CEO like he always acted. He was spending most (A/N: all) of his time in the office dealing with his systems and company, and hardly ever slept.

"Seto, you need to get out more, and this'll help," he said during his big brother's silence. "I know you don't like any of the people, but I'll be there." His eyes got wide and watery as he pouted his lip, and tried the puppy-eyes. He knew he was too old for it, but who said he couldn't use it to get what he wanted.

Almost immediately after he put on 'the' face, Seto's hardened eyes softened and his lips twitched into a faint smile. He sighed in defeat and stood up from his chair grabbing his coat, and started to walk towards the door. Mokuba's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he watched his brother place a hand on the doorknob and lingered there for a moment.

"Fine, I'll go to the party," he sighed and Mokuba nearly danced in victory, but settled for a subtle 'whoop!' under his breath. He jumped from his chair and hugged his brother tightly around his middle, while Seto ruffled his younger brother's hair.

"Thanks Nii-sama," he let go and beamed back up at his older brother, and Seto smiled gently at his childish antics. Would he ever grow out of it?

"No problem, kid. Is there anything else you need?" he asked as they walked down the hall to the elevator.

"Actually," he let the inquiry hang there for a moment until they got inside of the double doors and Seto pressed the ground floor, while looking at his brother with a raised eyebrow.

"I was thinking, could we go to the arcade for a few hours? I haven't been there in forever!" he quickly added.

Seto sighed but reluctantly nodded at him and Mokuba gave another small 'whoop!' in victory. He was the only person to get Seto to do what he wanted without a fight.

"Yes! High score!" Jounouchi laughed in sinister delight.

Anzu, Yuugi, and Honda all watched in apprehension as Jou tried every single game in the arcade. Not particularly caring that he nearly spent twenty dollars in the process.

"Jou? Don't you think that's enough? I don't think I've seen anybody play so many games," Anzu sighed.

He's never going to grow up.

"Yeah man, you're startin' to sound like Kaiba with that evil laughter you're startin' to use," Honda nodded in agreement.

"Kaiba? What?" Jou asked in disbelief and looked everywhere for the blue-eyed CEO. Anzu and Honda both sighed tiredly and sweatdropped.

"Jou, he's not here. Honda was just saying that you're starting to act like him," Yuugi scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. People were starting to stare at their friend that was looking around him frantically for his enemy. Jou would never change.

"There he is!" he shouted.

"What?" all three shouted in disbelief.

Anzu, Honda and Yuugi's heads all turned into the direction that Jou was pointing. Sure enough, Kaiba Seto and Kaiba Mokuba were walking together on the sidewalk towards the arcade. Seto with his hands buried deep in his pockets walking behind at a clearly slower pace, and Mokuba skipped happily in front of him to the doors. A scowl plastered on his face Seto didn't notice the gang of friends he so happened to immensely dislike, that is until Mokuba made sure he did.

"Hey guys!" he walked a bit faster over to the group. All of which were staring rather disbelievingly at Seto Kaiba. "You guys have seen Seto before, what's with the staring?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Anzu was the first to come to her senses and she pursed her lips for a moment in thought. "Actually, we were just talking about your brother."

"Whoa, really?" Mokuba looked over at his brother that was still lingering at the door, having spotted the geeks he wrinkled his nose in disgust and glared.

"Yeah, unfortunately," Anzu replied. She looked over at the tall brunette at the door, and noticed the small change after high school. He had broader shoulders and as difficult as it was to fathom –a growth in height. Seto Kaiba was tall in his teens, easily the tallest in the class as well as one of the smartest, and this new addition to the ruthless adult, just made him all the more intimidating.

She knew that Kaiba was always handsome, though it took her a while to realize, with good genes. Mokuba seemed to possess them as well as she noticed a few of the girls around the arcade started to look dreamily at the younger Kaiba and swoon.

"We were just stopping by for a while," he turned his head back to his brother when he noticed he wasn't followed in by him. A disappointed look was on his face when he turned back to Anzu but forced a smile. Anzu decided to 'persuade' the CEO to come over to hang out with his brother, regardless they were there or not.

Seto turned back to the others when he heard loud footsteps drawing near, and narrowed his eyes when he realized it was only Yuugi's cheerleader. He sneered at her and that only caused Anzu's fire to burn even more as she balled her hands to fists on her sides when she finally reached him.

