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The room stood silent, Vegeta & Gohan's ki began to flare very slowly. Pan feels the tension within the house turns to her children giving them 'what did you do' expression. TJ folds his arms and smirks, the twins look at each other and had dumb expression on their faces, Tellica & Lucas shakes their head shamefully, and the triplets remain quiet and not give an eye on anyone but their siblings. Pan looks at Bra and Goten and they months out 'you'll see' and 'you don't wanna know'. Trunks suddenly were hot and thinking of ways of how to escape in piece but that was most likely impossible. Oriona just stare at the elder saiyans wondering how long it will be until they ask and explode. 'One… two… three…' she thinks

"Pan, honey tell me and please be honest are they your children?" asked Gohan, sternly

All eyes are on her, she didn't speak at all because she's afraid after replying what will be his reaction as well as Vegeta's. Honestly hers and Trunks' lives are on line. Half of her is thinking to escape kill the kids for their performance and other half is to tough it out since they deserve to know long time ago and wish she had wrote a will. Being the headstrong person she is….

"Yes father they are all of them in fact." she replied "Then tell me something if they all yours then how come half them belong the boy?" the prince asked. Trunks decide to intervene since it not fair for Pan to be taking all the heat when he has his part of fault too. "Actually those eight children you see in front are both of ours."

Everyone eyes open at the sudden confusion of Trunks, Bulma quickly asked who's the oldest and Tellica stood up, then she ask for her age and she replies 18. Figuring that was almost 20 years ago and since Pan left for 10 meaning she must've been 14 and Trunks 28. After having that realization Gohan and Vegeta's ki sky rocket! Trunks and Pan were frightened as hell, the kids were too shock to do anything, Bra and the others were concern. She turns to Goten, Uub, & Oriona for anything "Guys is there anything we can do?" "Seriously Bra, you put yourself in the battle field besides those two had it coming for a long time!" "Oriona right at best we have to stay of this." "Yeah and we'll get it when they find out that we knew the entire time." "You if they find out Uub."

Gohan stares to Trunks as Vegeta stares to Pan the two figure rapidly cover each other as their as their father s were ready to strike the other person. "Pan stand aside." Gohan order "No dad, yes I know I should've waited and that whole nine yards. However you shouldn't kill Trunks because of this remember I was there too so I am at fault also." Pan explains "You're damn straight!" Vegeta roared "Father I won't allow you to harm the mother of my children. We knew you'll get mad and crazy which is why we kept it a secret for many years." said Trunks "Why boy why must you make me relate to that clown?" "Because I'd loved her and I wouldn't change a thing." "I hold no regrets whatsoever." After listening to them Gohan and Vegeta rapidly switch positions and began their raging beating. Trunks dodge each of Gohan's attack then strikes back with an attack of his own but Gohan grabs him and ki blast him to the wall flies to him and the two saiyans fought hand-to-hand. Pan wasn't having much luck with Vegeta either, he was venous in throwing any attack whatsoever leaving her on the defense.

After five minutes the children were at their breaking point. "We can't allow this to continue. We must assist them!" cried Tellica "Yeah like how?" question Vega, matter of fact "Simple Tellica, Johan, Lucas, Faith you guys help while we help dad." TJ directs "Ok now let's move!" Tellica orders

Vegeta slams Pan to the wall choking her for life. Asking must it be her, why she kept this secret for so long, why she kept his other grandchildren away from him. She struggles to even respond luckily Tellica grabs Vegeta's hand pulling him away from her. Johan, Lucas, and Faith stood in front of her readied to battle their grandfather. "Brats this doesn't concern you stand aside!" Vegeta commands "You can go to hell! I don't if you are our grandfather the point this you're killing our mother and we cubs don't play when it comes to their mama." Tellica comply 'Geez Tellica take it easy' thought Lucas "Well I am curious of how strong you've become over the years." "Keep wondering! SONIC FLASK!!!" Johan attack sending Vegeta outside the others race to the scene but the kids turn super saiyan and wouldn't dare take another step. "Thank you guys but this my battle not yours besides I've got myself into this and it's to me to get myself out." said Pan

Pan flares to SS.2 and flies soccer punch to Vegeta and aim a kick at his side. Swiping the blood from her mouth she responds "I get it Vegeta, I'd fuck up big time. Mistakes and decisions that we've made cost a lot of opportunities for everyone." then keels down "Apologizing wont solve much but it's a start for redemption so I beg my king will you except?" Vegeta turns SS.3 and perform Final Flash, Pan quickly dodge and flares Kamahemaha. Vegeta jumps to the skies Pan follows and went into hand-to-hand combat. After 3 minutes they land and punch each other right at the face then Vegeta aims Final Flask but this time Pan couldn't escape therefore was attack. Her arm was broken, clothes tattered, barely could stand and maintain vision plus she's out of SS form. Vegeta took his chance by holding her "I will admit your behavior was stupid! It took you 18 years to stand up to us about your deceitful consequence. You do attain the potential of becoming a true saiyan now is the time to set everything straight and reclaim your honor, placement, pride, and most of all your mate!"

Meanwhile Trunks crashes from place to place and finally ends up in the kitchen as angry SS.2 Gohan is chasing him. Trunks go SS and readied to fend himself but Gohan sneaks behind him and blast him to the ground. Before he could attack again he was send flying across the room. Trunks scan for Gohan's assailant which turns to be TJ, Chloe, Vega, and Tinon. "Guys!?" "Don't worry pop we got your back." Tinon insure "Gohan, I respect you and even see you as second father but I refuse to stand by and allow you to murder my father which is completely absurd." said TJ "For what you've done Trunks could've been consider RAPE! She was too young! Too young to allow her be touch by a man like you!" Gohan cries "I understand but like I said I loved and there's no regrets behind our actions otherwise 8 little angels would never been born." Trunks reply "True that!" Chloe & Tinon agrees "It's the fact she was 14 and you 28 year old had impregnated her!" "Gohan please give dad second chance allow him to redeem and earn your trust again." Chloe plead "I'll think about it as of now I cannot even look at you nor my daughter."

He walks away leaving Trunks alone with the children he raised. "Thanks guys I owe ya one." said Trunks "You're damn straight about that!" TJ replied crossing his arms and closes his eyes. "C'mon lets go and check on mom and the others." Vega suggests

The room was silent now filled with hole from the destruction the saiyans cause. Both Trunks and Pan realize the messes they created and thank to their children and will they earn a chance of redemption though will be a pain the ass. Goten and the crew remains the quiet hoping no one would reveal their involvement of the two exes. Other than that everyone felt relieve "I'm glad that's over god knows what would've happen had it continue." said Chloe, sighing "Yeah but hey things could be worse like there maybe more secrets still loose in the air." Bulma stated 'More than you know.' thought Tellica, Goten, Bra, & Oriona.

Hn this TJ speaking... Well just when you thought you know everything oopsthere's more than it meets the eye since Goten, Uub, Bra, and Oriona gets handiful from grandma & Chichi. Witness little disbute between Marron with Mom & Tellica. Also! Tellica reveals something that only Lucas had any sorts of knowledge. Wanna what's going to happen stay tuned for the next chapter.