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Gaja grinned to himself. "Go Pisces!"

"Damnit!!" swore Ranma.

"You know you're pretty bad at this game." Said Gaja.

"I know! I know!! I blame Leo, he got me hooked!!!" said Ranma.

Gaja chuckled to himself. He and Ranma decided to play cards while Britanny redecorated their room. She insisted that Ranma and her would share a room, the only reason why Ranma agreed to it was because he said that he trusted her.

"Got any twos?" asked Gaja.

Ranma swore again and handed Gaja his cards.

"Anyways, I was amazed when I saw you. You look so much like your father I honestly thought you were him." Said Gaja.

"What was my father like anyways?" asked Ranma.

"He was arrogant, I'll tell you that much. He was also very protective of his friends, however he also seemed to have this unbelievable magnetic ability when it came to women. And from what I've heard from you that is a little trait you managed to inherit." Said Gaja.

Ranma blushed.

"Yeah well…"

"I remember there was this one Barbarian chick that he actually had to beat off with a stick...a very large stick I might add. I was laughing for weeks."

"Somehow I believe that."

"So how long can you and your friend stay?

"One or two days but then we really got to get going."

Ranma and Britanny started to unpack.

"So Britanny, you got any ideas on where…Britanny…"

"Yes Ranma."

Ranma held up a pair of bike shorts.

"What're these doing with my clothes?"

Britanny blushed a little at being caught. "Oh those, uh heh heh heh heh."

Mount Jusendo…

Dreadwing growled as he stood next to Saffron glaring furiously at him. A bunch of the other feathered idiots were gathered there as well.

"My loyal servants, you have been gathered here today to witness the creation of my new army!!"

Saffron pulled out a hand full of feathers out of his left wing and lit them on fire with a fireball thrown from his hand.

The fire started getting bigger and bigger until it was roughly larger than a regular man. Then a foot stepped out from the flames followed by a winged body. Before them now stood a well built man with golden wings.

"Ladies and gentlemen this is the first of my one day many Flame Soldiers."

Tirga stretched happily as he awoke to the morning rays, oddly enough he couldn't remember a thing of last night. A soft moan from the opposite side of the bed did not go unnoticed, it was then that he was hit by a sudden realization. Both he AND Sheila were naked, they must have really gotten drunk right now.

Tirga refrained from giving a victory shout in order to prevent from waking his teammate. But if he had achieved such a victory then why did it feel like there was something he should very worried about staring at him right in the face.

It was then that he noticed that there was something on his hand, his ring finger to more specific. Upon closer inspection he deducted that it was in fact a wedding ring.


Panicking he frantically looked around the room for some type of explanation, something that would reassure him of his in tact bachelorhood. On the dresser he saw a picture of a drunk Sheila and even MORE drunk version of himself standing before a sea captain aboard a rusty ship.


He quickly looked away but his eyes landed on a marriage document which had both his and Sheila's names on it (Though he had to admit they were horribly signed)


"What's the matter…'husband'?"

"Sh-Sh-Sheila…What's happened?!"

"Don't you remember? Last night we agreed I would give you my virginity in exchange for your bachelorhood."

Tirga dropped to his knees and threw his hands up into the air "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Back at the Digger's mansion…

Ryouga waved Brianna happily goodbye. They had just finished their first date together and it had gone better than he ever would have expected. And now he just needed to go off and train.

As Ryouga went towards the backyard, where he had set up some tied logs to beat upon he couldn't help but notice the return of an empty feeling in his chest. He didn't seem to notice it so much when Brianna was around but he really noticed it when he would get into a fight or start to train.

Ryouga started to hit his training post trying to let out his frustration.

"Why is it that I always feel like this? It's been here ever since my last fight with Ran…OF COURSE!!!"

Ryouga sent the top of his trading post flying with a single post.

"It all makes sense now! I'm frustrated because of how easily Ranma beat me! In past he's given me countless defeats, but I've always been a close second, but the last one was just plain pathetic! How could the gap between us have gotten so big?"

Ryouga heard the sound of someone clearing their throat behind him. He turned around to see none other than the resident Arms Master and mother (not technically but why nitpick) to the girl he was currently dating.

"M-Mrs. Diggers, um what're you doing h…"

"When you become as experienced as I have you seem to be able what exactly is bothering a fighter."

Ryouga glared down at his shoes in shame.

"That's why I'm going to help you. Ryouga Hibiki, I Julia Diggers hereby make you my official student."

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