"What do you want, Mazaki?" he glared at her with his ice-cold eyes and waited for her to say something to him.

She pursed her lips at him and placed her small fists at her sides in order to look at least the tiny bit intimidating at him. She knew it wouldn't work, by the fact that this was Seto Kaiba, but hell, she would try her hardest anyway.

"Why are you just standing around? Your brother is waiting for you," she finally asked and Seto's raised in eyebrow in slight amusement.

"I'll go over there as soon as your ugly face and moronic friends are out of my eyesight," he crossed his arms over his chest defiantly and glared back at her.

Anzu was shocked and stood there. Had he just called her ugly and her friends morons? Of all the nerve! What a no-good, dirty, cruel-

That was the last straw. She had tolerated many, many insults from earlier years from him and this last one caused her to lose it.

"You jerk, Kaiba! What is your problem? You have some real nerve calling someone ugly to their face and their friends a bunch of morons who's done nothing to you but try to get along and be your friend! It's no wonder nobody gives a damn about you except your little brother! And his love is unconditional! Which I have no idea why or how he could even care for a selfish bastard like you," she slapped him hard across the face and stomped away in a huff and open and slammed the door to the arcade. She earned stares from everyone in the room, and he didn't know whether it was from her outburst or the door slamming shut.

Somebody let out a whistle and Seto turned his steadily reddening face from the slap to look at a slack-jawed Honda, Yuugi, and Mokuba while Jounouchi looked impressed.

"Couldn't've done it better myself," he laughed and followed Anzu out the door.

Seto still stood there, now sporting a red handprint on his face, looking right back at Mokuba and the others as they stared at him.

Yuugi was the first to come to his senses as he made a grab for Jou, and Jou turned his head to look at Yuugi with puzzlement.

"Jou, I don't think that's a good idea right now. Let her calm down and burn off steam, then we can see if she's all right," he breathed. He didn't want Jou to get beaten into a bloody pulp from saying the wrong thing to an angered Anzu. The consequences would be dire.

"Yeh, I guess you're right," he sighed and turned to look at Kaiba. A mocking grin broke out across his face as he noticed Kaiba's shocked expression and managed to stifle a snicker at the red handprint across his cheek.

"Uh, Seto? Are you okay?" Mokuba asked with concern. That slap looked like it hurt and from the way his head was thrown to the side from the force, it was pretty much confirmed.

Seto's cheek throbbed as the aftereffect of the slap was finally put into high gear. Where did Anzu learn to smack that hard? He raised a hand and gingerly touched his red cheek. His fingers felt cool against the burning skin and he sighed.

"We don't have to stay anymore if you don't want to Nii-sama," Mokuba offered. "I mean, after what Anzu…"

"Okay, Mokuba. Let's just…go home," and he turned to walk out the door with Mokuba waving politely at the still bewildered Honda and the pitying Yugi who gave the gesture back, while Jou tried to subdue more snickers managed a small wave in return.

"That Kaiba, ohhhhhh!" Anzu fumed.

Anzu sat in a small café, tearing her napkin into tiny shreds as her latté sat in front of her steaming in the cozy room. The bittersweet smells of coffee floated in the room and the fresh breads and muffins joined it in a perfect blend of savory flavor.

Anzu let out a huff when her napkin could no longer be torn into smaller shreds and took a large swig out of her coffee. The burning liquid slid down her throat and she sighed in satisfaction. She turned her smoldering gaze to the door, as the bell ringed to warn anyone in the room that an intruder was approaching.

An exhausted young man with dark brown hair and brown eyes stood panting at the door. Anzu immediately recognized the young man to be one of the few classmates also from Domino that was asked to join on the trip at her school as well. She called out his name and waved at him to join her and he sighed and sauntered over and plopped himself in wooden seat.

"Hideki! (A/N: Ugh! I'm so unoriginal! Hideki is from Chobits. I don't own that) How are you? How's your break going?" she asked happily seemingly forgetting why she was in here.

"Hello, Anzu. I'm fine, and it's going good. I have a message for you from Julliard," he reached his hand over the table to hand the envelope to Anzu's hands. She looked confusedly at the message at first but took it from his hands and looked it over turning it in her hands.

