Excuse Me
Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction
Seto x Anzu

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! or Bisquick. Hahahaha.

Joey Wheeler / Jounouchi Katsuya
Yugi Muto / Mutou Yuugi
Téa Gardner / Mazaki Anzu
Tristan Taylor / Hiroto Honda
Mokuba Kaiba / Kaiba Mokuba
Seto Kaiba / Kaiba Seto

Serenity Wheeler / Jounouchi Shizuka

Summary: Anzu's house catches fire. Kaiba saves Anzu. Kaiba offers place to stay. Kaiba kisses Anzu…on the hand.

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Surely a hand kiss meant nothing. Right?


It was absolutely nothing to get flustered over, but as Anzu lay in her ridiculously fluffy bed and warm comforter it was difficult for her to think nothing of it, especially as she was in his house, as she kept turning over trying as hard as she could to fall asleep. She squint her eyes tight and tried to wish away the soft pressure on her hand she had tried to forget.

She pressed her face into the pillow and groaned in frustration.

This is not happening.

Kaiba leaned back in his leather chair watching the screen of his laptop, not really keeping his mind on the task at hand, but letting his mind wander where it didn't need to wander. His exceptional memory was sometimes his worst asset.

He could still feel Anzu's silk skin against his lips and he wiped his bottom lip roughly to try and rid himself of the tingling. He huffed in agitation and placed his head in his hands thinking of anything besides…whatever he was thinking about.

This cannot be happening.

It took nearly all night to finally fall asleep for a while when Anzu finally managed after finding a book on top of one of the dressers. The book was so boring that she felt her eyes slide shut and drift off after reading one page.

As she maneuvered her way around the house in the wee hours of the morning she found herself stopping in the middle of the hall having no idea where she was supposed to go from here. She sincerely wished she was paying attention when Kaiba led her through all the twists and turns and up the staircase.

Why in the hell would he lead her to the most difficult room in the house?

Oh yeah, he was Kaiba. Kaiba thrived off people in distress.

She made her way back down the stairs in front of her and through the hall to the other end and went to the last door on the right.

Her hand roamed the wall for some kind of switch. She found the little booger and flicked it on quickly. Lights illuminated the room she was in, and she realized she was in the kitchen. White marble floors and wood cupboards and countertops decorated the whole room that was nearly as big as her old apartment. In the center was an island where a sink gleamed silver in the fluorescent lights above it.

"Whoa," she breathed, her eyes taking in everything and the massive size of it.

Her feet made quiet padding as she walked over to the fridge opening it. How was she supposed to find anything in this massive room? The fridge had nearly every food you could think of, but she was lucky when she realized it was all organized neatly. She took two eggs and a gallon of milk out of it and placed them on the island.

She turned to the cupboard that surrounded nearly every wall from top to bottom. Now this might be a bit of a problem.

"Anzu?" a surprised voice asked, "what are you doing?"

"Uh," she stammered, "making breakfast?"

"Really?" Mokuba's eyes grew bright in excitement, "I usually just have cereal in the mornings. What are you making?" he raised one eyebrow at the milk and eggs still sitting on the island.

"Attempting pancakes," Anzu sighed, "but I've been thinking about the cupboards."

She smiled at him meekly.

"Yeah, there's a lot of them," he nodded understanding and then his gaze lifted to the cupboards. "What do you need?"

"It would be easier to use Bisquick or something," she muttered a little to herself. She wasn't much of a cook anyway, but she could make little things if there were directions. The boxes usually had directions for things like pancakes on the box for people like her. That would help.

"Biz-chick?" he asked with a puzzled expression.

"Bisquick," she laughed, "you use it for pancakes."

His eyebrows scrunched together in thought. "I don't think we have any of that, but we can look."

Anzu huffed a little scratching her cheek in thought, it took a while but they found a box of some kind of baking mix. It wasn't Bisquick, but it would do.

She placed the box on the island with the eggs and milk and she managed to find butter and cooking spray in their adventure for Bisquick.

"Now we need a pan and spatula," she crossed off the things she had on her mental list.

"I know where those are," he said excitedly skipping to a corner and opening a cupboard pulling out a cooking pan with a black handle and a silver spatula from another. He looked proud as he placed them beside the other ingredients.

"Alright now we have to put two eggs, one cup of milk, and 1 and a half cups of the baking mix inside…a bowl," she frowned, she forgot a bowl.


"Mokuba, do you have any bowls?" she asked and he nodded bringing back a large blue ceramic bowl. Mokuba watched as she quickly put the ingredients inside and started to stir with the spatula not wanting to deal with getting a spoon too. She already had enough stuff she had to put back in the wrong place. Their concoction was quickly turning thick and creamy and Mokuba licked his lips in anticipation.

"It already looks good," he grinned watching her.

"Great!" Anzu beamed. Anzu turned her gaze to the stove and her eyes widened. An intimidating looking stove sat a few feet from them with too many buttons to count. She took a deep breath and took the bowl spatula still inside, pan, and butter with her to the stove looking at all the knobs and buttons on it. Was it really necessary for Kaiba to get all these technological appliances too? A nice simple stove would have done the same job as some crazy stove hyped up on buttons, knobs, and technology.

