Author's note: This story is really sexual so I hope you all like it.

Charactars: Read and find out. Keyala is me and I own no one else.

Rating: M because of the good stuff!

Dear Diary,

Today I got a call from my boss, Mr. McMahon and found out I would be

having a storyline with the "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton. My heart nearly

stopped beating because I have always had a crush on this sexy man.

His body is so amazing and I would do anything just to lick the sweat

that dripped from his muscular chest off of his sexy body. He has

these beautiful blue eyes to die for and his voice is so deep and


About an hour later, I finally met with writers and Randy himself.

They said our storyline was going to a romantic storyline. I

couldn't believe what I was hearing! Romantic storyline meaning

I would hugging, kissing, and wrapping my legs around his

sexy waistline. There is only one problem, I have a boyfriend

and just a couple months ago, Randy and I had an encounter

at a house show. I don't know how it happened but I was talking

to my best friend, Trish and then Randy showed up.

He asked Trish if he could have a moment alone with me and

at the time...I had never spoke to Randy in my life. Trish smiled

at me as to say "I think Randy likes you" and left. I couldn't

believe how charming and sweet he was. He was just so amazing.

We talked for about an hour then he asked me if we could have

some privacy in his locker room. I silently thinking to myself

"What could this be?" he wrapped his arm around my waist as

we made his way to the locker room. Randy sat down on the

bench and cried. It made me sad to see such a handsome man

so upset so I thought I would be comforting and ask him what

was wrong.

He told me about how broken he was to be beaten to a bloody pulp

by Evolution, three men who he thought he could trust and thought

were his friends. I wrapped my arms around him to give him a hug

and was shocked and flattered when he hugged me back. To make

him feel a bit better, I kissed him on the head. He lifted his head from

my shoulder and smiled at me. His smile was at cute as a baby kitten.

It surprised me when he pulled me closer and kissed me softly on my

lips. I couldn't help but kiss him back his kisses were like sugar and

chocolate. I just wanted to crave more!

It wasn't long until I found myself helpless in his embrace and finally

we connected. He climbed ontop of me removing my shirt and caressing

my breast. I moaned in satisfaction and moaned even more when his

tongue teased my nipples. He sucked them dry and he made me orgasm

time and time again. I felt him undo the zipper on my jeans and pulled them

down to my ankles, he said he wanted to remove my panties so he did.

Thats when he dove his tongue into my vagina and swirled his hot tongue around

inside me. I screamed his name wanting more of his hot pleasure. The more

of me he ate the more I orgasmed. I soon climaxed in his mouth squirting him

with my liquid. I could feel him smirking at me with his sexy eyes. I knew he

enjoyed every drop.

Randy moved up my body and I began to undo his shirt. I rubbed up and down

his muscular sexy hard chest as he unbuckled his pants, he began fucking my

breast with his large dick and I panted with each movement. I told him to fuck me

more and he moved down my body to insert himself into my vagina and began the next

movement. I was thinking "Could this be? Am I really getting sexed up by

Randy Orton?" I screamed with his each movement. I looked deep into Randy's eyes

as he moved his juicy dick in and out of me. I couldn't believe how much he looked like

he was enjoying this. "The Legend Killer" lowered himself closer to me and began kissing

my neck as he kept his movement going, I lifted his head and kissed him heatedly. I slid my

tongue inside his mouth and he happily returned it. When he calapsed on me I was hoping he wasn't

done. No, no, no...he wasn't finished. I gladly rolled over onto my stomach as he inserted his

dick inside my firm ass. I cried and screamed his name as loud as I could. I didn't care who

heard me for all I cared, the whole locker room could think I'm the biggest slut in the world.

He asked me if he was hurting me and I told him no. I told him to just keep fuckin' me

and he obeyed me like an owner with his dog. I panted out of breath as he continued

to give me good anal in the ass. He lowered himself and kissed me on the neck

here and there, I even twitched my body a little bit to capture his lips to kiss him

passionately with my hot tongue. Finally, when he calapsed on me, I thought he was

done that time. No, not yet. I told him to get on his back and he happily did.

