Elliot waited nervousely all day for his date with his son to be gone wife, Kathy. He checked his watch for the billionth time. Olivia asked. "IS it so bad to spend time with me that you just cant wait to het away?" His watch checking made her nervous; she had a funny feeling that he knew what she was plotting in her journal and was trying to find his wife and tell her before Olivia could do anything.

"No. Elliot said." I just have a date with Kathy tonight for dinner and I don't want to be late."

"Oj" Olivia was very disappointed. It wasn't good if he were dating his wife again. If tyhey got back to gether she and Elliot could never have a date.

Ellito seemed to seance her uncomfortability. "Don't wotty. We are just going to tlak about how she doesn't let me jave the kids often enough and then we are going to sat goodnight. In fact, do you want to go out for a movie later on?" Elliot smield, not only because he was finally asking Olivia out on a date, but because he wouldreally be able to enjoy it knowing that Danny was hypnotizing Kathy t9 make her go away. A future with Olivia sounded really nice and made him smile harder.

Olivia said "What should we see?"

"I don't know. How about something R Rated."

"OK. Pick me up at 9. " Olivia giggled. She left work feeling happy. She hopd she would have enough time to pick out a cute oufit before Elliot picked her up.

A few blocks away, Elliot and his wife Kathy were quietly fighting in the restaurant. "You have to let me have the kids more often."

"No. they like me better because I raise them and stay home with them and kliss there boo boos and do all the things that you don't. Your a bad father Elliot Stabler." She thrust her nose in the air and crissed her arms over her tiny breasts.

Elliot had had just about enough. He thought their might be a promlem so he had brought a bottle of cholrineform and he put it ovber Kathy's mouth now, making her pass out. He dragged her unconciousness out to his car and put her in the trunk. He looked arounf to make sure o one was looking before he shyt the trunk. He drove the the abandoned warehouse to meet Danny the hypnotist.

Danny said "I can't hybnotize her if she's passed out."

"Don't worry. She'll wake up doon."

Elliot checked his watch and handed Danny some donuts and fast food. "I brought some food for you.Take as long as you need to make sure she's ready. I have a date."

Elliot went to Olivia's apartment an dpicked her up. She was wearing a little black dress and Elliot thought she looked very sexy. He gave hger a kisss hello and told her, "You look pretty. Are you ready?"

She smield and nodded. She was so happy she could barley speak. The went and say an adult movie then came back to Olivia's apartment…