Summary: After eight years of hiding their relationship, Trunks and Pan broke up and took 4 of their 8 kids with them. Ten years later, Bra sends Pan and invitation to the reunion at C.C. she brings 4 surprising with her. As the Z gang finds out Trunks and Pan's secret. Tension rises between Trunks, Marron, Pan, and Son/Brief siblings.

Trunks: 28

Pan: 14

Goten: 27

Bra: 13

Marron: 23

Prologue part 1

It has been a month since Goku's disappearance. The Z gang decided to throw party in Goku's honor to remember him. A few hours later, as everyone had been talking and stuff. Pan was away from everyone in the forest by East city. As she stares into the pond her memories of Goku appear.

"I miss you grandpa." said Pan, staring in the moonlight sky. "We all miss him." Said a voice

Pan turn around and found the lavender hair man wearing a black shit sitting down by her side.

"Trunks what are you doing here?" she asked "Looking for you, you mysteriously vanish so I left to look for you. I figure you wouldn't want to be alone especially in a time like this." He explain to her "Thanks Trunks I'd appreciated but maybe you should go back. Uncle Goten or somebody at the party might need you."

Then she starts walking away, until someone grab her arm and pull her back to the ground looking at her in the eyes.

"Your Pan, somebody does need me and that person is you." "O' god Trunks! I miss him so much." "So do I Pan. Hey remember the time when went to planet Vital and Goku was scare out of his pants because he was scare of doctors." "Yeah grandpa was so ridiculous. You want to know my most favorable part of the grand tour?" "What?" "When you had to wear. Hahahaha!' "Pan! That was not funny at all!" "I wish I had a camera for that day. You know if anyone found out you'll be the laughing stalk of Japan." "Pan you promise you will take secret to your grave." "Whatever."

Pan hugs Trunks and whisper "Thank you" when Trunks pull her out of the embrace they look at each other in the eyes again. Their faces move closer to each other until their lips finally touch. Then they pull away.

"Um… sorry I uh." Said Trunks "No it's my fault." Argued Pan "Well I should known-n b-bet-ter." "Y-you shouldn't take all the bl-ame."

Then they pull each other into another kiss. To deepen it Trunks' tongue asks for opening which Pan allows. They battle for dominance. They pull away and Trunks kiss her forehead and move down her neck. He brings to bite, suck, and slick it as Pan moans in this heat of pleasure. He stops and take his jacket off as does Pan and go into another passionate kiss. Sudden Pan Rips his shirt open a slick his chest nipples and put her arms over neck to bring him closer to her in another kiss. Trunks got on top of Pan and took his shirt off and start getting her shirt and bra off showing her breast. He teases them and sucks one and messages the other. Pan moaned, Trunks smirks and switch breast then pull her skirt off as he undone his pants. Leaving the both of them in the underwear. Before Trunks could act, Pan blast his boxer and begins to suck his dick. Slick the tip, suck well into her mouth.

"Pppaaannn…." Trunks moaned "If you're wondering I have my ways." Pan smirks

Trunks pull her head more into his dick and Pan continue to pleasure him till she stop got up and he kiss her to himself.

"You taste good." She giggled "I know." He replied, "Lay down."

Pan did what she was told and Trunks kiss her all the way to her vagina he slick, suck, and tease her breast.

"Ttttrrruuunnnnkkkssss…." She moaned

He top of her again.

"Do you want this?" he asked "Yes." She answered

Trunks put his two into Pan and she moan with pleasure so great making her want Trunks even more. He stops and asks her again without second thought.

"Do you want this?" "Damn it Trunks yes I do." "You sure because after this there is no turning back." "Please Trunks I need you." "Ok but this gonna hurt for bit but it will get better." "I can handle it."

Trunks position him on top of her and bring to thrust in and out. Pan hold on to him to take the pain. Trunks see this and kiss her. Each thrust hurt until Pan suddenly went super saiyan Trunks look at her and transform and continue soon Pan put legs over his waist and move hips to join him. After while they stop and laid into each other arms.

"I love you Trunks." "I love you too Pan."

The kiss each other and slept with each other into the night. Pan and Trunks went secretly and decided to wait till Pan is 18 to make it official. Though everyone was suspicious of what happen in their night of passion they come up that had a fight and Pan eventually become super saiyan. Everything was good until six weeks later. Pan fight up to Trunks' window and steal him away from work so they can talk.

"Ok Pan were here so what up?" asked Trunks "Well I… first you got to promise me that you won't get mad." Praise Pan, nervously "Why on earth will I get mad at you about?" "PLEASE PROMISE ME!" "Ok, ok, ok, I won't. What eating you? Why are you so nervously Panny? Please talking me." Begged Trunks, looking onto the crying Pan. (Sighs) "I'm pregnant." "YOU'RE WHAT!" "I'm sorry Trunks it just happens. I checked like five times and they all say I'm pregnant. I understand if you don't want o be with me." Cried Pan "Pan I don't want to give you up. I love you." Said Trunks, pulling her into an embrace. "I can't tell our parents they would probably disown us or worse you can whine up in prison which I don't want." "Don't worry Panny we'll figure something out. Just be happy that saiyan pregnancy only last for 4 months." He kisses her forehead, "We will figure something out. Just remember that I'll always love you no matter what." "And I will always love you with everything I am in my heart."

What will happen next? How will Trunks and Pan handle to take care of their child and relationship in secret? Read and find out. Remember this is a two-part prologue and extra thing until the actual story begins. So what do you think? Give me your reviews and thought about the story thank you.