"A message from Julliard?" whatever could they want? Hideki nodded his head but looked out the door.

"Yeah, listen I gotta go. A few errands I gotta run before tonight. I'll see you around," he stood up from his chair and gave a small bow before heading out.

Anzu watched his disappearing form until it turned a corner and she could no longer see him and looked back down at the elegant envelope in her hands. Her name was written in neat cursive in black ink in the middle and Julliard's return address was in the top left corner and a stamp on the top right.

She turned it over so she could see a golden sticker with her college's mascot and tore it off before taking out the tri-folded piece of parchment and reading it with a puzzled face.

Dear Miss Anzu Mazaki; (A/N: it's different because American's don't know about Japanese customs)

Due to problems in our college's funds, we will not be able to pay your way for the upcoming trip for Ms. Wither's dancing class. All students that are to be participating in this trip are to pay a fee of $2,000 before June 18th to be allowed to leave on June 20th to their first stop in Paris, France.

We hope to see you on the trip and please send your money to the returning address inscripted on the front of this envelope.

Thank you and best wishes,

Marie Sanders Marie Sanders Department and Main Office of Dancing Julliard University

Anzu sat there with her eyes still glued to the parchment and her hands shaking. She needed $2,000 to participate in the trip she was looking forward to nearly all year. Where in all of the fiery pits of hell was she going to get that type of money? Would a job be enough to give her that much in a few months? Maybe a really good job, with a really prestigious-

Anzu shook her head. Even if she had managed to get a high-paying job for the trip, surely they would want her to stay there for a while, not just a measly 5 or so months.

"This is so not my day, I need some serious money for that trip. Where am I supposed to get it in 5 months time?" she whined and fell back dramatically against the back of the chair and her head rolling back.

She finally found the strength to stand up from her seat and walked out the door. She threw her now empty cup into the closest trashcan in anger and sadness, and missed it by a few inches. It fell back down to the tiled floor clattering and tumbled until it came to a stop in front of two small feet.

Kaiba Seto sat at his desk, his head in his hands, staring down at all the resumes he had for his secretary position. He rubbed at his temples in exhaustion and called for the next person to come in.

A blonde with bright blue, naïve eyes skipped in and plopped down on the leather seat in front of the CEO, bouncing giddily in her seat, with enough energy to make Seto last for a week. She was wearing a bright pink shirt with Seto's picture in the front surrounded by hearts, and a short mini denim skirt and pink stilettos and her hair pulled back into a high ponytail in a matching ribbon. Her eyes shining in adoration as she had finally received a chance to be in the most desirable bachelor's office, she smiled toothily at his raised eyebrow.

Seto stared.

Good lord.

"Err…right," he looked down at her resume to avert his gaze from the disturbing sight. "Your name is Hakata Yume, correct?"

The blonde nodded her head back forth fast enough it looked like it might fly off in the momentum it was going.

One can only hope.

"What kind of experience have you had involving secretary work?" he got straight to business. He wanted this girl out of his sight as soon as he had the chance.

"Well, none that I can think of," she squeaked in a high voice that made Seto cringe, she quickly added in, "but I would do absolutely anything you ask because I love you so much!" she squealed in an even higher voice.

Seto wanted nothing more than to get out of her nails-on-a-chalkboard voice.

"Do you even think you're capable of dealing with paper?" he spat and prepared himself for the squealing high voice again and tried to shut out all noise before it happened.

"I'm capable of anything as long as you're around," she sighed dreamily.

"I beleve I've heard quite enough," he said, disgusted. The fangirl stuck out her lip in a pout, and her eyes quivered in unshed tears.

"You're not hiring me?" she whined.

"I don't think you're cut out for this type of work Ms. Hakata," he stated curtly and scowled at her.

Tears threatened to spill as she stared at the CEO in disbelief. "B-b-but!" she wailed.

Seto pressed the intercom button on his desk for security and waited for another beep. "I need you to get up here now! I'm having problems with a girl that doesn't know when she's not wanted," he ordered.

"Yes sir," a deep voice confirmed and the intercom was switched off.