She sighed and placed down the pan, she sprayed the cooking spray on it earlier, on one of the burners and the bowl on the counter next to her. Her finger scanned and she started reading the little words everywhere. She found four knobs placed together in what looked like a square and the words rear and front in the middle. Some red buttons lined the bottom and she found the word bake under one of them. What in the world?

She pressed the red 'bake' button cautiously and turned the bottom right knob to on slowly. She felt heat instantly and jumped back a little in surprise.

"Success!" she squealed and threw up her arms, forming a 'V' for victory.

"Awesome," Mokuba joined in and watched as she spread butter around the pan and then poured a little of their mix on the pan making two circles. The circles bubbled as the heat cooked them. Mokuba could feel his mouth water a little imagining what it would taste like. He was usually somewhere in his room or living room playing games when anyone was cooking anything, if anyone cooked anything. He would have cereal in the morning, buy lunch at school, and Seto usually took Mokuba out to eat if he got home on time or had the chauffer take him somewhere to eat when he wasn't home in time more often than not.

Anzu took the finished pancakes and placed them on a plate Mokuba thought to bring.

"Two down, six to go," she said pouring two more globs of mix on the pan.

Anzu and Mokuba both looked at the steaming goodness of cake on the plate in the middle of the island, neither of them wanting to ruin the image of pure deliciousness. It looked too good to ruin.

The kitchen was a bit of a mess. The ingredients still lay all over the island and the pan was on the stove, which was still on, and a sticky spatula was dripping onto the floor from the countertop. But neither of them really cared.

"Well help yourself!" she said, finally. Her stomach was clawing at her because she was so damn hungry.

Mokuba took a step towards them and lifted the spatula. How could he ruin such a masterpiece? He could taste them already but the door swung open wildly and Kaiba stood in the door frame frozen.

"What the hell is going on?" he demanded.

"Anzu made pancakes!" he couldn't take it, he picked up a pancake with his bare hand and the heat didn't register when he nearly stuffed the whole thing in his mouth. His eyes started to water and his tongue burned. He swallowed nearly half the pancake before putting the rest on his plate quickly.

Anzu and Kaiba's eyes widened for a second at Mokuba before Kaiba's quickly spotted the mess and they narrowed.

"You did this?" his eyebrow rose.

Anzu looked around her and swallowed. Oops.

"I'll clean it up, don't worry," she sputtered and hastily made her way over to the stove picking things up and putting them away.

Kaiba watched with an amused smirk. He wasn't angry, more so just curious as to why she was cooking at five o'clock in the morning and why Mokuba was up this early on a Saturday.

"Mazaki," he sighed and she glanced over at him putting the bowl, pan, and spatula in the sink. "I'm not angry at you."

"Your not?" she questioned.

"No," he turned his intense stare to her small form in the middle of the kitchen. Mokuba quickly took the plate of pancakes and left the room.

"Oh," she exhaled, relief quietly returning.

"Why are you up so early?" he walked briskly to the coffeepot and turned it on, the liquid bubbling and dripping into the pot and he watched wanting to look anywhere but at her.

"I," she was at a loss, she couldn't sleep? She was hungry? She wanted to look around? "was bored."

'Good one,' she thought sarcastically to herself.

"Hm," he hummed and walked to a cupboard pulling out a white coffee mug and placing it beside the coffee machine. He turned around and leaned against the counter crossing his arms and scrutinizing her.

His gaze made her feel uncomfortable but she decided to voice her thoughts.

"Why did you do that last night?" she asked quietly and he turned back around.

"Do what?" he asked roughly as he poured coffee in the mug and turned off the machine.

'This is really embarrassing.' He turned back around to watch her.

"You know…" did she have to say it? He was looking at her expectantly, like he wanted her to say it. There he goes with the thriving on distress thing again. "Kiss my hand…" she finally mumbled.

"I didn't kiss your hand," he smirked and walked out the door with his cup of coffee.

Anzu's mouth dropped.

Then her eyes narrowed, her fists clenched, and then she took a deep calming breath. It didn't help. She quickly turned on her heel and went out the door Mokuba went through craving pancakes.

Kaiba chuckled quietly as he sat in his leather chair in his office. Upsetting the brunette was always a favorite past time of his now. She was so easy to bait. Now that she was living here with him he could do it more often. He smirk grew and then disappeared.

Wait. What?

Kaiba shook his head. Surely not! She was offered a place to stay until she found one of her own, and hopefully it would be soon. He didn't even know why he kissed her hand. It was one of those moments he had when his body wouldn't function with his brain or his brain didn't function at all.

He sighed. That was not acceptable.

He leaned back and lifted the mug to his mouth taking a drink and closed his eyes. His stomach growled at him and he frowned. He was hungry? Then he remembered the way the pancakes smelled as he walked inside. His stomach made a more urgent growl.

Mazaki couldn't have possibly made something that smelled that good.

He heard a ringing laughter coming from downstairs and clatter of silverware after that.

Mazaki better clean up that mess.

"Anzu, that was so good," Mokuba sighed leaning back in his chair, utterly stuffed.

She smiled, "glad you liked it."

"You should cook more often!" Anzu blanched. Cook?

"I," she started.

"How about tonight?" he suggested, "you could make dinner for us!"

"Mokuba, I-"

"Aw, come on Anzu," oh no, "please?"

The puppy eyes. How could he? How could she say no?

"All right," she caved.

"Yes!" he jumped from his chair and threw his arms around her in a hug.

This was going to be interesting.

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