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"Abnormal Occurrences"


A soft cool breeze drifted through the manor's grounds; lightly kissing the exposed flesh of two shadows sitting by the glistening, black, crystal lake. The figures slowly leaned into one another, sealing the perfect night with a kiss. Unbeknownst to them, every star in the sky exploded with light as their lips met.

"Boy! Wake up, now!" Aunt Petunia, a gangly horse-faced woman, rapped on the door of the smallest bedroom of the Dursley house.

A very groggy Harry Potter slowly came to consciousness after a deep slumber, it had been the best he had slept in days, most likely due to the fact that he had stayed up well past midnight; at first because of his tradition, staying up until his birthday, but then because of his birthday presents that Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Remus, and Neville had sent him.

Today was Harry's 17th birthday, in the Wizarding World he was now legal, he had come of age. And if Albus Dumbledore, his headmaster and authority figure, hadn't threatened him he would already be out of this hellhole of a house and in number 12 Grimuald Place. But alas, with Voldemort back in power and Death Eaters killing around every corner, the streets were definitely not safe for him.

"Boy! If you don't get out here right now I'm sending this man on his way and Vernon can decide your punishment!"

Aunt Petunia's screeching voice echoed in his empty room. It took a few seconds for Harry to register what his aunt had said primarily due to the fact he was remembering his last punishment from Vernon. But as soon as he did, Harry was jumping out of his bed and throwing on a pair of Dudley's old pants, not noticing how they seemed to magically shrink to fit him perfectly as he ran out of his room. He bounded down the steps while attempting to don on a shirt in the process. When he reached the front door Aunt Petunia was scowling and scrutinizing the unwelcome guest in a disgusted manner and a certain black haired Professor seemed to reciprocate the feeling.

"P-Professor Snape? Why are you here- why are you looking at me like that?" Harry asked nervously. When the Potions Master first caught sight of Harry his jaw dropped followed quickly by his eyebrows lifting.

"Harry…?" Severus Snape quickly pulled himself out of his reverie and hardened his features. "Dumbledore sent me to collect you." Snape stated coolly, "Pack all your things you'll need for Hogwarts and your stay at Grimuald Place." Harry nodded.

"Let me just use the bathroom first." Snape's face flicked nervously but changed back so fast Harry could have sworn he imagined it. Yet Snape waved his hand in a gesture that told Harry to go ahead.

Seconds later a girlish scream was heard along with a loud thump of a body hitting the floor…

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