"You-you just have to hire me! I'm your biggest fan, look!" she thrust her shirt in his face and Seto leaned far back in his seat to get away. "I made a shirt in your honor!"

Seto pushed her away and glared at her.

"I'm not looking for fangirls Hakata! I'm looking for someone who knows what they're doing and can stay on top of things," he stood up from his chair when he noticed two burly men walk through the door.

"Get her out of my sight," he demanded and immediately the two large men dragged a sobbing fangirl out of his office.

Seto sat himself back at his desk swiveling his chair around so it faced the tall floor to ceiling window. With a tired sigh he started to massage his temples from all the stress his secretary had put upon him. It just had to be the one-week he could've had time to spend with his brother. With as much work as he already needed to do, his brother would always ask him to hang out and he could always find some way or another for him to lay off and spend quality time with his sibling. But with this new burden, he wasn't sure when he would ever get a moment to spend with Mokuba.

Waitress, clerk, chef, house-cleaner…Ugh! None of these jobs are going to help me!

With a pound on her table with her fist, Mazaki Anzu closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair. She had spent the first few hours trying to look for a suitable and well-paying job to help her in her dilemma in the employment pages of a newspaper, but found no such luck as she continued searching.

After sitting in the library for countless hours, Anzu couldn't think of another time she had spent so much time reading, searching and rereading. It was enough to make your head burst from all the new information you were shoving into your skull.

She turned another page of a newspaper and snorted at the job offers. Working at a car wash, business interns and strippers? She quickly read through a brief summary of the job out of pure curiosity and scoffed when she had finished. It really was the closest she could get to her current talents, but she wasn't about to go as low as stripping.

She shuddered.

Exotic Dancers Needed!

Exotica Dancer Club needs beautiful women and wonderful dancers for our big show coming soon next month. If you are at all interested don't hesitate to call the main office for more information. Big pay!


"Excuse me, miss?"

Anzu raised her head to stare into two muddy brown eyes. A woman around her late-thirties, from what Anzu could tell, with dark red hair tied up in a bun smiled down warmly at her from above with a pile of papers held in her hands.

"Yes?" she quickly covered the page with her hands to try and hide what she was just reading.

The woman handed a paper to the troubled Anzu and she took it with suspicion.

"I overheard your problem in the coffee shop you were in earlier and I thought this would be of use to you," she spoke softly and smiled sweetly at her and nodded her head at the paper in her hands to tell her to read it.

Anzu quickly skimmed over the paper and nearly danced in delight.

Personal SecretaryNeeded

Long hours will lead to being well paid if job is done right.


-Some type of experience with secretarial work
-Available when needed
-Attentive, responsible, organized and intelligent

Please call the following number if interested:

Thank you,
Yakima Naomi


After Anzu had finished she looked back up at the woman with a grin, and placed the paper in her pocket.

Anzu had been secretary during her earlier years of high school for her class. Would that count as some type of experience? And she was available all of the time, and she was attentive, responsible, organized –mostly- and definitely intelligent being one of the top students at her school.

"I'll definitely think about it, thank you very much," Anzu beamed and gave a small bow.

"Call me," she pointed at the number, "when you've made your decision."

Anzu mouthed formed a small 'o' as she watched the woman turn and start to walk away.

"Wait!" she called and ran up to her as she turned around.

"Yes?" she raised an eyebrow at her.

"You're Yakima Naomi?" she inquired.

The woman only smiled and nodded at her, and Anzu's face broke out into a huge grin.

"Okay! I'll do it!" she announced.

"Wonderful! I can't wait until I notify your boss of the news," she smiled.

"Boss? But I thought you were…"

"Heavens no, dear," she laughed. "I'm resigning and I needed someone to take the job after me. Now I'm not so sure if I'll be resigning for all that long, I'm thinking of it for a half a year break," she took a small sigh but a smile was on her face again.

"But I'm glad to know I don't have to worry about it anymore. My boss was starting to grow irritated at all the fangirls that decided to 'try-out'!"

She giggled at her small pun and Anzu smiled uneasily.

I guess he's really popular if he has fangirls trying to interview for a job to be near him

"Well, I thank you for helping me out, when is the interview?" Anzu asked.

"Tomorrow. I'll try to set it around…how does 3 o'clock sound to you?" she pulled out a small notebook and a pen and readied herself to write it down.

