Haley smiled at the picture that hung before her as she sat in the comfortable leather chair. The Ravens had gone on to win the state championship that year with Lucas acting as assistant coach since playing was out of the question. Next to that photo are others of the three Scotts and the occasional Brooke appearance.

The three of them then went off to UNC with Peyton going to Georgia and Brooke going to UNC with the three Scotts. UNC was where Nathan made himself into a superstar and Lucas was able to sit on the bench and play little on the condition he took his medicine. Haley had not managed in college but had volunteered to be the team's tutor much to the Scott brothers delight.

From college, Nathan decided to give pro ball a shot and Lucas decided his degree in sports management was good enough for him. With Nathan as his first client he fast became one of the youngest, most successful sports agents in the U.S. Nathan played professionally until his knee injury seventeen years after his debut into the NBA and that was how she had ended up here in this room with her guitar sitting in her lap.

"…we're so gallantly streaming," Haley blew out under her breath as she absent mindedly played her guitar. She leaned further back in the chair as she sprawled herself in it with her back to the door, she continued to sing. "And the rockets red glare…the bombs bursting in air…"

"Of course it's her! But why would she need to practice? I mean she's heard and has sung the song only a million times before," one of Haley's most favorite female voices rang out into the room. She sat upright and spun her chair around to meet the amused expressions of her two of her best friends.

"Oh my god!" she squealed, placing the guitar on the desk and hopping up to give them hugs. "If it isn't Mr. Lucas Scott hot shot sports agent in L.A. with his super hot, super famous actress as well as Mr. Scott's wife Brooke Davis-Scott!" she feigned excitement over their celebratory status. Both chuckled at her exuberance as she hugged them both.

"That it is!" Brooke declared proudly, so glad to see Haley.

"It's been too long Hales," Lucas commented giving her another hug.

"And that would be your fault," she teased pulling out and giving Brooke another hug.

"Actually all her fault," Lucas corrected, winking in the direction of his wife. She shook her head ruefully at him.

"Lucas!" Brooke complained, smacking him squarely in the chest.

"Ouch, babe that hurt!" he shot her a wounded look and Brooke simply smirked. Haley grinned, happy to note that even after all these years since their senior year (twenty one to be exact) some things will never change. "So Haley, where's the man of the hour? Where's Coach at?"

"Oh he's around here somewhere…probably giving the boys a pep talk…." she smiled widely as she met Coach's eyes.

"I'm right here," chuckling he hugged Luke and Brooke quickly before kissing Haley on the lips. After Nathan's injury, Whitey had called claiming he needed to see the Scott family. Although he had sworn he would stop coaching the year Nathan and Lucas had graduated he had stayed on like everyone had always assumed he would. Whitey had wooed the family and convinced them into coming back to Tree Hill so he could finally retire.

"I missed you," Haley murmured as he moved to stand behind her, slinging an arm around her shoulder.

"I missed you too, baby," he whispered, nuzzling his nose against her cheek as she could feel the nervous grin creep back onto his face. She smiled widely at him; he was still as handsome as ever and so cute whenever he was nervous.

"You excited?" Lucas questioned and Nathan nodded, bouncing on his feet jostling Haley slightly. She shot him a look and he meekly shrugged mouthing a 'Sorry' to her.

"I just hope I live up to Whitey,"

"Well good luck with that one," Brooke said jokingly.

"Maybe half as good, Nathan," Haley said grinning up at him, he bumped her hip in response and she bumped him back.

"Well we're going to go find Peyton, Jake, Jenny and that fiancé of hers! I can't believe she's getting married!" Brooke squealed. "It seems like yesterday…"

"We were seniors in high school and she was just a baby," Lucas mocked, rolling his eyes at the familiar speech. Haley and Nathan watched amused as Brooke huffed at that, smiled tightly at the two as she grabbed Lucas's arm, hard. "Good luck!" Lucas called out in pain.

Giggling Haley turned and wrapped her arms around the neck of her husband. The giggles died down as she saw the look of intensity in Nathan's eyes.

