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Elliot had been very very sad lately. His wife had left him and he missed hjis kids. It was no excuse to slack off on his job though.

He was standing in a rape and murder with very few leads. Fortunately, the regular cops had picked up a guy who might have seen something and brought him to the station so he could answer some questions.

The Detectives and the Captain stood in the mirror, staring at the guy in a suit sittig in the little room waiting to be questioned.

I don't know, Olivia said. "He looks fishy to me."

"Yeah, he;s a tuna," Munch said and laughed b efore he took his coffee and left the building. Elliot wasn't so quick to judge.

"Maybe he really was just in the wrong place at the wrong tom."

The prep was talking to the Captain and Finn about the case. He said, "I'm a professional hypnotist and my office is in the building where the girl got raped outside.

Elliot bust into the room! "You turn off the speakers and let me tlak to him for a minute. Then well see what he has to say about the case."

The Captain wondered if Elliot was going to hit the man, but decided that Elliot was a good detective and they could always just say he fell down the stairs or something. He left and slammed the door.

"OK, here's the deal, Elliot said, surprising the prep. "You're a hypnotist and you can make people believe things that never really happened?"

"Yeah." The guy responded.

"If I get you out of trouble here, I need you to hypnotize my wife."

"Why? Doesn't she think your sexy?" the prep winked at Elliot and spanked him lightly. On the other side of the mirror Olivia gasped. She wondered if she should try patting Elliot's butt.

Elliot didn't do what people expected and slam the prep in the table, but said. "Listen jerk, if you don't want to go to jail and get beat up you'll help me. Deal?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Meet me outside at nine o'clock." Elliot left the room and told his partners, "He said that he knows who the real prep is and gave me a name of a guy to arrest."

They let the guy go and went on with their paper work for the rest of the day. At lunchtime, Olivia asked," Elliot, are you OK? You seem to be acting a little bit funny. And not the same way that Munch is funny sometimes."

"Yeah, I just miss my kids. But I'm gonna get them back."

"That's the spirit. Elliot!" Olivia was glad that Elliot was making himself feel better about not having his kids around all the time. She had a secret crush on Elliot and she really liked his kids, but she couldn't say anything until he actually got a divorce from Kathy. Secretly, Olivia wanted to be a mom, but she was really scared to have kids by herself. If she married Elliot, she could have kids without getting pregnant, which would be nice. She looked in the mirror in the precinct. She would even have to give up her smoking body if she just adopted Elliot's kids.

She stared down at her paper work to stop herself from thinking about the future with her maybe-more-than-partner. She was distracted when Finn and Munch brought in the guy the first supposed prep had fingered. He looked guilty. The Captain interrogated him and he comfessed to killing and raping the dead girl.

Olivia said, "Hey that was easy. Not even Casey can mess this up. I wish all our cases turded out this easy."

Elliot smiled and looked at his watch. "Well, I have to get home and make some phone calls." He put in his coat and left. Olivia followed, but not on purpose. She was just trying to go to her car. When she got outside, she thought she saw Elliot walking down the street with another man, but when she blinked, they were gone.