Anzu thought for a moment, and nodded her head in confirmation that that would be a good time.

"Meet me in front of the café you were at today, all right? I'll show you where you need to go," she wrote down the appointment and gave a small bow to Anzu before turning and walking away.

Anzu took the paper out of her pocket again and smiled down on it. This was perfect, she needed a well paying job and what was better, she wouldn't need to work for a long time, just enough to get her money for her trip.

Thank God for Yakima Naomi.

It was nearing 3 o'clock and Kaiba Seto sat more than exhausted at his desk. Papers scattered carelessly all over his desk in a mess; this was the only time Seto would rather be anywhere but here as of now. He moved them around to look for the one last resume he would interview for today, and his eyes widened at the neatly printed name across the paper.

Mazaki Anzu

What the hell? What's Mazaki doing interviewing to be my secretary? My personal secretary!

He looked back down at the resume to try to find anything wrong so that before she came in he would have a reason for not hiring her, besides the fact that he just flat out didn't like her.

Experience: I worked as a class officer secretary in my first few years of high school. Attending meeting and keeping track of what happened throughout it.

Now that he thought about it, he had recalled a Mazaki Anzu running for secretary and winning. He himself, never tried out for study body, not that he needed any type of extra credit with his exceptional grades.

He continued through the survey. Making sure to analyze every single word, he even checked for grammatical errors! Surely a personal secretary of his would know how to spell or properly use a semicolon or the sorts. To his dismay, he found no errors, not even a cross out or eraser marks. The paper was crisp and taunting, as it looked up at him in Anzu's neat cursive script.

He found nothing. Absolutely nothing to keep him from at least interviewing her. He stared bewildered at the paper. Not a single flaw, she was almost –dare he say it- perfect for the job with a resume like that.

A small knock on the door made him look up at the door. It slowly opened to reveal his resigning secretary, and he let out a breath of relief he had no idea he was holding.

"Ms. Yakima, I have something to discuss with you," he said and placed Anzu's resume on the desk in front of him.

"You can't right now Mr. Kaiba, your newest client has just arrived for an interview," she beamed. "I have a feeling you're going to like this one, she's kind and very intelligent."

Kind my foot. And we'll just see how intelligent Miss Mazaki is.

A pounding was heard at the door, and Naomi looked bewildered at the sound.

"I wonder who that could be… I told Ms. Mazaki to wait until I told her to come up."

Okay Anzu, don't stress, no worries, everything is going to be all right. You're going to get the job if you just play it cool.

Anzu waited nervously in the elevator of the large building she had to enter. Naomi had told her to wait in the lobby until she had someone inform her she could come up. When she still hadn't received any message from Naomi, Anzu took it upon herself to ride the elevator to the top floor, by the information that she told her where her old office was.


Anzu turned around and noticed a raven-haired 15 year-old, only known as Mokuba, standing surprised at the doors of the elevator.

"Mokuba? What are you doing here?" now Anzu was confused. Mokuba didn't have to work, and he didn't have any family besides Seto that he could visit here.

"What am I doing here? I'm always here waiting for Seto to get off and go do something along the lines of a 20 year-old not an old 40 year-old CEO," he sniffed.

"Y-you're brother?" she asked in horror. Come to think of it, she wondered what those two letters were in front of the building. Were they really a 'K' and a 'C'? She couldn't tell back then because she was so nervous and anxious.

"Yeah, he works here, well," he scratched his neck, "he practically lives here if you ask me," he laughed nervously.

He noticed Anzu's blank expression and how her palms were getting sweaty. He looked up at her and immediately his expression turned to concern at her pale face.

"Anzu? What are you doing here?" he asked. "I know you're not visiting my brother," he laughed but quickly became quiet when Anzu didn't say anything back or move or twitch or retort with a witty comeback like she usually does.

"Anzu? Are you okay?" he was seriously worried now.

"I'm fine, I need to get out of here before…"

Her thoughts got cut off as a loud ding rang through the elevator and the doors opened to reveal a long hallway. And there at the end of the hallway without a doubt, was a large oak door, with gold letters spelled out across that she had prayed to God wouldn't be there.

Seto Kaiba
CEO and President

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