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Oncethere were two clans of Lycans, werecheetahs and werewolves. However, there was another clan that was stronger than both of them, this was a clan of werelions. But these were no ordinary werelions, they were stronger because not only were their lion forms the size of a house but also because their hybrid forms were said to have supernatural abilities such as a sonic roar and a mane shield. These gifts were said to be given to them by what they believed to be the constellation Leo whiched watched over them. It was also said that their transformation to hybrid was linked to their emotions, they could still transform at will but if they got too happy or something their tail would poke out when in their human form or their hands would turn into their claws.

However, this clan of Lycans had been known to make a few enemies, one such was the pheonix people. For reasons unknown they feared the werelions, it was rumored that one day one of them may be able to kill their god Saffron, so they plotted to wipe them out, they had managed to convince a clan of vampires to help them for they could not accomplish such a feet on their own, the vampires agreed to help but only if they recieved payment,the blood of the pheonix people was very potent.

So with that the clan of Leo's werelions were ambushed, they were completely caught unprepared. The werelions had the power but the pheonix people and vampires had the numbers. Actually when the werelions went into their lion forms it seemed as if they were gaining the upper hand...that is until Saffron himself entered the fray. Leo wept as he saw them being slaughtered, completely unprepared. But he then noticed that one of them had gotten away, the one werelion vowed he would avenge his fallen friends and family and went on a training trip until he was strong enough to wipe out both the pheonix people and the vampires, he was already a martial artist of great calibur and set himself to come back even greater. However, on this trip he met awoman named Nodoka and fell in love and were wed after two years. Unfortunately his past soon caught up with him a week after their marriage, he was forced to fight the vampire's god and he unfortunately lost his life. Nine months later Nodoka gave birth to a baby boy. She named the boy, Ranma.


Present day...

Ranma was dreaming, in his dream he was face to face with a lion that looked like he was made up of stars. But surprisingly enough Ranma wasn't afraid. But it did kind of freak him out when the lion started talking to him.

"Ranma Saotome, it tis your eighteenth birthday, it is time for you to learn of your true heiratage." said the lion.

"WHOA! BACK UP! Just exactly what is going on here? And how come I'm not afraid of you? Who are you? And what heiratage?" asked Ranma.

"So many questions so little time. I am Leo, no doubt you've seen me in the night sky. I am here to tell you something very important. Tell me, do you believe in werewolves?" asked Leo.

"With my life I'd believe anything." said Ranma.

"Well Ranma you are a were-Lion." said Leo.

"Alright, now I'm even more confused than before. If I'm a werelion then why haven't I changed or had any side effects or something? And why didn't Pops tell me?"asked Ranma.

"You're werelion powers lay dormant until you reach least for your breed anyways, now as for your father...haven't you ever wondered why you look nothing like your father? Your real father was the last of the least of his breed of werelions anyways. He was killed shortly the marriage to your mother." said Leo.

"Then why didn't she tell me?" asked Ranma.

"She loved your father very much, and it brings back painful memories to talk about him. But she knew you would eventually need a father figure so she married that idiot Genma soon after you were born...although she did knock him out at the wedding night but that was to be expected." said Leo.

"Pft. Some father figure.Okay new question, how do I know this isn't a load of bull?" asked Ranma.

"You got a better reason for why you're not afraid of me? I kind of handled you're neko ken. You have no idea of what lies beneath you're experience of the training you underwent to learn the catfist." said Leo.


Pit of cats...back when Ranma was a kid.

Young Ranma was trying to get away from the cats, but unknown to him someone else was in the pit...or should I say something.

"Sigh. Another baka trying to teach their kid the neko ken, the idiot probably doesn't even know that this is also a ritual to summon me." said a voice to himself.

The voice belonged to a cat demon and was frankly quite board that the fat tub of lard had thrown the boy in so many times. You couldn't see what the demon looked like mainly because he was hidden in the shadows.

The cat demon then decided to take a good look at the kid...seeing as how he didn't have anything better to do because baldy kept closing the lid. And every time he did open it, it was only long enough to get the boy and not much of a chance for the cat demon to escape. The demon looked at the kid but then narrowed his eyes.

"Wait a second..."

There was something familiar about the child.Then ithit the demon cat like a ton of bricks.

"Unbelieveable! I thought they were all wiped out!"

But then the cat demon got an evil idea. "It might just work if he doesn't figure it out."

Ranma was a bit distracted by all the cats that were trying to claw and bite at him so he didn't notice the demon cat coming up from behind him.

The demon cat then jumped into Ranma's body while snickering. The demon cat said to himself "Teehee. When you're eighteen kid we're going to hit the town in one massacre no one's ever going to forget."

And so it was from that day forth that the demon cat caused the fear of cats to stay, if it wasn't for him Ranma probably would've blocked out the whole experience from his mind.


Fastword to night before last...

You now see that the demon cat kind of looks like a jaguar but with the body of a man.

"Okay kid at the stroke of midnight your sanity is all mine." said the demon cat.

"NEKO!" shouted a voice.

The demon cat (who was apparently named Neko) turned around to see Leo.

"Leo! What're you doing here?" asked Neko.

"Saving the kid from you! He's the last of his kind, did you really think I would just let you get away with this? Granted I did have a bit of a hard time finding you given that you hid your ki signature within his. But I found you none the less!" said Leo.

"No! I've been waiting to long for this! I won't let you stop me now!" said Neko.

But before Neko could do anything Leo gave a mighty roar and pounced on Neko pinning his head to the ground.

"I'm only going to say this one more time! Get! Out! Of! His! Body! NOW! Otherwise I'm going to rip you to shreds! In fact, I'm tempted to do that anyways!" said Leo.

"OKAY! I'LL LEAVE I'LL LEAVE!" said Neko his voice filled with fear.

Neko might have been a cat demon but he knew better than to go picking fights that were higher up on the food chain.

Neko then started to walk out.

"Faster!" said Leo.

Neko then ran out.

Leo was about to leave to when he noticed something. He picked up a minature bobcat.

"You." said Leo.

"Me?" said the bobcat.

"You're the reason why he's still afraid of cats aren't you?" asked Leo.

"Uh..." said the bobcat uneasily.

"Get out of here and back to your demon master before I bite your head off!" said Leo.

The bobcat ran out of their so fast he was a blur.

"Stupid freeloaders." said Leo.



"Today you will recieve gifts that you could only dream of. You will be able to transform into your hybrid form amd your lion form. But first I have a request." said Leo.

"What's that?" asked Ranma.

"There are some werecheetahs in America. I would like for you to live with them for a while." said Leo.

"Okay but why?" said Ranma.

"Well for one I think you would have a lot more peace there." said Leo.

"Well what about my fiances?" asked Ranma.

"Seeing as how you are not officially Genma's son any engagements he made are null and void." said Leo.

"What about the Amazons?" asked Ranma.

"You just leave them to me. If there's one thing I know it's how to deal with an Amazon." said Leo.

"Now then, now that your powers are awakened you will have enhanced strength and will be a little bit faster. I'd love to tell you more but Genma's about to wake you up. If you ever need me just call out to me in your mind and I shall answer. Now if you excuse me I have a deal I would like to make with your female half." said Leo.

"Huh?" asked Ranma.

But before he could do anything Genma threw him out the window to wake him up.

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