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Chapter 1

The air was crisp and cool, but not to the point of chilly, and the blinding sun shone down upon them. Raven and Chelsea were sprawled out on a red and black plaid picnic blanket in the park. Raven turned on her side to face Chelsea, who did the same.

"This is where it happened. This is where I fell in love with you." Raven whispered and Chelsea smiled.

"Oh Rae. I love you too. I always have."

Then, Chelsea leaned inward; Raven could feel her hot, anxious breath on her cheeks. Raven closed her eyes just before their lips were to connect and...

The alarm clock buzzed angrily in Raven Baxter's ear. With a heavy arm, she slammed her hand down on the "off" button, and slowly pulled her self to a sitting position.

Why did the night have to end? Why did she wake up just before she and Chelsea kissed? Every night she had that dream, and every morning she woke up just before they kissed. It was torture.

But that was nothing compared to facing Chelsea every day and hiding her feelings. That was almost deadly. In fact, Raven didn't know how much longer she could keep it up. She didn't even feel like going to school today, but she had a math test.

Raven got up out of bed and went through the motions. She took a shower, picked out some clothes, and went downstairs for breakfast. Cory was sitting in the kitchen, finishing up some waffles. Raven sighed in relief. Thankfully, neither of her parents were there. Tanya was out of town and Victor had an early staff meeting down at the resturant. The last thing she needed was another interrogation about what was going on in her life.

Victor and Tanya Baxter were pretty cool parents. They knew when to back off, when to give their children space, but they weren't stupid. They knew that something was bothering Raven, and constantly asked her about school, her friends, and her life in general. Normally, Raven wouldn't mind such questions, it was just a sign that they cared. But she didn't think that her parents could handle her being in love with her best friend...who happened to be a girl. Sure, they were understanding, but Raven didn't know how far that understanding went. Plus, she didn't need them to act all weird around Chelsea if they found out.

Not that Chelsea had been coming around anyway.

Over the past few months, Raven could feel her friendship with Chelsea slowly breaking. At first, she thought she could handle hiding her feelings. But the want was too great, and the temptation was overwhelming. Raven found herself avoiding Chelsea a lot of the time. When Chelsea would approach her asking if they could hang out, most of the time, Raven just made up some stupid excuse. The past few days, Chelsea hadn't come around at all. It hurt not seeing her, but it hurt even more when she was around.

Raven thought about that saying, "What a tangled web we weave..." She couldn't remember who said it, but it really made sense, especially in her case.

"Hey, Dad said you're supposed to walk me to school today." Cory said, putting his plate in the sink and grabbing an empty glass out of the dish rack.

"Fine." Raven replied flatly. She grabbed the last muffin out of the basket on the counter and bit into it. It was hard, dry, and she decided that she wasn't hungry anyway, so she threw it away.

"What's up with you?" Cory asked, downing a glass of orange juice.

"Not hungry."

"Not that. What's up with you lately? You're acting freakier than usual. You failing something?"

Raven rolled her eyes. It was enough that she had to deal with her parents, now Cory was getting in on it? "No. I'm not failing. I just got a lot of things on my mind, that's all."

"What kind of things?"

"None of your business brat. Now go get ready. We're leaving in five minutes."

"Fine. I was just trying to be nice." Cory huffed, storming out of the room.

Raven sighed and grabbed her backpack and looseleaf binder off the counter. Something fell out and floated to the kitchen floor. She crouched down and picked it up. It was the picture she had taped to the inside of her binder. It was a picture of her, Eddie and Chelsea the night of "The Chill Grill's" big opening. Victor had taken it after closing. The three friends were laughing and hugging each other. Raven was in the middle, Chelsea on her left and Eddie on her right.

That was before everything got so complicated. When hugging Chelsea didn't feel so wrong and right at the same time. When she could tell Chelsea that she liked her outfit without checking out her ass. When she didn't feel like holding Chelsea (and never letting go) was the only thing she wanted to do, ever.

Raven sighed again, slipping the picture back in the binder. A few seconds later, Cory returned and they both headed out the door.

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