This collection has been translated into Vietnamese on Wattpad by the user Sai006 under the title "[Transfic] Waning moon."

Waning Moon

"Kagura, why are you here?" Sesshomaru inquired softly as the breeze pulled his hair gently towards the night sky. He was enjoying his time alone before he noticed her in the trees.

"I'm not allowed to visit?" Kagura took a few steps into the open grass where Sesshomaru stood. There was no point in hiding. The man could always tell when she had followed him. "Are you so far above me I'm not permitted to be in your presence?"

"You are a half-demon, are you not?" Sesshomaru continued to look at the sky and the waning moon.

"And yet, a human child is worthy to be in your presence?" Kagura looked to the girl that was asleep.

Sesshomaru also let his eyes fall on the small girl. She was curled into the side of Au-Un, with her back to Jaken's. The remaining light from the moon lit her features and detailed every line. He watched her steady breathing and felt himself calm. "Who I decide to keep in my company is none of your concern."

Kagura was irked. How could a small human child capture the affection of such a cold man? Even the little toad demon seemed to have earned at least friendship. "Truly spoken like a noble."

"A hypocrite?" Sesshomaru looked at Kagura this time. He looked at this woman who insisted at following him around. The woman who was part of a man he swore to kill, a woman who had no freedom, and yet, a woman who tried so very hard to earn things forever out of her grasp. Somewhere he felt pity, though it had been much too long for him to recognize this feeling as such.

Kagura smirked in agreement. "Exactly." She pulled out a feather from her hair and stared at it. "Since I'm not wanted I guess I'll be on my way."

"You never did answer." His eyes were once again on the moon in the sky.

"Why I'm here?" She turned her back to him and gazed at the same stars. She smiled when she saw the fading moon.

"Yes." Sesshomaru couldn't figure out why he wanted an answer. Or why he wanted this woman to stay for just a little longer. He should have been beyond curiosity. Been above it.

"I just want to be close to you." Her eyes fell back to the ground.

"Why?" Sesshomaru felt the wind tug at the both of them in agitation. "Have I been nothing but distant to you? I have ignored you, have turned you down for help, and have been indifferent to your needs."

Kagura flicked her fan open over her mouth to muffle her reply. "You're strong."

"Is that the only reason?" Sesshomaru set himself down into the grass and leaned back onto his one arm. "Hiding behind someone who's strong to protect yourself?"

"No!" Kagura turned to face his back. She heard the slightest shift of Rin against Jaken and lowered her voice. "That's not it. I don't expect you to protect me from anything."

"Then why else be around someone strong?" He turned his gaze towards her and took in everything she was in a moment. "Why want to be around one who is cruel?"

"Because," her eyes fell to the ground and she fingered the feather as if wanting to flee any moment. His eyes seemed to tear into her very soul and breech even the heart that was no longer beating in her breast. Her voice was soft when she continued. "You make me feel like I have to be strong. I want to be like you, to stand as an equal. I want to be the person you told me to be. A woman who can solve her own problems, like you do."

The change in tone was enough to make Sesshomaru break his study of her and shift his eyes to the side. Hearing such soft words were not common with this usually crude woman. "Is that so?"

Kagura blushed in embarrassment. These were not words that should be said aloud to such a man. They were words that should have never been uttered out of her mouth and kept locked away in her soul. "It seems I've overstayed my welcome."

Kagura threw her arm out to transform the feather that would carry her away when she heard it. It was quiet and sounded cold as ever, but she heard it.

"You can stay."

She dropped the feather to the ground in shock and tightened the grip on her fan. "Thank-you."

Kagura dropped into the grass behind Sesshomaru with her back to him. She closed the fan in her lap and decided to be brave. She would solve her own problems and be strong. She leant to meet her back with his, and smiled when he didn't protest. He felt warm.

Two sets of eyes found themselves closed to the night sky, forgetting the moon.