I crawled ontop of him and he inserted his dick into my ass once more. I began to ride his

dick like a horse and panted each time. I think that was a turn on to him. I lowered myself to

kiss his hot lips once more and slip my tongue inside his mouth. Randy sold me

some of his tongue in return and we did that while his hard dick was in my ass. It wasn't long

until after that, Randy turned the tables on me and climbed back ontop of me. Randy restarted

the movement in my ass and made me scream his name so loud and he kissed my hot, sweaty

stomach causing me to moan. Getting anal and having my beautiful stomach kissed was a definate

bonus. There was no doubt in my mind that this sex was the best sex I have ever had, and the thing

with Randy was he was gorgeous, and had a super huge hard dick that I wanted to taste for


I was tired of waiting so after he calapsed on me for the third time, I asked him to stand up for me.

Randy agreed and stood up infront of me, naked and all. I grabbed his dick and shoved it in my

mouth. I sucked it slowly and then I could hear him moan as he played with my hair as I gave

him this amazing oral. My oral was such as amazing as the oral he had given me earlier on

when we first started having sex. I took his dick from my mouth and licked it up and down,

I looked up at him and asked if that was good. I couldn't believe what he said, he said

that I was amazing and that I gave him the best oral in the world. I shoved his dick inside

my mouth once more and this time, I felt his liquids. The thirst for it invaded my mouth

and with each squirt, I never gagged because it felt so right.

I asked Randy if he wanted to take this to the shower and he agreed! I squeeled with delight

and knew this had to be my lucky day! Randy lead me to the shower and we didn't

bother put our clothes on. This sexy sex machine turned on the water and when the

water was perfect, he jumped into the shower. We got wet and kissed each other

with heated passion as I massaged his dick, it made him moan in satisfaction. I laid

myself down on my back in the shower and let Randy go to work on me. He began kissing,

sucking and teasing my breast, I moaned satisfied and ran my fingers threw his hair. My eyes

slowly closed and enjoyed this amazing feeling. Randy lowered himself some more and

laid soft kisses on my stomach, he even licked around my navel. I wanted to let more

of my liquids out right then there. Randy gripped my thighs as he moved lower and

began sucking my vagina and slipped his hot tongue inside me. I screamed his name

some more not caring if anyone heard me, I squirted some more in his mouth and once again

I could feel him smirking at me.

I felt him rise and insert his dick into my vagina once again. This time his movement began slow

and then got faster and faster with each movement. He looked deep into my eyes and asked me

if I liked this. I told him of course I did and told him to just fuck me, he came closer to me as he

continued his movement and kissed me heatedly on the mouth. His hot tongue invaded my mouth

and I couldn't help but sell him mine. Our hot warm tongues clashed together nicely and we didn't

miss a beat. He asked me to roll onto my stomach and I more then gladly did. I knew what this was,

he was gonna give me some more of the best anal in the world. He inserted his dick into my ass,

and once again, his movement started off slowly but got faster and faster each time. I moaned,

screamed, orgasmed as loud as I could and didn't give a fuck. Like before, Randy came

closer to me now and again to kiss my neck and I even twitched my body to kiss him

passionately and heatedly with my rapid, hot tongue that he gladly sold back to me.

I once again, told him to get on his back and for the second time in a row, he listened to me.

I crawled ontop of him as the water from the shower head sprayed on us. Randy inserted his

dick into my ass once again and I began riding it. I kissed him passionately at the same time

and told him "DON'T STOP!". That really turned him on as I panted it and yelled "OH RANDY!",

"OH FUCK!" and "OH MY GOD!"

Randy rose his head to bite each of my nipples as I rode his dick over and over and over again.

Randy once again soon turned the tables on me and got ontop of me, continueing his movement,

until I pinned him and started kissing his now hot, wet body.He screamed and moaned my name

over and over again. I moved down his body and once again shoved his hot dick in my mouth, he

ran his fingers threw my wet hair and kept saying I was amazing. It wasn't long until I once again

felt his liquids inside my mouth again, it was so amazing. I enjoyed every last drip of it. I moved up

closer to his handsome face and whispered in his ear "How did that feel?" and I kissed him

on his neck for a little bit before sucking his dick again. I licked it a couple more times until,

the fantasy was over.

We got our clothes back on and Randy buckled up his pants, he told me I was amazing once more

and before I left I felt his dick once again on his pants. I looked up at him with my beautiful eyes,

and whispered in his ear. I told him if he wanted more to come get some and I will be waiting. I

kissed him on the cheek before leaving the locker room to go look for my boyfriend

John Bradshaw Layfield. He didn't have to know what had happened.

Love Always,