Save my life, by DoveofLight

Author's note: Yeah, I quit fanficcing, but I couldn't resist writing this little piece up. Hope you enjoy this little piece of shit I declared a story!

Summary: Daisuke is a suicidal teen, trapped in his world of depression and white, blank walls of the hospital. Dark is a popular high school student, happy and cheerful while searching for love. What happens when the 2 meet? AU, Dark/Dai, Yaoi

Dark's thoughts

/Daisuke's thoughts/


Chapter 1: The accident that saved my life

If you ever laid eyes on the Mr. Dark Mousy, you would certainly be expected to say that he was one of the most handsome men you had ever seen. Then, of course, you would be telling the truth. Dark Mousy was one of the most-liked, athletic, and popular guys in school, and it was no joke that he was definitely the hottest. He had the life everyone wanted; Wealth, popularity, looks, EVERYTHING. Except, ONE thing. This is the tale of how that very same Dark Mousy set out to find that one thing he was missing, and to recover the part of him that was lost…

Dark sighed tiredly as he opened his eyes. His eyes darted around the white room surrounding him, interrogating the walls and the floor as if checking for weapons.

Where am I…?My head feel like it's going to split in two…

"Ah! I see you are awake, Mr. Dark Mousy. Welcome back to the world of the living." A voice behind him said kindly, and he turned to see it, or rather, turned as far as his neck would let them. The person remained partially out of view though, much to his disappointment.

"Where am I?" He ventured, testing his voice to see if it still supported language.

"You are in the hospital. You had a nasty brush with death, and you were brought here immediately. How are you feeling, Mr. Mousy?"

"Call me Dark…and I'm feeling fine, just a terrible headache…what do you mean, 'nasty brush with death?' What happened?"

"You do not remember?"

"That IS why I'm asking…" She pursed her lips at his statement, taking time to observe his features and tone of voice before answering him with a short explanation.

"You were hit by a car and nearly killed 3 days ago, Mr. Mousy. Your head should be hurting because you received a concussion, but the pain should recede as well as the damage in due time. As for your attitude," she glanced back at him from her clipboard, "I suggest making a few improvements here and there. Good day, Mr. Mousy." She turned to leave, but Dark called after her.

"What am I supposed to do? Rest? Can't I get up and walk around for awhile?" She turned to look at him, once again seeming to scrutinize how much she should tell him, or to even deem him worthy of her answering.

"You may walk around a little bit, Mr. Mousy, but I daresay that you should not very much. You are still recovering, and as far as your health is concerned, rest would be the best. Good day, Mr. Mousy." She said as she turned and walked briskly out of the room.

Dark snorted. Cold hearted woman…now let's see… He hopped out of bed lightly, his knees wobbling and shaking, unaccustomed to his weight after 3 days. He took a few timid steps, then set out through the door. To hell if he was going to sit here and rest all day…

He walked along the dull hallways, looking at the random picture hanging on the wall here and there, but never stopping to stare longer than a second. People stared at him, certainly, but he paid them no mind. He was hit by a car? Who? Where was his parents? His friends? 3 days? What about school? Why would they let him walk around if he was hurt? What the hell!

He stopped in front of a pale doorway, paler than the white walls. He didn't even know why he stopped, but his legs seemed incapable of moving forward. He sighed in frustration and looked down at his feet, his breath hitching in his throat at what he saw.


Blood was seeping out from under the door. It didn't look like a normal color either. It was as red as a crimson ruby, and fiery as though it had a life of it's own. Right now though, it seemed to be crying in pain as it flowed free from the source that should contain it, in other words, a body.

He threw open the door worriedly, his legs moving him inside as he fumbled for a light switch as he slipped and slid in the blood. His fingers finally finding the light switch, he flipped it on and looked down at the ground.

There was a teenage boy, about a year younger than him lying on the floor, both of his wrists facing upward. He was extremely pale, had fiery red hair, and a knife in his hand….wait…A KNIFE! Dark slid over to him, kneeling down to frantically feel for a pulse. Then he saw it…where all the blood was coming from…

He had slit his wrists.

End chapter 1, The accident that saved my life

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