"You ready?" he asked as he started to bounce again but Haley stopped him with a calming rub to his neck, she nodded in response to his question.

"What about you Coach?" she teased.

"Hell yeah but I just need to do two things," he whispered.

"And whatever could that be?"

"This," he murmured, his voice dangerously low as he met her lips in a heated kiss. "And this," he said when they pulled apart for air. His hand slid down to her ass and he squeezed it.

"Nathan!" she squealed in surprise, her eyes dancing at his blatant flirting. He simply smirked in response.

"Knock 'em dead, Hales," he advised with a wink as she pulled away. "You too, Scott," she said as she turned to leave him. He quickly slapped her ass this time and she turned around to give him a dirty look as he innocently held his hands up.

"See you later Nathan," she said, blowing a kiss his way. "Love you,"

"Love you too," he called back as he headed back down towards the locker room, hopefully on the way to his first win as a coach.

"Well, well Coach Scott what a fabulous win," Haley pulled as she sauntered into his office.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves yet," Nathan cautioned. "They were a crappy team. We have to play better," Haley tilted her head to the side as he pinched the bridge of his nose and rubbed his temples. "What?" he asked at her scrutinizing gaze.

"I was just wondering where my husband is….you might know him. A little over six feet, brown hair, blue eyes, cocky as hell….because you, sir simply are not him," she said walking around the desk and wrapping her arms around his neck and settling in his lap.

"Okay, okay. It's me Haley…we were pretty fabulous weren't we?" he asked her giddily as a childlike grin appeared on his face.

"That's more like my husband," she teased. "And I told you so. You love this job already, don't you?" he simply nodded as he leaned in and kissed Haley hard.

"Thanks for making me take it, babe," he murmured, deep into their kiss. But as they were kissing they were rudely interrupted.

"MOM! DAD! Oh, eww…oh my god, I'm scarred for life! Yes, Brian they're making out again. God, I wish I had normal parents," sixteen-year-old Brooke Scott complained. Haley grinned at Brooke; she was such a reminder of herself and her parents at that age. Meanwhile, Nathan glowered at his daughter. He loved his children to death but at times like these…he could do without the two of them.

"What do you want Brooke?" Nathan questioned harshly and she simply smirked at his upset gaze, used to it by the time she had turned five.

"Brian is driving me and the rest home, okay?"

"With what car?" Nathan demanded. "Your mustang of course, daddy," she teased.

"Brian Scott!" Haley screeched and it was Nathan's turn to smirk as their sixteen-year-old son (yes, they had had twins) appeared in the doorway.

"I'm driving the van!" he said in his defense.

"Good. Make sure your younger brothers are in bed by ten, okay?" Brian nodded solemnly. "Did you shower?"

"Yes, Mom!" he huffed in annoyance at the usual instructions.

"Did you pick up all the water bottles Brooke?" Haley then asked her daughter. She nodded and Nathan tossed them the van keys.

"See you at home, drive safe Brian," Nathan quickly instructed, nodding at his children as they hurried out of the office, laughing and chattering about something.

"Now where were we?" Haley huskily asked.

"Right about here…." He replied as their lips were mere inches apart. "You did good Mrs. Scott," he grinned at their kiss.

"You too, Mr. Scott," she agreed wholeheartedly. "We did good," she amended.

After a long make-out session, with promises of more at home in their bed…standing in the doorway, next to Nathan, Haley looked back at the first two pictures of them and Lucas to grace this office.

"Remember how Whitey claimed me being a manager wasn't a match making scheme?"

"Yeah," Nathan drawled out, wondering where her head was at.

"He was such a liar!" Laughing at her comment Nathan kissed her softly on the forehead.

"Thank God for him though, huh?"

"I would've gotten you back with or without that scheme, mister. He was so proud of you today!" she began to ramble and Nathan closed the door and locked it behind him. "Let's go home, Hales," he said softly as she wrapped her arm around his waist and they walked out to the car. "Let's go home," she echoed, never sick of hearing those three words.