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Dark's thoughts

/Daisuke's thoughts/


Chapter 3, The soul-less teen

Dark jumped and turned to face him. Daisuke was looking away, his longing red eyes turned to the floor in shame.

"You have no soul?"


"But how is that possible! Wouldn't you be DEAD if you had no soul!" Dark said, backing up a bit as he said this. Daisuke turned his eyes up to face him, the pain echoing through them as he saw Dark backing away.

"I have no soul…because I ate an angel…" He responded, his gaze returning to their stony marble mirror on the floor. Dark was against the wall now, his eyes uncertain and fearful.

"An…an angel?" He said, his voice shaking as he watched Daisuke carefully. Daisuke sighed painfully, his knowing eyes drifting back up to Dark's fearful ones.

"Do not fear me, Dark. I am no enemy or yours." Daisuke said as he started forward again, headed off to his room. Dark followed.

"Then why did you try to kill yourself?" Dark prompted when Daisuke appeared to have said all he was going to.

"Because…this life is a punishment for that…I am a cursed being on the face of the earth."

"Cursed?" Dark opened the door, closing it after Daisuke walked in. He then plunked down in a rough old chair in the corner, interested eyes observing Daisuke.

"Dark…I do not want you to be afraid. I do not wish to tell my secret…it is too horrible…please…" Daisuke pleaded, pain marring his face.

"Okay, Dai…I understand." Even if he did something wrong…he's cute as hell! Wait! Whoa! What was that! I'm NOT gay!

/He IS pretty cute…WHOA! No way! Did I actually THINK that? A guy? CUTE? Ack/

Daisuke blushed and looked away again, his eyes trailing up Dark one more time as Dark did the same thing.

"Perhaps…((ahem))…perhaps I should be going. You need your rest after all." Dark said, standing and walking towards the door, then pausing. "Do you mind if I come visit tomorrow?"

"Not at all." Daisuke smiled, making them both blush deeper.

"W-Well…goodnight then…"


Dark yawned, opening his eyes and stretching as the sun shone through the crystal window, warming his muscles and lighting up his blankets in a dazzling brilliance. I wonder what Dai is doing…Dark thought as he turned over onto his stomach to hide from the bright sunlight. He's so cute…even if he is troubled… He thought, having come to the conclusion last night that it was okay to like him because it was probably only a phase.

He yawned again, then threw back the covers and sat up. He was going to ask Daisuke if he'd hang out with him today. He hopped out of bed and went over to the wooden cabinet in the corner, feet pattering on the white tile floor. He was still in the hospital, his injuries having still not healed to the point of independency yet. He pulled off his loose shirt and threw on some jeans and a T-shirt, then glanced at himself in the mirror. His plum colored hair looking the same as well as his amethyst eyes.

"Okay Dark…just go and ask him… 'Do you want to hang out with me today?' yes…that's perfect…." He prepped himself, stepping out of his room and pattering down the hall, not bothering to have put on socks or slippers.

He stopped in front of Daisuke's door, hand hesitating in the knocking position. What if he says no? Oh don't be a wussy…just do it! NOW! He knocked on the door fast, hoping Daisuke was awake, then hoping he wasn't. Maybe he's sleeping, or didn't hear it! Yes that's it…he didn't hear it…now go back to your room! Quickly! He started turning around when the door opened.


Big breath…

"Hey Daisuke…wanna spend the day with me?"

End of Chapter 3, The soul-less teen

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