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Dear Diary

It had been a week since Randy and I had shown the world how much he loved having hot sex together, not to mention,

I still felt his jolts going up my spine everyday. Trish could not mind her own business which I why I felt I needed to get

my revenge on the little whore who said she was my friend.

I was about to walk around the corner when I saw the Undertaker, "Undertaker," I said as I ran one finger up his

muscular body and twirling my hair, "Do you know where Trish might be?" He breathed heavily and pointed down

the hallway, "That way," he said in a deep, scarry voice. I smiled fakely and walked down the hallway to the women's

lockerroom, he smelled so gross, how could Sara be with him? I walked in just as Trish was removing a towel from her wet body and slammed the door.

"What the... Keyala!" screamed Trish, "What right do you have to walk in here?" So Trish thought I wasn't allowed to see her nude.

It wouldn't be the first time, afterall, we were both girls.

"Oh Trish, calm it. I mean its not the first time I've seen you naked. this is the women's lockerroom anyways."

"Yeah, I didn't mind until you fucked Randy in the middle of the ring last week infront of Stacey!"

"Why do you over react about everything now? Fuck Trish, its only sex!"

"Uh what? only sex? ONLY SEX?"

"Yeah, I don't think I said fuck me blind." Trish rolled her eyes at me as she pulled her tshirt over her head, Trish went to leave

the lockerroom and I pulled her back. Clutching her wrist in my hand, Trish yelped as I pinned her against the wall and kissed her.

I rubbed her beautiful breast as I kissed her with everything. I moved down her neck and kissed her like a butterfly down her neck.

I ripped her shirt off her body and threw her to the floor, jumping on top of her taking one of her breast into my mouth and sucking it,

licking it and massaging the other.

"Keyala, what are you doing?" she cried as I continued my fun, Not listening to her I removed her pants and panties. I dove

my hot tongue into her vagina.Swirling her clit, she really did taste good. Then, my boyfriend JBL walked into the room.

"Key! Whats going on?" he asked as I continued to drink her juices. "Stratusfying Trish JBL," said licking her vagina.

"Let me join!" JBL dropped his pants and shoved his dick into Trish's mouth, his liquid squirted into her mouth and I could

feel Trish gaging on his liquid. I signalled JBL to insert himself into Trish and he had nothing else to say but yes. I watched as JBL

continued his movement in and out of Trish.

"Fucking whore!" said JBL as he placed his hands on her curves and moved in and out. Trish screamed and I covered the bitch's mouth

so no one could hear her.

"What the hell is going on in here?" shouted someone walking inyoto the lockerroom. Fuck. Undertaker, ruining my fun the asshole. JBL

and I ran, leaving Trish there naked with tears in her eyes. Undertaker helped the hoe.

What can I say, she deserved it the fucking whore, that what happens when you get on Keyala's not to sexy side.



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