Abnormal Occurrences

'A Strange Experience II'

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One month later…

Harry slipped out of his lover's arms, attempting not to wake him. After a night of passionate love making his mate needed his rest. Walking, clad only in boxers, into the kitchen at number 12 Grimmauld Place he moved toward the pantry, wanting to know if there was anything he could make. Not noticing the Potions Master walking into the room and conjuring up a cup of coffee, Harry pulled down some flour and yeast, deciding on baking some rolls to have with breakfast. Moving right past Snape without noticing him the elder wizard decided to make him-self known.

"Your filling out." Snape sneered.

Not even sparing the man a second glance Harry simply stated, "If you are referring to me, I'd shut your mouth." Harry jumped as he felt arms wrap around him from behind.

"Sev, stop teasing my nymph." Lucius' voice calmed Harry considerably and turned in his mate's arms to face him. Lucius leaned in and gave the smaller boy a fleeting kiss before turning his attention to Severus Snape. "Just because he doesn't look emaciated anymore doesn't mean he's getting fat."

"But Luc, look." Harry looked down at his stomach which now shown a noticeable bulge.

"I'm sure you'll be fine love. It's probably because of how starved you were earlier." Harry nodded agreement although he was still unsure. Something had not felt right lately.

The Potion's Professor, however, seemed to want to get one last insult in. Laughing he said, "Wouldn't it be great if you managed to knock up the Boy-Who-Lived before he even graduated!" Severus laughed at his own joke before he felt Harry's magic start to leak out in rage. Lucius grabbed his mate.

"Harry, Love. Calm down, don't let what the greasy git said get to you. He's just jealous you're James' kid and not his."

"What?" Harry all but screamed. Severus glared at Lucius before storming out, robes billowing. Harry turned to Lucius, "Luc? Why did Snape say that I could be pregnant? One, I'm a male and two we only started having sex a month ago. Even if males could get pregnant I wouldn't be showing yet."

"Merlin! I keep forgetting you grew up with muggles. Harry, wizarding males CAN get pregnant as long as it's with their soul mate and second you're a nymph. Now I'm no expert on nymph pregnancies but for all we know it's possible."

Harry looked shocked. "What if he's right? What if I am?"

Lucius gathered his mate in his arms, "Well, I for one have always wanted a big family." Harry's smile lit up the room just before he snuggled into the blond wizards chest.


"Ok Harry, in light of this morning's questions, for today's lesson we are going to be brewing a simple test. Think of it as a mate-paternity-pregnancy all in one test. It's called the Progenies Venenums. It's a fairly difficult potion so we're first going to test the one that Dumbledore used to determine that I was your mate, then, we'll test it again using the one you brewed to see if you get the same results, so here's the directions and ingredient list…you may start when you're ready."

Two hours later, Harry's potion was finally ready all it had to do was let it cool for 20 minutes. In the mean time they decided to start their first test.

"First pour some of the potion on the blank piece of parchment in front of you and make sure you cover the ENTIRE paper with the potion thoroughly. Then take the knife and cut your finger, allowing it to bleed on the paper." Harry did as he was told and magically words began to appear on the paper starting with his grandparents.

Mathew Evans --- Mary (DeCre) Evans Saliath Snape --- Agatha (LeStrange) Snape Petunia (Evans) Dursley / \\

James Potter --- Lillian (Evans) Potter- - - - --Severus Snape

\ Harlen James Potter-Snape

Harlen James Potter-Snape


-Son of Lillian Potter and Severus Snape

-Mate (soul, heart, mind, love, magic, and spirit): Lord Lucius Malfoy

-Pregnant (twins)

Harry's jaw dropped at the sight of the parchment. Walking over to where Lucius was sitting, Harry crawled into the older man's lap and softly cried in his robes. Harry felt foolish for being so weak but after what he just found out… needless to say the boy got a few free cries. Lucius accio'd the parchment and read it. His hold on Harry tightened when he realized Harry's father was Snape, then started to feel emotions of joy when he realized he was going to get the chance to have a real family.

"Harry? Love, are you upset about your parentage or being pregnant?" Harry's head shot up, barely missing the blonde wizard's jaw. The raven-haired boy grabbed the parchment and continued to read the entire thing…his eyes lit up.

"I'm pregnant." Lucius smiled and nodded.

"You are." Harry smiled brilliantly.

His smiled dimmed, "Snape's my father."

"Are you going to tell him?"

"I have a father…"Harry said obviously still in shock. "And I'm pregnant." Harry's smile lit the room.


"Professor Snape?" It was roughly three in the morning but sleep was not coming easily to Harry. Apparently, the same went for the Potions Master.

"Mr. Potter?"

"I think you may want to take a look at this." Harry thrust his arm towards Snape, the parchment he did Progenies Venenums on quivering in his hand. The potions professor snatched the paper out of Harry's hand, irritably. At first glance he knew what it was; quickly scanning the writing Snape froze. The paper fell from his had doing an unnoticed twirl before gently coming to a stop on the worn out floor boards.

'Potter is…is my…kid? Potter's really a Snape? I-I have a child with L-Lily?' Severus was at a loss. For one thing he was overjoyed at the fact that he had something with Lilly. Of course, he couldn't even dream that it was a child they shared. But this brought up a problem. The problem being that his child was none other than Harry bloody Potter, the boy who wouldn't die already! Arrogant, egotistical, spoiled, prat, POTTER! Severus scanned the parchment for anything else to comment on… 'PERFECT!' Snape thought to himself.

"You're pregnant with twins congratulations." The older man said in an indifferent voice.

"Thanks!" Harry's smile could have reached his ears. "I'm not sure, but I think the test went wrong because I don't feel like I'm having twins." Severus smirked.

"Silly boy! The Progenies Venenums are never wrong when brewed correctly."

"So you're really my father then?"

Snape laughed mercilessly, "You honestly have that much faith in your Potions skills?" Harry glared at his professor before turning on his heel and marching back upstairs and into bed.


"Lucius, Hermione owled me and called both you and the git daft for not knowing about Nymphs!" The senior Malfoy walked over to Harry and wrapped his arms low around Harry's waist.

"So… What did she say?"

"Well a lot of things actually." Lucius mumbled something that sounded similar to 'No surprise there' before smiling at Harry. "One thing she said is that nymph's pregnancies, particularly male nymph pregnancies, progress much faster than regular pregnancies. So even though I'm roughly only a month preggers my body and the babies are really like 3 months along. Then when I'm really only two months along I will look like 4 months so on and so fourth for another 2 months. So for the 5th month that I have been pregnant the babies will develop quickly making me able to give birth during my 6th month. Make sense?"

"No, but we'll talk about it later." Lucius grinned. "So I guess we'll just have to go shopping." Harry started to smile then stopped.

"Luc, what are we going to do? I mean, I have a whole year at Hogwarts I need to complete, but I'm going to be pregnant and then the babies will be born. I can't exactly take them to class, and I still want to see you!"

"Shh, love. Not to worry I already talked it out with Dumbledore. You're going to have your own room. Only it'll contain just a fireplace, which will only floo you to a house that you had built for you by your parents when you were born. That is if you have no objections to us living there with the baby?" Harry smiled, wrapped his arms around his mate and kissed him passionately. "Oh, one more thing. The Headmaster also informed me that if you ever so wish to stay at home with the baby, he can easily have Severus and I tutor you for a few hours everyday." Harry's response was to snuggle into Lucius' strong, lean arms. The blonde wizard kissed the top of his nymph's head before lifting Harry's head so that the young man looked into his eyes.

"So, when would you like to see your new home?"

Harry shivered in excitement. "Our new home."


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